Evan Isro's story

Nov 14th, 2019
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  1. Evan Isro's life began in the undercity of the great human city of Doringrad. Born in the undercity, that city's crime-ridden underbelly; where the sunken ruins of the old dwarven fortress upon which the city was built are used as a vast slum of sunless poverty. There, he lived a life to adulthood simply by surviving and making it day by day finding food to eat and a place to sleep away from the gangs and pimps who used kids like him to furnish the members of their entourage. For twenty years the man stole, killed, and threatened others so he could see another day as an anonimous gang though. Living the life of a soulless criminal because he never knew any other way.
  3. His life changed only when a priestess of Cassiel came to the undercity. She took nothing from others and offered only modest comfort to those who had nothing. Finding stale bread from inns and carting it to the places worst off in the undercity, her modest actions were like a becon of sunshine in a place where only darkness reigned. Approaching her at first because he suspected she was somehow taking advantage of the people she was helping, Evan soon found her actions to be genuine and her intentions pure. And as he came to see her more and more, he came to care for her and eventually they bacame a couple.
  5. But such happy stories can never last long in the undercity of Doringrad much like a single beam of sunshine will always be overcast by clouds during a storm. Evan's chief, a thug known as Stone which oversaw a third of the Doringrad Thieve's Guild, called for the girl to be brought to him as he didn't like the new strength and hope this girl inspired in the downtrodden of his district and he would see her brought to heel before him. Rather than see such a thing happen, Evan grabbed the girl and ran from the city and everything he'd ever known.
  7. Going from city to city, the couple fled far and eventually settled in a village by the name of Groundsborough. There, the couple found a new life for themselves away from the dangers of Doringrad and far from the evil men who had known him. Eventually, the priestess became pregnant and a little girl named Lucie was born. The pregnancy had been difficult however and the mother died in the ordeal. Knowing that his funds would run out soon and that he himself was no farmer and had few skills to offer outside of the life of urban crime he had known, Evan left his daughter in the care of the city's orphanage whist he ventured out into the world to secure the funds by which his daughter might live.
  9. Abandoning the names he had known before so as not to be recognized by his former compatriots, the adventurer Evan Isro made his way to the West Marches where he collects the gold pieces he needs to provide a safe future to his one and only daughter.
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