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  1. General Information:
  2.     Name: Elijah Ashley Wakefield
  3.     Nickname: Eli, Elle, Ashley
  4.     Age: 21
  5.     Gender: Male
  6.     Zodiac: Taurus
  8. Cultural Information:
  9.     Birth Date: May 6th, 1997
  10.     Place of Birth: Canterbury
  11.     Hometown: Canterbury
  12.         - Currently lives in San Diego, California
  13.     Occupation: Lead guitarist in a band
  14.     Economic Status: Lower middle class. Very low
  15.     Religious Beliefs: Atheist
  16.     Political Attitude: Hardcore democrat
  18. Appearance:  
  19.     Height: 5’9”
  20.     Hair Color: Platinum Blond
  21.     Eye Color: Lime Green
  22.     Skin Color: If it wasn’t rude to say mayonnaise I would say mayonnaise
  23.     Clothing Preference: Grunge, punk clothes. Iconic leather studded jacket
  24.     Accessories/Weapons: Earrings, a lighter, pack of cigarettes
  25.     Powers: Being unbearable
  27. Physical Characteristics:
  28.     Posture: Decent
  29.     Voice: Gravelly, raspy
  30.     Verbal Expressions:
  32. “Fuckin’ shit dude.”
  33. “Hot damn that is unfortunate!”
  34. “I am so sorry….”     “For what?” “For your parents. They must’ve thought they concieved voldemort.”
  35. “If I can’t be beautiful then what’s the fucking point.”
  36. “You look like a rat.”
  37. “You seem to have something behind your ear. Let me get that for you--” [ cue him reaching behind them and pulling out his middle finger ]
  38. “If you breath smelled any worse, I’m sure it’d rival the smell of London’s pollution problem.”
  39. “You ever consider plastic surgery? I know a guy. His name is god and he’s free if you kill yourself.”
  40. “Oi, whore!”
  41. “I don’t think you’ve snorted enough coke for you to be considered cool. Maybe overdose this time.”
  45. Habits: Smoking, biting his cheek, picking at his cuticles, drinking, smoking weed, vaping if he’s feeling frisky, sleeping in, slouches when he’s proved wrong
  46.     Allergies: None
  47.     Sexuality: Bisexual
  49. Psychological Characteristics:
  50.     Intelligence: Average
  51.     Psychological Disorders: Severe depression
  52.     Obsessions/Compulsions: Smokes, curses like a sailor, doesn’t care about appearances generally so
  53.     Ambivert, introvert, or extrovert: Extrovert
  54.     Disposition/Temperament: Incredibly quick to anger, always on edge and ready to get into a fight. Why is he not in jail.
  55.     Virtues: Loyal, witty, street-smart, generous, reluctantly caring, protective
  56.     Vices: Narcissist, loud mouthed, pushy, aggressive, violent, smug, difficult to please, temperamental
  57.     Other Qualities: Family orientated, curious, superstitious
  58.     Dominant Character Traits: Feisty, untameable, numb
  61. Abilities:
  62.     Languages: English. That’s it. Nothing impressive.
  63.     Hobbies: Playing guitar, going for walks, making fun of vegans, partying, making fun of people, trying on other people’s hats and then apologizing fervently and pretending he has lice
  64.     Quirks: Can’t walk properly: it’s more like a saunter, physically cannot eat more than one meal a day, sleeps around but only when he’s hit absolute rock bottom in his eyes,
  66. Likes and Dislikes:
  67.     Liked Things: Fireplaces, liquor, cinematic classics, The Titanic, Oscar Wilde, the supernatural, isolation, the quiet
  68.     Disliked Things: Literally all of his parental figures, people who vape for the aesthetic, carrots, the world, basically everything, what doesn’t he dislike
  69.     Favorite things: Sex, pizza, hugs, Eloise
  70.     Fears/Phobias: Abandonment, abuse,
  72. Relations:
  73.     Family/Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed step-father, Eloise Nadetta Serihilde Xylander
  74.     Friends: Sylvania, literally no one else
  75.     Lovers: Ryan Nomura ( kind of )
  76.     Coworkers: Other band members that I need to name
  77.     If not married, do they want to be: …...no
  78.     Does this character intend to have children: ………...no
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