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  1. HI
  2. 19:32   Marshall    Somewhere in the facility, there is a loud yell of Danish profanities before Tennyson steps in.
  3. 19:33   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere spontaneously appears
  4. 19:34   Knyght  Irene wanders in, gear on and ready to go.
  5. 19:35   Don1Charles As you two enter, you see three chairs lined up, presumably set up for your arrival, and a man standing, beside a podium about his side. He is short, about 5'5, with one eye missing and a limp in his leg is apparent as he moves around to the other side of the podium, nervously clutching a folder. He looks to the agents, his voice coming out in a course stutte
  6. 19:35   Don1Charles "H-hello agents-s, welcome t-to the briefing room-m."
  7. 19:35       *** KnyghtPhone quit (Broken pipe)
  8. 19:36   Don1Charles "Please, ta-ake a seat."
  9. 19:36   Marshall    Tennyson opts to stand
  10. 19:36       *** KnyghtPhone joined #homeimprovement
  11. 19:37   Don1Charles He eyes Tennyson, his hand gripping the folder a little tighter, his grip shaky. "I-it is good to see you all c-came for briefing."
  12. 19:37   Knyght  Irene finds a spot to sit, yawning softly. "Mhrm."
  13. 19:38   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere sits
  14. 19:39   Don1Charles He opens his mouth to speak again, before a woman walks in, tall, around 5'9, with a serious, sort of pretty face and a white labcoat on with a black blouse. She has her hair in a tight bun on the top of her head, and looks very seriously at all of you through her steel-rimmed glasses. She walks past the man and stands at the podium. "Greetings, agents."
  15. 19:40   Knyght  "'Ey." Irene responds simply.
  16. 19:40   Marshall    Tennyson nods to the woman politely, before making sure his equipment is in its respective locations in his coat
  17. 19:41   Don1Charles "I am Lisa Thompson, this is my subordinate" She motions to the man, "Nicollo Martin. We have gathered you three agents here today on a very important mission, and, judging by the description of this task force, this may be particularly unusual for you all."
  18. 19:42   Don1Charles "Allow me to begin by stating our jobs. I am a special operative who works within the Foundation, my work revolving around the whereabouts, locations, and activities of the Chaos Insurgency. I trust you all know of this group."
  19. 19:42   Don1Charles She eyes around, to see if anyone did in fact //not// know of this group
  20. 19:44   Marshall    Tennyson had the basics down- "Insurgents that twisted a knife in the Foundations proverbial back?"
  21. 19:44   Knyght  Irene nods her head. "Mhrm."
  22. 19:44   Klurg|Aximiam   "Bunch of crazies?"
  23. 19:45   Don1Charles "That is a fitting description, Mr. Ryans. That, however, is not a fitting description, Mr. Meonap. The CI is certainly not crazy. They are dangerous, murderous, and cunning. Not to be underestimated by any means."
  24. 19:46   Don1Charles She then continues. "My colleague" she says the word with disdain, looking over to Nicollo. "Is a former CI agent. He was captured by the Foundation under means I am not going to discuss at this point in time, and put through our reeducation program. He has in-depth knowledge of the CI, and is a useful tool in this operative."
  25. 19:47   Knyght  Irene looks him over. "Explains his attitude."
  26. 19:47   Klurg|Aximiam   ~reeducation? That's totally not ominous at all~
  27. 19:48   Don1Charles "Now, on to the task at hand. You three agents are going to infiltrating a low threat-level building, one we have a strong belief is connected with the CI, and locating a man, Fynn Omiata. Once he is found, you are required to extract information from him." She looks to Irene, then to Nicollo.
  28. 19:48       *** AwayEldritch quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  29. 19:49   Don1Charles Nicollo goes to speak up, but is talked over. "His attitude comes as a result of the condition he was found in, the poison he consumed, and the reeducation program process. More can be explained as to this later." She says, clearing her throat and continuing
  30. 19:50   Knyght  Irene grins. "My specialty."
  31. 19:50   Don1Charles "We know, unfortunately, little about the inner workings of CI bases. This building has been assessed to be low threat level, nothing you three should not be able to handle. We would like you to explore the building. Gather any information you can from it. Lethal force is fully authorized for anyone you come across. And, finding Fynn once you are done."
  32. 19:52   Don1Charles She looks to Irene, putting on a fake smile and nodding. "Yes. That is why you were assigned to this mission, Ms. Carver. We understand these types of field interrogation are something you are adept in. In fact, all three of you have reasons for being chosen. Mr. Ryans here, while new, has high medical knowledge, which shall most certainly be useful if an
  33. 19:54   Don1Charles "agent is hurt. Irene, you already understand your usage. Mr. Mekonap, you have well-trained aim and experience. However, we have seen some of your mistakes on different missions, such as causing the death of several crewmen who were assigned to help you, and wounding another agent." She eyes Fiere
  34. 19:54   Marshall    ".. Wanted one last use out of me before I left." Tennyson mutters
  35. 19:54   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere shrinks away
  36. 19:55   Don1Charles "Mr. Mekonap, we do not tolerate //mistakes// on these missions. That goes to all of you. Fynn may not die before information is retrieved. The area is to be well-searched. You are to watch out for your fellow agents. I assume this is all understood."
  37. 19:56   Don1Charles Her painted red nails drum on the wooden podium
  38. 19:56   Don1Charles "Are there any questions"
  39. 19:56   Don1Charles *?
  40. 19:57   Marshall    "None."
  41. 19:57       *** SpookyBee is now known as SnoozleBee
  42. 19:57   Klurg|Aximiam   ~and nobody's going to let me live it down~ Fiere unknowingly tightens his grip on his chair
  43. 19:59   Knyght  "No questions. Should be fun." She yawns, rolling her shoulders.
  44. 19:59   Don1Charles "That is exactly what I wish to hear. One more thing, agents." She eyes you all, very carefully. "This enemy we are up against, the Chaos Insurgency, there are as dangerous as they come. Understand, the means by which we operate, in order to find information, is all necessary to the goal of the Foundation. If any agent here is unable to stomach the  
  45. 19:59   Don1Charles "interrogation that is needed to be done, I suggest you leave now."
  46. 19:59   Don1Charles She waits to see if anyone wishes to leave, her face cold
  47. 20:00   Marshall    ".. I've seen worse. This is what we do here, you waiting for someone to cop out? You're wasting your time."
  48. 20:01   Knyght  "Pfft, You've read my file I assume." She yawns, going to stand and grab her gear again.
  49. 20:01       *** Smaugnolia joined #homeimprovement
  50. 20:01   Don1Charles "Good." She says with a little smirk. "Nicollo will be escorting you three to the plane. It is going to be quite a ride to Ghana, and you will be meeting up with a Foundation operative, and be accompanied by Nicollo, there."
  51. 20:02   Don1Charles Nicollo shuffles out, still gripping the folder, still limping. "I-It's outside, where we a-are meeting. Please ret-trieve any equipment needed and m-meet me there."
  52. 20:03   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere grabs his stuff, and heads out
  53. 20:04   Don1Charles He goes to open the door out of the briefing room for them, and Lisa stands, scribbling on her clipboard and watching the agents leave.
  54. 20:04       *** ihpkmn joined #homeimprovement
  55. 20:04   Don1Charles (everyone ready to head out? Any special items needed?)
  56. 20:04   Marshall    Tennyson follows suit- Changing his outfit to one without foundation markings before heading out
  57. 20:04   Knyght  Irene brings her shotgun, handgun, knife, equipment bag and gets her field jacket on, along with her bandolier.
  58. 20:05   Knyght  She'd make her way outside quickly after she's sure she has everything.
  59. 20:06   Don1Charles Outside is a car, waiting to take you to the plane ride. Nicollo is already out there, it seemed he was surprisingly speedy considering his limp. He ushers every once, politely, into the vehicle. A security officer is driving the car, not Nicollo, thank god.
  60. 20:07   Marshall    Tennyson steps in.
  61. 20:07   Don1Charles (I trust we don't need conversation in the car ride? Unless you wish to ask Nicollo anything)
  62. 20:07   Knyght  Irene gets in, stowing her gear in a spot to make the ride more comfortable for herself.
  63. 20:07   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere gets in
  64. 20:09   Don1Charles They arrive at the plane, then! It is small, black, and unmarked, almost looking like a jet. Nicollo would quickly crawl out to go open up their doors, pointing to the plane. "W-we are going i-in there for the ri-ide."
  65. 20:10   Don1Charles Everyone assumedly goes into the plane?
  66. 20:11   Marshall    Tennyson does
  67. 20:11   Klurg|Aximiam   Yep
  68. 20:11   Knyght  Irene definitely does!
  69. 20:12   Don1Charles The seats are normal plane seats, and there are no other agents, or people on it, besides you four and the two pilots. "W-we were a-allowed this for transport, n-not using a commercial p-plane." He says as the plane starts up on the runway, he is leaning against the seat, looking to you three seated.
  70. 20:13   Don1Charles Once they are in the air, he looks to you three. "A-anything to drink o-or eat?"
  71. 20:13   Klurg|Aximiam   "Yes please, what do you have to eat?"
  72. 20:13   Marshall    Tennyson opts to get up, and sit beside Nicollo, ".. Nothing for now.. Mind a word?"
  73. 20:14   Don1Charles "I-I need to get Fiere the-e sandwiches we h-have." he says, confused as to why Tennyson was sitting beside him. "A-afterward-ds we can."
  74. 20:16   Don1Charles If Irene says nothing, he shuffles to go get some sammies!
  75. 20:16   Knyght  Irene just shrugs. "I can't drink before a mission, and I'm not hungry so... I'll pass." She yawns, finding a seat to sleep in, slumping against the seat infront of herself.
  76. 20:17   Don1Charles He then goes! This would be a five hour plane ride, btw. He comes back a little while later, shuffling down the aisle, stumbling a bit at turbulence and his own lame leg, before approaching Fiere with a sandwich and a cup of water.
  77. 20:18   Don1Charles 4df+0 agility for Nicollo
  78. 20:18   Glacon  Don1Charles: agility for Nicollo: -1 (4df+0=+, -, -, 0)
  79. 20:18   Klurg|Aximiam   (Can I try and catch him?)
  80. 20:18   Don1Charles He stumbles, spilling the water on Fiere's lap, and sure you can but he already spilled it
  81. 20:18   Klurg|Aximiam   4df+6 catch
  82. 20:18   Glacon  Klurg|Aximiam: catch: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
  83. 20:19   Don1Charles He grits his teeth, before Fiere props him upright, and he blinks a few times. "I-I am so sorry for the spill, Mr. Fiere." He says, setting down the sandwich like a terrible butler
  84. 20:19   Klurg|Aximiam   "You ok Nicollo? It's fine, don't worry about it"
  85. 20:20   Klurg|Aximiam   He shivers a bit at the water spilled on him
  86. 20:20   Knyght  Irene just grumbles as they make noise, trying to keep to herself.
  87. 20:20   Don1Charles "D-do you nee-e-ed napkins?" He says, looking to Fiere a little scared. It would probably take him another 10 minutes to wander back to go get napkins considering how long it took him to get the sandwich
  88. 20:20   Klurg|Aximiam   "Don't worry about it, I'll get them, just point me towards them"
  89. 20:21   Klurg|Aximiam   "Thanks anyways Niccolo"
  90. 20:21   Don1Charles He apologizes again before shuffling over to go sit down beside Tenny again. "y-you w-wanted a w-word?"
  91. 20:21   Don1Charles And points to where the napkins are
  92. 20:21   Klurg|Aximiam   Fiere gets the napkins
  93. 20:22   Don1Charles (After tennyson has his conversation, I am going to timeskip. That sound good?)
  94. 20:23   Marshall    ".. Are you OK to speak about the CI?" Tennyson questions, his voice soft- as if speaking to a beaten animal.
  95. 20:26   Don1Charles "I-I, yes, i-in small amounts. L-lots of the memories are gone." He replies in a hushed tone, glancing around
  96. 20:27   Marshall    ".. Relax Nicollo.. Can you tell me- how tight-knit are the members of the CI? Will they know we're outsiders?" Tennyson questions
  97. 20:30   Don1Charles "T-this base is different then the ones I w-worked at." He stutters out. "They will k-know, usually, unless you're w-wearing the C-c-c-chaos symbol."
  98. 20:33   Don1Charles "Anymore q-questions?"
  99. 20:33   Marshall    "... So, we'll be noticed then. None of us have the symbol.. And I think the others might be wearing the Foundation symbol.."
  100. 20:33   Don1Charles "T-they are not d-dangerous, not highly t-trained. They are very k-k-killable
  101. 20:34   Marshall    "...Do you remember where the symbol is displayed, and what it looks like?"
  102. 20:35       *** AidenEldritch joined #homeimprovement
  103. 20:36   Don1Charles He slides out a piece of paper, pressing it against the arm of the chair and scribbling out a symbol, his hands seem to always be shaky. He holds it up for you to see
  104. 20:36   Marshall    ".. Thank you, where on the body or cloths is it displayed?"
  105. 20:38   Don1Charles "D-depends on the a-agent and their job. M-medics, it's on the b-back. Gunners, on t-t-the shoulder." he racks his brain to remember more, looking visibly pained to do s
  106. 20:38   Don1Charles *so
  107. 20:39   Marshall    ".. Nicollo. It's OK, we're medics and gunners here. That's enough information on location." Tennyson states, holding Nicollo softly by his shoulders. ".. Rest, ok?"
  108. 20:39   Don1Charles "A-at least it was in my division. I-it changes."
  109. 20:40   Don1Charles Nicollo looks, confused by such a gesture, but nods slowly, giving an ugly smile. "O-ok."
  110. 20:40   Marshall    ".. Can I get you anything?" Tennyson questions
  111. 20:40   Don1Charles He shakes his head, leaning back in his seat and drumming the arm.
  112. 20:41   Don1Charles (timeskip now! sorry Klurg|Aximiam and Knyght
  113. 20:42   Don1Charles The plane touches down on a sandy strip, somewhere in Ghana. Outside, there is an agent waiting, beside a helicopter.
  114. 20:42   Don1Charles You can all see from out the windows[20:42] <Knyght> Irene wakes up, having been snoring rather loudly the entire trip. She's quickly up and grabbing her gear.
  115. [20:43] <Don1Charles> The plane door is opened and the stairs are set up for y'all to head over!
  116. [20:43] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere gets up, he goes and grabs his fear gen gets off
  117. [20:43] <Marshall> Tennyson stands, getting off the plane.
  118. [20:43] <Klurg|Aximiam> Then gets*
  119. [20:43] <Don1Charles> (fear gen x)
  120. [20:44] <Don1Charles> Nicollo follows after you all. The agent standing there is tall, black, and stern looking, with a cap on his shaved head and a pair of aviator sunglasses, like what Charles wears, on. "Greetings.
  121. [20:44] <Don1Charles> You three have a good ride?" He says
  122. [20:44] <Don1Charles> (presume everyone you see here is black unless otherwise specified)
  123. [20:45] <Marshall> Tennyson nods in response
  124. [20:46] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Yep"
  125. [20:47] <Don1Charles> He motions for them to go inside the helicopter. "We are dropping you three off."
  126. [20:47] <Knyght> "Wha?" Irene still seems half asleep, putting her gear on.
  127. [20:47] <Knyght> Irene does as instructed.
  128. [20:48] <Marshall> ".. Before we go- how do you suppose we blend in? We're not in the appropriate uniform." Tennyson questions
  129. [20:49] <Don1Charles> "Sneak or kill. There are not many men there." he responds, sternly, before getting into the pilots seat of the helicopter
  130. [20:49] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Yikes"
  131. [20:50] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Can any of us sneak?"
  132. [20:50] <Marshall> Tennyson scowls, before stepping into the copter- "And get the CI on our asses after?"
  133. [20:50] <Knyght> "I'm going for the killing route. It's what I do best." She shrugs, getting settled in the helicopter.
  134. [20:51] <Don1Charles> Once everyone is in, the helicopter starts up! "Listen to woman." He replies. Nicollo looks nervous, per usual, as they take off, eventually being dropped off in a section of woods, on a path. While you were flying, you saw the base not far from where you are dropped off, seemingly a short ways down the path
  135. [20:52] <Marshall> Tennyson runs his hand over his pistol, missions are never easy..
  136. [20:52] <Don1Charles> The man looks back to you three. "Extract information from Fynn. Explore the building. Lethal force permitted." He says, repeating the instructions before beckoning you three exit his helicopter
  137. [20:53] <Knyght> Irene hops out, checks her weapon and loads it up as she departs, seeming primed and ready to go.
  138. [20:54] <Don1Charles> They are now on a dirt path out in the woods, as the plane takes off. Both men are contactable via radio!
  139. [20:54] <Don1Charles> *helicopter
  140. [20:55] <Marshall> Tennyson removes his glasses. "... If we go in there guns blazing, we're gonna die."he states.
  141. [20:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Do you have any other plans?"
  142. [20:56] <Knyght> "I dunno, they didn't put me in charge." She shrugs. "I just get pointed in a direction and slaughter things."
  143. [20:56] <Marshall> "How good are all of you at lying?" Tennyson questions
  144. [20:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Eehhh, I'm ok..."
  145. [20:58] <Don1Charles> Continue down the path whenever you'd like!
  146. [20:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Would 2 points be ok?)
  147. [20:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Not good though"
  148. [20:58] <Don1Charles> (Asking me?)
  149. [20:59] <Knyght> "I'm not at all... I'm good at intimidation and beating people to death... And that's about it." She yawns.
  150. [20:59] <Knyght> "Don't ask me to be sneaky, Tennyson. Not my strong point."
  151. [20:59] <Marshall> "So much for pretending to be traitors." Tennyson states
  152. [21:00] <Marshall> "Guess it's guns and guts then"
  153. [21:01] <Don1Charles> Go ahead, then!
  154. [21:02] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Actually, let's see if we can't shit down their power"
  155. [21:03] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Is there anything we can do to shut down their power?)
  156. [21:03] <Klurg|Aximiam> Shut down*
  157. [21:03] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Phone typing, I swear)
  158. [21:03] <Don1Charles> You'll need to actually get //closer// to the building, you are about a half mile away in the woods at the moment.
  159. [21:03] <Don1Charles> To be able to tell anything
  160. [21:04] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Let's advance, and see what we can do when we get there"
  161. [21:04] <Don1Charles> The path is ready to be walked down!
  162. [21:05] <Marshall> Tennyson nods in agreement
  163. [21:05] <Knyght> Irene begins to head down the path, weapon at the ready. She seems eager to get back into things.
  164. [21:06] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere heads on down
  165. [21:07] <Don1Charles> As they head down the path, not much is important. The trees look gnarled and dusty, and eventually, they approach a fence. The fence is encompassing a sandy, open area, with a building in the middle of it. The building looks run down, and not much is easy to tell from here. Roll perception to glean more juicy details
  166. [21:07] <Marshall> 4df+4 sight
  167. [21:07] <Glacon> Marshall: sight: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
  168. [21:08] <Knyght> 4df+4 Irene has one eye but at least it works!
  169. [21:08] <Glacon> Knyght: Irene has one eye but at least it works!: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
  170. [21:08] <Don1Charles> And fiere?
  171. [21:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4
  172. [21:10] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
  173. [21:13] <Don1Charles> Irene and Tenny, you see out front there are two cars, big black SUVs out front, with men standing by them, one man holding an ak-47 in his arms, the other one with it slung over his back. Fiere, you see this as well, and also notice that some of the windows of the building have light coming out of them.
  174. [21:13] <Don1Charles> The two men are having a conversation with the cars parked by the entrance, but yall are much too far away to be able to tell what it is about
  175. [21:14] <Don1Charles> The fence is relatively easy to climb, if you choose to.
  176. [21:15] <Marshall> ".. So, What's the course of action- still guns blazing?"
  177. [21:15] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, how do we take care of those  two?"
  178. [21:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Maybe we can distract them?"
  179. [21:16] <Knyght> Irene shrugs. "Could always try, but how?"
  180. [21:17] <Marshall> "They've got some serious firepower.. Can we risk it?"
  181. [21:17] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Can we shoot out the brakes in the SUV, causing them to slide out of control?)
  182. [21:17] <Don1Charles> They are standing outside of parked cars, talking
  183. [21:18] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Anything explosive near them?)
  184. [21:18] <Knyght> "I mean. I'm a good shot and so is Fiere. Could always just gun them down. Otherwise, distracting them would work and we could kill them silently.
  185. [21:18] <Knyght> "But attracting attention with gunfire now is going to prevent any other stealth."
  186. [21:20] Join: Lyusternik []
  187. [21:20] <Don1Charles> Once your plan of action has been figured out, go ahead and proceed with such! :D
  188. [21:20] Quit: Lazar [Ping timeout: 183 seconds]
  189. [21:21] <Marshall> "..Look,the minute we go in guns blazing and they'll know we're here. Since the guy were after is important, they may attempt to evacuate him.. Once we step in, they'll see we aren't CI.."
  190. [21:22] <Knyght> "So what? Kill them silently?" I assume they weren't given any equipment in the ways of suppressors or anything else?
  191. [21:22] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Do we really have a choice? None of us can sneak"
  192. [21:23] <Don1Charles> Special equipment was meant to be requested prior. But, I will allow you to have silencers
  193. [21:23] <Marshall> ".. But can you lie?" Tennyson questions, yet again.
  194. [21:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Like I said, not well"
  195. [21:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Well, I got an idea"
  196. [21:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "We each take aim at a different man"
  197. [21:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "At the count of 3, we shoot at the same time"
  198. [21:25] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Neither of them can react to alert the base"
  199. [21:25] <Marshall> "There are three of us. There is no guarantee we will successfully kill them both."
  200. [21:25] <Klurg|Aximiam> "No guarantee is right, but we're all good shots"
  201. [21:25] <Klurg|Aximiam> "We are good shots, rights?"
  202. [21:26] <Don1Charles> You progressively get worse going from Fiere, Irene, Tenny
  203. [21:26] <Don1Charles> But, good enough!
  204. [21:26] <Don1Charles> Maybe
  205. [21:26] <Knyght> "I'm a decent shot." She shrugs.
  206. [21:26] <Marshall> "I'm Intel and Medical. Not the best shot here. I'm better at lying my ass off."
  207. [21:27] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Well if you can lie, we can remain silent while you get us in"
  208. [21:28] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Brb, shower, I'll be fast)
  209. [21:29] <Don1Charles> (Jeez ok well pause then. Y'all should climb over the fence eventually :V)
  210. [21:29] <Marshall> "You do realise the only fesable lie that could be manage is me being a traitor to the foundation, right? I'm a white Danish gun with two other strangers who would have to be silent the whole time. We have no identification and no other justification for knowing the location of this Base."
  211. [21:29] <Marshall> *guy not gun
  212. [21:29] <Don1Charles> It hardly seems like a base, more like a run-down office building
  213. [21:30] <Knyght> "Whatever, let's just kill them and be done with it." She huffs.
  214. [21:32] <Marshall> "If we get busted, I'm going to play traitor, so at least one of us can finish the mission and rescue the other two. Just be aware of that." Tennyson states.
  215. [21:34] <Knyght> "Sounds like a good idea." She nods.
  216. [21:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Am back)
  217. [21:34] <Don1Charles> (go ahead, yall)
  218. [21:35] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, pick a target"
  219. [21:36] <Marshall> Tennyson takes a step back, aiming for the one of the left.
  220. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere takes the right
  221. [21:36] <Knyght> "Left, I suppose." She mumbles, going to begin moving in closer, taking her handgun from its holster.
  222. [21:36] <Don1Charles> There is still a fence in your face and you are a bit of a ways away. But do as you wish!
  223. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "On the count of 3
  224. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "
  225. [21:36] <Don1Charles> To move closer, ya gotta hop the fence, Irene
  226. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "One"
  227. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Two"
  228. [21:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Three, fire"
  229. [21:37] <Don1Charles> The men stand, laughing and continuing their conversation
  230. [21:37] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 take down
  231. [21:37] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: take down: 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
  232. [21:37] <Knyght> 4df+6 Ranged + Ftf Spec
  233. [21:37] <Glacon> Knyght: Ranged + Ftf Spec: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
  234. [21:37] <Marshall> Tennyson doesn't care, he knows he won't hit.
  235. [21:37] <Marshall> 4df+3 RNG
  236. [21:37] <Glacon> Marshall: RNG: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
  237. [21:38] <Don1Charles> Both men are unaware, so no agi roll for them!
  238. [21:38] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef man on the left
  239. [21:38] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef man on the left: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
  240. [21:38] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef man on the left
  241. [21:38] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef man on the left: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
  242. [21:38] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef man on the right
  243. [21:38] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef man on the right: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
  244. [21:39] Join: Positmobile []
  245. [21:40] <Don1Charles> Fiere, your shot grazes the man on the right's shoulder, who yelps and ducks down behind the car. Irene, your shot lands square into the man's back, passing into his body, not through his spine, mind you, and he falls over,, his gun falling out of his hand. Tenny's shot misses cause the guy fell
  246. [21:40] <Don1Charles> The other man stands up, out of the cover of the car, fumbling to get his ak-47 off his back. One of you may get in an extra shot on him
  247. [21:40] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 no
  248. [21:40] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: no: 2 (4df+5=0, -, -, -)
  249. [21:41] <Knyght> Irene would try to fire?
  250. [21:41] <Knyght> Or not
  251. [21:41] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Glacon, stick it where the sun don't shine)
  252. [21:41] <Don1Charles> -2.5 health for the man writhing on the ground
  253. [21:41] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef
  254. [21:41] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
  255. [21:41] <Don1Charles> Actually,
  256. [21:41] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agility for Fiere
  257. [21:41] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility for Fiere: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
  258. [21:42] <Don1Charles> He ducks back down, getting his gun off his back, ready to start firing. The other man is crawling over to his weapon, on the ground. Enemy turn
  259. [21:42] <Don1Charles> The man who isn't bleeding tries to figure out where y'all are!
  260. [21:42] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 perception
  261. [21:42] <Glacon> Don1Charles: perception: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
  262. [21:42] <Don1Charles> (fiere, you were last to fire, give me a sneak)
  263. [21:43] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df sneak
  264. [21:43] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: sneak: 1 (4df=0, 0, 0, +)
  265. [21:43] <Don1Charles> He spots you, and opens fire!
  266. [21:43] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 ranged, a remarkably good shot
  267. [21:43] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged, a remarkably good shot: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, +, 0)
  268. [21:43] <Don1Charles> On Fiere
  269. [21:44] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 gl'acon F'UCK OFF
  270. [21:44] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: gl'acon F'UCK OFF: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
  271. [21:44] <Don1Charles> You dodge it! The other man managed to crawl to his gun! PC turn
  272. [21:44] <Don1Charles> You don't dodge the bullet, you preemptively duck down before the shots hit you, since dodging bullets is impossible!
  273. [21:44] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Take the one who's crawling, I got the the one who shot at me"
  274. [21:44] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 die
  275. [21:44] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: die: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, -)
  276. [21:45] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agility
  277. [21:45] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
  278. [21:45] <Klurg|Aximiam> (GLACON, I will kick you in the [data expunged])
  279. [21:45] Join: Orionbasher []
  280. [21:45] Mode: [+o Orionbasher] by ChanServ
  281. [21:45] <Knyght> Irene sighs. "So much for sneaky." She huffs, going to fire again at the man on the ground.
  282. [21:45] <Knyght> 4df+4 Ranged
  283. [21:45] <Glacon> Knyght: Ranged: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
  284. [21:45] <Don1Charles> He just barely makes it back down behind the car from Fiere's shot
  285. [21:45] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 agility, he receives a minus because he is wounded
  286. [21:45] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility, he receives a minus because he is wounded: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
  287. [21:46] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef
  288. [21:46] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
  289. [21:46] <Don1Charles> You hit him in the thigh! Ouch! Tenny going to fire?
  290. [21:46] <Marshall> Tennyson.. Doesn't shoot.
  291. [21:46] <Don1Charles> In that case, the man on the ground gets his gun. Enemy turn!
  292. [21:47] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 ranged for the guy lying down, receiving a minus
  293. [21:47] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged for the guy lying down, receiving a minus: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
  294. [21:47] <Don1Charles> He aims for Irene
  295. [21:47] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson..."
  296. [21:47] <Knyght> 4df+4 Agi
  297. [21:47] <Glacon> Knyght: Agi: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
  298. [21:47] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 ranged the other man aims for Fiere
  299. [21:47] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged the other man aims for Fiere: 6 (4df+5=0, +, 0, 0)
  300. [21:48] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 gl'aculu f'uck urself
  301. [21:48] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: gl'aculu f'uck urself: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
  302. [21:48] Quit: Positmobile [Quit: Bye]
  303. [21:48] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 pdef I MEAN IT
  304. [21:48] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: pdef I MEAN IT: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
  305. [21:48] <Don1Charles> Their guns did not have silencers, of note! The area is open, however, so the shots do not echo, at least.
  306. [21:48] <Don1Charles> The shot digs into your armor and stops there, or some other means of not getting hurt
  307. [21:48] <Don1Charles> Player turn! No one seems to have come out of the building yet
  308. [21:48] <Marshall> Tennyson has his Medic kit out now, at his side.
  309. [21:49] <Don1Charles> Well, no one was hurt yet, 'cept the other boys!
  310. [21:50] <Knyght> Irene remains in her location near the fence, and fires again at the man laying down.
  311. [21:50] <Knyght> 4df+4 Ranged again!
  312. [21:50] <Glacon> Knyght: Ranged again!: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
  313. [21:50] <Don1Charles> Poor bastard.
  314. [21:50] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 agi
  315. [21:50] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agi: 2 (4df+2=-, +, -, +)
  316. [21:50] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 to the guy who keeps shooting at me, die please
  317. [21:50] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: to the guy who keeps shooting at me, die please: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
  318. [21:50] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 pdef, lowered since he is bleeding out
  319. [21:50] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef, lowered since he is bleeding out: 0 (4df+2=0, -, -, 0)
  320. [21:50] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Heavy Breathing)
  321. [21:51] <Don1Charles> You drill a shot into him, Irene, and he drops his gun, incapacitated as the blood pools beside him.
  322. [21:51] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agility for the other guy
  323. [21:51] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility for the other guy: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
  324. [21:51] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef
  325. [21:51] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
  326. [21:51] <Don1Charles> You hit him for 0.5 damage! Not much!
  327. [21:52] <Don1Charles> A new guy runs out of the building, holding a handgun, having heard some commotion. The building was surprisingly sound-repellent, it seemed. The man who ran out sees his dying comrade and runs over.
  328. [21:53] <Don1Charles> The other man calls out to him in a language you all do not understand, certainly, and the man with the handgun looks towards the fence
  329. [21:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Someone, please take care of the new guy, I'll take care of the one who keeps shooting at me"
  330. [21:53] <Don1Charles> The guy in the back fires for Fiere!
  331. [21:53] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 ranged
  332. [21:53] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
  333. [21:53] <Marshall> ".. We're busted." Tennyson states.
  334. [21:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 offbsingndk
  335. [21:53] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: offbsingndk: 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
  336. [21:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 can we get Mohawk instead?
  337. [21:53] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: can we get Mohawk instead?: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
  338. [21:54] <Don1Charles> He gets in a surprisingly nasty shot on you! Didn't expect people to be taking much damage this run!
  339. [21:54] <Knyght> Irene takes the moment to switch to her shotgun with the slugs loaded into it, figuring she needs something heavier.
  340. [21:54] <Don1Charles> It passes through your thigh, not cleaving the bone but giving you a nasty loss of 2 phealth
  341. [21:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Blame Glacon)
  342. [21:54] <Don1Charles> (Knyght Prob gonna have to get closer if you wanna use a shot gun)
  343. [21:55] <Don1Charles> Pc turn!
  344. [21:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 /DIE/ (guy who I was targeting earlier)
  345. [21:55] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: /DIE/ (guy who I was targeting earlier): 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
  346. [21:55] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agility
  347. [21:55] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
  348. [21:56] <Don1Charles> Nope! Your shot clangs into the car
  349. [21:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Can we focus fire on that asshole please?" Fiere asks with barely masked rage
  350. [21:56] <Knyght> Irene just uses her handgun then.
  351. [21:56] <Knyght> 4df+4 At the guy shooting at Fiere.
  352. [21:56] <Glacon> Knyght: At the guy shooting at Fiere.: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
  353. [21:56] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 agility, he was getting shot at twice!
  354. [21:56] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agility, he was getting shot at twice!: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
  355. [21:56] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 pdef
  356. [21:56] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
  357. [21:57] <Don1Charles> Wow! Apparently I have the talonair curse because it does nothing
  358. [21:57] <Marshall> After Fieres shot, Tenny runs to him- "Let me see the bullet wound Fiere." Tennyson has his medical kit ready.
  359. [21:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Here"
  360. [21:58] <Don1Charles> The men fire back on you!
  361. [21:58] Join: Nioki []
  362. [21:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere allows Tennyson to check the wound
  363. [21:59] <Don1Charles> Tenny can do medical stuffs in the next turn
  364. [21:59] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 ranged to hit Irene, now
  365. [21:59] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged to hit Irene, now: 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
  366. [21:59] <Knyght> 4df+5 Pdef, fuck agility
  367. [21:59] <Glacon> Knyght: Pdef, fuck agility: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
  368. [21:59] <Marshall> (He didn't have a turn this round.)
  369. [21:59] <Don1Charles> The man with the ak-47's gun jams!
  370. [22:00] <Don1Charles> (Hm, he is moving over to his teammate and checking on his leg, and Fiere was up and shooting so he needs to get settle before medical can be performed on him)
  371. [22:00] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 ranged the man with the pistol fires at Fiere
  372. [22:00] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged the man with the pistol fires at Fiere: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
  373. [22:00] <Don1Charles> (Jeez, sorry man)
  374. [22:01] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 AAAAFGFHHHHHH
  375. [22:01] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: AAAAFGFHHHHHH: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
  376. [22:01] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH PDEF
  377. [22:01] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH PDEF: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
  378. [22:01] <Don1Charles> The shot glances your side and does not much more! PC turn. The man with the handgun slides away the gun, trying to pick up his dying friend and get him inside to save his life or something
  379. [22:02] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere allows Tennyson to treat his wound, then fires when tennyson's done
  380. [22:02] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Irene, may you please shoot the guy with the handgun?"
  381. [22:02] <Marshall> 4df+8 Medi+Hippocratic
  382. [22:02] <Glacon> Marshall: Medi+Hippocratic: 10 (4df+8=0, +, +, 0)
  383. [22:02] <Don1Charles> If you're getting healed, you're out of combat for this round, sunny
  384. [22:02] <Knyght> Irene takes a shot at the man retreating with his friendo.
  385. [22:03] <Knyght> 4df+4 Ranged!
  386. [22:03] <Glacon> Knyght: Ranged!: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
  387. [22:03] <Don1Charles> No agi!
  388. [22:03] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 pdef
  389. [22:03] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, -, 0)
  390. [22:03] <Don1Charles> It strikes him and he falls over, beside his friend, clutching his handgun, suffering -2 phealth
  391. [22:03] Quit: SnoozleBee [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
  392. [22:04] <Don1Charles> It's an easy wound! He applies pressure to stop bleeding and wraps it up or whatever
  393. [22:05] <Marshall> .. It went through his thigh. Caulk it up to, Tenny is a damn good Doctor. Because he is a doctor.
  394. [22:05] <Don1Charles> Enemy turn, sorry Fiere can't do shooting this round
  395. [22:05] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 ranged from ak-47 guy, who really wants to kill Fiere
  396. [22:05] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged from ak-47 guy, who really wants to kill Fiere: 5 (4df+5=-, +, +, -)
  397. [22:06] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 fuck you
  398. [22:06] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: fuck you: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, -, +)
  399. [22:06] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 ranged from hurt handgun guy, who fires a pained shot at Irene, propped up beside his bleeding out buddy
  400. [22:06] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged from hurt handgun guy, who fires a pained shot at Irene, propped up beside his bleeding out buddy: -1 (4df+2=0, -, -, -)
  401. [22:06] <Knyght> 4df+5 Pdef
  402. [22:06] <Glacon> Knyght: Pdef: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
  403. [22:06] <Don1Charles> All players may now shoot to kill!
  404. [22:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Focus fire on the one that's the least injured, aka the one that really wants me deadl
  405. [22:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> "
  406. [22:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 the feeling's mutual
  407. [22:07] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: the feeling's mutual: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, -)
  408. [22:08] <Knyght> Irene decides to just end the suffering of the guy firing the AK-47.
  409. [22:08] <Knyght> 4df+4
  410. [22:08] <Glacon> Knyght: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
  411. [22:08] <Marshall> Tennyson puts the Medic supplies back in the pack. (Doesn't shoot)
  412. [22:08] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agi
  413. [22:08] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agi: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
  414. [22:08] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 agi
  415. [22:08] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agi: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
  416. [22:08] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 pdef against Irene, the other shot misses
  417. [22:08] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef against Irene, the other shot misses: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
  418. [22:09] <Don1Charles> He gets hit in the shoulder, groaning and slumping against the front of the car, aiming his ak-47 like a wounded sniper.
  419. [22:09] <Don1Charles> Marshall, wish to attack?
  420. [22:09] Quit: KnyghtPhone [Broken pipe]
  421. [22:10] <Marshall> (Tenny doesn't shoot)
  422. [22:10] <Don1Charles> (Any other actions taken?)
  423. [22:10] * AidenEldritch is now known as WorkingEldritch
  424. [22:11] <Marshall> (He's picking up all his medical stuff.)
  425. [22:11] Join: KnyghtPhone []
  426. [22:11] <Don1Charles> In that case, the man with the ak-47 fires at Fiere
  427. [22:11] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 ranged
  428. [22:11] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
  429. [22:11] <Don1Charles> the man with the handgun, feeling a little bit better, using his dying buddy to steady his shooting arm, fires at Irene
  430. [22:12] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 ranged
  431. [22:12] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
  432. [22:12] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 just because I am French does not mean I will surrender!
  433. [22:12] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: just because I am French does not mean I will surrender!: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
  434. [22:13] <Don1Charles> These men are really faltering. They are not sharpshooters, nor soldiers, but men with firearms and fear.
  435. [22:13] <Knyght> Irene does not cower in fear at your puny bullets!
  436. [22:13] <Knyght> 4df+5 PDef
  437. [22:13] <Glacon> Knyght: PDef: 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
  438. [22:13] <Knyght> Except fuck glacon
  439. [22:14] <Klurg|Aximiam> (It's a good thing he rolled a one too)
  440. [22:14] <Don1Charles> The shot rips open the sleeve of your shirt, cutting your skin but not striking you. Your shirt's all messed up, now.
  441. [22:15] <Don1Charles> PC turn, man this is a long fight scene!
  442. [22:15] <Knyght> Irene huffs. That was her least favorite shirt at least. She decides to fire back at the guy who ruined her shirt.
  443. [22:15] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Surrender and you may live" Fiere says, just loud enough so they can hear
  444. [22:15] <Knyght> Actually, she pauses, letting Fiere speak.
  445. [22:15] <Marshall> Tennyson gets his gun ready once again- standing.
  446. [22:15] * Soulless is now known as Soulless|Dreamin
  447. [22:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> "This is a one time opportunity, you are outgunned and outskilled, put down your weapons and move over here"
  448. [22:16] <Don1Charles> The one with the ak-47 shouts back something in a different language, before switching to broken english. "Fuck you!" He calls out. The one with the handgun seems much more scared, but does not appear to know english, and just throws his handgun to the dirt in front of him
  449. [22:17] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Leave the handgun guy alone, focus fire on the ak guy who keeps shooting at me"
  450. [22:18] <Knyght> Irene takes her opportunity to yell, her second favorite thing. "DROP YOUR WEAPONS, NOW. OR I'LL BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT."
  451. [22:18] <Marshall> "...More Could be coming." Tennyson states.
  452. [22:19] <Knyght> (Can I roll Intimidation? :D)
  453. [22:19] <Don1Charles> (Feel free, but you are far away, so you suffer a -3 to intimidation)
  454. [22:20] <Knyght> 4df+6 (Base - 3 + Specialty against wounded enemies.)
  455. [22:20] <Glacon> Knyght: (Base - 3 + Specialty against wounded enemies.): 4 (4df+6=-, -, 0, 0)
  456. [22:20] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 mdef for ak-47 man
  457. [22:20] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef for ak-47 man: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
  458. [22:21] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 mdef for handgun guy
  459. [22:21] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef for handgun guy: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, -, 0)
  460. [22:21] Quit: KnyghtPhone [Broken pipe]
  461. [22:21] Join: KnyghtPhone []
  462. [22:21] <Don1Charles> Handgun guy shouts back, holding his hands in the air, scared. The ak-47 guy looks fearful, his hands starting to shake, before throwing his ak-57 down in front of him.
  463. [22:22] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Aren't there 3 of them? Or did one of them die?)
  464. [22:22] <Don1Charles> (One is passed out bleeding out)
  465. [22:22] <Knyght> Irene snickers, lowering her shotgun. "As I thought." She huffs, going to hop the fence once they surrender.
  466. [22:22] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Got any rope?"
  467. [22:23] <Knyght> I assume it's just a low fence? Not some fort knox esque wall.
  468. [22:23] <Don1Charles> Irene gets over it easily! The men are still about 30 feet away
  469. [22:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> <this is agent mekonap here, we have prisoners> he says into the radio before hopping the fence
  470. [22:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> <not the right prisoner>
  471. [22:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> <but prisoners notheless>
  472. [22:23] <Don1Charles> <We do not need prisoners.> Replies a stern voice, the pilot of the helicopter
  473. [22:24] <Knyght> Irene would move up, removing her handgun from its holster and slinging her shotgun over her shoulder again. She'd wander up to the surrendered men.
  474. [22:24] <Marshall> Tennyson climbs the fence, running to the men.
  475. [22:24] <Don1Charles> pause for one second for desc
  476. [22:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Don't kill them, but tie them up" Fiere says to the team
  477. [22:24] <Knyght> ... And she'd procede to methodically blow each one's brain matter across the gravel next to the jeeps.
  478. [22:25] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Pause dood$
  479. [22:25] <Don1Charles> (Pause for desc, I'm going to retcon those two comments)
  480. [22:25] <Knyght> (Sorry was already typing that
  481. [22:25] <Don1Charles> Well, we know what Irene is planning!
  482. [22:26] <Don1Charles> There are two big, black SUVs. The man who shot up Fiere is cowering behind one, and there is another man, bleeding out of his back, his blood running onto the legs of the handgun man, who looks scared, trying to nudge his dying friend awake
  483. [22:26] <Don1Charles> [Kojo, wake up, wake up] He keeps repeating to him, in a language none of you understand
  484. [22:27] <Don1Charles> Unpause
  485. [22:27] <Klurg|Aximiam> "We are to restrain them, enemy or not they are still humans." Fiere sounds different today
  486. [22:27] <Knyght> Irene pauses. "They said no prisoners." She checks the radio for a moment. "Are we to leave witnesses? They most likely can see we're foundation."
  487. [22:27] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Whether or not they need prisoners. Besides, they're still useful"
  488. [22:28] <Marshall> ".. Let me see him." Tennyson says, kneeling beside the bleeding man while opening his med pack
  489. [22:28] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Does it matter, they're all gonna know anyways soon"
  490. [22:28] <Knyght> "If no one sees us come and go and no one is alive, they won't." She says rather coldly.
  491. [22:28] <Klurg|Aximiam> "You, with the ak, that was some fine shooting, what's your name" he asks to the one who knows some broken English
  492. [22:29] Join: SnoozleBee []
  493. [22:29] <Marshall> "They're still human." Tennyson states, holding up gauze and pointing to the bleeding man, as if asking permission to help
  494. [22:29] <Don1Charles> The man, hiding behind the car, clicks out his handgun, pulling it and firing at Fiere, murder in his eyes.
  495. [22:29] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 ranged
  496. [22:29] <Glacon> Don1Charles: ranged: 1 (4df+2=+, -, 0, -)
  497. [22:29] * SnoozleBee is now known as SpookyBee
  498. [22:29] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 "nice try"
  499. [22:29] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: "nice try": 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
  500. [22:29] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere shoots him
  501. [22:29] <Knyght> Irene, who already had her handgun out, turns to fire after the shot goes off. If she can?
  502. [22:30] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+5 "I warned you"
  503. [22:30] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: "I warned you": 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
  504. [22:30] <Marshall> Tennyson jumps at the gunshots, visibly shaken before returning his attention, still waiting for some signal from the Bloodied man's friend that he may help.
  505. [22:30] <Don1Charles> Two bullets go into the man, who collapses against the car, gurgling as his blood paints the hood red. The other man, gripping the friend, keeps muttering what he was muttering, shutting his eyes at the shooting
  506. [22:31] <Don1Charles> He looks to Tenny, not knowing
  507. [22:31] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson, can you show them your medical pack?"
  508. [22:31] <Knyght> Irene turns, sighing. "Command?" She calls into the radio, waiting for an answer.
  509. [22:31] <Klurg|Aximiam> "So that they know your intentions?"
  510. [22:32] <Don1Charles> [Help Kojo] he repeats, motioning to the bleeding man
  511. [22:32] <Don1Charles> <What is it?>
  512. [22:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere checks the body for any keys or identification, in case he needs to unlock a door
  513. [22:32] <Knyght> "Did you not get my last?" She calls in again. "Are we to keep witnesses?"
  514. [22:32] <Marshall> Tennyson nods, assuming the meaning before going to work on the man.
  515. [22:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Irene..."
  516. [22:32] <Marshall> 4df+8 Medi+Hipppcratic
  517. [22:32] <Glacon> Marshall: Medi+Hipppcratic: 7 (4df+8=+, -, -, 0)
  518. [22:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Think about it, what if we were to turn them to our side, they could be useful agents"
  519. [22:33] <Don1Charles> <We do not need these low-level troops as prisoners. Do what you see fit. There is no one for them to tell>
  520. [22:33] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Exactly, if there is no one for them to tell, they're not a problem"
  521. [22:33] <Don1Charles> the man on the ground regains slight consciousness
  522. [22:34] <Knyght> She sighs. "Fair enough." She yawns, holstering her handgun and unslinging her shotgun again, going to move to the door.
  523. [22:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Don't go in just yet, we gotta make sure that these two know to run away and never come back"
  524. [22:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Does Fiere find any identification or keys?)
  525. [22:34] <Knyght> "What if they run away and come back with more? Hmm? Tie them up at least, stuff them in the back of one of the jeeps." She grumbles, getting by the door.
  526. [22:35] <Don1Charles> The man, bleeding on the ground, wakes up, gasping, grabbing for Tenny's shirt
  527. [22:35] <Don1Charles> The door is shut, but does not appear locked
  528. [22:35] <Marshall> Tennyson takes the Bloodied man's hands in his, "Help." is the only word he says to him.
  529. [22:36] <Don1Charles> Blood get's all over Tenny's hands and on his shirt, and the man just keeps gasping and writhing there, only at 2 phealth.
  530. [22:37] <Knyght> Irene would just, flick open the handle and let the door open, turning her body to aim inward with her shotgun.
  531. [22:37] <Don1Charles> Does she look inside?
  532. [22:38] <Marshall> Tennyson lays the man down, handing the man his flask- it had water in it since Tennyson didn't drink on missions. He continues working on him.
  533. [22:38] Quit: ihpkmn [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
  534. [22:38] <Knyght> That's what she's doing.
  535. [22:38] <Marshall> 4df+8 Dude quite the dying.
  536. [22:38] <Glacon> Marshall: Dude quite the dying.: 8 (4df+8=-, 0, +, 0)
  537. [22:38] <Marshall> *quit
  538. [22:39] <Don1Charles> Tennyson has used his medical supplies three times already, better save some of those materials
  539. [22:39] <Don1Charles> He heals some more!
  540. [22:40] <Don1Charles> Irene, inside you see... well not much from your angle! It looks like a poorly lit room of about 5 feet with another door
  541. [22:41] <Marshall> Tennyson looks to the man's friend, nodding to him. He's covered in blood, but Mojo isn't toeing at deaths door now.
  542. [22:41] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Kojo)
  543. [22:41] <Knyght> Irene would check the corners to her left and right, and then back out for the moment. "Can you both just tie them up and get on with this whole thing?"
  544. [22:42] <Don1Charles> The two men sit there, muttering to each other in another language, the one who had the handgun looking very relieved his friend was not dying, still in a lot of pain.
  545. [22:42] <Don1Charles> Irene has a point!
  546. [22:42] <Marshall> (K and M are close on the keyboard)
  547. [22:42] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, do either of you understand English?" Fiere asks to the pair on the floor
  548. [22:43] <Knyght> Irene just moves into the room, going to check the corners again as she goes, muttering something about the 'frail minds of her teammates'/
  549. [22:43] <Don1Charles> "Yes." Says Kojo
  550. [22:43] <Don1Charles> Well, if Irene is moving on, then to tooltime with her!
  551. [22:44] <Marshall> ".. Stay calm.. Please. How do you feel?" Tennyson asks, his voice soft and slow.
  552. [22:46] <Don1Charles> "Like I have bullets in me." he replies, in surprisingly good English, coughing
  553. [22:46] <Don1Charles> His eyes go to the car, as he looks to Fiere. "Let us leave. Please."
  554. [22:46] <Klurg|Aximiam> "We will have to tie you up, to avoid you calling reinforcements, unless you can convince us that you'll run away from here and never come back"
  555. [22:47] <Klurg|Aximiam> "So you'll leave?"
  556. [22:47] <Klurg|Aximiam> "And you won't call for help? You'll leave all this behind?"
  557. [22:47] <Marshall> ".. You aren't on deaths doorstep anymore.. That's what's important.." Looks to the flask, "You and your friend should bother drink. You need it- it's water."
  558. [22:50] <Don1Charles> The man who had the handgun takes it, taking a long long drink, before Kojo snatches it away from him, giving the man a punch in the shoulder and cursing at him before drinking some of his own. "We have no one to call." Kojo responds
  559. [22:51] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~just like they said on the radio~
  560. [22:51] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson, what do you think? I think we should let them go"
  561. [22:52] <Marshall> ".. I never even wanted to shoot them in the first place.." Tennyson states.
  562. [22:52] <Don1Charles> Handgun guy says a few things to Kojo in another language before Kojo looks up. "Let us go, please."
  563. [22:52] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 persuasion
  564. [22:52] <Glacon> Don1Charles: persuasion: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, -, +)
  565. [22:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Since you're leaving all this behind, may we have your identification and keys please?"
  566. [22:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Before we let you go"
  567. [22:53] <Don1Charles> Roll an mdef, boys
  568. [22:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4 simple request
  569. [22:53] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: simple request: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
  570. [22:53] <Marshall> 4df+3 Mdef
  571. [22:53] <Glacon> Marshall: Mdef: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
  572. [22:53] Join: ihpkmn []
  573. [22:54] <Marshall> Tennyson was already on board with letting them go.
  574. [22:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere was gonna let them go anyways, He just want their ids and keys
  575. [22:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> So they can get through the building easier
  576. [22:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> And if they do try something, it'll be harder to
  577. [22:55] <Don1Charles> He doesn't exactly understanding, taking out his wallet and passing him his ID. It looks like a regular ID.
  578. [22:55] <Don1Charles> When Kojo passes his ID, however, it gives a clear listing of who he is, where he was born, and there is the CI symbol that you had seen previously, Tennyson, stamped in the corner.
  579. [22:55] <Don1Charles> "You want my car keys?"
  580. [22:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Just in case, yes please"
  581. [22:56] <Don1Charles> 4df+2 persuasion "Can we not just use the cars to leave?"
  582. [22:56] <Glacon> Don1Charles: persuasion "Can we not just use the cars to leave?": 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
  583. [22:56] <Marshall> 4df+3 Mdef
  584. [22:56] <Glacon> Marshall: Mdef: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
  585. [22:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4
  586. [22:56] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
  587. [22:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Fine, but you only need one of the cars to leave"
  588. [22:57] <Marshall> Tennyson looks to Fiere, there's something in his eyes.. Regret. It's gone after a moment.
  589. [22:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere gives back the normal identification l, not the CI one
  590. [22:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> "You can take one of the cars, leave the other one to us"
  591. [22:58] <Don1Charles> The man nods. "Ekow has no keys. Just me." Kojo says, getting up slowly and motioning to his friend to mean Ekow. "Thank you for the help." He says as he hobbles to the car
  592. [22:59] <Don1Charles> Ekow gets up, going to shake their hands
  593. [22:59] <Klurg|Aximiam> "I wish you good luck out of here. And for all of our sakes, may we never meet again"
  594. [22:59] <Marshall> Tennyson shakes Ekows hand, looking to Kojo- "Please.. Stay safe.."
  595. [23:00] <Don1Charles> Ekow gives a smile, saying something in another language, and Kojo laughs at it, responding in the language to Ekow.
  596. [23:00] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere checks the hand for any traps, and assuming he finds none, accepts the handshake
  597. [23:00] <Don1Charles> He had a shock-handshake thing on! It gives ya  a nasty shock
  598. [23:00] <Don1Charles> Jk there is nothing
  599. [23:01] Quit: Don1Charles [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
  600. [23:01] Join: Don1Charles []
  601. [23:01] <Don1Charles> (repost of any comments?)
  602. [23:02] <Marshall> (none)
  603. [23:02] <Don1Charles> The other man hobbles over to the car, opening the passenger's door and getting it as Kojo gives you two a salute and opens the drivers door
  604. [23:03] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Let's go inside Tennyson, Irene's probably waiting for us"
  605. [23:05] <Don1Charles> The car speeds off! Very fast!
  606. [23:05] <Don1Charles> Go ahead yall
  607. [23:05] <Marshall> Tennyson rushes in to meet with Irene, his gun ready
  608. [23:06] Quit: LilySleep [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
  609. [23:06] <Don1Charles> How much does he rush? Loudly?
  610. [23:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere enters, trying to find Irene
  611. [23:07] <Marshall> Let's roll a sneak to find out!
  612. [23:07] <Marshall> 4df+3 please don't be loud (Snk)
  613. [23:07] <Glacon> Marshall: please don't be loud (Snk): 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
  614. [23:08] <Marshall> (Really Glacon?)
  615. [23:08] <Marshall> (Eh, he's been nice to me today.)
  616. [23:08] <Don1Charles> Sneak too, Fiere
  617. [23:08] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df shit
  618. [23:08] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: shit: 3 (4df=+, 0, +, +)
  619. [23:08] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Huh, thanks)
  620. [23:09] <Don1Charles> You both head in very easily! You enter a hallway, lined with 6 doors, three on each side, one on the end. The door on the left, the first one, is already opened. The door on the right, the first one, is also opened, and a shot rings out
  621. [23:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Guess we found her"
  622. [23:10] <Marshall> Tennyson rushes in, gun at the ready. Whatever weakness he had before is spent. Good old Trigger Tenny is back.
  623. [23:11] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere heads to the door where he heard the bullets (tooltime?)
  624. [23:11] <Knyght> Irene would be rather in the doorway, so crowding her might not be good lol.
  625. [23:11] <Don1Charles> Irene is no longer in the doorway, she rushed to gunbash someone
  626. [23:11] <Knyght> Oh right, this is later, ignore.
  627. [23:11] <Don1Charles> Fiere rushes in first! Sorry Tenny
  628. [23:12] <Don1Charles> Fiere, to tooltime. Tenny, still out in the hallway
  629. [23:12] <Don1Charles> The room might be pretty crowded if you head in
  630. [23:13] <Don1Charles> There are also five more doors! Each one holding better wonders then the last
  631. [23:14] Quit: Aphex_ [Connection reset by peer]
  632. [23:15] <Marshall> Tennyson steps to the door on the end, pressing his ear against it to listen for activity before going in
  633. [23:15] <Marshall> Perc?
  634. [23:15] Join: LadyKatie_ []
  635. [23:16] <Don1Charles> Go ahead!
  636. [23:16] <Marshall> 4df+4 Listen..
  637. [23:16] <Glacon> Marshall: Listen..: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
  638. [23:16] <Don1Charles> The door at the far end appears to have a very very large lock on it.
  639. [23:16] * LadyKatie_ is now known as LadyKatie
  640. [23:16] <Don1Charles> Tennyson, unfortunately you hear nothing
  641. [23:17] Mode: [+h LadyKatie] by ChanServ
  642. [23:18] <Don1Charles> You notice there is something scratched off above the door, at least. You certainly cannot read it
  643. [23:19] <Marshall> Tennyson makes a mental note to come back to this door. He moves to the far right door (from the enterance) and proceeds to do the same thing- listening in.
  644. [23:19] <Marshall> 4df+4 more listening
  645. [23:19] <Glacon> Marshall: more listening: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
  646. [23:20] <Don1Charles> You hear nothing but faint faint faint murmurs, they could actually be from a different room, you don't really know."
  647. [23:20] <Don1Charles> *remove quotation marks
  648. [23:21] <Marshall> Tennyson opens the door, peering inside.
  649. [23:23] <Don1Charles> Inside, you see a man, dressed in a messy white dress shirt, who stumbles back a bit in his chair, his eyes afraid, peering through his broken glasses at you. "Do not hurt me.
  650. [23:23] <Don1Charles> He says, fearfully
  651. [23:24] <Marshall> ".. I do not plan to hurt you. I just had to patch up one of your friends." Tennyson states, noticing the blood on his shirt.
  652. [23:25] <Don1Charles> The man was more looking at the gun. He moves back, against the far wall, looking to the window as an escape route. This man seemed noticeably different then the others. He was certainly not as big or as muscular. And he did not appear to be armed
  653. [23:26] <Don1Charles> "I-I am not like the rest of these men. I am not one of the guerrillas or the, the Chaos."
  654. [23:26] <Marshall> Tennyson puts his gun back in its holster, "OK.. Could we talk for a minute?"
  655. [23:27] <Marshall> 4df+6 Pers+Spec
  656. [23:27] <Glacon> Marshall: Pers+Spec: 8 (4df+6=-, +, +, +)
  657. [23:27] <Don1Charles> "Why? What do you want?" He says, afraid
  658. [23:27] <Don1Charles> 4df+7 mdef
  659. [23:27] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef: 5 (4df+7=0, 0, -, -)
  660. [23:27] <Don1Charles> "O-ok. Ok. I am listening." He says, taking a seat, stopping looking for an exit or any weapons.
  661. [23:28] <Marshall> ".. Please, don't be afraid.. I want to help you." Tennyson closes the door, "Can you tell me what happened to you?"
  662. [23:30] <Don1Charles> "I am. I am a scientist." He says, sounding proud for a moment before his face falls. My name is Oluwa Obano. These... these men here took me. From where I worked. Said they needed a scientist." He admits, slowly. He looks afraid of saying much more
  663. [23:31] <Marshall> ".. I'm a doctor. Tennyson Ryans. You can leave.. If you don't want to be here you can leave now. You'll be OK." Tennyson assures.
  664. [23:32] <Marshall> ".. I won't let them hurt you." Tennyson states.
  665. [23:32] <Don1Charles> "No. They. I don't know if I can. They brought me here. I.." He shuts his eyes
  666. [23:33] <Marshall> Tennyson moves to hug the man. "Look.. I'm with the Foundation. I won't let them hurt you."
  667. [23:33] <Don1Charles> He shudders at the hug, allowing him. "The what?"
  668. [23:34] <Don1Charles> "They kill those who admit things. I can't tell you about this place. They will kill me."
  669. [23:36] <Marshall> "We won't let them.. You don't understand, we are here to help.. These men here with Guns.. I'm here to protect you from them." Tennyson states. "I don't want anyone to die. I'm a doctor. I save lives, not take them."
  670. [23:37] <Don1Charles> "I do not know much. I am new. They stole me from my home, these mercenaries. They took me here, said I was going to study... study these anomalous things, for them. I know no information. I cannot help you doctor." he practically cries out
  671. [23:39] <Marshall> "It's OK.. Take a deep breath and relax.." Tennyson says, his voice taking on that soft tone as if soothing a kicked puppy. "..I have one last question, ok?"
  672. [23:39] <Don1Charles> He takes a few shaky breaths, sitting there.
  673. [23:39] <Don1Charles> "W-what is it?"
  674. [23:41] <Marshall> "Do you know of a man named Fynn Omiata?" Tennyson queries.
  675. [23:42] <Don1Charles> "I have heard of him." He says, nodding slowly. "He is the boss."
  676. [23:43] <Marshall> ".. Do you have an idea of where he would be?" Tennyson questions
  677. [23:43] <Don1Charles> He shakes his head. "No. No they would cut off my hands if I told you."
  678. [23:45] <Marshall> ".. I won't let them. I will keep them from hurting you, I promise You- but for the sake and the lives of so many others, please tell me." Tennyson asks, looking the man straight into his eyes as he pleads silently
  679. [23:45] <Marshall> 4df+6 Pers+Spec
  680. [23:45] <Glacon> Marshall: Pers+Spec: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
  681. [23:45] <Don1Charles> 4df+6 mdef
  682. [23:45] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
  683. [23:46] <Don1Charles> "He is... he is upstairs. He is always upstairs now, it seems. I-I used to see him, and his friends, come down and talk to the mercenaries down here. They do not do that anymore."
  684. [23:46] <Don1Charles> "Always upstairs." he repeats
  685. [23:46] <Marshall> ".. How does one get upstairs?" Tennyson questions
  686. [23:47] <Don1Charles> "Big door. Big lock. Need the key. I don't know who has it or where it is. But you need the big key."
  687. [23:50] <Marshall> ".. Thank you." Tennyson stands. ".. Stay in here, perhaps use the chair to keep the door closed. I'll knock 4 times slowly to tell you its safe."
  688. [23:51] <Don1Charles> "Ok. Thank you." he says, nodding a few times, taking the chair and hefting it up, weakly, as Tenny stands, ready to barricade said door.
  689. [23:51] <Marshall> Tennyson exits the room.
  690. [23:51] <Don1Charles> Tenny is out in the hallway, and so areeeee
  691. [23:52] <Klurg|Aximiam> "At the end of the hallway, but there's something behind it"
  692. [23:52] <Klurg|Aximiam> "It sounds like something's waiting for us behind the door"
  693. [23:53] <Don1Charles> You two see Tennyson, covered in blood, closing the door behind himself. Tenny, one it's closed you hear something being propped up against it.
  694. [23:53] <Marshall> ".. Anyone found a large Key? The asshole is upstairs." Tennyson asks Irene and Fiere.
  695. [23:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Well, I found the stairway, but there's something behind it"
  696. [23:54] <Don1Charles> You all suddenly hear voices from the far left door.
  697. [23:55] <Marshall> Tennyson holds back a sigh of relief, it wasn't the door he'd just left - but he gets his gun ready
  698. [23:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere ushers his teammates towards a room Irene was just in
  699. [23:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> So they can hide
  700. [23:55] <Knyght> Irene waves a key quickly. "Got a key."
  701. [23:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> Towards the room*
  702. [23:55] <Marshall> Tennyson follows
  703. [23:55] <Don1Charles> Those two go back into the neat office! Irene, no one seems to be coming out of the far door
  704. [23:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere peeks out
  705. [23:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> Does he see anybody?
  706. [23:57] <Don1Charles> You see Irene, standing there, looking particularly defiant of basically all threats
  707. [23:57] <Knyght> Irene waits simply, shotgun out and aimed at the door.
  708. [23:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, coast seems to be clear"
  709. [23:57] <Don1Charles> Nothing happens!
  710. [23:57] <Marshall> Tennyson comes out.
  711. [23:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Let's head to the stairs
  712. [23:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> "
  713. [23:57] <Don1Charles> There are three rooms left, the middle one on the right, the far left one, and the one at the end of the hall. Take your pick!
  714. [23:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> One at end of hall
  715. [23:58] <Marshall> Tennyson steps to the door at the end of the hall
  716. [23:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "That seems to be the stairs"
  717. [23:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Does anyone have the keys to it?"
  718. [23:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Or should we just shoot the lock?"
  719. [23:58] <Marshall> "It is. Irene?"
  720. [23:59] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, get ready, there's probably something behind the door"
  721. [23:59] <Don1Charles> (Knyght boop)
  724. **** Day changed to Sunday June 04 2017 ****
  727. **** Logging started Sun Jun 04 2017 00:00:07 ****
  729. [00:00] <Marshall> "Fynn." Tennyson states.
  730. [00:00] <Knyght> (Sorry it's getting later.)
  731. [00:00] <Don1Charles> (sorry)
  732. [00:01] <Knyght> Irene shrugs. "I found a big key." She smiles, patting her bag. "Let's try it?
  733. [00:01] <Marshall> Tennyson nods. He seems- detached.
  734. [00:02] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Agreed"
  735. [00:03] <Don1Charles> Go ahead and do so!
  736. [00:04] <Knyght> Irene would move to said lock, and fit said key into it!
  737. [00:05] <Don1Charles> The lock is large, but it opens easily, coming off the door into your hands. The door now sits there
  738. [00:05] <Knyght> Irene would take position with her shotgun. "Someone open and I'll go in first.
  739. [00:06] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere opens the door
  740. [00:06] <Marshall> Tennyson is behind Irene, his gun ready.
  741. [00:07] <Knyght> Irene would bust in, shotgun ready!
  742. [00:07] <Don1Charles> There is a man, sitting on a stair in the stairwell, leaning on a baseball bat, falling asleep
  743. [00:07] <Don1Charles> When Irene busts in, he opens his eyes, groggily. "H-huh?"
  744. [00:08] <Don1Charles> He stumbles up, lifting the bt
  745. [00:08] <Don1Charles> *bat
  746. [00:08] <Marshall> Tennyson points his gun to them, "Put it away kid."
  747. [00:08] <Knyght> Irene raises her shotgun. "Weapon down, now."
  748. [00:08] <Don1Charles> He looks at them, through his angry, confused, eyes, lowering the bat
  749. [00:09] <Marshall> "What's your name." Tennyson asks, though it comes out more a command.
  750. [00:09] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Now let go of the bat, please"
  751. [00:09] <Don1Charles> He stays there, on the stairs, bat lowered down in his hands, not answering
  752. [00:09] <Don1Charles> He might not know English
  753. [00:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere asks for his name in Italian
  754. [00:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> "[sir, what is your name?]"
  755. [00:10] <Marshall> "Fi, let me see the ID you took earlier." Tennyson asks.
  756. [00:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere gives it to Tennyson
  757. [00:10] <Don1Charles> [What do you three want?] He says, looking confused, taking a step towards them. He definitely did not know Italian, they were in Ghana
  758. [00:11] <Don1Charles> He eyes the ID, trying to tell what it was
  759. [00:11] <Klurg|Aximiam> (What language did he say it in?(
  760. [00:11] <Don1Charles> (Twi)
  761. [00:11] <Knyght> Irene grumbles loudly.
  762. [00:11] <Marshall> Tennyson looks at where the name was, trying to see the word for 'name'
  763. [00:12] <Don1Charles> He suddenly takes a rough swing of the bat at Tennyson. Irene, you are allowed one shot to try and stop this before it happens
  764. [00:12] <Don1Charles> +1 close ranged bonus
  765. [00:13] <Knyght> Irene would blow him apart with her shotgun.
  766. [00:13] <Knyght> 4df+7 (Bonus plus Ranged Plus First attack in combat.)
  767. [00:13] <Glacon> Knyght: (Bonus plus Ranged Plus First attack in combat.): 4 (4df+7=-, -, -, 0)
  768. [00:14] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 agi
  769. [00:14] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agi: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
  770. [00:14] <Don1Charles> It misses, sadly. Tennyson get's a whack
  771. [00:14] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Can Fiere try?)
  772. [00:14] <Don1Charles> 4df+6 melee, using a baseball bat
  773. [00:14] <Glacon> Don1Charles: melee, using a baseball bat: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
  774. [00:14] <Don1Charles> (nope)
  775. [00:14] <Marshall> 4df+4 PDef
  776. [00:14] <Glacon> Marshall: PDef: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
  777. [00:15] <Marshall> (where does the kid hit)
  778. [00:16] <Don1Charles> He slams it into his shoulder, making Tenny lose 1.5 health. Permissions is granted to blow him to shreds
  779. [00:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere opens fire on the Bess wannabe (does my spec and close range apply?)
  780. [00:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> Ness*
  781. [00:16] <Don1Charles> It's going to kill him
  782. [00:17] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Kill the attacker?)
  783. [00:18] <Don1Charles> Yessir
  784. [00:18] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere fires, he struck first
  785. [00:19] <Don1Charles> The shot goes through his lung, and he falls against the stairs, sputtering. Feel free to continue
  786. [00:19] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere winces
  787. [00:19] <Klurg|Aximiam> He goes on ahead, watching for any traps or attempted attacks
  788. [00:20] <Don1Charles> The stairs are open, and Fiere leads in front! Nothing seems to be prevalent, traps-wise
  789. [00:20] <Knyght> Irene follows along. She takes out her handgun and executes the man, just to be safe.
  790. [00:20] <Don1Charles> He dies in the stairwell beside his baseball bat.
  791. [00:21] <Marshall> Tennyson follows the group, he does not react to the kids death.
  792. [00:22] <Don1Charles> They reach the top of the stairs, and enter into the second floor! In here, it appears there is one door on the left, with some noise, talking and laughter, coming out of it. There are two silent doors on the right
  793. [00:22] <Don1Charles> Three guesses where Fynn was?
  794. [00:23] <Knyght> Irene goes for the left because obviousness!
  795. [00:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> Irene, you take the one of the doors with no noise coming from it
  796. [00:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Oops, forgot quotations)
  797. [00:23] <Don1Charles> Irene approaches the left door, her hand going around the handle before she hears Fiere's comment
  798. [00:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Irene, no"
  799. [00:24] <Marshall> Something in Tennyson Cracks, because after all the jackass has done, he's laughing. He heads to the left door with Irene.
  800. [00:24] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson? You alright?"
  801. [00:24] <Don1Charles> Tenny follows! Do you two enter? Fiere, do you follow?
  802. [00:24] <Knyght> Irene huffs, readying to go. "Tennyson get ready." Irene may be a psychopath, but she's not crazy enough to start laughing when there's delicious murder to be had!
  803. [00:25] <Marshall> Tennyson turns the saftey off on his gun, "We get the info, and then we end his misrible existance"
  804. [00:25] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere takes the back, if Irene is really gonna do this stupidity
  805. [00:26] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Aren't we supposed to arrest him?"
  806. [00:26] <Don1Charles> (No, Fiere, you are not. That was never an issued order)
  807. [00:26] <Marshall> "Interrogation. After that, I'm gonna see his brains splattered." Tennyson states, coldly.
  808. [00:26] <Knyght> "No, we're supposed to interrogate and kill him, I think. We'll check later."
  809. [00:27] <Knyght> Irene readies to breach.
  810. [00:27] <Klurg|Aximiam> (again with the mis remembering)
  811. [00:27] <Don1Charles> The door, there is laughing and talking behind it. The room is just quivering with readyness
  812. [00:27] <Knyght> Irene is shaking with the pre-murder giddies! Someone open the fucking door!
  813. [00:28] <Marshall> Tennyson turns the knob, swinging the door open and aiming.
  814. [00:28] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Did anyone bring any flashbangs?"
  815. [00:29] <Don1Charles> Pause for description!
  816. [00:30] <Don1Charles> There are three men, each one seated around a table. On the left, there is a man, tall, muscular, with dreadlocked hair and a stern face, extremely dark skin. Across from him was a very large white man, about 6'1 and looked close to 400 pounds. And a third man, short, with a ratlike face, a grin spread across it.
  817. [00:30] <Don1Charles> There were drinks and shotglasses on the table, each man was having a good time. Until they all saw Tenny.
  818. [00:31] <Don1Charles> Unpause
  819. [00:31] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Down on the ground!" Fiere yells
  820. [00:32] <Don1Charles> Fiere, you are in the far back
  821. [00:32] <Don1Charles> Irene and Tenny are up in the front. You don't sound very intimidating
  822. [00:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Oh right) he enters the room and shouts the above
  823. [00:32] <Marshall> "Which one of you piss sipping Bastards is Fynn!" Tennyson yells, his eyes are void of any empathy.
  824. [00:32] <Knyght> Irene would scream "GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES." In her typical, intimidating voice.
  825. [00:33] <Knyght> She hahs 6 Intim for a reason!
  826. [00:33] <Knyght> has*
  827. [00:33] <Don1Charles> And, Fiere enters first! Along with Irene. Suddenly, dreadlocks pops up from his seat, rushing Fiere, a switchblade in his hand. He tries to ram it into Fiere's stomach
  828. [00:33] <Don1Charles> 4df+6 melee
  829. [00:33] <Glacon> Don1Charles: melee: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
  830. [00:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+8 boi my specs
  831. [00:34] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: boi my specs: 7 (4df+8=+, -, 0, -)
  832. [00:34] <Marshall> (Can Tenny blow his brains out? :D)
  833. [00:34] <Don1Charles> His blade misses. Feel free
  834. [00:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Let Irene shoot first, her spec)
  835. [00:34] <Knyght> Irene would melee him, Tenny can focus on the other.
  836. [00:35] <Knyght> As he rushes in, Irene would bash him with the butt of his shotgun.
  837. [00:35] <Knyght> her* shotgun.
  838. [00:35] <Don1Charles> The other two are still sitting
  839. [00:35] <Knyght> 4df+8 Melee First to Fight.
  840. [00:35] <Glacon> Knyght: Melee First to Fight.: 9 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, +)
  841. [00:36] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 agi for
  842. [00:36] <Glacon> Don1Charles: agi for: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
  843. [00:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere aims for the giant, making sure that he can't participate in these close quarters
  844. [00:36] <Marshall> Tennyson steps forward, keeping his gun trained. "I won't ask again." Tennyson points his gun to the farther left of the two seated men.
  845. [00:36] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 pdef
  846. [00:36] <Glacon> Don1Charles: pdef: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
  847. [00:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> (When you say large, do you mean fat or buff?)
  848. [00:36] <Don1Charles> Irene, you bash in the side of his head and he hits the ground, passed out. The fat guy let's out a scared whimper. "T-they fucking killed Ghama!"
  849. [00:36] <Don1Charles> (fattttt)
  850. [00:36] <Don1Charles> The short black man looks back at you.
  851. [00:37] <Don1Charles> Ghama, the man who just hit the ground, was not dead. The ratlike man shows no reaction to the intimidation or the gun, or his friend getting knocked down
  852. [00:38] <Knyght> Irene would make sure he is though, and would turn her shotgun and blow his brains across the floor.
  853. [00:38] <Don1Charles> The fat man looks even more scared, shaking in his seat. "What the fuck? What the fuck, Fynn? Who the fuck are they? What the fuck?"
  854. [00:39] <Marshall> "I'm gonna take it that you're Fynn. You got that Bastards look on your face, colder than a Danish winter." Tennyson aims his gun to the fat man- "Shut it." He isn't even bothering to be intimidating, his words are detached.
  855. [00:39] <Don1Charles> Fynn's eye's narrow, he curses through his teeth. "Johnathan, why the fuck would you tell them that I'm Fynn you stupid fuck."
  856. [00:39] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere aims at both the men at the table, making sure they don't try anything
  857. [00:40] <Knyght> Irene would move over, and raise her shotgun. "Should'a listened to your buddy over here." Click. Bang. She'd splatter the second man.
  858. [00:40] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Irene!? Unbelievable"
  859. [00:40] <Don1Charles> "O-oh fuck, please don't shoot me." Johnathan says, blubbering. "Fynn they're gunna kill me!"
  860. [00:40] <Don1Charles> The fat man's head explodes and he falls onto the table. Fynn shows no reaction. He stands from his seat, eyeing the guns.
  861. [00:40] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Wait, did she kill the guy who attacks us?)
  862. [00:40] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Cause if she did, never mind)
  863. [00:40] <Marshall> (Only Fynn is left)
  864. [00:41] <Don1Charles> Fynn looks between the three. "Who are you fucks?"
  865. [00:41] <Don1Charles> (NSFW scene coming up, y'all, you knew where it was going)
  866. [00:41] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Did you have to shoot the big guy!?"
  867. [00:41] <Marshall> ".. Shut the door Fi." Tennyson states. "If you have any sense of self preservation- I'd shut the hell up."
  868. [00:42] Quit: Lyusternik [Quit: Leaving]
  869. [00:42] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~are all my teammates sociopaths now?~
  870. [00:42] <Don1Charles> He flicks off Tennyson. "Fuck you."
  871. [00:42] Join: Neutronium []
  872. [00:42] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere shuts the door
  873. [00:43] <Marshall> Tennyson moves his gun, shooting right beside Fynns head, but intentionally missing. "I don't miss twice."
  874. [00:43] <Don1Charles> <Status update> Buzzes out of the radio. Fynn snarls at you, Tennyson. And you just got a little too close. He throws a punch at you
  875. [00:43] <Knyght> Irene smirks. "My specialty." She cracks her knuckles, setting down her shotgun.
  876. [00:43] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~I dunno, his aim ain't that good~
  877. [00:43] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 melee to punch Tenny
  878. [00:43] <Glacon> Don1Charles: melee to punch Tenny: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
  879. [00:43] <Marshall> 4df+4 PDef
  880. [00:43] <Glacon> Marshall: PDef: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
  881. [00:44] Quit: Positronium [Ping timeout: 182 seconds]
  882. [00:44] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere smashes Finn with the butt of his rifle
  883. [00:44] <Don1Charles> Another 1.5 damage, and the nasty bastard stumbles back, spitting at you, before looking to Irene. Fiere, you are across the room
  884. [00:44] <Marshall> (Although I don't see how he got to close. He only moved his gun.)
  885. [00:45] <Klurg|Aximiam> Then Fiere charges fynn to trip him up
  886. [00:45] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Agility?)
  887. [00:45] <Don1Charles> (if you aren't close enough to make sure that shot purposefully misses Ima need you to roll something to decide whether or not you actually kill Fynn, dude)
  888. [00:45] <Marshall> (it would've been way fucking off dude)
  889. [00:46] <Don1Charles> Sure, roll agi
  890. [00:46] <Knyght> Irene would go to roughly grab him by his shirt and shove him back into the chair.
  891. [00:46] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+6 BOI
  892. [00:46] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: BOI: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
  893. [00:46] <Don1Charles> Irene grabs him before Fiere does anything. He grips Irene's forearm, snarling at her, before being tossed in his seat
  894. [00:47] <Don1Charles> He has no apparent weapons on him. He tries to grab for the liquor bottle on the table
  895. [00:47] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Agility to stop him?)
  896. [00:48] <Don1Charles> Irene is closest at the moment, allow her
  897. [00:48] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Alright, gopher it)
  898. [00:48] <Don1Charles> Your radios buzz again. <STATUS UPDATE> comes an angry voice.
  899. [00:48] <Don1Charles> Since apparently, no one seemed to respond last time
  900. [00:48] <Knyght> Irene would just, instead of agility swiping it, tries to clock him in the jaw.
  901. [00:48] <Knyght> "Someone get the FUCKING RADIO." She grumbles.
  902. [00:48] <Klurg|Aximiam> <<we've got him>> Fiere responds
  903. [00:48] <Don1Charles> He takes the hit, laughing a little. "Jesus, fuck you."
  904. [00:48] <Marshall> "Someone tie his arms."Tennyson switches to his knife, flashing his pretentious smirk, "Don't want hit anything vital on accident."
  905. [00:50] <Don1Charles> <<Find out his ties to Moretti. Find out what this facility is for."
  906. [00:50] <Don1Charles> *>>
  907. [00:50] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere walks over to Irene and whispers in her ear "try jamming your knife underneath his nails"
  908. [00:50] <Knyght> "Every time you say something I don't want to hear. I'll break a finger." She grumbles in response, going to shove him back into the chair.
  909. [00:50] <Don1Charles> He looks to the blade, his face twitching, before glancing to the radio
  910. [00:51] <Don1Charles> (jezuz christ)
  911. [00:51] <Knyght> "Fiere this was my job for six years. Let me work."
  912. [00:51] <Don1Charles> "I don't fucking know what you wanna hear."
  913. [00:51] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Alright, I'll guard the entrance"
  914. [00:52] <Knyght> "Tennyson, let me do my job, hmm?" She huffs, sitting down on the table infront of him. "Tie his wrists down.
  915. [00:52] <Don1Charles> He looks to Tenny, and the knife.
  916. [00:53] <Don1Charles> "Does this girl have all your balls in her pocket?"
  917. [00:53] <Don1Charles> He says, shooting Tenny his ratlike grin
  918. [00:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> "You know, I'd say yes" Fiere remarks, trying to ruin Fynn's fun
  919. [00:53] <Marshall> "Worry more of yours, we're about to fish them out since they never seemed to drop." Tennyson states in reply before tying Fynns wrists
  920. [00:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~er, what?~
  921. [00:55] <Don1Charles> Fynn grits his teeth, spitting at Tennyson again as his wrists are tied up. "You motherfuckers don't know who you are messing with. My guys'll cut your eyes out and feed 'em to you."
  922. [00:55] <Knyght> Irene stands slowly. "So. Here's the deal." She'd get right in his face. "My friend Tennyson will ask you a question, and if I don't like your answer, or if he doesn't like your answer... I'm going to hurt you... Badly... Sound like fun?" She smiles innocently.
  923. [00:55] <Marshall> "Your guys seems pretty pathetic bleeding out on the dirt earlier." Tennyson states.
  924. [00:56] <Don1Charles> "How about fuck you, you ugly one eyed bitch? You look more like a man then the one with the beard.
  925. [00:56] <Don1Charles>  He nudges his head to Tennyson
  926. [00:56] <Don1Charles> Roll an intimidation roll to glean information
  927. [00:56] <Knyght> She grins. "I've gotten that a lot. To be honest, you can insult me all you want. I've heard way worse." She grins.
  928. [00:56] <Knyght> 4df+6 Not Wounded Enemy yet
  929. [00:56] <Glacon> Knyght: Not Wounded Enemy yet: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
  930. [00:57] <Don1Charles> 4df+14 mdefe
  931. [00:57] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdefe: 14 (4df+14=-, +, -, +)
  932. [00:57] <Don1Charles> He doesn't even flinch
  933. [00:59] <Knyght> Irene sits back for a moment, flipping out her knife. "Ever had your skin and muscle seperated from your body? Stripped off your bones like a roast? Flayed out infront of you?" She smiles.
  934. [00:59] <Don1Charles> "Can't say I have, sweetheart. Was that your first question?" He shoots her a smile
  935. [01:00] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~I'm starting to regret coming here...~
  936. [01:01] <Knyght> "Just what I like to hear... Defiant people." She shuffles through her bag, setting it on the table. She unrolls a leather cloth, revealing a set of tools, more for tinkering and engineering but... Useful in other ways.
  937. [01:01] <Marshall> (mind I lower Tennys Melee for this?)
  938. [01:01] <Don1Charles> (you aren't rolling for this scene unless specified)
  939. [01:01] <Marshall> (ah ok)
  940. [01:02] <Don1Charles> He looks at it, groaning. "She is a professional, eh?" He says, looking to Tennyson
  941. [01:02] <Don1Charles> (once again, NSFW scene y'all tag out if you don't wanna read)
  942. [01:02] <Knyght> Irene would remove a pair of pliers, and move over to him. Provided his hands are tied down, she smile to him and place the pliers over the nail on his left hand, his pinky. "Wasn't my question." She'd tug it off with an Irene level of force.
  943. [01:03] <Don1Charles> He let's out a little noise. "F-fucking. You didn't ask a question. That doesn't make sense."
  944. [01:03] <Don1Charles> His hand clenches up but his face remains solid
  945. [01:04] <Knyght> "Nah, I'm just hurting you for making fun of me." She shrugs, moving to his next finger and stripping the nail off it roughly. "And that was for your last bullshit comment."
  946. [01:04] <Marshall> Tennyson steps to where he can see Fynns hand, "How about you tell us how you learned about the CI? We'll start simple. Alright? Glad we're in agreement." Detached, cold.
  947. [01:05] <Don1Charles> He let's out a pained laugh, his hand clenching again. He looks to Tennyson. "Where I started? Where are you three amateurs from?"
  948. [01:06] <Don1Charles> He looks around for any Foundation symbols. Irene and Fiere, do you have any? Be honest
  949. [01:06] <Knyght> "Are you seriously asking me questions?" She'd grab his chin and stare down at him, digging her nails into his face roughly.
  950. [01:06] <Knyght> Irene doesn't have anything bearing the foundation logo, no.
  951. [01:06] <Klurg|Aximiam> Nope
  952. [01:06] <Don1Charles> He grits his teeth of his ugly face, before smiling. "Forget the ugly comment. I like you."
  953. [01:06] <Marshall> Tennyson presses the blade to the sensitive flesh exposed by the loss of his nail, he drags the blade down, cutting deeply and slowly.
  954. [01:07] <Marshall> Tennyson has no foundation marks, he removed them before the mission began
  955. [01:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> It's a good thing Fiere is looking at a door right now
  956. [01:07] <Don1Charles> He shuts his eyes for a moment, before cursing. "Fuck. Let me think of where I started, stop fucking cutting." He says in a pained voice
  957. [01:07] <Marshall> Tennyson halts the blade.
  958. [01:08] <Don1Charles> "I remember. Meeting a few men. Didn't know their names. Asked me to find some men, run this place. That's how they got me."
  959. [01:08] <Don1Charles> 4df+6 bluff
  960. [01:08] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
  961. [01:09] <Don1Charles> (perception, Fiere may roll too)
  962. [01:09] <Knyght> 4df+4 Perception!
  963. [01:09] <Glacon> Knyght: Perception!: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
  964. [01:09] <Marshall> 4df+6 Perc+Cut the Dramatics
  965. [01:09] <Glacon> Marshall: Perc+Cut the Dramatics: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
  966. [01:09] <Don1Charles> He is lying, Tennyson.
  967. [01:10] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4 u ducking wot?
  968. [01:10] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: u ducking wot?: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
  969. [01:10] <Marshall> Tennyson cuts down to the bone, before grabbing Fynns finger and snapping it back. "Do you take me for a moron?"
  970. [01:11] <Don1Charles> He let's out a pained cough, that hand shaking and bloodied now. "Fine you fuck. Me, me and my men. We were a group of guerillas. Me and most of the guys here. We were some of the most dangerous guys in Ghana." He snarls out
  971. [01:12] <Knyght> Irene smirks, sitting back for a minute. "Tennyson, you stealing my job from me?"
  972. [01:13] <Marshall> "Dangerous, certainly depends on your perspective. Keeping talking." Tennyson says, examining his knife for a moment.
  973. [01:13] <Don1Charles> "I dunno what else you wanna hear, fucker."
  974. [01:14] <Knyght> Irene huffs, idly picking her nails with her knife. "Don't know why I even came. Hah. Tennyson is a torture expert too."
  975. [01:14] <Marshall> Tennyson grabs hold of another of Fynns fingers, "I asked you, How you learned about the CI. Being a group of egotistical guerrillas isn't an answer."
  976. [01:15] <Don1Charles> He looks to Irene. "You two are the tough ones. The one over there, at the door, he is the coward huh?" He looks at Tennyson.
  977. [01:15] <Don1Charles> Roll str if you wish to snap a finger
  978. [01:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere ignores him
  979. [01:16] <Klurg|Aximiam> He's used to insults like these
  980. [01:16] <Don1Charles> "Tell me where you're from."
  981. [01:17] <Marshall> Tennyson releases Fynns finger- "Irene, hold his leg for me."
  982. [01:19] <Knyght> Irene nods, going to kneel down and just tie his legs down to the legs of the chair using some climbing rope from her bag.
  983. [01:19] <Don1Charles> He gives Irene a kick
  984. [01:19] <Marshall> Tennyson assists in holding Fynns legs in place
  985. [01:20] <Don1Charles> "Does the one eyed girl get to use those tools?"
  986. [01:21] <Marshall> Tennyson positions his knife at the area right above Fynns heel, "Are you going to answer my question?"
  987. [01:21] <Don1Charles> "Fuck you."
  988. [01:22] <Knyght> Irene would again, try to hold his legs in place and tie them down.
  989. [01:22] <Marshall> Tennyson slashes Fynns achillies tendon- completely severing the taught snaps all the way up to his calf, it'll take some major surgery to repair..
  990. [01:23] <Don1Charles> He let's out a scream, his leg shaking roughly against the ropes, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes, breathing heavily, blood running down his foot and pooling on the floor.
  991. [01:23] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere flinches at the screaming
  992. [01:23] <Marshall> Tennyson gets out his bag, going to stop the bleeding but not the pain
  993. [01:23] <Don1Charles> Tenny, roll an mdef
  994. [01:23] <Marshall> 4df+8 Medi+Hipppcratic
  995. [01:23] <Glacon> Marshall: Medi+Hipppcratic: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, 0)
  996. [01:24] <Marshall> (gimme a sec for Mdef
  997. [01:24] <Marshall> 4df+3 Mdef
  998. [01:24] <Glacon> Marshall: Mdef: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
  999. [01:24] <Don1Charles> Irene, roll an mdef
  1000. [01:26] <Knyght>  4df+4 Mdef
  1001. [01:26] <Knyght> 4df+4 Mdef
  1002. [01:26] <Glacon> Knyght: Mdef: 5 (4df+4=+, +, 0, -)
  1003. [01:27] <Don1Charles> Tennyson, a different instinct is kicking in. You are not a trained interrogation specialist, you are a doctor, and right now you see a very wounded, in pain man. Irene, you are trained in this. You don't give a shit.
  1004. [01:28] <Don1Charles> "Ok. Ok. Me, me and my boys. We had our guns. We had our weapons. We robbed stuff, we went around in towns, taking stuff and getting the townfolks to pay us part of their money."
  1005. [01:28] <Don1Charles> "Then, we were just, especially useful, so the Chaos, they took us, brought us here and told us to protect it for them."
  1006. [01:28] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 bluff for the second part of it
  1007. [01:28] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff for the second part of it: 3 (4df+5=0, -, -, 0)
  1008. [01:28] <Marshall> Tennyson mutters, ".. Not everyone should be saved." almost silently, trying to bite back that instinct, remembering the Tear drinkers, remembering Shilohs father.
  1009. [01:29] <Marshall> 4df+6 Perc
  1010. [01:29] <Glacon> Marshall: Perc: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
  1011. [01:29] <Don1Charles> He seems to be lying about that second part
  1012. [01:30] <Knyght> Irene sits back, waiting to see if Tennyson is continuing.
  1013. [01:30] <Don1Charles> "Fucks wrong with you guys? What did my boys do to you? It wasn't me, I don't look out for where these agents go." He says in pain
  1014. [01:31] <Marshall> "That last part, bullshit, Chaos doesn't just take people in." Tennyson states, standing up.
  1015. [01:32] <Knyght> Irene glances to Tennyson. "Hmmm. Lying isn't a nice thing to do." She looks over to the man for a moment, grinning.
  1016. [01:32] <Don1Charles> He shuts his eyes, letting out a groan, before smiling back.
  1017. [01:33] <Don1Charles> "The doctor. His blades. He is a pussy."
  1018. [01:33] <Knyght> Irene stands up slowly, looking over to Tennyson. "Done having fun there?"
  1019. [01:33] <Don1Charles> He nudges his head towards Tennyson, his eyes locked with Irene
  1020. [01:34] <Marshall> Tennyson presses the tip of his blade to the top of Fynns hand. "You still, have yet to answer my question."
  1021. [01:35] <Don1Charles> "I answered it. That's where I started. That's what we used to do."
  1022. [01:35] <Don1Charles> It seemed true. Except for how he met the CI
  1023. [01:35] <Knyght> Irene shrugs, guessing Tennyson isn't done. She goes back to watching because, there's no sense in both of them carving him up.
  1024. [01:35] <Marshall> "How did you meet the CI." Tennyson asks, "I will not ask again."
  1025. [01:37] <Don1Charles> He spits at Tennyson.
  1026. [01:38] <Marshall> Tennyson stabs the blade through the soft tissue of Fynns hand, in between the bones.
  1027. [01:38] <Don1Charles> Fynn grits his teeth, before screaming against it, rocking his chair, wriggling his arm, blood pouring out.
  1028. [01:39] <Marshall> Tennyson pulls out the knife, going once again to stop the bleeding
  1029. [01:39] <Marshall> 4df+8 Medi+Hipppcratic yaaayy
  1030. [01:39] <Glacon> Marshall: Medi+Hipppcratic yaaayy: 6 (4df+8=-, -, 0, 0)
  1031. [01:40] <Marshall> "Irene. You're up." Tennyson states, "See if you can get him to answer, lest we have to cut those balls of steel right out of him."
  1032. [01:43] <Knyght> Irene stands up, looking through the contents she laid out on the table. "Right-o then. My turn." She seems ecstatic! She turns back to the man, drawing up what looks like a long but thin carving knife.
  1033. [01:43] <Don1Charles> "What's with all the fucking knives?" He scoffs out
  1034. [01:44] <Don1Charles> Slightly NSFW has some bad wordds
  1035. [01:44] <Glacon> Don1Charles: Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna - length 4m27s - 4728803↑180860↓ - 1,323,063,412 views - EminemVEVO on 2010.08.05
  1036. [01:44] Quit: Talonair [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
  1037. [01:44] <Don1Charles> (perfect song)
  1038. [01:45] <Knyght> "I like knives. They're fun." She grins. "My last name is 'Carver' after all. Fits me, right pal?" She goes down to one knee next to him. "Ever see what the inside of your forearm looks like?"
  1039. [01:45] <Don1Charles> Maybe ask him some questions before that!
  1040. [01:45] <Don1Charles> He winces before winking to her, coughing a few times. "What do you wanna know?"
  1041. [01:46] <Knyght> She's just intimidating. "What he asked. How'd you meet the Insurgency?" She presses the knife down against the exposed flesh of his forearm.
  1042. [01:47] <Don1Charles> "They used our group. They used us. They went, they captured this... thing. This anomaly. They used our group to kill the town's witnesses. Let our boys do whatever we wanted to the town, the people, their possessions, in exchange for killing them, and no police finding out." he coughs back
  1043. [01:48] <Marshall> Tennyson smirks his classic, pretentious smirk as he keeps his knife ready
  1044. [01:49] <Knyght> "Hrm. Of course." She nods, starting to dig the knife in, just enough so a small trickle of blood pours out. "And what do you know of this... 'Moretti' person?"
  1045. [01:49] <Don1Charles> "Who the fuck is Moretti?"
  1046. [01:49] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 bluff
  1047. [01:49] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff: 6 (4df+5=-, +, +, 0)
  1048. [01:50] <Knyght> 4df+4 Perception
  1049. [01:50] <Glacon> Knyght: Perception: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
  1050. [01:50] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4 boi
  1051. [01:50] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: boi: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
  1052. [01:50] <Marshall> 4df+6 Perc
  1053. [01:50] <Glacon> Marshall: Perc: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
  1054. [01:51] <Knyght> Irene blinks a few times. "They seemed to think you'd know someone by that name." She huffs. "You wouldn't lie to me, would you?" She smiles deviously.
  1055. [01:51] <Knyght> "Because I'll be happy to gut your arm here."
  1056. [01:51] <Don1Charles> He shakes his head back and forth.
  1057. [01:51] <Don1Charles> He... didn't seem to know Moretti. Was intel wrong?
  1058. [01:52] <Marshall> "Irene, give him abit more detail- he may be confused." Tennyson didn't doubt his Intel, but Fynn didn't appear to be lying
  1059. [01:52] <Knyght> It's been six hours, englighten me on the detail again? Sorry
  1060. [01:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere walks over "look, it's been shown that not only are my teammates willing to torture you, but they'll enjoy it, so please, cut it out with the stalling, before they cut you out" he says to Fynn
  1061. [01:53] <Don1Charles> He seemed more nervous around Irene then around TEnnyson.
  1062. [01:53] <Knyght> Irene provides some more detail to the man, narrowing her eye. "Ring any more bells?"
  1063. [01:53] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Plus I want to get this over with already and get out of this dump"
  1064. [01:54] <Don1Charles> "Oh jesus fuck, fuck off." He says to Fiere. "I don't know a goddamn Moretti."
  1065. [01:54] <Don1Charles> 4df+5 bluff
  1066. [01:54] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
  1067. [01:54] <Don1Charles> (jesssususus)
  1068. [01:54] <Knyght> 4df=
  1069. [01:54] <Knyght> 4df+4
  1070. [01:54] <Marshall> 4df+6 Perc
  1071. [01:54] <Glacon> Marshall: Perc: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, 0)
  1072. [01:54] <Knyght> 4df+4 ROLL DAMNIT
  1073. [01:54] <Glacon> Knyght: ROLL DAMNIT: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
  1074. [01:54] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4 STOP
  1075. [01:54] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: STOP: 3 (4df+4=+, 0, -, -)
  1076. [01:54] <Don1Charles> He didn't seem to know a moretti! The boys were at the call of a radio
  1077. [01:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere goes to a more private spot away from prying ears <Mekonap here, Fynn doesn't seem to know moretti>
  1078. [01:55] <Knyght> Irene huffs. "Tennyson, radio in the information we have so far, figure out what else they need to know.
  1079. [01:55] <Klurg|Aximiam> <do you guys think he's lying? He seems like he's telling the truth for once>
  1080. [01:55] <Marshall> (I has an idea.. Don1Charles, PM)
  1081. [01:56] <Don1Charles> <Fynn doesn't know much about Moretti? Fynn knows Moretti, Mekonap. He is a professional liar. FIND the INFORMATION.>
  1082. [01:56] <Don1Charles> (shoot me it)
  1083. [01:56] <Don1Charles> The man's voice sounds angry on the other end.
  1084. [01:56] <Knyght> Irene snickers. "Were you lying to me, friend?" She grins as the words come over her radio, going to slide the knife ever so sadistically under his skin.
  1085. [01:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Very well, intel is convinced you know Fynn, our hands are tied, but better than broken, like yours" he says this last part with a snarl
  1086. [01:58] <Don1Charles> He grits his teeth. "I can't fucking tell you about Moretti. Whatever you three do to me, it's better then what he'd do." He responds. Irene, roll an intim
  1087. [01:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Oh, so you do know..."
  1088. [01:59] <Don1Charles> He snarls at Fiere
  1089. [01:59] <Knyght> Irene begins to slowly flay the skin off his arm, seperating the upper layer of skin from the muscle underneath, starting in a small strip down the center of his forearm.
  1090. [01:59] <Knyght> 4df+9 Intim + Brutality
  1091. [01:59] <Glacon> Knyght: Intim + Brutality: 7 (4df+9=-, -, -, +)
  1092. [01:59] <Don1Charles> He just starts screaming. That's some nasty shit. Blood pours from his arm
  1093. [01:59] <Don1Charles> 4df+9.5 mdef
  1094. [01:59] <Don1Charles> ugh
  1095. [01:59] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere's eyes widen, then he forces himself to look
  1096. [01:59] <Don1Charles> 4df+9 mdef
  1097. [01:59] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef: 8 (4df+9=-, +, 0, -)
  1098. [02:00] <Don1Charles> Plus 0.5
  1099. [02:00] Quit: Kade [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
  1100. [02:00] <Don1Charles> "F-FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK." He screams, shaking against it, the chair banging against the floor
  1101. [02:00] <Don1Charles> "Ok. Ok. Stop."
  1102. [02:01] <Don1Charles> He sputters out, his eyes watering
  1103. [02:01] <Knyght> Irene plants her foot on his, snapping the knife up and cutting the strip of flesh away.
  1104. [02:02] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~look damn you, this... has to be   done~
  1105. [02:02] <Don1Charles> His arm is shaking a lot. And a lot of blood
  1106. [02:02] <Knyght> "Hah, you're done already?~" She grins. "What do you know about this Moretti guy?"
  1107. [02:03] <Marshall> Tennyson gets out his medical stuff, time to stem more bleeding- actually he just goes for a tourniquet on the guys arm.
  1108. [02:03] <Marshall> 4df+8 so much Medi...
  1109. [02:03] <Glacon> Marshall: so much Medi...: 12 (4df+8=+, +, +, +)
  1110. [02:04] <Marshall> Blood flow? Not to that arm, that tourniquet is on tight.
  1111. [02:04] <Don1Charles> "He was. He was the man. He had the CI agents. They came to our group. They told us, to go to the town, 20 miles west of here. They took something. They took something they found there. Something anomalous. We. We were meant to go in. Kill the people there. Anyone still there who hadn't left. It ended up being half the town."
  1112. [02:05] <Knyght> Irene moves to his other arm, watching him slowly. "Good, good. What else?"
  1113. [02:05] <Don1Charles> "Some of my guerrillas. They took the woman and children, killed them after. I didn't do that. I just killed."
  1114. [02:05] <Don1Charles> It was certainly a detailed account of what they were told to do, but not much about Moretti
  1115. [02:05] <Knyght> "I'm sure you didn't, pal. Tell me more specifically about the man himself though." She eyes him up for a moment.
  1116. [02:06] <Don1Charles> His face is twitching, his eyes are watery, his dark skin is beaded with sweat.
  1117. [02:07] <Don1Charles> "I don't know about Moretti, I don't know much more then, then he as the leader of them. Brought the boys in."
  1118. [02:07] <Don1Charles> 4df+4 bluff
  1119. [02:07] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
  1120. [02:07] <Knyght> 4df+4 Terrible Perception Roll as per usual
  1121. [02:07] <Glacon> Knyght: Terrible Perception Roll as per usual: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
  1122. [02:07] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4
  1123. [02:07] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
  1124. [02:08] <Don1Charles> He seems to be... witholding information.
  1125. [02:08] <Marshall> Tennyson had been watching the expressions, motions of the man while he'd told the truth. He's done this in his office so many times before.
  1126. [02:08] <Marshall> 4df+8 About time the Psychiatrist did this
  1127. [02:08] <Glacon> Marshall: About time the Psychiatrist did this: 8 (4df+8=0, +, 0, -)
  1128. [02:09] <Don1Charles> He is lying, Tennyson. He is still lying about Moretti. He seems very, very fearful of what would happen if he told the truth.
  1129. [02:09] <Don1Charles> For the last part, that is
  1130. [02:09] <Marshall> "He's lying. He knows more then he's letting on." Tennyson states.
  1131. [02:09] <Knyght> Irene begins to sink the sharp knife down into the center of his forearm, until she touches bone. She'd then begin to drag it slowly, from the top of his forearm to the base of his wrist. "Wrong answer." She states simply, almost smiling as she drags the knife down. "Give me a better one." She stares him straight in the face.
  1132. [02:09] <Knyght> Intimidation?
  1133. [02:11] <Don1Charles> He let's out a squeal of pain, tears gathering in his eyes. "PULL THE FUCKING BLADE OUT." He screeches
  1134. [02:11] <Don1Charles> Not yet
  1135. [02:11] <Marshall> "Forget Bastard, you're nothing but a bitch." Tennyson states, he sounds almost disappointed.
  1136. [02:12] <Don1Charles> "I'll tell you what you need to know." He moans
  1137. [02:12] <Don1Charles> Blood is soaking the other arm of the chair, now
  1138. [02:13] <Knyght> Irene keeps the blade right where it is, for now. "Go ahead then."
  1139. [02:13] <Marshall> Tennyson goes to apply another tourniquet.
  1140. [02:13] <Marshall> 4df+8 no more tourniquets,last one.
  1141. [02:13] <Glacon> Marshall: no more tourniquets,last one.: 6 (4df+8=-, 0, -, 0)
  1142. [02:13] <Don1Charles> "Moretti, he came in, he used us for the mission. He met me, he liked me. He assigned me here. I knew him." He stutters out. "PULL THE BLADE OUT"
  1143. [02:14] <Don1Charles> His eyes go to his dead friends, for a moment
  1144. [02:14] <Don1Charles> Before flickering back to Irene, pleading
  1145. [02:14] <Knyght> Irene nods. "More." She states simply, watching his gaze. "You'll be LUCKY IF YOU END UP LIKE THEM." She growls. "Answer the question completely."
  1146. [02:15] <Knyght> "I can make this hurt a whole lot more."
  1147. [02:15] Quit: KnyghtPhone [Broken pipe]
  1148. [02:15] <Don1Charles> Tennyson, he is starting to die
  1149. [02:15] <Don1Charles> Or at least, it seems as such.
  1150. [02:15] Join: KnyghtPhone []
  1151. [02:15] <Don1Charles> His throat starts to gurgle, his arms are consistently shaking, just muttering for them to stop the blade over and over
  1152. [02:16] <Marshall> "Irene. He isn't going to last much longer."
  1153. [02:16] <Knyght> Irene pulls the blade out, grumbling. "Pussy. The russians held on a lot longer than you." She'd wipe the blade purposefully on the shoulder of his shirt, smearing the blood there.
  1154. [02:16] <Marshall> Tennyson goes to work now- trying to actually save this Bastard. Not of out compassion- out of necessity.
  1155. [02:17] <Don1Charles> He coughs, his eyes streaming a bit. Lots of blood on you now, Tenny
  1156. [02:17] <Marshall> 4df+8 Tennyson outta cop out from exhaustion soon.
  1157. [02:17] <Glacon> Marshall: Tennyson outta cop out from exhaustion soon.: 6 (4df+8=-, -, +, -)
  1158. [02:17] <Don1Charles> Now, you may roll intim
  1159. [02:17] <Knyght> Irene stares him down for a moment.
  1160. [02:17] <Knyght> 4df+9 Intim+Spec
  1161. [02:17] <Glacon> Knyght: Intim+Spec: 11 (4df+9=0, +, 0, +)
  1162. [02:18] <Don1Charles> 4df+7 mdef
  1163. [02:18] <Glacon> Don1Charles: mdef: 8 (4df+7=0, +, -, +)
  1164. [02:18] <Don1Charles> "Don't fucking cut anymore. Please." he says, his eyes glazing slightly. "I will tell more."
  1165. [02:19] <Knyght> Irene nods. "Good, good. That's just what I want to hear." She grins. "Go ahead."
  1166. [02:20] <Don1Charles> "Moretti. After we killed the town, he took my Guerrilla's. Stationed me here, with them, used some of them, took them to his training camps. Turned them into those goddamn CI super soldiers. Left the amateurs with me. I got to know Moretti. We, got to be friends."
  1167. [02:21] <Don1Charles> "He said I was one of the toughest bastards he knew. Put me here. We just supply gun shipments, I swear to god that's all we do."
  1168. [02:21] <Klurg|Aximiam> "And where's moretti now?"
  1169. [02:21] <Don1Charles> "I don't know. I swear to god I don't fucking know where Moretti is. He would never tell me. We were friends, but he'd never goddamn let that spread."
  1170. [02:22] <Don1Charles> That wasn't particularly useful, now was it.
  1171. [02:23] <Knyght> "Right..." She glances to Tennyson. "Keeping trying. Huh? Do I look like someone you want to fuck with, friend?" She gets right up in his face. "Do you /want/ to test my patience?"
  1172. [02:24] <Don1Charles> "I don't fucking know where Moretti is." He whimpers back, his ratlike face in pain
  1173. [02:24] <Don1Charles> in a contorted twist of pain*
  1174. [02:24] <Knyght> "Hmmm... What about locations, other CI locations?"
  1175. [02:25] <Don1Charles> "I don't know any other CI locations. I don't know where the other bases are." He responds
  1176. [02:25] <Don1Charles> 4df+3 bluff
  1177. [02:25] <Glacon> Don1Charles: bluff: 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
  1178. [02:26] <Knyght> 4df+4 Perception!
  1179. [02:26] <Glacon> Knyght: Perception!: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
  1180. [02:26] <Don1Charles> You're not sure.
  1181. [02:27] <Don1Charles> Marshall: ?
  1182. [02:27] <Marshall> 4df+8 more Psychiatry
  1183. [02:27] <Glacon> Marshall: more Psychiatry: 9 (4df+8=+, -, 0, +)
  1184. [02:27] <Marshall> (mmm overkill)
  1185. [02:27] <Don1Charles> He is... half lying, it appears. Every time he lies, his grits his teeth
  1186. [02:27] <Don1Charles> He is in a lot of pain, and he keeps glancing to his friends
  1187. [02:27] <Marshall> "Has anyone every told you that you my friend, are a terrible liar?" Tennyson quips.
  1188. [02:28] <Don1Charles> "F-fuck you."
  1189. [02:28] <Knyght> Irene grins, glancing to Tennyson. "You got any nice drugs in your bag? Painkillers?" She asks, motioning for him.
  1190. [02:28] <Marshall> "You want pills or morphine?"
  1191. [02:29] <Knyght> "I'll make you a new deal." She nods, good enough of an answer. She turns back to the man.
  1192. [02:29] <Knyght> "I'll maybe, ease the pain a bit, if you cooperate,  hmmm?"
  1193. [02:29] <Knyght> "Locations. Now."
  1194. [02:29] <Don1Charles> He keeps his mouth shut.
  1195. [02:30] <Don1Charles> This seemed like the last thing he knew
  1196. [02:30] <Don1Charles> Except for more personal information, of course
  1197. [02:30] <Knyght> "No relief, just more pain?" She grins, reaching down for her pair of pliers. "Oooh this'll be fun~" She chimes.
  1198. [02:31] <Marshall> Tennyson puts his knife away, but the next actiom - He produces a loaded gun.
  1199. [02:31] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Are you sure you want to play this game fynn?"
  1200. [02:31] <Don1Charles> "Shoot me. I ain't talking no more."
  1201. [02:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> "You sure? You have a lot to live for"
  1202. [02:32] <Don1Charles> He says, his voice course, pained. He looks to Fiere. "Please shoot me."
  1203. [02:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> "So much potential, you want to waste it all?"
  1204. [02:32] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere looks in horror, his facade dropped
  1205. [02:32] <Knyght> "Oh yes you will." She grips at the edge of the flayed flesh on his left forearm with the pliers, beginning to seperate it slowly, the flesh most likely stretching and seperating in a rather sickly fashion.
  1206. [02:33] <Don1Charles> He coughs, before starting to scream again, his legs kicking, undoing the ropes around his right leg, the chair shaking.
  1207. [02:33] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere gets the gun up and ready to put fynn out of his misery
  1209. [02:34] <Marshall> Tennyson gets out a clean syringe and a vial of morphine, "..Irene, stop for a moment. You can't get info from a dead man, you're going to send him into shock."
  1210. [02:34] <Don1Charles> "FUCKING ANTHONY." He screams, on the verge of passing out. Jeez
  1211. [02:34] <Klurg|Aximiam> "What about Anthony?"
  1212. [02:34] <Knyght> Irene takes a deep breath, letting go of the flesh and pulling away.
  1213. [02:34] <Knyght> "Get him ready for more, Tennyson." She grumbles.
  1214. [02:35] <Don1Charles> "British guy. British guy, he was friends with Moretti. We shipped his boys the guns. He, he has been living in London. Not with one of our bases, he has been in London. You, you fucking gotta find him." He moans out
  1215. [02:35] <Don1Charles> "Please lemme go"
  1216. [02:35] Quit: Neutronium [Ping timeout: 183 seconds]
  1217. [02:36] <Knyght> Irene stands up, grinning. "That it? You don't know anything else?"
  1218. [02:36] <Don1Charles> "Anthony. Anthony Knight. He likes spending lots of money." He says, coughing. That was all the information the boys had requested.
  1219. [02:36] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Can, can we please put him out now?" Fiere asks, his voice weak
  1220. [02:37] <Knyght> Irene withdraws her handgun, cackling. "You aren't even worth the morphine, ya' lil shit." And would procede to blow his brains out.
  1221. [02:37] <Don1Charles> "Lemme go, you got what you needed." He says to Fiere before
  1222. [02:37] <Don1Charles> Apparently getting his head blown off.
  1223. [02:38] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere puts down his gun into a resting position
  1224. [02:38] <Klurg|Aximiam> He's shaking
  1225. [02:38] <Don1Charles> His voice was pained, before his brains and blood splattered all over the ground behind them. His destroyed head slumps down, more matter falling onto his shirt and lap. His body was very messed up
  1226. [02:38] <Knyght> Irene tucks her gun back into her holster, and begins to wipe down and clean her tools with the man's shirt, and stow them away.
  1227. [02:38] <Marshall> Tennyson puts his put away, looking to Irene. "... I was going to kill him."
  1228. [02:38] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere radios in and tells base what info they got
  1229. [02:38] <Don1Charles> Someone, roll perception for me
  1230. [02:39] <Knyght> Irene glances up. "Huh? Sorry I ruined your fun I guess." She grins.
  1231. [02:39] <Marshall> 4df+4 Perc
  1232. [02:39] <Glacon> Marshall: Perc: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
  1233. [02:39] <Knyght> 4df+4 Perception
  1234. [02:39] <Glacon> Knyght: Perception: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
  1235. [02:39] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Fun?" Fiere asks incredulously "how could you find this fun!?"
  1236. [02:39] <Don1Charles> Tennyson, you hear out the window, something. Maybe go check it out
  1237. [02:39] <Klurg|Aximiam> 4df+4 what!
  1238. [02:39] <Glacon> Klurg|Aximiam: what!: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
  1239. [02:39] <Marshall> Tennyson steps over to the window.
  1240. [02:40] <Knyght> "I like hurting people, Fiere. Don't you?" She smiles, dead serious.
  1241. [02:40] <Don1Charles> You see the other black SUV pulling away.
  1242. [02:40] <Klurg|Aximiam> "No! Why do you think I let those two go!"
  1243. [02:40] <Marshall> Tennyson is silent.
  1244. [02:40] <Marshall> He peers out the window
  1245. [02:40] <Knyght> Irene glances to Tennyson. "What's up?"
  1246. [02:40] <Don1Charles> You see the other black SUV pulling away, Tenny
  1247. [02:41] <Don1Charles> It's gone in a few moments, kicking up sand and dust behind it
  1248. [02:41] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson?"
  1249. [02:41] <Marshall> "The second SUV is gone." Tennyson states
  1250. [02:41] <Klurg|Aximiam> "I don't think that's a good sign"
  1251. [02:42] <Don1Charles> <You found the information? Good job, agents. Meet us back where you were dropped off, for extraction.>
  1252. [02:42] <Marshall> Tennyson rushes downstairs, to the door he knows the scientist was last behind
  1253. [02:42] <Knyght> "Wonderful." She huffs. "Guess we didn't clear the area well enough." She finishes cleaning up her tools and tucks everything back into her back, patting the dead man's shoulder before heading out of the door, shotgun up and ready once again.
  1254. [02:42] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere follows Tennyson
  1255. [02:43] <Don1Charles> Those two run downstairs, you follow Irene?
  1256. [02:43] <Marshall> Tennyson proceeds to knock four times on the door, 3 seconds between each knock
  1257. [02:43] <Knyght> Irene follows after them!
  1258. [02:43] <Klurg|Aximiam> (Are you doing the Sheldon Cooper knock?)
  1259. [02:43] <Don1Charles> The door slowly opens, you see a man, looking afraid, up at you, Tenny. The same man from before. "Hello."
  1260. [02:44] <Marshall> Tennyson smiles at him, "Hey.. Just came out of a meeting with your old boss. He retired." Tennyson states.
  1261. [02:44] <Klurg|Aximiam> ~understatement of the year~
  1262. [02:44] <Don1Charles> "Ok." He responds, looking around. "Are we leaving now?"
  1263. [02:44] <Knyght> Irene comes down behind Tennyson, COVERED in blood, and looking rather excited about it. Should answer the guy's questions.
  1264. [02:45] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere shivers a little
  1265. [02:45] <Don1Charles> His eyes widen to Irene, and to Tenny since he had a buncha blood on him too. "Jesus christ. What did you two do to him?"
  1266. [02:45] <Marshall> "Things which would get me sued for malpractice, if he was alive to sue me." Tennyson states. "We can go now.."
  1267. [02:46] <Klurg|Aximiam> "He's not going to hurt anyone anymore, if that's what you mean"
  1268. [02:46] <Knyght> Irene begins to head off for the door, shotgun raised and ready.
  1269. [02:46] Join: Nanoro []
  1270. [02:46] <Don1Charles> He nods, before following out. "He, hasn't seemed to kill anyone in a while. The boys around here have been laying low." He responds, feeling less afraid to speak, now. He really didn't know much either way
  1271. [02:47] <Marshall> Tennyson holds his hand out to the man, ".. Are you going to go home after this?"
  1272. [02:47] <Don1Charles> "I do not know. I hope." he follows! Presumably you three go to extraction point? No searching around anymore?
  1273. [02:47] <Don1Charles> The man seems eager to leave
  1274. [02:48] <Knyght> Irene is defintely heading off to extraction, she seems content with the day.
  1275. [02:48] <Klurg|Aximiam> Yep, we head to extraction
  1276. [02:48] <Marshall> Tennyson waves goodbye to the man, before heading to the extraction point
  1277. [02:48] <Don1Charles> The man looks around. There were no cars. He starts to wander off in a different direction, not really having a place to go.
  1278. [02:49] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Hey, you want to come with us?" Fiere asks the sciencetist
  1279. [02:49] <Klurg|Aximiam> Scientist*
  1280. [02:49] <Don1Charles> You three hop back over the fence and walk a bit of a ways, before you see a landed helicopter, with the black man from earlier leaning against it, and Nicollo standing there. Oh wait are yall asking scientist
  1281. [02:49] <Marshall> Tennyson pauses, seeing the man wander and waving him over.
  1282. [02:50] <Don1Charles> The man follows, then! He climbs the fence slowly.
  1283. [02:50] <Don1Charles> This time, when you approach the helicopter, the man looks less happy at seeing the scientist. "Who is he?" He calls out
  1284. [02:50] <Knyght> Irene wanders up to the helicopter, still blood covered and content. She climbs in without a word and sets her stuff down.
  1285. [02:51] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Someone imprisoned by the CI, and a potential new recruit for the foundation"
  1286. [02:51] <Marshall> "The CI took him from his life and job and forced him to work for them." Tennyson states.
  1287. [02:51] <Don1Charles> Nicollo watches her, stuttering a bit under his breath but not saying anything. The pilot is still looking at you two, and the scientist. "We have Nicollo. We need no more scientists, these are not recruitment missions. He stays //here//." The man states
  1288. [02:52] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Are you sure? Two heads are better than one. Besides, he's got nowhere else to go"
  1289. [02:52] <Knyght> Irene glances out. "Hurry up, I need to go bathe in something that isn't blood, as fun as it is." She kicks back in the helicopter, seeming tired out and back to being lazy.
  1290. [02:53] <Don1Charles> "Do not care. He stays here. Give him some water if you like."
  1291. [02:53] <Don1Charles> Nicollo watches Irene. "W-would you like a c-c-change of shirts, ma'am?"
  1292. [02:54] <Marshall> "Not to be rude, but Nicollo couldn't even give basic Intel for someone who was supposed to have in depth knowledge of the CI. At least this one doesn't need re-education." Tennyson states, still detached.
  1293. [02:54] <Don1Charles> The scientists looks nervous but nods to Tennyson. "Just let me leave. Thank you for help."
  1294. [02:54] <Knyght> "I'm good, friendo." She grins to him, seeming a fair bit too happy. "I'll wash up when we get back."
  1295. [02:54] <Marshall> "Are you sure?" Tennyson questions, looking concerned, less detached now.
  1296. [02:55] <Don1Charles> Nicollo mutters something under his breath, before the pilot steps up to Tenny. "You better watch what you say. Nicollo has provided information of shit you can't even comprehend."
  1297. [02:56] <Don1Charles> Oluwa nods, wanting to leave
  1298. [02:56] <Marshall> "Before, or after they screwed with his head?" Tennyson half queries, figuring the answer to be the prior
  1299. [02:56] <Knyght> Irene sighs. "I WANT TO GO HOME, HURRY UP." She grumbles. "QUIT BEING SO CHARITABLE."
  1300. [02:56] <Don1Charles> "thank you for what you did." The scientist says, backing up.
  1301. [02:56] <Don1Charles> "W-why are you b-being rude to me?" Nicollo asks, standing up for himself a bit
  1302. [02:56] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Good luck out there" Fiere tells the scientist
  1303. [02:56] <Marshall> Tennyson turns to face the scientist, ".. Stay safe."
  1304. [02:56] <Don1Charles> "Listen to Ms. Irene. Get in the helicopter, you two."
  1305. [02:57] <Don1Charles> He nods and jogs off!
  1306. [02:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> Fiere gets in the chopper, and holds his nose
  1307. [02:57] <Klurg|Aximiam> Bloody Irene smells bad
  1308. [02:57] <Marshall> Tennyson steps in.
  1309. [02:58] <Knyght> Irene is more than happy with the smell of blood after a job well done. She just goes back to being slumped over and sleepy.
  1310. [02:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> "Tennyson, how hurt are you?" He asks, seeing tennyson get hit twice
  1311. [02:58] <Marshall> "Doesn't matter." Tennyson states.
  1312. [02:58] <Don1Charles> The chopper takes off, to take you to the plane, to take you to the car, to take you to the Foundation. You guys need a debrief or can we fin here?
  1313. [02:58] <Marshall> Fin
  1314. [02:58] <Klurg|Aximiam> We can fin here if you want
  1315. [02:58] <Marshall> Or should I say
  1316. [02:59] <Knyght> Irene wouldn't show up to debrief anyway, she goes to shower.
  1317. [02:59] <Marshall> Fynn
  1318. [02:59] <Klurg|Aximiam> I got the fish for the fun
  1319. [02:59] <Don1Charles> ~Fynn
  1323. Tooltime:
  1324. <Don1Charles>: (did you say anything after the method of entering?)
  1325. <Knyght>: no
  1326. <Don1Charles>: She pushes in, her shotgun out! And she encounters two men, at a card table. One of them has an ak-47 resting by his side, and the other one has a Smith&Wesson revolver on his waist. [Go Fish] says one in Twi, a language you do not understand. Both men then turn to you, their mouths opening in surprise. "What the fuck?" says one in broken english
  1327. <Don1Charles>: Irene get's first turn!
  1328. <Knyght>: Irene would, with her shotgun and slugs, blast the first guy with the AK.
  1329. <Knyght>: Actually hold.
  1330. <Knyght>: How close are they to the door?
  1331. <Don1Charles>: Around five feet
  1332. <Knyght>: Close enough she could bash the first one without wasting a shot?
  1333. <Don1Charles>: Yes, but she'd have to rush
  1334. <Don1Charles>: Give me an agi roll for the try, DC being 3
  1335. <Knyght>: 4df+4 Agility
  1336. <Glacon>: Knyght: Agility: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
  1337. <Knyght>: 4df+8 First to Fight Melee
  1338. <Glacon>: Knyght: First to Fight Melee: 7 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, -)
  1339. <Don1Charles>: He grabs for his gun and tries to duck!
  1340. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 agi
  1341. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: agi: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
  1342. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 pdef
  1343. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: pdef: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
  1344. <Don1Charles>: It knocks him in the face, and he manages for his gun, stumbling out of his chair. The man across from him pushes his seat out, the handgun appearing and pointing to Irene's back
  1345. <Don1Charles>: 4df+6 ranged, plus 1 for close quarters
  1346. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: ranged, plus 1 for close quarters: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
  1347. <Knyght>: 4df+4 Agi
  1348. <Glacon>: Knyght: Agi: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
  1349. <Don1Charles>: The shot hits into the wall and echoes loudly!
  1350. <Don1Charles>: Irene's turn!
  1351. <Knyght>: Irene would pull back and fire her shotgun after the bashing did not work!
  1352. <Don1Charles>: +1 bonus for close range shotgun! Who does she fire on?
  1353. <Knyght>: The man across from her, who she didn't bash.
  1354. <Knyght>: 4df+5 Shotgun!
  1355. <Glacon>: Knyght: Shotgun!: 4 (4df+5=-, -, +, 0)
  1356. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 agi he tries to leap out of his seat before it happens
  1357. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: agi he tries to leap out of his seat before it happens: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
  1358. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 pdef
  1359. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: pdef: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
  1360. <Don1Charles>: It plugs into his armor as he hits the deck. The man beside you sprays his ak-47 at your side
  1361. <Don1Charles>: 4df+5 ranged
  1362. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: ranged: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
  1363. <Knyght>: 4df+4 Agility
  1364. <Glacon>: Knyght: Agility: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
  1365. <Don1Charles>: the other man fires his handgun
  1366. <Don1Charles>: 4df+6 ranged close quarters
  1367. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: ranged close quarters: 4 (4df+6=0, -, 0, -)
  1368. <Knyght>: 4df+4 Agility
  1369. <Glacon>: Knyght: Agility: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
  1370. <Don1Charles>: His shots go around her, making bullet holes in the wall. He is disoriented from face bash, clearly
  1371. <Knyght>: 4df+5 Pdef
  1372. <Glacon>: Knyght: Pdef: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, -, +)
  1373. <Don1Charles>: The bullets whiz by her ear and nick her, but nothing more!
  1374. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere enters the room, reinforcements have arrived
  1375. <Knyght>: Irene would try and slam the butt of her shotgun into the man's face next to her, firing the AK.
  1376. <Don1Charles>: (Klurg|Aximiam ) Fiere runs in behind you, with his weapon
  1377. <Knyght>: Irene was managing fine, thanks.
  1378. <Don1Charles>: PC turn, go ahead
  1379. <Knyght>: 4df+6 Melee
  1380. <Glacon>: Knyght: Melee: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
  1381. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 agi
  1382. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: agi: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
  1383. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 pdef
  1384. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: pdef: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
  1385. <Don1Charles>: Irene, it does nothing, and he starts grappling with you!
  1386. <Knyght>: Irene is forced to grapple then.
  1387. <Don1Charles>: The table topples, sending cards flying, as the man with the revolver crawls to the corner
  1388. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+5 Fiere positions himself so that he won't shoot Irene and shoot the guy who isn't grappling Irene, aiming to shoot the revolver out of his hands
  1389. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: Fiere positions himself so that he won't shoot Irene and shoot the guy who isn't grappling Irene, aiming to shoot the revolver out of his hands: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
  1390. *** LadyKatie_ is now known as LadyKatie
  1391. <Don1Charles>: 4df+4 agi
  1392. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: agi: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
  1393. +++ ChanServ has given halfop to LadyKatie
  1394. <Don1Charles>: Your shot plugs into the wall beside him, not making any noise because it is thankfully silenced!
  1395. <Don1Charles>: The man grappling with you tries to throw you to the ground, Irene
  1396. <Don1Charles>: 4df+3 strength
  1397. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: strength: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
  1398. <Don1Charles>: Roll strength against him!
  1399. <Knyght>: 4df+6 No!
  1400. <Glacon>: Knyght: No!: 3 (4df+6=-, -, 0, -)
  1401. <Knyght>: Glacon hates me tonight.
  1402. <Don1Charles>: You twist his hand back and he curses at you, both your guns are scattered to the side
  1403. <Knyght>: Irene would try to grab his head and slam it into the edge of the toppled over table.
  1404. <Don1Charles>: The other man shoots at Fiere
  1405. <Don1Charles>: 4df+5 ranged no close quarters!
  1406. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: ranged no close quarters!: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
  1407. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+6
  1408. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
  1409. <Don1Charles>: He tries to plug a shot into his stomach
  1410. <Don1Charles>: And it falters!
  1411. <Knyght>: 4df+6 Strength is for Grapplin'
  1412. <Glacon>: Knyght: Strength is for Grapplin': 4 (4df+6=+, -, -, -)
  1413. <Knyght>: God fucking damnit Glacon.
  1414. <Don1Charles>: Pc turn, as determined by knyght's eager roll
  1415. <Don1Charles>: 4df+3 strength, he pushes against you
  1416. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: strength, he pushes against you: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
  1417. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere rushes over to the revolver guy and at point blank range, shoots him
  1418. <Don1Charles>: You slam him against the ground, and he suffers a minor .5 damage
  1419. <Don1Charles>: Fiere rushes over to him, and he fires another shot as Fiere runs up, because he wasn't just going to let that happen
  1420. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (Any bonuses for point blank for Fiere?)
  1421. <Don1Charles>: 4df+5 ranged into Fiere
  1422. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: ranged into Fiere: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, +)
  1423. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+6 boi
  1424. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: boi: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
  1425. <Don1Charles>: 4df+3 strength grapple man grapples!
  1426. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: strength grapple man grapples!: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
  1427. <Knyght>: 4df+6 Grapple Grapple.
  1428. <Glacon>: Knyght: Grapple Grapple.: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
  1429. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (Finally, a neutral roll)
  1430. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (Does fiere get any bonuses for a point blank shot?)
  1431. <Don1Charles>: (yep, wait till pc turn)
  1432. <Don1Charles>: You twist out of his grapple and throw him to the ground again. He tries to grab for a gun!
  1433. <Don1Charles>: PC turn
  1434. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (+1 bonus?)
  1435. <Knyght>: Irene would try and grab his head by his hair roughly, and begin to slam it into the hard ground.
  1436. <Don1Charles>: (+3 for close range)
  1437. <Don1Charles>: (point blank I mean)
  1438. <Don1Charles>: His hair is grabbable! His head was not shaved
  1439. <Knyght>: As to why I said 'try'
  1440. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+8 boi^2
  1441. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: boi^2: 6 (4df+8=0, -, -, 0)
  1442. <Knyght>: 4df+6 Strength Again
  1443. <Glacon>: Knyght: Strength Again: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
  1444. <Don1Charles>: 4df+3 pdef
  1445. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: pdef: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 0)
  1446. <Don1Charles>: The shot goes through the right side of his face, disfiguring him, splattering the wall in blood, but not killing him. He opens his mouth to scream
  1447. <Don1Charles>: 4df+3 strength against Irene
  1448. <Glacon>: Don1Charles: strength against Irene: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
  1449. <Don1Charles>: You slam his head into the ground, leaving a bloody mark on it as a gurgle comes out of his throat, his hands grasping for her desperately
  1450. <Don1Charles>: Fiere, this guy was about to start screaming bloody murder.
  1451. <Don1Charles>: Irene, this guy is dying in your hands
  1452. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere looks in horror, then he ends the guy's misery
  1453. <Knyght>: Irene isn't planning on stopping slamming until the guy is blood pulp.
  1454. <Knyght>: Or he makes a move to fight her.
  1455. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+8 ...
  1456. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: ...: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
  1457. <Don1Charles>: He's just desperately clutching at her, saying "stop" over and over
  1458. <Don1Charles>: Fiere, the man dies, despite glacon hating your rolls
  1459. <Knyght>: 4df+6 Strength!
  1460. <Glacon>: Knyght: Strength!: 4 (4df+6=-, -, +, -)
  1461. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere looks horrified
  1462. <Don1Charles>: You slam his head into the ground, leaving skull fragments and brain matter splattered against the floor. Their card game is left askew around the floor. They were just trying to enjoy their night, it seemed
  1463. <Don1Charles>: Both men are dead.
  1464. <Knyght>: Irene looks blood covered and excited! She stands and dusts herself off, retrieving her equipment, adrenaline coursing through her.
  1465. <Klurg|Aximiam>: "Well" Fiere says with a gulp "guess we're done here"
  1466. <Knyght>: Irene gathers her things and moves to the next door along.
  1467. <Klurg|Aximiam>: He's shaking, the adrenaline still going through him, and the horror of the disfigured man
  1468. +++ ChanServ has given op to DSJ
  1469. <Don1Charles>: Well ya blasted his fucking brains out, man. There seems to be not much of usage around the room, mind you.
  1470. <Knyght>: Irene cleans the blood and brain matter off her hands and readies her shotgun, moving to the next door over. "Where'd Tenny go?"
  1471. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere exits the room, how many doors are left?
  1472. <Don1Charles>: None of you saw Tennyson enter the far right one, so it appears to you that there are five remaining doors
  1473. <Knyght>: Irene goes to the next one, left side, second door. "Where'd he get off too?"
  1474. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere goes to the far left and puts an ear next to it so that he can listen
  1475. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (Perception?)
  1476. <Knyght>: Don't you mean 4?
  1477. <Knyght>: Irene did one solo, then the last one.
  1478. <Don1Charles>: No, because there is another door at the end of the hallway!
  1479. <Don1Charles>:
  1480. <Knyght>: Right!
  1481. <Don1Charles>: Fiere goes to the far left one, and Irene goes to the second left one. You each are entering seperate rooms if you enter. Fiere, yes, roll perception
  1482. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+4
  1483. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
  1484. <Knyght>: Irene, regardless, is still clearing them each. She gets her shotgun up, clicks the handle down, and opens it slowly with the barrel of her shotgun, moving in.
  1485. <Don1Charles>: Fiere, you hear a bit of talking and a bit of laughing.
  1486. <Don1Charles>: Do you enter? Before I split into another tooltime
  1487. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere opts out of that room, he doesn't want a repeat of the previous room
  1488. <Don1Charles>: Where does he go, then?
  1489. <Klurg|Aximiam>: The room at the end of the hall, he puts his ear to it to check for noise
  1490. <Don1Charles>: #tooltime2 for Irene, then
  1491. <Don1Charles>: Roll another perception, please!
  1492. <Klurg|Aximiam>: 4df+4
  1493. <Glacon>: Klurg|Aximiam: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
  1494. <Don1Charles>: You hear... slight breathing? The door has a very large lock on it, and something scratched out above the door. You can kind of make it out...
  1495. <Don1Charles>: There are words!
  1496. <Don1Charles>: "S__air_e_l"
  1497. <Don1Charles>: What does it mean?
  1498. <Klurg|Aximiam>: "Stairwell? No, too much space between 'S' and 'air'"
  1499. <Don1Charles>: (ah fuck my bad, put two underscores)
  1500. <Don1Charles>: That seems to fit perfectly, actually! Fiere gains +2 detective points and maybe get's awarded a scoobysnack
  1501. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (Then redact, just have Fiere guess stairwell)
  1502. <Klurg|Aximiam>: "Hmm, creepy breathing, locked door..."
  1503. <Klurg|Aximiam>: ~I should get the rest of the team for this~
  1504. <Klurg|Aximiam>: Fiere goes to get Irene
  1505. <Klurg|Aximiam>: (To tooltime2?)
  1506. <Don1Charles>: Head to tooltime2!
  1508. Tooltime2:
  1509. <Knyght>: Irene moves in as mentioned
  1510. <Don1Charles>: Irene, you push into the room, and find it surprisingly neat! There is another desk, with a wheely chair, and behind it, a bookshelf. It appears empty, otherwise.
  1511. <Don1Charles>: There are books lining the shelves, and a small, red carpet on the ground
  1512. <Knyght>: Irene would try to examine and explore the room quickly, looking for anything important.
  1513. <Don1Charles>: Where does she check?
  1514. <Don1Charles>: Describe specifically, please!
  1515. <Knyght>: Around the bookcase, and on and around the desk.
  1516. <Don1Charles>: The bookcase is lined with many books, none seeming to pertain to the CI, just simply being literature that someone had enjoyed reading. There is a piece of paper on the desk with a few words in another language scribbled on it, and there are desk drawers. As you slide them open, you see that one of them
  1517. <Don1Charles>: Contains a large-looking key
  1518. <Knyght>: Irene would grab said key!
  1519. <Don1Charles>: She takes it! Voila!
  1520. <Knyght>: Irene would head back into the hall, and take the piece of paper as well.
  1521. <Klurg|Aximiam>: "Irene, I think I found where we need to go" Fiere says as he enters the room
  1522. <Don1Charles>: They both bump into each other!
  1523. <Klurg|Aximiam>: "Oof, sorry"
  1524. <Knyght>: Irene yelps, backing up. "What? Where?"
  1525. <Don1Charles>: Back to HI, you two are in the hall now)
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