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Marilyn Mystified

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  1. --Marilyn--
  3. The Countenance:
  4.         Azure eyes pierce the gloaming...
  5.         Irridescent, still, and tranquil--
  6.         A tincture of madness lurks, distilled
  7.         only by a sense of the ancient--
  9.         Longing to adorn herself in the old mysteries of life where
  10.         and when reference points were truly vague and shrouded
  11.         in the unknown quantities of voluptuous forests, haunted
  12.         by tribal beats and harmonic interludes of wind and silence...
  14.         "Truly my friend, her eyes imbue one only with tails of the"
  15.         "esoteric; in the exotic, the occult, and the improbable"
  17. The body:
  18.         Trembling mistresses, forgotten queens, impenetrable romance--
  19.         ah yes! and virginal delights!-- These are a minute but suitable
  20.         myriad of quintessences that fecundate the petite and fiery
  21.         figure of our sovereign beatious dream woman;
  22.         --What haunts her essence so gracefully bound into flesh?--
  23.         No doubt preternatural. Her insatiable longings--
  24.         The wet and gushing juices waiting to be consumed--
  25.         and the juices are feramones (An endless dream unto themselves) far            
  26.         beyond that of the finest
  27.         dame...
  29.         The thigh, the breast, the juices... gloaming azure eyes carry
  30.         on with countless influences.
  32.         Marilyn...
  33.         Is the name I heard her whisper in the dark--
  34.         from which came the reverie to which I've venerated
  35.         ever since... and to which I recount to tell of such
  36.         envisiges.
  38.         Left only with pain are all who see her--
  39.         weeping in their dark abode of sorrows;
  40.         mystics with love spells cannot endure
  41.         Marilyn--
  43.         She is the allegory for a religion that transmutes infatuation
  44.         from lust to love before binding them. Or perhaps she is the
  45.         sermon itself; The oddyssey of a cosmology which draws men out
  46.         into the wilderness of her elusive yet unescapable eyes--
  47.         bringing them to a primal desire that could escape a black hole
  48.         in the unive
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