Smut Off: The Smuttening (v1.1)

Nov 21st, 2014
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  1. Tags: Male Gold Dragon / His female human familiar, roleplaying, light bondage, size difference, body job, lotsa cum
  3. Anon requested a story, here’s a cut down quote of the parts of their request that I kept: “>If there's any writers out there with bondage experience, ... she's a hardass control freak in public, but unwinds by being a complete sub to her master/mistress …” I don’t think this is my strongest work, unfortunately, but I’ve always loved the idea of dragons having human familiars.
  6. They weren’t stranded, but it was about as close as they were going to get.
  8. Karlistath tossed rocks off of the cliff one at a time and watched them with more intensity than they deserved as they fell into the water below. He looked too old to be enjoying such an activity, but nowhere near old enough to try using senility as an excuse for his amusement.
  10. “Every time,” Avery muttered, staring at the map. “Every time. Where did you get this map, Karl?”
  12. He didn’t respond, but a rock made a sploosh to punctuate her question. Avery stared at the yellow-haired man in his rich clothes sewn from fine fabrics.
  14. “Karl,” she repeated more loudly. “Karl where did you get the map?”
  16. He twisted his torso to look back at her with pale eyes. He had no beard, but the beginnings of smile lines on his face. “I… I’ve had it for a while.”
  18. “More than fifty years?”
  20. “At least two hundred.” He cringed slightly, realizing he would get a tongue lashing.
  22. “Well that’s why it’s worthless, I can’t do anything with an old map, Karl.” She glared him down with black eyes and pushed a multitude of tightly woven braids out of her face. “I can’t do my job if you give me shitty maps.”
  24. He stood up from the cliff and dusted off his pant legs. “I’m sorry, Avery. I forget how fast things change. That’s why I have you around.”
  26. “Perspective, yes,” she said crisply, and tossed her hair back again, rolling up the map. “But I can’t do my job if you don’t give me the information that I need to know ahead of time. So next time it’s really important that you tell me when a reference you give me is more than twenty years old. Okay?”
  28. Karl paused and committed her request to memory. “Alright,” he said, and nodded.
  30. She reached out with her dark hand and squeezed his hand once, briefly. In that moment of contact they felt a flicker of awareness and empathy, a fluid exchange of emotions without words that splashed like colors behind their eyes.
  32. Avery let go of him after a moment and dropped her backpack to start going through resources. “It would be easier if we could fly home,” she hinted.
  34. “Nonsense,” Karl said, arms akimbo. His refusal to take the easy way out grated on the young woman’s nerves. Already she felt prematurely old, or that she was in some ways his keeper rather than his most trusted companion.
  36. “Why do you hate flying?” she exploded, but knew that wasn’t a fair question--he loved flying. “It would dramatically simplify things. I’m sure you have seen this exact place from above a hundred times.”
  38. “Avery,” he said, slightly serious now. “It’s important to me that we figure this out like humans.”
  40. “Okay but you aren’t a human and when humans figure this out we have maps that work, Karl. According to this map there isn’t even a forest here.” Now she was starting to sound truly upset. Avery looked over her shoulder at the thick clumps of trees that were standing and waiting for them to resume their trip.
  42. He patted her on the shoulder. “I think you’re worrying too much. Like always. Calm down. I can see the hill from here,” he told her.
  44. “But not a path in sight,” she said. “And there should be paths, shouldn’t there?”
  46. “Presumably. But it’s mostly druid congregations out there now, I don’t know how much they need paths,” Karl said. He put his hands into his pockets, utterly unconcerned.
  48. Avery had been his pupil for months studying mathematics and magic in a human city before she’d realized that there was something off about him. In retrospect she felt stupid and incapable, anxious about failing to notice that he’d been much more than met the eye. A few years later, here they were--and now she felt stupid without a map.
  50. “We aren’t going to be able to get there before dark if we don't fly,” she said.
  52. “Then I’ll start a fire and curl up around you,” he reassured. “I’ll cast a house and tuck you under my wing. This situation is never as dire as you like to think, Avery.”
  54. “If it’s not what I planned, it’s a disaster,” she said, an aware and self-critical hyperbole.
  56. Karl looked at the hill in the distance. He could see the enormous petrified stump of an old tree--perhaps a god of trees, for it was really that huge--that he lived in. He might have wanted somewhere higher up closer to the clouds, but had instead chosen the tree for its rarity and unusualness.
  58. He started walking, and Avery followed him at a rapid pace to try to outrun the setting sun. He humored her and was fleet-footed ducking under branches and hopping over ferns. The wild animals kept their distance because they could all easily hear Avery crashing through the plants without a hint of grace. She was a bit bigger than most, but it was clumsiness and not her size that made her noisy.
  60. He let her keep going forward like a bulette on a rampage until the connection between them started to fray and twist as Avery grew tired and he heard her huffing and puffing. Karl’s human eyes began to fail him when the sun dove into the ocean to the west and he planted himself in an opening in the trees.
  62. “Let’s camp, Avery,” he said.
  64. She made a sound of agony. “We could keep going and get home by morning!” But she was still trotting back towards him obediently.
  66. When she was close, he brought his hands in towards his chest. When he cast them out again, he was standing with his familiar in a log cabin several stories too enormous to be made of any kind of logic. There were no stairs, it was just an enormous place with enough room for Karl to spread his wings if he felt like it.
  68. “Cozy,” he said, and spat into the fireplace to ignite the logs waiting there. After another moment he turned back to Avery, who was shrugging off her backpack and heavy coat and looking discontent. When she was free of those things, Karl put a hand on her shoulder. Separated by the cloth of her tunic, they didn’t experience the empathic charge they did when they touched skin, so he asked the old-fashioned way. “How do you feel now?”
  70. “Exhausted,” she told him, slightly bitter. She jostled Karl’s hand and putting her things on the ground. “And frustrated.”
  72. “I’m sorry about that, Avery,” he said. “You know--”
  74. “Yeah yeah,” she sighed, but smiled again weakly. “I know how you are. Difficult.”
  76. “That’s me,” he confirmed, and leaned over her shoulder to give her a smooch on the cheek. “Can I help you relax?”
  78. She shut her eyes with relief at his offer. “Yes, please. I’d love that. I need that today.” She exhaled and relaxed her muscles out of her normally impeccable posture so she slouched and looked like she’d lost three inches.
  80. “I’ve been on edge lately,” she murmured. Lately and always.
  82. “I know. What kind of game shall we play tonight, my dear?”
  84. Avery sighed and rubbed one of her eyes. “I’m done making decisions for the day, it’s up to you.”
  86. He kissed her again. “You only make all the decisions because you want to, you know. You give yourself a lot more work than I’ve ever given you.”
  88. “That’s why I need you to order me not to every once in a while,” she smiled for his kiss.
  90. “A good idea. Let’s play your favorite game. How does this sound: I’ll be very chromatic with you tonight. Chores will be the least of your concerns--I’ll find things for you to take care of.”
  92. Avery bit her lip and looked at him with the best neutral expression that she could maintain. She loved him endlessly for his sweet nature and calmness, but she could not lie and say that she didn’t love this game. Karl saw through her poker face and wrapped an arm around her waist, used his other hand to push her braids out of her face with a few gentle fingers.
  94. He spoke plainly. “You hate danger but love adventure. So let’s do something dangerous in a way that’s perfectly safe. You always want things to run smoothly so you try to control the situation. So I’ll control everything and make everything smooth so you don’t have to worry. How does that sound?”
  96. Like heaven, she thought.
  98. He kissed her on her large, dark red lips and ran his tongue over her teeth. “You’re wonderful, Avery. Are you ready?”
  100. “Yeah,” she said, and leaned into him for a hug.
  102. He kissed her once more, chastely on the lips to begin the game.
  104. The smile was gone from Karl’s face. His mouth was a stern horizontal line and his gold eyes were hard with focus. He felt a cold shudder down his spine looking at Avery’s face while she analyzed the front he had put on. Chromatic, he’d said. In Metallic slang that meant, above all else, evil.
  106. But she was a familiar. Not any familiar--her master was a gold dragon. To Avery there was no higher life form, no radiant being more worthy of serving save for Bahamut himself. Her eyes narrowed. “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to do anything a chromatic dragon tells me to do.”
  108. With a devilish smirk he reached for her hips and pulled hers forward to bump against his. "Fortunately for us both, what you think you will and won't do doesn't matter. I am in charge. You are powerless here." His yellow eyes stayed on her scrutinizing but slackjawed face, her dark red cheeks.
  110. His hands leaped to her wrists and he pulled her down with him to a crouching position on the floor. Avery nearly lost her balance and only kept from falling when Karl put her hands on the floor. She assumed it was for stability until chains slinked up from between the floorboards and manacled her wrists down. She flinched.
  112. "I built this house with magic," Karl whispered, as if there was any chance she had forgotten. He didn’t need to speak quietly, and so when he did it added a certain heaviness to his words. "I change it however I please."
  114. He stood up and stretched up, arching his back until his resplendent wings and scales pushed through and his tail jetted from the base of his spine. He felt it with the catharsis and relaxation of a good yawn, but to Avery he looked like gold was pouring out of him from the inside. It lasted a few moments until he had reached his proper size, and Avery forced to kneel in front of him came up only to his elbow. Standing, she might have hoped to reach his shoulder.
  116. She stared up at him. Even though the fireplace gave off plenty of light and there were other candles, Karlistath seemed to give off more light than what was merely reflected on his scales. His eyes were solid yellow and normally full of the same bubbly warmth as his human eyes, but he was truly a terrific actor, and now that he glared down at her, Avery finally felt his fearful presence.
  118. Those golden eyes and fanned wings told her at once that he could do anything he wanted to her. That brought her a sense of security--if this dragon was in charge of her fate, then nothing else in the cosmos could be. He was all that there was.
  120. Karl lay on his stomach and curled his tail lazily around the girl where she knelt. He chuckled, and now his voice was impossibly deep and full of tumultuous rumbles. “For someone who insisted they wouldn’t do anything for me, you’re being delightfully silent. What a wonderful princess you are. What a capture for me.”
  122. This was enough to shake Avery slightly out of her daze. She subdued a smile at Karl’s poorly contained sarcasm and let him build the story. “Is this all you dragons do? Kidnap people?”
  124. He lowered his head to her level and exhaled steam above her head. “Not all people. Only princesses like yourself. Beautiful, exquisite young girls. Although one at a time is more than enough for any dragon.” With a shining claw he reached for her, and finally hooked it into the collar of her tunic. Karl sliced with his claw in her tunic like a hot knife through butter. Avery didn’t dare move in case he cut her by accident, so she just closed her eyes for fear of injury in the process. The talon cut her sleeves and down the front, and she felt the cold, smooth texture of the top of the arc touch her flesh between her breasts.
  126. Each moment that he came into contact with her skin they felt the charge of the other’s arousal, a burst of light behind their eyes, an instant burning in the pits of their stomachs. Whatever else Avery had planned to say in their make-believe argument left her--the familiar’s focus was elsewhere. With his touch came a calm so deep she couldn’t see the bottom.
  128. Karl’s head hovered on the end of his long neck near her head so that his blustery exhalations could stay there. He pulled the loose fabrics away from her torso and pressed his snout, then the sides of his face and his sensitive, fleshy whiskers to the soft skin on her back. His scales were warm in turn, so well-kept that they were as sleek as lacquered wood. He pulled his head back, brought a talon to the side of her face and turned her to look at him. The old gold dragon maintained a very serious expression. “No more sitting. Get up on your hands and knees, princess. I need to examine you.”
  130. Avery gushed in her panties and did as he spoke his command, preemptively spreading her thighs once she was on all fours. She turned her head, craning to see her master move himself behind her. His claws cut away her pants and cut away her underwear.
  132. “If you weren’t so tiny I’d have mounted you already,” the dragon lamented, lowering his head to look at Avery’s quivering vulva, smiling to see her swollen labia and clitoris and how wet she was. He had to shift his own position, lifting his hindquarters up to allow his cock to unsheathe itself and throb freely in the open air. It was fortunate that patience came naturally to him.
  134. The familiar breathed heavily looking at him standing up, catching glimpses of his erection as he shuffled around behind her. She swooned, felt woozy between her eyes and continuous spasms of desire between her legs pushing more lubricant out between her legs. His size would have been impossible for her to take, but that didn’t stop a feral part of her from getting turned on at the sight. She looked over her other shoulder at him, and then loosed a moan when she felt the air rush as he sniffed heavily between her legs.
  136. “A princess all to myself,” he gloated, knowing that saying so would excite her, and for a moment his smirking eyes locked with her brown ones, and then he saw her glance lower on him, down between his hind legs.
  138. He fluttered his wings, cast another spell. “Hey!” Avery barked, eyes blocked suddenly by a blindfold tightening over her eyes.
  140. Karl slinked forward over her prone body and lowered his lips down next to her head, a few of his whiskers draping over her body. “Listen to me, princess. You do not ‘hey’ me. You are on your hands and knees presenting yourself to a superior being. You may not protest. Am I understood?”
  142. There was no room to argue. The force of his voice and tone wiped her tongue blank. It kicked her worries to the curb. The blind familiar felt only the presence of her master, and she was his. “Understood,” she whispered.
  144. A moment later she melted when Karlistath’s enormous wet tongue--nothing like a cat’s, much softer like a human tongue--licked her. Licked her from clit to the bottom of her vagina. With a cry of surprised pleasure she dropped from her hands to her elbows and let her forehead touch the floor. The dragon shut his eyes and enjoyed her sweet taste, the sheer amount of fluid she had to offer him.
  146. He licked again, pressing up with the central ridge of the tongue to spread her labia and press against her clitoris. Karl put enough force into it that his tongue lifted her knees off the ground, and when he pulled his pink tongue back into his mouth and her knees hit the floor again he smirked and she let out a delayed moan.
  148. He felt very smug. Avery had felt that from their contact, and for a few moments she had been able to taste herself through Karl--or rather, she’d tasted the way he felt about how she tasted. She’d seen brief impressions of her ass in the air, her quivering thighs. And it was good. There could be no worry.
  150. “Legs farther apart, princess,” the dragon demanded, snappish. His snout pushed between her legs briefly to emphasize his command, breathing hot air on her and wiggling his nose to force her legs apart. His whiskers loved every chance to grace the girl's soft skin.
  152. Mouth open, blind, she felt him moving again, his claws and heavy footsteps moving around her, and the rounded tip of his erection brushing against her rear, then pushing under her torso. Karl’s neck extended up vertically, and he tilted his head back to point his snout towards the heavens and shut his eyes. Avery’s warm little body with her thick thighs and jiggly tits was absolutely his favorite thing to fuck. Not even one of the mothers of his many children could compare to Avery, whose love for him was unconditional and tangible.
  154. He didn’t often fuck her like this--it was easier to use a human or partially dragon body most times--but he’d felt a certain heaviness lately, an internal tightness, and a loud instinct that demanded he spill his proper dragon seed.
  156. The girl flexed her thighs--this wasn’t their first time, she was used to being able to wrap her legs around him and hug and hold onto him, it was just so natural to try to tighten her body around it--to squeeze around the ridged shaft and Karl made an unanticipated, reactionary purring sound.
  158. “Don’t do that again unless I tell you to,” he ordered. She gave no reaction but a full-body shudder, trying to lift her torso more so her hard nipples could be massaged by Karl’s ridged shaft, but she couldn’t quite find the right position with her hands tethered down.
  160. Not that there was time. In the next few moments he pulled back. “Karl,” she moaned.
  162. “Master,” he corrected her gently this time. He rocked his hips forward slowly to rub up against her clitoris, and as before with his tongue, he lifted her ass up into the air a bit, and picked up speed.
  164. “Master,” Avery murmured, and shut her eyes behind her blindfold.
  166. He didn’t need to look down between his legs to see what position she was in, because he felt it through her, exactly how her body was arranged and where she felt the pleasure. In his enthusiasm he had her up in a wheelbarrow position, and every time he thrust all the way forward the tip of his cock could push forward to her lips, and she kissed or licked it.
  168. Love was all about the little things for them.
  170. Karl could contain his heavy breathing, though smoke eased out of his nostrils, but Avery couldn’t keep it down. He painted her torso and face with little spurts of precum to make her naked form slippery. He could only speed up until his familiar came, pressure, heat, and wetness blossoming out of her and burning in the pit of her stomach.
  172. The dragon grit his teeth and growled trying to hold himself back, but it was impossible for him to control himself when Avery came while touching him. Even if she were to masturbate miles away from him, he would know. He wanted to see this part though, and looked down as he took a few steps back from her so she relaxed down to a kneeling position again. Karl throbbed so hard with arousal that it was painful. He panted a puff of smoke and sprayed his familiar with a burst of his seed that hit her ass and splattered over her. A few heartbeats later he ejaculated another rope of cum that lay across her back.
  174. “Oh my gods,” the familiar panted. Her head swung around to look at herself when he vanished the blindfold, at all of the hot and sticky fluid she could feel on her thighs and back, but of course she could see nothing. A final, weak spurt as his orgasm petered out managed to land a few globs on her face and hair.
  176. They broke character and laughed uproariously, Karl flopping onto his side next to her and laying his head on the ground in front of her. “How was that?”
  178. “Good,” she said, still laughing and wiping her eyes. “I feel like I was asleep.”
  180. “That’s because the only other time you aren’t worrying is when you’re asleep,” he said astutely, quietly admiring the white fluid dripping down over her dark skin. Karl thought that she’d want to get up, and he let the chains tethering her fade away.
  182. Rather than get up and look at herself, Avery lay down on the floor in the white puddle. “I could sleep here,” she said.
  184. “You’d wake up stuck to the floor,” he cautioned with a smirk.
  186. “There are worse fates,” she replied.
  188. “That’s the spirit,” he said. “Not everything is a disaster, is it?”
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