MagiReco Another Story 6.4

Jan 28th, 2018
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  1. And Then She...
  3. 6.4.1
  4. [in a park at night]
  5. Sayaka: *Magical girls' transformation into witches...*
  6. *Mami-san's change... And the Wings of Magius...*
  7. *I thought I'd also tell this person what I saw and heard in Kamihama...*
  8. Kyouko: "...So?"
  9. "What do you need to tell me so badly that you had to call me out here?"
  10. Sayaka: "Kyouko..."
  11. "Have you heard about Mami-san yet?"
  12. Kyouko: "Huh? What about her?"
  13. "..."
  14. "...No, not really?"
  15. Sayaka: "Umm, you see..."
  16. Kyouko: "...So something happened to her."
  17. Sayaka: "..."
  18. Kyouko: "I can tell by the way you're trying to say it that..."
  19. "...did she die?"
  20. Sayaka: "No, that's not it."
  21. "Umm..."
  22. *I told her about how Mami-san changed after going to Kamihama.*
  23. *And also about the Wings of Magius...*
  24. *And then about transforming into witches...*
  25. Kyouko: "You're saying... that we... become witches!?"
  26. Sayaka: "So it seems..."
  27. Kyouko: "That's what the Wings of Magius said?"
  28. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  29. Kyouko: "No way!"
  30. "..."
  31. (But... that time...)
  32. Sayaka: "Umm... Kyouko..."
  33. Kyouko: "..."
  34. Sayaka: "It's shocking, I know. At first, I too..."
  35. Kyouko: "I see..."
  36. "That makes sense..."
  37. Sayaka: "...Huh?"
  39. 6.4.2
  40. [in a park at night]
  41. Kyouko: "I see..."
  42. "That makes sense..."
  43. Sayaka: "...Huh?"
  44. "What did you just get?"
  45. Kyouko: "The Wings of Magius..."
  46. "I encountered them too, a short while ago..."
  47. Sayaka: "Huh!? You did too!?"
  48. "...Meaning you also went to Kamihama?"
  49. Kyouko: "Yeah, I went there."
  50. "Now that I think back to that time, they said..."
  51. [flashback to the sewers]
  52. Yachiyo: "What is this goal of yours?"
  53. black wing: "...To 'save magical girls'."
  54. Yachiyo: "!?"
  55. black wing: "In this city, Magius is working to release magical girls from a spell."
  56. "We are working to assist them in this goal."
  57. [back to the park]
  58. Kyouko: "'Release from a spell'..."
  59. "In other words, this 'spell' targeting magical girls is that they will become witches..."
  60. "...or at least, that's how they fit together in my head."
  61. Sayaka: "Is that so..."
  62. Kyouko: "sigh..."
  63. "Am I gonna become a witch..."
  64. "Man... I've lived such a worthless life..."
  65. Sayaka: "Kyouko..."
  66. "...Ah, but... I was talking with Madoka..."
  67. "I'm sure there's some way we can live without becoming witches!"
  68. Kyouko: "Yeah, that's probably true."
  69. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  70. Kyouko: "I'm sure one exists..."
  71. "A way to avoid becoming witches..."
  73. 6.4.3
  74. Kyouko: "I'm sure one exists..."
  75. "A way to avoid becoming witches..."
  76. Sayaka: "Kyouko, what do you mean..."
  77. Kyouko: "Those Wings of Magius said it, right?"
  78. "They'll 'release magical girls from a spell'."
  79. "Basically, they probably know some method."
  80. Sayaka: "Ah..."
  81. Kyouko: "At the moment, the people who are probably closest to a method to avoid becoming witches..."
  82. "Would be them, right?"
  83. Sayaka: "That might be true..."
  84. Kyouko: "If you don't wanna become a witch, then the most efficient way would be to go looking for them."
  85. "Perhaps that's what Mami was doing..."
  86. "...And while she was searching for them they did something to her..."
  87. "The hunter became the hunted..."
  88. Sayaka: "Mami-san..."
  89. Kyouko: "Well, if you become a witch, that's it for you."
  90. "All you can do is fight with magical girls, hunt, and be hunted..."
  91. "You too, perhaps, might end up fighting with me."
  92. Sayaka: "No way, Kyouko!"
  93. Kyouko: "I'd be really annoyed if you just gave up and became a witch..."
  94. "I'd run you through if you did!"
  95. Sayaka: "Then..."
  96. Kyouko: "Yeah, I'll also look for a way to avoid becoming a witch."
  97. Sayaka: "Then won't you work with us?"
  98. Kyouko: "Nah, I'll do it alone."
  99. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  100. Kyouko: "I'll clean up the Wings of Magius alone."
  101. Sayaka: "Wait a minute! You can't just..."
  102. Kyouko: "If the same thing happens to me as happened to Mami..."
  103. "Then..."
  104. [battle]
  105. Kyouko: "If the same thing happens to me as happened to Mami..."
  106. "Then..."
  107. "Will you try to save me?"
  108. Sayaka: "Kyouko..."
  109. Kyouko: "Haha, just kidding!"
  110. "I won't screw up like that!"
  111. "First of all, a weakling like you could never do anything to save me!"
  112. Sayaka: "Oh come on! What do you mean by that!?"
  113. Kyouko: "Basically, I'll be okay..."
  114. Sayaka: "Wait..."
  115. Kyouko: "I'll be fine on my own..."
  116. Sayaka: "Hold on, I said..."
  117. Kyouko: "If I find something out, I'll make sure to tell you guys."
  118. [she leaves]
  119. Sayaka: "I told you to wait!!"
  120. [Kyouko reappears]
  121. Kyouko: "..."
  122. Sayaka: "You don't have to bear it all yourself!"
  123. "Why... Why do you..."
  124. Kyouko: "It's fine."
  125. "Even if something happens, I'll be on my own..."
  126. Sayaka: "You can't!"
  127. Kyouko: "See you..."
  128. [she leaves again]
  129. Sayaka: "Wait!"
  130. "..."
  131. "Kyouko..."
  132. "KYOUKO!"
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