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  2. AllasaphoreYesterday at 11:00 PM
  3. By leaking my personal information, you have crossed a terrible threshold.
  4. AshleyToday at 12:29 AM
  5. what are you talking about
  6. AllasaphoreToday at 12:30 AM
  7. You leaked my information to the Yachts, including my real name.
  8. Milan was on the discord leaking my shit "for the Yachts" until the mods banned him.
  9. This was information I exclusively shared with you and Moojl. Nobody else.
  10. So...what the actual fuck were you thinking?
  11. AshleyToday at 12:33 AM
  12. i don't have your information
  13. i don't have*
  14. AllasaphoreToday at 12:33 AM
  15. How did the Yachts get information I only shared with you and Moo, which you and Moo had access to?
  16. AshleyToday at 12:33 AM
  17. what information
  18. AllasaphoreToday at 12:33 AM
  19. My real name, my home, my heritage.
  20. AshleyToday at 12:34 AM
  21. your home what the fuck lol
  22. look false
  23. i didnt spread your information to anyone
  24. AllasaphoreToday at 12:34 AM
  25. Are you going to keep being evasive? You leaked my fucking information, Flam.
  26. How did they know my name? How did they know the contents of private discussions between Moo, yourself, and I?
  27. Moo didn't leak them, and I sure as hell didn't.
  28. AshleyToday at 12:36 AM
  29. i honestly dont know what the fuck you are talking about
  30. i dont know your name
  31. AllasaphoreToday at 12:36 AM
  32. Oh, but you did. You leaked it to the Yachts.
  33. I know, because you and Moo are the only two people I've ever shared that with.
  34. AshleyToday at 12:38 AM
  36. AllasaphoreToday at 12:38 AM
  37. That's a boldfaced lie. Milan was spreading it in the GCC.
  38. AshleyToday at 12:39 AM
  40. last things he sent me were his rally numbers and raid wins
  41. AllasaphoreToday at 12:40 AM
  42. You can delete the messages you sent him, just as easily as I scoured all of our correspondence of any personal information.
  43. AshleyToday at 12:40 AM
  44. okay well i didnt
  45. AllasaphoreToday at 12:40 AM
  46. You leaked my name, Flaminquo.
  47. Unless there is another way Milan learned about the contents of our private conversations with Moojl, you did.
  48. AshleyToday at 12:41 AM
  49. sorry to burst your bubble false but i dont talk to milan on a personal level
  50. AllasaphoreToday at 12:41 AM
  51. No, it's the other people you shared it with that shared it with him.
  52. The only two ways this could have gotten out is through yourself or through Moojl. And Moo is trustworthy.
  53. You've leaked our private discussions to River before. Doxing me really isn't beyond what you seem to be capable of.
  54. AshleyToday at 12:43 AM
  55. sorry! but i really didnt send your information out to anybody
  56. AllasaphoreToday at 12:43 AM
  57. You clearly did.
  58. You want to prove that you didn't? Exile Milan from UAF right now.
  59. AshleyToday at 12:43 AM
  60. why would i
  61. AllasaphoreToday at 12:43 AM
  62. He was leaking my personal info to the GCC.
  63. You claim to have no affiliation.
  64. AshleyToday at 12:44 AM
  65. your arguments in the gcc are between you and him
  66. AllasaphoreToday at 12:44 AM
  67. Your reluctance to punish him for doxing me tells me all about where he got the information from.
  68. You disgust me.
  69. AshleyToday at 12:45 AM
  70. how did he dox you
  71. AllasaphoreToday at 12:45 AM
  72. He revealed my real name, and my heritage.
  73. Stuff that hitherto only came up in my private discussions with you and Moo.
  74. AshleyToday at 12:45 AM
  75. he revealed your full name?
  76. AllasaphoreToday at 12:46 AM
  77. All the information I divulged to you, he divulged to them.
  78. Perhaps you can see why I am suspicious that you are the source of all of this.
  79. AshleyToday at 12:47 AM
  80. i literally do not know what information you're talking about
  81. i dont even know what your real name is
  82. AllasaphoreToday at 12:47 AM
  83. My name.
  84. AshleyToday at 12:47 AM
  85. and i dont know about your heritage
  86. AllasaphoreToday at 12:47 AM
  87. Stop lying, you already leaked it to him.
  88. And you don't exactly have a reputation as being trustworthy, especially given all the shit you've pulled these past few months.
  89. You doxxed me to the Yachts, and that disgusts me.
  90. AshleyToday at 12:48 AM
  91. why are you still mad that i exiled you
  92. you'll just pin anything on me now lol
  93. grow up
  94. AllasaphoreToday at 12:48 AM
  95. Flam, the Yachts had access to information that was only revealed in our private chat with Moojl.
  96. Nowhere else.
  97. AshleyToday at 12:49 AM
  98. okay, sorry but i don't have your information
  99. AllasaphoreToday at 12:49 AM
  100. Not anymore. You've already leaked it, but I've made sure to scour the rest of our correspondence to keep you from getting anything else.
  101. AshleyToday at 12:49 AM
  102. stop pinning things on me and grow up
  103. AllasaphoreToday at 12:49 AM
  104. How do you propose he learned my real name, then?
  105. AshleyToday at 12:49 AM
  106. i dont fucking know you've been on this game for 9 years
  107. AllasaphoreToday at 12:50 AM
  108. You do know, because you leaked it to him.
  109. The fact that you're unwilling to take action against the person who doxxed me tells me enough about what you think about this situation. And your role in it.
  110. AshleyToday at 12:50 AM
  111. grow up and stop pinning things on me whenever stuff doesn't go your way
  112. how did he dox you
  113. AllasaphoreToday at 12:50 AM
  114. He revealed my personal information on a public server.
  115. AshleyToday at 12:51 AM
  116. what revealing information did he publish
  117. AllasaphoreToday at 12:51 AM
  118. The mods got involved and banned him.
  119. My name, mostly.
  120. Or at least, the same name I shared with you.
  121. AshleyToday at 12:51 AM
  122. he posted your full name
  123. AllasaphoreToday at 12:51 AM
  124. As far as you knew it, yea.
  125. AshleyToday at 12:51 AM
  126. am i able to search you up on google and find you
  127. AllasaphoreToday at 12:52 AM
  128. If you combine that with stuff that is public knowledge, then yes. You would be able to find me.
  129. I had originally considered taking this to the police, considering he was threatening to find me "for the Yachts". However, I thought that speaking to the source would make more sense.
  130. AshleyToday at 12:53 AM
  131. /e doubt
  132. AllasaphoreToday at 12:54 AM
  133. Still, I can't believe you actually doxxed me to them. You refusal to deal with the individual involved tells me and any reasonable person enough about your culpability in the matter.
  134. AshleyToday at 12:55 AM
  135. i doubt he posted any revealing info
  136. and if so, prove it
  137. AllasaphoreToday at 12:55 AM
  138. The moderators took action to ban him.
  139. The fact you're actively defending this tells me you were the original source of the leaks.
  140. AshleyToday at 12:56 AM
  141. no because you're telling me stuff without giving me evidence
  142. the gcc admins arent my boss
  143. AllasaphoreToday at 12:58 AM
  144. You are a damn liar. I will not be sharing the evidence with you, because I've already taken pains to scour all references of my personal life from our correspondence and and it would be counterproductive to bring it back. You've already leaked me once, and demonstrated you are incredibly untrustworthy. The mods made a decision based on the evidence.
  145. If you're unwilling to take action, then I know you gave him that information.
  146. AshleyToday at 12:59 AM
  147. okay so you wont provide me with evidence
  148. cool
  149. i dont believe he doxxed you, quite frankly
  150. i dont believe anything you say
  151. AllasaphoreToday at 12:59 AM
  152. You fucking doxxed me. Are you so far gone that you lack even a basic level a shame?
  153. AshleyToday at 1:00 AM
  154. i doxxed you
  155. i dont know who you are
  156. how could i have doxxed you
  157. you've lost it
  158. AllasaphoreToday at 1:00 AM
  159. You revealed my personal information to them, information that was only disclosed in a chatroom with you and Moojl.
  160. AshleyToday at 1:00 AM
  161. i dont know your personal information
  162. AllasaphoreToday at 1:00 AM
  163. You do, and you leaked it.
  164. AshleyToday at 1:00 AM
  165. stop trying to pin things on me because you were exiled from my group
  166. get over it and grow up
  167. AllasaphoreToday at 1:01 AM
  168. Flam, your sycophants came to the GCC spewing my real name everywhere, along with other information. Information that only you and Moojl had access to.
  169. AshleyToday at 1:01 AM
  170. /e doubt
  171. you just said i doxxed you
  172. now you're saying other people did
  173. make your mind up
  174. AllasaphoreToday at 1:01 AM
  175. You doxxed me to them, you fucking dumbass.
  176. How stupid are you, really?
  177. This whole act of yours isn't compelling.
  178. AshleyToday at 1:02 AM
  179. i think you're the stupid one quite frankly
  180. AllasaphoreToday at 1:02 AM
  181. You know what? I'll just settle for letting everybody else know you've doxxed me.
  182. AshleyToday at 1:02 AM
  183. nobody doxxed you
  184. grow up
  185. AllasaphoreToday at 1:03 AM
  186. Goodbye, you damn liar. You doxxed me, and you're unwilling to admit your guilt or take action against your members that participated.
  187. Fuck you, and good night.
  188. AshleyToday at 1:04 AM
  189. You seriously need to grow up.
  190. ClydeBOTToday at 1:04 AM
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