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  1. C++  is not a language that has much to give in the domain-specific language space – most libraries (especially those using C++17) are written in the C++ standard library and use only the language features that are available or made available by the existing compiler. The compiler itself is relatively trivial, but not without any bugs, because the underlying compiler itself is not written properly. In many cases, the existing compiler has serious performance issues, but a C compiler written in C++ will be much faster and will generally perform better, because the actual code building and parsing has been more streamlined. Because C++ and other language features are not widely used in production code, the C++ language features are written differently in each specific project and are not often available in production. In particular, there's a bit more overhead in writing the C++ compiler and some other intermediate tools, and it also means that the tool chain for the compiler needs to be significantly larger than for a purely functional programming language like Haskell . On the other hand, there are some libraries that are designed in the C++ manner, and many of these libraries are available in many projects because they are widely considered very useful. As you can see that there are a lot of similarities. There still are differences but those differences are generally trivial. So in the future, some of the core differences will be gone and libraries which are meant
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