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  1. [06:12:02] dilan > o/
  2. [06:12:17] Kevin Banks > o/
  3. [06:12:32] dilan > Ok,  Yesurday, not that I can spell it,  it was Quiet in Home
  4. [06:13:15] dilan > So I decided to do a Little bit of mining,   So I ask the guys that was on if they minded me closeing the holes for a Hour...
  5. [06:14:20] dilan > Which they said no,,  Its fine,   So put on Discord That Rolling the hours,  so I can mine,  if no one can Scan for a hour.   So Rolled the holes..
  6. [06:15:17] Kevin Banks > and what did luke do?
  7. [06:15:37] dilan > Nomand asked if he could Run to Amarr,   I said,  I rolled,  but the 1 as enough mass if you want to go and I will hold,   Which he was like no it fine..
  8. [06:15:58] dilan > Luke at this Point was not even playing.   Login in... but not on.
  9. [06:17:26] dilan > So I was mining for 45mins and Damwell logined it...   I said... Damwell,  Do not Scan I am Mining,  Can you please Give me 15mins to Finish up and you can Scan...  Which he Said that was fine..
  10. [06:17:35] dilan > This is When luke piped up.
  11. [06:19:53] dilan > Telling me I can not mining,  I have to give a Days notice. That I can not tell ppl's not To Scan.   giving me,  Shit,  Which I said,  I asked to give me 15mins and Who the fuck was he,  To tell me I can not Close the holes when It was Quite,  letting Me I need to Give a Days notice or not mine at all..   bearing in Mind,  no one else had a problem with it.
  12. [06:21:30] dilan > Then Comes on Comm's, Then Telling me,  I bearing Rude and insulting at This point,  I said,   if I was Fucking rude and insulting,   he would fucking no about it,   this is me being nice,  Which I said,  he can go fuck himself and Blocked him..
  13. [06:23:21] dilan > But I am not the only one that is Fucked of with him,  Mcpate got he's shit the other day,  Whcih Mcpate convo me about leaving and not Causing drama..  Which I said,   Noooo,   do not do that,  just report in too Webba and let him, know,  whcih he go's he does not want too be a Problem or casue it,  But I think he blocked him nwo too
  14. [06:24:20] dilan > The Last Comment I get from Luke,  Right before I blocked him was telling me to Scan.  but blocked him staight after that
  15. [06:25:36] dilan > O and Luke was Reporting me too Urb,  forgot that one.
  16. [06:25:53] dilan > but that was it
  17. [06:27:46] dilan > he's only been here 5mins and he's all Ready casue issues with ppl's,  no one else as of yet as mention anything to me,  So I do not know if you Guys have any more issues from others..
  18. [06:27:52] Kevin Banks > ill deal with luke, dont worry. one of the only reasons he was alowed back in corp was if he doesnt do stuff like this so itll be dealt with
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