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Katia Gets a Job

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Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. Hello, my name is Katia Managan. I’m a female Khajit who has been living in Cyrodil for the past few months now. Recently, I’ve been given a job from a business known as the “Naughty Akaviri,” who specialize in...”simulating the wonderful and unique sexual fantasies of and for the creatures of Tamriel.” While not the most highly regarded place for employment, it is a well-paying job and they felt my…”abilities” would be better suited for trying out their products. The following journal entries I will write are to help document the experiences and effects induced by the multiple products they will send me to…sample. I’m not in any other form of contact with my employers other than these progress reports for each product they send me, along with payment for my latest “review” for each delivery.
  2. Okay, the first product the company sent me was a realistically sized set of Bosmer genitals promptly named, “The Bossy Bosmer.” Due to their relatively small stature, it was rather easy to…get accustomed to it. I have to say, the quality of these are remarkable. I’ve never been with a Bosmer, but the texture of it was so…realistic. It felt like I was actually touching the real thing! It was both bewildering and arousing observing the thing! It fit in snug, but didn’t really have much length to it, as was expecting. Although, for some reason, I caught a few feral animals following me around for a period afterwards, even into town!
  3. This next one seems to be inspired by alchemists, being a simple mortar turned upside down with a larger than average pestle sticking up at the bottom, giving it the name “Alchemist’s Pestle.” Apparently this toy is meant to “ride” than to just insert, which meant I had to find the right surface to support myself on, but was still pleasant nonetheless. It was cold like stone, but I’m sure it was made of something else, because it began feeling pretty hot after some friction. On a side note, when I was looking at it, there was a bag of red powder inside of the bowl. While my alchemy skills aren’t…notable…I decided to examine it to see why it was included. Unfortunately, my mind grew fuzzy soon after I sampled some of it and…well…all I remember is waking up in some rain barrel and my body feeling light as a feather. While unexpected, what I can remember was somewhat pleasing.
  4. It was a couple of weeks until they sent their next product, and after unpacking the box they sent me containing it, I can see why. “The Moamer,” as it was called was very…unexpecting to say the least. It wasn’t at all like a Breton’s, or a Dark Elf’s, or even an Argonian’s! It was like…a squid. They included with it a bottle of scrib jelly to apply to the…what I could only imagine as the shaft to help it enter, and when I inserted it inside it was like a long, wet tongue had just penetrated me. The curves and spirals making up the length, which I was impressed with even before insertion, felt like nothing I had ever experienced before! It was so slippery and wet! I’ll even admit feeling a twinge of apprehension when I had to send it back.
  5. This next one they sent me closely resembled a penis from a Nord or a Redguard, but was much more…feral looking. Looking at the name, “The Nimble Imga,” I could tell it belonged to an unusual race. It seemed…thicker...especially around the head and base. It was slow getting it in, the scrib jelly they included again made the effort much easier, but I could definitely feel this one. It was more…plump. I didn’t even need to grind against it before my first orgasm, and when I started I couldn’t stop until my legs gave out and my head grew fuzzy. It made me feel so warm and full that I couldn’t help myself…
  6. I wasn’t expecting the next one sent to me. I mean, I was expecting a package, but I wasn’t expecting what KIND of package it was. It wasn’t a toy or dildo, more like a sort of saddle. Like the kind you ride on a horse with. “Silt Rider” was what the name was, and the two, long phallic objects sticking up where one would sit was enough of an indication as to why. I picked up the bottle of lubricant they seem to be including in every package now and applied it to each, being very thorough to avoid any personal harm. After using up half the bottle, I was a little hesitant at first, not really used to having things in…both holes, but it was for a good cause. After straddling the two protrusions, I positioned and readied myself for what was to come. Thankfully, the extra lubricant proved useful in helping them in. Perhaps a bit too well as I had to stop myself before they both went in too deep too quickly. I could feel my muscles tire out quickly from the unfamiliar visitor, my body trying to accommodate both of them at once. I will admit though, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been double penetrated, and if it could always feel like this then it certainly won’t be the last…
  7. Okay, uh…I’m not sure who or what or where this toy was conceived from, but regardless, it must have obviously been tampered with by some sort of transformation potion or curse or something at least! It was a sort of longish box, “Crantius’s Spear,” carved into the top, and latched shut. I was a bit taken aback when it was just a regular looking spear, but I noticed the handle was…penis shaped. Anyway, I began to lube it up like normal, when some runes along the staff began to glow. Immediately I noticed my fur begin to harden and turn red, like scales! I dropped it instantly, but then felt my tail retract and thicken! My feet grew webs in between them, and my arms and legs warped and twisted into that of a lizard’s! I went to look at myself in a pail of water nearby, feeling my ears shift on my head and my eyes slant downward, I knew I had changed, but to what degree I was unsure. When I glanced at my reflection, I was at a loss for words! I was an Argonian! I was sure that staff was cursed, but…when I looked at it, it was like it drew me towards it. I found the bottle of scrib jelly clutched in my scaly hand, and I just started…rubbing it. Every vein and ridge carved into the fake cock was lathered up with the slippery liquid, and strangely that enough was getting me off. I could feel my new body growing hotter the more I worked it. I tried inserting it inside, but spent time after time just rubbing it against myself, grinding against the head and the shaft in frustration, not being able to find whatever it was that I needed to get myself off. After spending the night fellating the end of the spear and playing with myself, I must’ve passed out sometime before morning for I woke up back to my old self, covered in lubricant and my mouth all sticky…not really sure how to rate this one.
  8. I...if it wasn’t for the fact that these journal reviews are mandatory, I wouldn’t share the following information with anyone. I don’t know what sort of sick jokester got a hold of this shipment before the delivery or if it was intentional, but whatever it was, I was NOT warned! It was…it was some sort of tube…thing. “Sload’s Load” had warning signs even before I started using it. I unwrapped it and it was like a really tight sleeve sort of thing. It was fleshy and gave way with just a little bit of grip, obviously not like anything sent to me before. I tried inserting it, but could tell right away it wasn’t meant for that. It was then I noticed a bottle of viscous, cloudy liquid tied to a note included with the package. The instructions on the note told me to drink the potion and apply a supple amount of jelly to the inside of the sleeve, and I was a bit confused as to why, but did so hoping for an explanation afterwards. I uncorked the bottle and a musky, fishy scent hit me before I could take a sip. I had to hold my nose (and my stomach) while I chugged it. As soon as I had put the bottle down and reread the instructions I felt it start to hit me. I dropped to my knees, my head was swirling and felt like it was made of stone. I lied down and closed my eyes, hoping whatever the hell I just drank wouldn’t harm me.
  9. I woke up in a dizzying state, trying to figure out if any part of me was different, thanking the Nine that I was still a Khajit…until I felt something smack against my thigh. I looked down and saw a…dick…swinging between my legs. I thought it was just some hallucination, so I grabbed it and shook it around, and it was real! I had actually grown a penis! I freaked out and started to pull at it, trying to get it off, but that only seemed to…harden it. It was so bizarre, and yet, it wouldn’t go down! I had no other choice! I gripped it with both hands and began to stroke it, but it only made it seem to throb and dribble out precum. I sat there, jerking it for almost an hour, my hands starting to cramp, and this THING not going down. I was at my wit’s end! I mean, I know how to handle these things under normal circumstances, but this fell into a whole new category! None of my usual methods were working, which I tacked on as being part of the spell. I remember looking over and seeing the toy sent with the box and grabbed it, and well…you can probably guess what happened afterwards. I’m not going to go into specifics, but there was a lot more…”payoff” then I expected. Everything sort of becomes a haze after that and uhh…I will admit I needed a couple of baths to get the “residue” out of my fur. But don’t worry about cleaning it! I made sure to do a thorough job before I sent it back!
  10. After the last one sent to me, I was a bit relieved to find a semi-normal sex toy at my doorstep. However, “Werewolf’s Bane” also came with its own…”qualities” that weren’t included with the package. Now I’m not saying I’ve ever been with a dog or a werewolf, because I haven’t! But this thing CLEARLY resembled the genitals of one. It had the tip and knot at the base and everything! It also had a nice, flat bottom to place on the floor or wall. It was actually kind of disturbing trying to imagine how one had to find a model for this, but the concerns melted away once I had it inside. It reached up deeper than I thought it would, making it a great toy for one or two people, but then there were the “qualities” I mentioned earlier. That knot thing at the bottom for instance. Because this certain toy included it, I thought, “Why not try it out?” After a bit of work, I managed to squeeze it inside, but found myself stuck. I figured all I had to do was loosen myself up a bit more, so I just rode it for a while longer. However, and this is where I started to become a little frightened, the knot started to THICKEN.
  11. I’m not sure if this was made for a certain race, but Khajits’ vaginas are NOT made for this kind of thing! Yes, it felt good, and yes, I enjoyed it, but I haven’t even gotten to the little surprise it gave me at the end! When I figured out the whole, “growing inside me” part, my body reflexively tightened down on the whole thing, knot included. This was where I found out that apparently there was some sort of sticky goop contained in it, which started to gush out, in ample amounts might I add. After I had squeezed out enough, only then was the thing able to slip out of me as well as some…thick, and sticky fluid. It was like sap, but was warm…and made my body tingle enjoyably.
  12. This next review I had to write out a day or so after use, due to the fact that: 1) I couldn’t feel my legs until the day after, and 2)I couldn’t figure out how to turn the dang thing off. It didn’t come with a name, just in some old, heavy looking box. It was bronze plated, and had two, curved digits sticking out of it, a lot like that Silt Rider, only without the comfy saddle to sit on. This was more like cold, uncomfortable metal on my butt. Fortunately, I was the right size for this thing, but I could tell this wasn’t made for modern day races. As I tried to get comfy, my foot must’ve hit something because immediately the thing shot out steam and made a loud, whirring noise. I thought I broke it and was about to get off, but it began to fuck me! It shot into me with a pace like a horse stampeding that went on forever! I…I couldn’t keep track of how many times I came, I just started drooling and I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking long enough to search for a way to stop it! Before I passed out, I remember shrieking out as I experienced the most powerful orgasm yet. Thankfully, my legs gave out and I fell off, the machine’s whirring still drumming in my ears. I got a few concerned neighbors stopping by a while after. It was difficult muffling the sounds of the device running.
  13. I’m starting to question whether I’m a sex toy reviewer, or some sort of science experiment. This wasn’t delivered in the usual packaging, more like in some sort of…sealed…chest covered in runes; I can’t even explain it. Only the word, “Wabbajackoff” was etched into the old wood. When I opened it up, there appeared to be the trunk of a young sapling and the roots were still moving. I grabbed it and it was like…voices were speaking to me. In my head. They told me to…put it on the ground, and so I did. It instantly took root through the wooden floor, digging into the ground underneath it. The top part began to twist and form into the shape of a dick, and a rather sizeable one at that. I don’t know what compelled me to proceed forward, but I unhooked my skirt and sat on the head of it, letting it slither into my ass. The voices then began to grow louder, telling me to relax myself. It was…soothing, in a morbid sort of way. The feeling quickly disappeared as I felt the thing start to reach up even deeper in me. However, the voices kept affirming me to relax, and…so I did. But the tendrils inside me kept going and going. I felt my body become one with it. I felt a strange, unknown pleasure from it, having it crawl in me. Though looking back on it now, it was very risky just letting it go about my body like that. I was almost about to climax when I felt an intrusion in the back of my throat, like I was going to vomit. I opened my mouth, but no sound or bile came out, just three, sticky tentacles that looked back at me. I was barely able to breath, but for some reason was getting off to the lack of oxygen. It was then that the three tentacles started to move in and out of me, using my body like a fuck toy. This continued on until they seemed to grow in thickness, cutting off my air supply. I was close to passing out when they suddenly began to spit out globs of sticky sap onto me and the floor. It got kinda fuzzy afterwards again, but I remember rolling my eyes to the back of my head, and a breath of air reaching into my lungs before I hit the floor. My ass burned for a good couple of days, and my dreams were nothing but repeated instances of the event. I woke up constantly in a dazed, horny sweat for several nights. Very concerning.
  14. It seems my employment is being terminated soon, stated by the letter attached to the latest delivery. It was a silver chest, with the insignia of some foreign clan or something. I couldn’t tell, not being very worldly in emblems and such. It was more like a lockbox now that I think about it. Opening it with the key they sent, my jaw almost hit the floor. This thing was MASSIVE. Almost the length of my elbow to my fingers, and practically the width! It certainly lived up to its name, “The Dragonborne Slayer.” I suppose I was to take on the role of whatever this “Dragonborne” is? It…the head was like tipped with these stubs and pointed out like an arrow. It had all these nubs and veins along the shaft and the balls were the size of my foot! I was kinda terrified thinking of how it would fit inside me. I used up the last bottle of scrib jelly making sure it all fit, admiring at all the details and coloring you guys put into it. Then came the moment of truth: I readied myself, never having taken something like this before. I had to tease myself, getting myself wetter beforehand. I squatted over it, thinking of happy thoughts, and descended down. It got stuck at the beginning; I had to prod myself with it for a few minutes before it suddenly got in. I had to hold back shrieking as the lubricant started to work, working the giant dick deeper into me. My body just seemed to give way to its mass. I could feel my body radiating heat, sweating as more and more of it reached inside. My feet and legs went numb, dropping me onto the balls. My mind went blank as I came once, twice, then three times. It was…heavenly. I picked up my head, and something in me just…exploded. I opened up my mouth and a shockwave shot out, blowing off the ceiling of my house! I was in awe of what just happened, but then I became lightheaded and fell backwards, with the dick still in me. After a bit more riding, it loosened me up enough to where it just slid out. I was then left with a feeling of emptiness, in more ways than one. I sort of understood why it was locked up like that. It’s not meant for normal people, guess that’s why I was picked, huh?
  15. Okay, whoever over there sent me this last one can eat me. A pineapple? Really!?
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