Haimura Comments - NT13-14

Nov 18th, 2015
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  1. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_c13.jpg
  2. Volume 13 cover. Kamijou & Mikoto are running away from the “uhohoi” old man known as the High Priest.
  3. The novel was really only about those three characters, so I thought it was inevitable for those two to be on the cover. (What about the High Priest…?)
  5. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_c14.jpg
  6. Volume 14 cover. In a complete change from last volume, we get the “Double Right Hand Guys” which isn’t exactly the most desirable cover image for a light novel, but just like for Volume 13, I thought it had to be these two given the contents of the novel. Was I right?
  8. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r52.jpg
  9. Kamisato Kakeru. A modification of the rejected rough I made for Sogiita Gunha quite a while back. (See the SS rough page.)
  10. I intentionally made his face a lot like Kamijou’s, but he looks more refined than Kamijou and looks like he would be more popular.
  11. The Index series has a lot of characters or illustrations with an “opposites” motif, but this “opposite” of the protagonist is actually a little taller than Kamijou-san. (Height: 171 cm)
  13. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r53.jpg
  14. Patricia Birdway + Shoggoth. You’ll recognize her if you read SP, but she got a new design for this volume that was based on a poisonous rainforest animal.
  15. The leftmost one is the original design and the two on the right are a slightly modified design, but in a rare move for me, I insisted that “She needs to wear the down!” (as a method to bring “down” the exposure of her outfit).
  17. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r54.jpg
  18. Leivinia Birdway + Cannibalization. She was originally not going to look any different from normal, but she too got a new design for this volume because it was decided that something should seem different about her in the opening color illustration.
  20. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r55.jpg
  21. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r55b.jpg
  22. The three girls of the Kamisato Faction. The first designs were a little plain, so I added in more for the second designs. From the very beginning, their concept was to be “twisted in a galge-ish way”, so I intentionally left in some unbalanced elements like the unnaturally long hair and overly large flowers. In that way, Elza’s Tamamo-no-Mae appearance makes her the only one with a stable design.
  24. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r56.jpg
  25. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r56b.jpg
  26. Kihara Yuiitsu & Kihara Noukan. Unlike the Kamisato girls, Yuiitsu-san’s concept was to be normal looking, so that’s what she is.
  27. I overlooked some previous opportunities for an illustration of Noukan-sensei because I was waiting for the most exciting place to first show him. But…
  28. My personal first candidate was the Shundou battle in Volume 11, but since a fully-armored dog vs. a killer whale in a tank would have been a strange illustration, I rejected the idea myself. I remember thinking it was not so much how hard the illustration would have been, but more that it was not really a good “character illustration” and Volume 11 was Shokuhou-san’s story anyway.
  30. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_t13.jpg
  31. Volume 13’s cover rough. Is the best part how they almost look lovey-dovey at first, but both of them are looking at different things?
  33. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_t14.jpg
  34. Volume 14’s cover rough. As an alternative to the double guy cover, there was a suggestion to force girls onto the cover by putting in his faction, but I firmly rejected the idea. Just like with New Testament 9 & 10’s covers, it would have been in poor taste to shove in some other character.
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