Hero of Shield ch293 -in progress

Mar 19th, 2015
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  1. I should really stop registering for chapters that I don't intend on finishing.... I don't know why I keep losing interest/motivation midway.
  2. For the record, go ahead and take over a chapter if it's not up within 2 days, you have my permission.
  4. The Raph Species of the Raph
  6. At night, I recovered in the hot springs and then returned via portal while still feeling hot. I wasn't able to work because of the curse and I even took time off from training and went to visit Rato in her new laboratory.
  8. "Rafu~"
  9. "Tali~"
  10. "Li-a~"
  12. .....The monsters I remodelled when I was crazy come out to greet me.
  13. For now, we're treating them as a subspecies of the Raph species and their feel isn't bad. Or rather, it's good.
  15. The monster based on the Caterpillands was very delighted about being remodelled into the Raph specie and was working hard to raise their levels in the Combat party. [T/N: There might be more than one but I can't be sure because Japanese doesn't really have plurals.]
  16. Its appearance was of a jumbo Raph, and a few traces remained in its tail.
  17. To explain these traces, there were caterpillar legs still attached to its tail.
  18. Rather than a tail.... it seemed to be more like an insect's abdomen.
  21. I greet Rato, who was entering something into a slate.
  22. Hm? Sadina is also here.
  24. "How are things going?" (Naofumi)
  25. "Rafu~" (Mii-kun)
  26. "Naofumi-chan. Tonight is a fine night. Won't you go drinking with Onee-san?" (Sadina)
  27. "I won't." (Naofumi)
  29. Mii-kun came out to greet me like an assistant, but I ignored him.
  30. It might be prejudice, but this guy makes me sick somehow.
  32. "Ah, Marquis... how can you just come in so calmly.... that audacity is just like the Marquis though." (Rato)
  34. Rato said bitterly.
  35. Well, I understand her feelings but I can't be wallowing in guilt forever.
  36. The battle with Houou draws near.
  37. We have things we must do one by one.
  38. Moreover ....Melromark doesn't have any direct involvement, but the Castle Town was becoming a little tense.
  39. The waves were also like that but, as one would expect, now is a cautious time.
  41. "The one who modified this guy wasn't me. It was something that possessed me." (Naofumi)
  42. "I know that." (Rato)
  43. "Were you in the middle of Sadina's medical treatment?" (Naofumi)
  44. "No. That's already settled ..or rather, don't go drinking with Mii-kun." (Rato)
  45. "Rafu~" (Mii-kun)
  46. "Ahaha, but this kid has a high tolerance so Onee-san was enjoying it." (Sadina)
  48. .....Now that I look closer, what Mii-kun achieved was absurd. [T/N: In terms of how much he drunk.]
  49. He looks like a Raph but something's different.
  51. "Mii-kun. Go to sleep soon." (Rato)
  52. "rafu~" (Mii-kun)
  54. Somehow his intonation was odd.... he melted!? [T/N: The last 'rafu' was in hiragana instead of the usual katakana.]
  55. Dissolving into a syrup-like form, Mii-kun crawled with a sickening sound, and exited the room.
  56. This might turn into a trauma.
  58. "So? What do you want, Marquis?" (Ratp)
  59. "Ah, I was just wondering about the state of things." (Naofumi)
  61. I've been worried for a while now.
  63. "Let's see... it's frustrating to say, but in all honesty, your research when you were possessed deserves to be praised." (Rato)
  64. "....." (Naofumi)
  65. "I understand if it bothers you, and I don't want to acknowledge it but, how should I say it....a genius who can do this much isn't bad." (Rato)
  66. "What's so ingenious about it?" (Naofumi)
  67. "First is that there are hardly any side effects. And with that, the results are remarkable. For the kids in recovery, and for the monsters." (Rato)
  68. "Side effects, you say..." (Naofumi)
  69. "Before the medical treatment.... there were kids who were undergoing medical treatment here, right? It used to just result in victims like that." (Rato)
  70. "And you're saying I managed without guys like that." (Naofumi)
  71. "Yes." (Rato)
  73. I also examine them, the guys who received treatment and now call me a god.
  74. I'm glad that it's only to that extent, the previous modifications were too excessive. [T/N: Previous as in Kiel, Sadina & Raph modifications]
  75. As far as it goes, it seems they wished for it themselves, but a line that mustn't be crossed, shouldn't be crossed.
  77. "It looks like you embeded your data into the gem inside Mii-kun in case you were in some accident. A considerable amount of blueprints for the things I've wanted to do was included as well." (Rato)
  79. Rato operated the slate and projected an image... but honestly, I don't understand the contents at all.
  80. In that regards, it's quite high-leveled.
  81. Even though I was told I did it, I can't believe it.
  83. "If I follow this, the majority of the things I've wished to do will be attained but....well, I've searched through most of it." (Rato)
  84. "And? The results?" (Naofumi)
  85. "It was a failure. It was so frustrating I feel like crying." (Rato)
  86. "Then did it show how to make a growing weapon?" (Naofumi)
  87. "That was something it didn't have. If I had to say, it looks like it's because you put your efforts into creating the new species." (Rato)
  88. "The Raph species, huh." (Naofumi)
  89. "Yes, however that's only an alias. What will you do about the official name?" (Rato)
  91. Their image is already set as the Raph Species though.
  92. No matter what you label them, it's because they were based on Raphtalia.
  93. It's too simple to call them Raph and Tali and Ria and so forth just because Raphtalia was originally used as the base though.
  94. Well, it's also bothersome to think of something this late.
  96. "Isn't Raph Species fine as it is?" (Naofumi)
  97. "There are various ones like the Tari species and Liia species. So they'll be collectively known as the Raph species. I understand. Similar to the Filia species of the Filorials, it'll be the Raph species of the Raphs." (Rato)
  99. Uh.....let's think of a name to call them.
  100. It seems like I'll be scolded if I decide on Raphtalia's Raph species or something.
  101. All the same, I won't give them a name like that.
  103. "I don't know the difference between the Seventh Generation Raphs and the First Generation Raphs though." (Naofumi)
  105. They feel the same when I stroke them, and I don't really understand the difference.
  106. It seems they differ in abilities though.
  108. "There are only a few who look like a deformed Raphtalia, but what are they?" (Naofumi)
  109. "They're the seventh... to make it easier for you to understand, I should call them one of the Raphs you made on the seventh day, I think?" (Rato)
  111. The day count, huh.
  112. So the hybrid of Tanuki, Raccoon and Red Panda was the foundation of the Raph Species, and it's probably fine to think of the deformed Raphtalia were one of its subspecies.
  114. "It was Mii-kun, right. What generation Raph species is he?" (Naofumi)
  115. "As far as it goes, that body was made on the eighth day, I think? I don't really understand but they differ between days, and you even have upgrades with different abilities. Their structures are very different." (Rato)
  116. "Upgrades... it's like they're robots." (Naofumi)
  117. "Robot?" (Rato)
  118. "Like the Golems in this world, that would be the closest term." (Naofumi)
  119. "I see..." (Rato)
  120. "So, how does he differ?" (Naofumi)
  121. "Firstly, that body was derived from the concept of Slimes. It uses a component known as 'lump of meat'." (Rato)
  123. Lump of meat....
  124. It catches my interest a little. That expression.
  126. "He has a high resistance against shocks, slash attacks and even magic." (Rato)
  127. "There are no gaps...." (Naofumi)
  129. My intuition informs me.
  130. His weakness is probably―.
  132. "However, a flaw with the components is if he gets hit with highly conductive magic with while encased in water, he becomes paralysed and the inner core recieves damage." (Rato) [T/N: Lightning magic]
  133. "And if a huge impact splits open the lump of meat, the core will be exposed, right?" (Naofumi)
  134. "Indeed, as expected of you, Marquis. The problem is that we can't expose him to a strong force. It'll be over if he gets struck by that." (Rato)
  135. "Doesn't he have a habit of betrayal?" (Naofumi)
  136. "Ah...Mii-kun? If I had to say, it's just that he covets power. Thinking 'I continue to be deprived because I'm weak' ...but I believe in him." (Rato)
  137. "Right. Isn't it just you who thinks that?" (Naofumi)
  139. Believing that your own child is cute.
  140. Rato does have the position of a parent in regards to the monsters.
  142. "You're wrong. Because half of the towers were destroyed by that child's rampage." (Rato)
  143. "That's how it was!?" (Naofumi)
  144. "That's right. After he left the important position of defender, he made a hole and created a shortcut, destroyed the safeguard apparatus, and interfered with the kids who were trying to protect the towers. If he did it badly, he would have been discarded by you." (Rato)
  145. "It's good that he wasn't discarded." (Naofumi)
  146. "That is.... because he was fighting and participating as a Hero's companion.... I think." (Rato)
  148. Rampaging while in position...he was that kind of fellow?
  149. Taking my abilities into consideration, if controlling was possible then it would have been better and so he was left alone, huh.
  151. "Marquis, you also went on quite a rampage, we didn't know what to do with you. It seems you raised the security of anything important. Well, apparently Mii-kun tampered with those logs though." (Rato)
  153. Rato turned her attention towards the screen of the slate.
  155. 「ミー君。どうやらこの錬金装置を手に取るように操れる様に技能を詰め込まれたみたいなの」
  157.  う……途端に難しい事を。
  158.  えっと、俺の常識で簡単に言うと、インターネットの世界に物理的に入る事が出来るような物で、ログと言うノートに書かれた記述を消しゴムで簡単に消して書きなおせるような……感じ?
  160.  俺がパソコンを動かし、やっとの事ネット内の的に当てる事が出来るのに、あっちは目の前の目標を指一つで壊せるとか……それに近いかも。
  161.  まあ、ファンタジーの世界でパソコンが一台あっても出来る事なんてタカが知れているけどさ。インターネットで世界中につながっている訳じゃないし。
  163.  つまり、ログを見て暴走を直そうとしていたけど、本人が暴れて邪魔してただけな訳ね。
  164.  最終的に改造を終えた後、ラトの方について、おかしくなった俺を裏切ったと。
  165.  やっている事は一応、サディナとおんなじか。
  167. "For the time being, I have plans to upgrade the homunculus Raph body that was made."(Rato)
  168. "Why?" (Naofumi)
  169. "It seems to be still incomplete. And that's why it has problems. Be as it may, it's almost complete." (Rato)
  170. "I see." (Naofumi)
  171. "I wonder, is your conversation over~?" (Sadina)
  172. "Pretty much. By the way, how are you?" (Naofumi)
  174. I inquire about Sadina's body.
  176. "Ah, well.. I've gotten considerably better. I may lose all the fur tomorrow." (Sadina)
  178. Sadina's fur was slowly falling out in patches and and I could see tinges of black and white.
  179. The walrus tusk was already gone.
  180. Well she did cheerfully say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. [T/N: lit. No matter what breaks, you can grow from it.]
  182. "However..." (Sadina)
  183. "However?" (Naofumi)
  184. "....Nothing~" (Sadina)
  185. "Is that so?" (Naofumi)
  187. I'll lose if I worry about it.
  188. Besides, trivial matters are this girl's forte.
  190. "What kind of Onee-san does Naofumi-chan like? Is being fluffy better perhaps? Like the Raph-chans." (Sadina)
  191. "Well..." (Naofumi)
  193. Your brown colouring pains me when I see it.
  195. "Sadina's natural form is better. I feel like that streamlined body has more meaning." (Naofumi)
  196. "Oh.... I was praised. Onee-san feels embarrassed." (Sadina)
  197. "Yeah, yeah." (Naofumi)
  199.  とまあ、村でも年齢の高い女二人と話をしてから、俺は家に帰るのだった。
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