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  1. Breaking news, San Andreas! Kurt Diesel here, there has been big shootout going on near Ganton Gym! San Andreas Armed Services, the Los Santos Police Department, the National Office of Security Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and even the San Fierro Police Department are all there around the area arresting the criminals. The Fire Department of San Andreas is there taking the wounded to the hospital for treatment, and once the law-breaking citizens are in full recovery they will be put straight into jail. The shootout supposedly started when someone was trying to mug a civilian. There was a Officer patrolling the area, and luckily he saw the gun so he sprung into action and tried proccessing the robber. The robber had backup waiting though, and was expecting to start a gang war against the police. The robber got away and the Officer radioed in for backup to the nearest cruisers in the area. When other Los Santos Police Department Officers arrived on the scene was when the shootout started. Minutes later, gun-smoke risen into the air as gun-fire as exchanged. The casualty reports are: Police 7, Robbers 12. An officer that was there and on the scene was shot, but kept fighting and got medical treatment later. We rode with him in the ambulance to the Hospital. He told us “I was just doing what I knew was right, and what I was trained to do. Luckily the paramedics say I shouldn’t be in the Hospital for more than a week.” The fight was soon over and the robbers were all immediately processed for arrest, and taken straight to jail where they will spend up to 20 years in prison. If you have any information on this report, contact the Los Santos Police Department or the SANews Department. This has been Kurt Diesel with breaking news! Stay classy, San Andreas
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