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  1. Subscribe and request a game! :)
  3. Only english games (NO PAL versions, japanese games with english text is ok) for:
  5. I also have a list of PC, Wii, WiiU, Switch and PS4 games that are ok to request:
  8. I'll try to beat your request, but it's not a must.
  9. If you request a game that's well known for being bad or if I feel like me or the chat is not enjoying it after trying it out,
  10. then I might move on to another game.
  11. If I don't beat your request I'll let you request a new game that will go to the bottom of the request list.
  12. If you request a game that I've already beaten in this challenge, I might not play the whole thing again if it's a long game,
  13. but that depends on what it is.
  15. To request a game just write to me in my Twitch chat when I'm live with what request you would like.
  16. Up until February 1 every subscriber can request something, that includes if you got a gifted sub.
  17. If you gift a sub you can also request a game.
  18. 5 gifted subs = 5 game requests etc
  20. Starting February 1:
  21. Requests will be made with the "SHARE" function in Twitch chat that announces your subscription.
  22. Every new month as a subscriber you will be able to request a game again.
  23. If you gift subs it's only you who gift the subs that gets the requests, not the people recieving the gifted subs.
  24. Since you can't "share" messages when you gift subs I want you to write your requests in chat asap after the gifts have been made.
  26. Bits and donations works for requests aswell for $10/1000 bits, but if there's a game I have on my Steam wishlist that I want to buy, then you can donate the cost for the game (even if it's less than $10) and that will work as a request.
  27. If you fund a game that I want, I will make sure to beat it, even if it's really long.
  28. Link to my Steam wishlisht:
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