WarpedRealm release 1.15

Aug 27th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Release 1.15 Changes:
  2. - Fixed a few holograms loading a bit too late at spawn after restarts
  3. - Heavily optimized the scoreboard showing the player's rank
  4. - Server's Startup time is like 20 seconds less now, only takes 30 secs to start now
  5. - Cats now have a chance to bring you hardened leather after you sleep! (Also added this to the wiki)
  6. - Added Pearls to the fishing loottable (Also added this to the wiki)
  7. - Fixed custom durability values for dryad set, sandals, divinghelmet, infused boots and infused helmet
  8. - Improved handling of /enchant, fixed mending being applicable sometimes
  9. - Created anticheat webhook because apparently a lot of people suddenly began to cheat thinking i dont check it kek
  10. - Fixed storestat hologram at spawn breaking
  11. - Fixed "Kill x mythic mobs" weekly quest being broke since the api update
  12. - Fixed an issue where skeletal archer AI would break and not shoot arrows anymore
  13. - The particles summoned from rare mobdrops now fly around rapidly
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