Chapter 1 - Stage 1

Nov 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Opening
  3. I have severe pain in my whole body and I cant move.
  4. I cant even open my eyes so I tried to grasp where I was in the darkness.
  5. However I couldnt understand anything since my head hurt a lot.
  6. I tried to stop thinking about the pain and then I heard a voice.
  8. Girl B: Are you breathing? ...It looks like you are alive!
  9. I thought you were dead...
  10. It would have been a big deal if I was a little late!
  11. Girl A: Griffon, watch your wording.
  12. This is the person we have been looking for...
  13. The person that will be our master.
  15. Who are they? I hear voices, but I dont understand...
  17. Girl A: Master? Is it too early to call him master?
  18. I should inject him for the time being.
  19. It seems like hes having trouble breathing.
  21. My neck is tingling.
  22. Something is entering my body. Is it a needle?
  24. Girl A: I hope you can wake up with this...
  26. You wake up
  28. Grifon: Have you come back to life? Are your eyes working?
  29. It looks like you can breath properly.
  30. Constantia: Good. If this human gives us orders
  31. We should be able to fight properly.
  32. Griffon: Is it possible for him to do that in such a state? giving an order...
  33. It looks like he doesnt remember anything.
  34. What would you do if you were given a strange order?
  35. Constantia: It is okay if he cant remember anything.
  36. As a long he can provide us with an attack command the battle should be much easier
  38. Attack command? I cant remember? Fight properly?
  39. Who are these girls and what are they talking about?
  40. I want to get up and listen better, but I still cant move my body freely.
  42. Griffon: If he cant give us an order hes just dead-weight.
  43. If he doesnt remember should I explain it?
  44. Constantia: Ill explain it to him. Even if it takes time.
  45. Im sure he will give us an attack command.
  46. Griffon: Is that so... Hey! Its working now!
  47. Is his conscious coming back?
  48. Can humans talk? Say something!
  50. <<You have 2 options, but its doesnt matter>>
  52. Where am I?
  53. Who are you?
  55. Griffon: It sounds like he can speak... Constantia, do humans speak?
  56. Iron bugs cant speak words...
  57. Constantia: Originally humans used words. We are just imitating them.
  58. Because we were made to act like human beings.
  59. Please wait a moment human. We will give you support.
  60. I will explain it later, so please wait a little longer
  61. Nice to meet you, human.
  62. I am Constantia, a home security bioloid.
  63. And this is Griffon, a bioloid made for mobile attacks.
  64. Griffon say hello too.
  65. Griffon: First dont say my name so casually, I wasnt waiting for humans like the others.
  66. Constantia: Griffon? Thats not a greeting, right?
  67. Once again... Say hello properly, Please?
  69. <<2 options again>>
  71. What do you mean you didnt wait for humans?
  73. Constantia: Ah, there are a lot of things to worry about right now...
  74. Could you wait for a while? Because the procedure has not been completed yet...
  75. Mmm, first of all, it seems better to hurry up and register him as a commander, we dont have too much time...
  76. We need you name to explain everything accurately.
  77. Could you tell me your name?
  78. (You)-Sama. I understand. The registration in the bioloid database is complete.
  79. I would like to explain the current situation...
  80. But this is a dangerous place so I will do it after returning to the headquarters for the time being.
  81. We finally escaped from the iron bugs here. We have to leave soon before they find us...
  83. *Tremor
  85. Griffon: Constantia! It looks like they found us!
  86. I detect the enemy in the passage of the east direction.
  87. The distance is... Within 500 meters!
  88. Constantia: So close? Scan the other passages.
  89. Is there one without iron-bugs?
  91. Griffon: Constantia! Lets fight! The number is less that six.
  92. We have a human, so if he give us orders, its okay to fight, right?!
  93. Constantia: Such a battle with (You) unprotected.
  94. Its too dangerous. We should evacuate here for the time being...
  96. *Another tremor
  98. Griffon: Order me to fight because there is no safe passage!
  99. They will break the door!
  100. We all have a built-in combat program?!
  101. We can win against that number.
  102. I hope this person can give me an attack command.
  103. Constantia: I never expected to be in such a dangerous situation...
  104. Umm, (You)?
  105. Would you give us an attack order?
  107. Attack command? Why?
  109. Constantia: We cannot perform destructive actions without the orders of a human commander.
  110. If an human give us an attack command we will be able to fight and break this siege.
  112. Who are you fighting?
  114. Griffon: You dont know what iron-bugs are?
  116. Iron-bug? The moment I heard that I feel my head is being stabbed by a knife.
  118. Griffon: Whats wrong? Why are you so serious suddenly?
  119. If you dont know... Ill explain it...
  121. The words of that girl, Griffon.
  122. The moment I heard "Iron-bugs", countless of words filled my head.
  124. Predation!Extinction! Heresy! Devil!
  125. Countless of words and images crossed my mind.
  127. When I noticed, I was attacked by the feeling that the iron-bugs were the enemy.
  128. How to fight them? I was thinking
  129. Then a strategy to fight them came to me like a waterfall.
  131. Griffon: Are you okay human? Im sorry, I wasnt trying to offend you...
  132. I Apologise if thats the case...
  133. What happened?
  135. Give an attack order. Should I take the command?
  137. Griffon: Are you serious? Are you going to command us even though you dont remember anything?
  139. I want you to believe me.
  140. If the knowledge Ive got is correct there shouldnt be any problem.
  142. Constantia: ...Understood. attack order received.
  143. Griffon, get ready for battle too.
  145. Griffon: Are you going to fight too?
  146. Constantia: Griffon, we have been ordered.
  147. I believe in his words. I have no choice but to fight.
  148. Griffon: Hmm... I dont know anymore. If thats the case...
  149. Should I go to the eastern passage for the time being?
  150. Constantia: Follow the instructions
  151. Commander! Orders Please!
  153. Ending
  155. Griffon: You see, Its no big deal if you take it seriously.
  156. Constantia: Thats right. It was good for the first time.
  157. But dont let you guard down.
  158. The iron bugs I talked before are low-ranking combatants...
  159. The horror of the high-grade iron-bugs...
  160. You know it well right?
  161. Griffon: Dont worry, Ill be careful
  162. By the way... human. What did you mean earlier?
  163. You commanded the battle well.
  164. Constantia: Commander... Master, Have you learnt about tactics?
  165. I was surprised how well that fight went
  166. Griffon you think that too?
  167. Griffon: Hmm... well, it wasnt bad.
  168. But im not very good at it, is it normal?
  169. Anyways. Human what do you want to know?
  171. <<3 options>>
  172. What are bioloids? Are you bioloids?
  174. Griffon: Thats something strange to hear. You humans made bioloids, us.
  175. You dont even know about that?
  176. Constantia: My master hasnt completely recovered his memory yet.
  177. Ill explain it briefly.
  178. In the past, we biolods were made through artificial methods to serve humans.
  179. In other words, we were developed based on human cells.
  180. My job is to look after master security and house chores.
  181. In our case, we are combat trained bioloids.
  182. Thanks to that, even after the extinction of humans...
  183. We were able to continue the resistance.
  184. Is there anything else you want to know?
  186. Why am I the commander?
  188. Constantia: ...Because you were the first human we have met after the destruction of the human race.
  190. Did humans fall?
  192. Constantia: Maybe you dont remember...
  193. Sadly, the humans were destroyed by the iron bugs.
  194. Iron bugs that appeared out of nowhere are the reason of the human destruction.
  195. Humans had no way to resist the power of the iron-bugs.
  196. We the bioloids fought hard, but... after all...
  198. The destruction of humans. It doesnt sounds too good. Is it because I dont remember anything?
  199. Constantia seems to be sadder than I am.
  200. I feel weird.
  201. I have to understand the whole situation as soon as possible.
  203. Lets move for now.
  205. Constantia: I agree, if we take more time, it will be dark before we arrive.
  206. For the time being, I will communicate with the headquarters. Are you ready Griffon?
  207. Griffon: Yes, Ill start a communication connection.
  208. What is happening? ... Is it a malfunction?
  209. Constantia: Whats wrong?
  210. Griffon: The signal seems to be working, but no one is receiving it.
  211. What could be happening?
  212. Constantia: No way... something happened at the base...
  213. Griffon: Oh no, we have to go!
  214. We will understand what is happening once we arrive.
  215. Constantia: No, lets go to place where we can evacuate first.
  216. The shelter under the lighthouse.
  217. Griffon: Are you serious? Shouldnt be better to return to the base?
  218. Constantia: No, It could be too late. If the base was under attack...
  219. We first need to evacuate Master to a safe place, the shelter.
  220. Then we go to the base.
  221. Griffon: Understood. Alright. Human you have no problem, right?
  223. There is no reason to not choose the safer option in this situation.
  224. No problem.
  226. Griffon: Alright, to the shelter of the lighthouse.
  228. Some time later.
  230. Constantia: Welcome back griffon. How was that over there?
  231. Which road looks safer? That one?
  232. Griffon: No... I cant believe it.
  233. A group of iron bugs are rushing to this place?
  234. I think its impossible to pass without combat.
  235. Before I realised so many iron-bugs came.
  236. Constantia: No way... Are they aiming for our master?
  237. Griffon: That might be the case. How did you know?
  238. Constantia: In the past even during the war of extinction, the iron-bugs were extraordinary in finding humans.
  239. Anyways, isnt it dangerous at this rate?
  240. Griffon: Yup, the siege line is getting narrower and narrower.
  241. What do we do? There is no way out!
  242. Constantia: Master? What should I do?
  243. It seems that we have been surround by the iron-bugs.
  245. 2 options
  246. Lets go through the siege line.(x)
  247. Lets find a detour.
  249. Constantia: After all it seems that there is only that method. Understood.
  250. Griffon, tell me where is the thinnest part of the siege line.
  251. Griffon: It seems it is the east part.
  252. But Constantia, No matter what you think we are still in numeral disadvantage...
  253. Constantia: Still, we have to do something.
  254. Are you sure you want to take this route master?
  256. Yes, lets go.
  258. Constantia: Yes, master! Get ready for departure.
  260. Wait a minute, there is someone over there.
  262. Johanna: Isnt our companion the one over there?
  263. Looks like that you are in trouble.
  264. Constantia: Johanna-san? What do you mean?
  265. Griffon: Johanna? Did you wait for us here?
  266. Johanna: Unfortunately we dont have time to explain the whole story here.
  267. Everyone come with me.
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