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  1. [23:12] @Sleepymin: I can't believe I'm doing this again, lmao.
  2. [23:12] @Sleepymin: After seeing this chat today
  3. [23:13] @Sleepymin: I'm sincerely disappointed. Like, what happened today did not have to happen at all.
  4. [23:13] @Sleepymin: On a scale of bad, this was horrible. But with that out of the way, I'll go into why I feel this way.
  5. Battle started between ImagineDrαgons and BustAhhNut.
  6. [23:14] @Sleepymin: I was away doing some other things, but I've gotten word of a lot and for the most part, was here for a lot of what happened. It seems that (and im going to point out names, i dont care), when clacla left, pachy and twi started complaining.
  7. [23:14] @Sleepymin: Let's quit that, please.
  8. [23:14] @Sleepymin: The both of you know it's not right.
  9. [23:14] @Sleepymin: To talk behind someone's backs.
  10. [23:15] @Sleepymin: It's a demeaning behavior regardless of how Clacla acted. Whether he was inappropriate or not, you both know that the right thing to do is to approach a moderator about the issue, and we'll handle it. Don't take the issue into your own hands. We're here for a reason.
  11. [23:15] @Sleepymin: Now that it's out of the way
  12. [23:16] @Sleepymin: We really need to be proactive with our reporting of sexual topics in the chat. There's a SERIOUS lack of that, and the entire mod team notices that and we're kind of disappointed by that.
  13. [23:17] @Sleepymin: Quite frankly, we really are getting tired of people reporting things at the last minute, and we're debating taking action against those people as it's quite honestly a waste of time to do that. However, actual punishment may vary and it's currently under discussion.
  14. [23:18] @Sleepymin: And yes Pachy, I have gotten your PM about mods being more vigilant. The introduction of the new rule was implemented today. However, do take note that the responsibility does not fall on us.
  15. [23:18] @Sleepymin: I am of the firm opinion that you guys are human beings and can take responsibility and can decide what is appropriate and inappropriate for you to discuss.
  16. [23:19] @Sleepymin: So do it. Please.
  17. [23:19] @Sleepymin: JAke wants to add something
  18. [23:19] @Sleepymin: so I'll let him talk
  19. [23:19] @Sleepymin: *Jake
  21. [23:20] @Grαce Helbig: Just to add onto that last point, the rules is there to help you. By NOT being proactive, you're only harming yourself. We're all people that are capable of reporting things that you don't like. Literally all you have to do is say "Hey, person x is making me uncomfortable for reasons x and z".
  22. [23:21] @Grαce Helbig: If you do that, we will GLADLY take care of it, without bias. We care about everyone here, and if you really feel uncomfortable, then say something. Users here are sexual in nature with discussions, and that isn't going to change any time soon.
  23. [23:21] @Grαce Helbig: However, if you are proactive about being uncomfortable, we will fix it
  24. Battle started between BustAhhNut and ImagineDrαgons.
  25. [23:22] @Grαce Helbig: Someone else is talking next, I don't know =x
  27. [23:22] @Aslan: I guess I'll also say something about today. I mean 'bitching' about other people when they're gone is disrespectful and rude.
  28. [23:23] @Aslan: I follow a general rule of thumb, you treat other people like how you want to be treated.
  29. [23:23] @Aslan: Even if you dislike the user so much you think your ears are going to explode from hearing their name, do you really have to tell the whole chat about it? Honestly it just irks me when people publicly complain about others. :/
  30. [23:24] @Aslan: And would you really want that treatment?
  31. [23:24] @Aslan: Once you leave people are rambling on about how you're such an annoying user etc.
  32. [23:24] @Aslan: No, I don't think you would. I don't think anyone would honestly.
  33. [23:24] @Aslan: But yeah I'm done and maybe someone else can come in here .__.
  35. [23:25] @Grαce Helbig: Quick line: Just to be clear, this isn't to single anyone out. Although tonight was used as a reference, it has been seen multiple times with multiple people, so it's not just because of tonight's events
  37. [23:27] @Sleepymin: All of that said guys...we're really care about your time and your experience here on the server. We want this environment to be the best there is, and it makes us (especially me) feel proud of ourselves, when people come and compliment this server on being lax
  38. [23:28] @Sleepymin: But sometimes, we feel like we're being taken advantage of that, and we don't want that to change. We keep giving chance, after chance, after chance, and it seems like nothing is changing. So please, as a favor from all of the staff, please take responsibility.
  39. [23:28] @Sleepymin: And report.
  40. [23:28] @Sleepymin: And make sure you do what you can on your part to make sure the appropriate discussions ensue.
  41. [23:29] @Sleepymin: We, the staff, will make sure we do what we can to take action and utilize our best judgement in that situation.
  43. [23:29] @Aslan: I'm just going to jump in here really fast and say there's absolutely nothing wrong reporting an issue and it's not like tattletelling, you're doing what's right and needs to be done. :]
  45. [23:29] @Sleepymin: And yes, you even PM us even if we're in on the conversation. That shouldn't deter you.
  46. [23:29] @Sleepymin: We have this positions for a reason.
  47. [23:30] @Sleepymin: And as thus, we have no problems with turning it around.
  48. [23:30] @Sleepymin: That said, we all hope that your experiences on the server continue to be pleasant and filled wth sunshine, rainbows, and happiness
  49. [23:30] @Sleepymin: n__n
  50. [23:30] @Sleepymin: And now a word from your lovely neighborhood volcarona, nica.
  52. [23:31] ~skylight: Time for even more important words! You're all great users. You've brought an inactive place, to a really active place in a matter of months and have brought new life into a community that both Wolf and I were starting to doubt around the start of September.
  53. [23:31] ~skylight: Don't ruin that by small little arguments, just keep the happiness going. We all want you guys to have fun, and Wolf and I especially are greatful you're all here, and love it here, so just keep being the great users we know you all are at heart. :3 Seriously, you've done the hanging community a huge favour by being here and loving it, and being involved in BC too, we just hope you continue to follow the rules and have fun. n_n
  54. [23:31] ~skylight: ~
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