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Jan 22nd, 2014
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  3. Branch: Stable
  4. ETA: In process
  5. Version: 0.32.114557
  7. This build is has very big back-end changes, which means that it may take some time for game servers to come up. Please keep an eye on the DayZ twitter for updates. Many of the changes not listed here are significant database cluster changes associated with our datacenter, and involve configuration changes to DayZ servers themselves. We have tried to minimize potential problems, but delays and outages are possible now more than ever. We will be working as fast as we can to get everything back online.
  9. Known Issues
  10. - Corpse cleanup causes server crash during forced server restart
  11. - Spray Painting a magazine while on weapon, creates fake (unusable) copy in inventory
  13. Fixed
  14. - Niosh mask (respirator) inventory size fixed to 1/1 slot.
  15. - Missing strings for BE popup for alternate languages, set to English while translations are being done.
  16. - Reduced dispersion of FNX45 (from 0.05 to 0.03)
  17. - Balanced stomach capacity,
  18. - Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up)
  19. - Eating and drinking animations properly set for tablets/disinfectants
  20. - Version number in server browser and details
  21. - Saline transfusion doesn't refill full blood
  22. - Charcoal and Tetracycline tablets won't give sick badge if you aren't actually sick
  23. - Player aim run speed updated, weapon position changed and improved for first person view
  24. - Glitches on right hand while moving and while giving taunt fixed
  25. - Players can't pile backpacks inside of another backpacks, backpack-inception style. You can only put one backpack inside of another backpack if the backpack that is being put inside is empty.
  26. - Magnum speedloader should be spawning now
  27. - Number of backpacks spawning lowered
  28. - Number of .357 Pythons spawning lowered.
  29. - Number of M4A1s spawning lowered
  30. - Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death
  31. - Removed scripted server teleporting check as now managed by engine
  32. - Sea ambient sound is now slightly quieter
  33. - Animation: Fixed misc issues with vaulting
  34. - Animation: Fixed getting on the ladder from kneel for the armed player
  35. - Animation: Fixed animation speed for unarmed player in main menu
  36. - Animation: Fixed an issue with changing weapon while aiming in kneel
  37. - Animation: Fixed an issue with rotation while aiming in prone
  38. - Headtorch color descriptions fixed
  39. - Jeans descriptions (color) fixed
  40. - Cargo pants description fixed (color)
  41. Chest holster description added
  42. - Using an item in your hand no longer goes out of hand once action done
  43. - Using an item while something else in your hand will go back to that item once action done
  44. - Security issue with IGUI variable compiling
  45. - Situation where player used item on other players inventory causing neverending looped item check
  46. - Weapons now display tooltips
  47. - Players can now be revived with the defibrillator
  48. - Clipping on right hand when holding an item and pressing F1 (Greeting).
  49. - Map_ChernarusSW description fixed
  50. - SKS rifle description added
  52. New
  53. - UI: Editable character name in main menu
  54. - UI: Hive, mode and time columns in server browser
  55. - Database: Support for sub hives. (Sub-private, Hardcore/Regular public)
  56. - Security: Signature verification against PBOs
  57. - Loot: Added shotgun speedloader into loot spawns
  58. - Loot: Added box of 20 pieces .357 rounds into loot spawns
  59. - Loot: Added color variants of all shoes into loot spawns
  60. - Loot: Added Hiking pants (both long and short ones) and Canvas pants including their color variants into loot spawns
  61. - Loot: Added hacksaw into the loot spawns
  62. - Loot: Added shotgun into loot spawns
  63. - Action: Players can now collect Berries as food
  64. - Loot: Added Hacksaw into loot spawns
  65. - Crafting: Players can create sawed-off shotgun from shotgun
  66. - Crafting: Players can opening cans with a hacksaw
  67. - Crafting: Painting Mosin with spraypoint now supported
  68. - Loot: Added spraypaint can into loot spawns
  69. - Map: Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)
  70. - Animation: More direct transitions for aimed weapon(prone to stand/kneel and back)
  71. - Animation: Surrender now disarms player for single handed items
  72. - Loot: Pipsi, NotaCola, Spite and Rasputin Kvass drinks
  73. - Action: Burlap sack can be placed on head of self or target
  74. - Action: Burlap sack causes black screen and reduced sound when worn on head
  75. - Performance: Server Performance improvements
  76. - Zombies: Six new zombie soldier types
  77. - Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit used for keeping your guns in good shape
  78. - Loot: Shotgun snap-loader for fast reloads
  79. - Crafting: Player can spraypaint MP handguard and buttstock
  80. - Crafting: Support for "add paint" or "repaint" for spraypainting
  81. - Crafting: Player can spraypaint CMAG magazines
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