MGE Side III Nevia Souvenir Room

Feb 27th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Nevia Souvenir Room
  2. As you would expect, the “Souvenir Room” is last♥
  3. In a city with an aesthetic atmosphere like this, “Souvenir Room” sounds rather cute, doesn’t it♪
  5. Ara, is this something you don’t recognize? It’s called a “Nevian Mask”, like the one you were wearing earlier, and that Viscount Nevi used to hide his face.
  6. By the way, in Nevia, there is a festival held every year involving these masks called the “Nevian Carnival”, where men and women go around all day wearing masks and hiding their faces while spending time together.
  7. Curiously, even though their faces are hidden, people become more “open” and bold because their faces can’t be seen, and even reserved, late-blooming gentlemen who normally have no confidence in their own beauty often call out to us monsters, and during the carnival, many new couples are formed.
  8. And then, the lovers and couples that have spent the whole day unable to see each other’s masked faces remove their masks at the end of the day, showing their faces to their partners...
  9. Can you guess what happens to us monsters when we can’t see our lover’s or husband’s face for a whole day?♥
  10. One can only imagine how lewdly disheveled Lady Christine’s heart and body became after seeing the Viscount’s face for the first time in not just a day, but many years♥
  11. Incidentally, it seems the actual person these masks originate from is so embarrassed by the festival imitating him that he and his wife don’t come out of their bedroom for the whole day, so we don’t get to see their faces, even without masks, for the entire day♥
  13. Here, allow me to tell you a story involving these masks and the festival.
  14. This is a tale of an unscrupulous man who attempted to abuse this festival.
  15. This man, who had only just arrived in Nevia, was a simple but kind, hard-working gentleman.
  16. However, something sad had happened to him in the past, and he looked down on and terribly hated all women.
  17. One year, on the eve of the festival, a mischievous thought suddenly occurred to the man, and he decided to use this mask to do something evil.
  18. “I’ll take advantage of this day when women’s hearts are open, have sex with them, and at the end of the day, I’ll throw them away without removing my mask or revealing my true self.” He thought.
  19. The man made a move on a single woman, and they spent the day together. The woman’s face was hidden, of course, but it was clear from her body and the outline of her face that this was a woman who could not hide her beauty.
  20. The man thought she must surely be a detestable woman who routinely used her good looks to get men to support her.
  21. The man was friendly and honeymouthed, so the woman enjoyed the day immensely, allowing the man to crawl his hands along her body, and accepting his countless kisses.
  22. As the sun was setting, the man brought the woman to an inn for a one-night stand.
  23. However, the man vanished without having sex with the woman, leaving only a copper coin for the woman to stay at the inn.
  24. The man imagined the woman’s face, which he had never seen, contorted with sorrow after his evil deed, and what would happen to the heartbroken woman afterwards.
  25. The image of “women” in his mind that he hated did not match with the “woman” he had just spent the day with, and what remaining conscience he had made him abandon his evil deed at the last moment.
  27. As for me, I believe it’s completely unthinkable to steal her lips and then run away!... Well, anyway, some time passed after that. The man had a problem.
  28. The feeling of the woman’s body he had felt that day wouldn’t leave his hands, the sweet silence and melting feeling of her tongue when he had stolen a kiss wouldn’t leave his mouth.
  29. And every time he thought about it, his lower body grew hot, and no matter how many times he whipped it out to suppress that desire with his own hands, it never went away.
  30. The man found himself wandering around the city like a zombie, searching for the woman he had spent that day with. Then he saw a woman who was looking for someone like he was.
  31. There was a woman whose face was just as beautiful as he had expected, but she looked at the man with obscenely sadistic eyes, and had a lascivious smile on her face, as if her true nature had surfaced.
  32. Nevertheless, it seems the man had never considered that the woman, whose mouth curled into a smile and sneeringly said “found you”, was not a human, but a monster.
  34. Was this the first time you’ve heard that story? That’s understandable.
  35. After all, it isn’t particularly a tale that circulates around Nevia, rather it’s the beginning of my senior’s marriage.
  36. Ufufu♥ Her husband’s torment from the feeling that wouldn’t leave his fingertips, and the indelible pleasure of kissing. You’ve seen that statue, and seen me, so don’t you understand the feeling yourself?
  37. Now then, as for your lodgings tonight... Let’s go to my estate, I shall accompany you to the very end♥ Ufufufufu♥
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