Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "It's done, Master. Prepare yourself." Medea keeps her words brief as the blood that was previously soaking into the fleece suddenly flows away from the fleece and into the air, not even leaving a stain on the fleece, which turns dull and powerless as all of the blood that was previously upon it becomes an orb once more. "Hold on a moment... it wasn't supposed to detach from the Golden Fleece!" Medea looks confused by this turn of events, yet you aren't entirely certain just what she's so surprised by.
  3. The orb suddenly begins to change shape rapidly, all sorts of streams of blood flow out of it, until you can see what appears to be the circulatory system of a dragon that's almost half the size of the Tohno Mansion already, and it's not stopping yet! "Medea! What's going on?!" You've got a really bad feeling about this, and you know for a fact that the Colchis Dragon most certainly should not be this large.
  5. "I-it's not the Colchis Dragon anymore!" Medea raises her staff defensively as the enormous circulatory system begins to glow a blinding bright yellow, and you're forced to avert your eyes! The magical energy of the entire surrounding area seems to double simply as a result of the dragon beginning to take form! But it doesn't stop there! The magical energy keeps on increasing more and more! "What is this power...? The ambient mana, it's like that of the Age of Gods!" Medea doesn't avert her eyes as she simply stares into the blinding light of the metamorphosing dragon, apparently mesmerized.
  7. There's one last great flash of light before you turn your eyes back to look at the dragon, and it's... very clearly not the Colchis Dragon, by anybody's account! It's... ginormous! It's as large as Illya's entire castle! It can barely even fit on the large mountaintop that you're meant to be fighting it on! But that's just its size, physically, its golden scales are brighter and more reflective than even the most polished of metals, and it's very existence radiates a tremendous amount of power! Could this have been a result of using your blood to give the spirit of the dragon within the Golden Fleece a physical form?!
  9. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOAGH" It roars when it finally locks eyes upon you and the rest of your group, and the noise is so tremendous that you are almost knocked to the floor by the shock wave alone! Your confidence was totally undeserved! This thing is a true monster! Even Arcueid looks a little bit concerned by the beast that has been summoned!
  11. Part 19
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