White Victims of Black Crime - 0817 - Lori Ann Roscetti

Sep 4th, 2019
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  1. 0817
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  4. October 18, 1986
  6. Location: Chicago,IL
  8. Victim(s): Lori Ann Roscetti 23
  10. Attacker(s): Eddie "Bo" Harris,Duane Roach
  12. Description: Harris and Roach were looking for a car to break into, when they spotted Lori, who had just parked her car after coming home from a night studying for exams as a Rush University medical student, and ambushed her. They abducted her at knifepoint and drove her to a secluded spot where they repeatedly raped her. Despite begging to be let go, Roach and Harris smashed her head with a concrete block, breaking every bone in her face, before slamming her neck in the car door. They were caught when DNA evidence, which had cleared 4 men previously convicted for Lori’s murder in 1988, tied them to the crime.
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  15. Roach and Harris are arrested 2-2002.
  16. The pair plead guilty page 1 of 2 12-2004. Detail on the crime.
  17. Stack said Bernard Roach told police, "Duane pointed and said, `We did that. Me and Eddie did that, and she was a tough [expletive] to kill.'"
  18. The pair plead guilty page 2 of 2 12-2004. Roach has 3 prior rape convictions, while Harris has been convicted of burglary twice.
  19. Part of Roach’s arrest record. One of the charges involves a child.
  20. Roach’s mugshot 7-2015.
  22. Lori’s find a grave memorial.
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  25. Roscetti namespedia entry.
  26. Roscetti surname distribution info.
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