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  2. This plugin uses 2 different plugin api's:
  3. - Mythic Mobs
  4. - 4 different skyblock cores (askyblock, bskyblock[unless its the same], fabledskyblock, and superiorskyblock)
  6. Once every certain interval (like maybe 3 hours), a mythic mob will spawn
  7. on a random island that meets the level cap requirment (like level 5000),
  8. because you dont want a mythic mob spawning on a small new island. when
  9. this mythic mob spawns, it will broadcast it in chat that it has spawned,
  10. people are able to click the broadcast message in order to spawn to that
  11. persons island in order to join the fight, with this in mind, it is
  12. possible for people to lock their island from vistors to join, the people
  13. that locked their island will not have any chance for a mythic mob to
  14. spawn in their island. The mythic mob will spawn in a random area around
  15. the spawn of the island (like within 10 by 10), kill rewards are based on
  16. total damage contrabution, the more damage you do, the better/chance to
  17. get rarer rewards you get. once the mythic mob is dead, it will broadcast
  18. the top 3 contributers, if you did not make the top 3, there will be a
  19. just message below the top 3 only to you that states what place you are
  20. at in the contribution list like "Your place: #23". Also, during the time
  21. that the mythic mobs is alive, Every singe person on the server (or in
  22. that certain boss island only if possible) will not be able to lose their
  23. EXP or items if they die to it, and will not be damaged by fall, so they
  24. can enjoy fighting the boss without loss. Of course, it will be turned
  25. off after the battle. If the boss falls out into the void, it will spawn
  26. in a random location from the center of spawn again like it first spawned.
  28. What is configurable:
  29. - Boss Spawn Chat Broadcast (multiple lines)
  30. - Boss Spawn interval (do it in seconds)
  31. - Minimum Island Level Requirment for boss to spawn on your island
  32. - Radius of random spawn location from middle of the island
  33. - general reward chances and types (rewards by command sent by the console)
  34. - first, second, third place reward chances (these 3 spots will each have their own set of custom rewards that are different from the general rewards.)
  35. - contribution broadcast message (multiple lines ofc)
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