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  1. Hatsu Ne M'Khu is a sentient photonic lifeform. Programmed in the mid 24th Century, M'Khu was originally intended to be the greatest entertainment hologram ever created.
  3. Her knowledge of the musical arts were compiled from many great singers and dancers at the time, her appearance is based upon a famous singer from the ancient continent known as Japan.
  5. As M'Khu excelled at her purpose and soon became self aware, She desired to discover and learn more of the universe outside the holodeck. Her ambitions were finally realised in the late 24th Century where advances in holographic technology and the Federation's recognition of sentient photonic lifeforms made her dream possible. The logical option was then to join Starfleet and explore the Federation's frontiers to expand her knowledge.
  7. Through years of dedication and determination, M'Khu is now a respected and capable officer tasked with the duties of exploration and ensuring the Federation's safety. Her unusual photonic nature has also become a valuable asset to Starfleet in critical circumstances.
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