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Ixcaliber May 24th, 2012 18 Never
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  1. Username: Ixcaliber
  2. Name: Pyrfaen
  3. Race: Legendary Sword
  4. Gender: Feminine
  5. Description: [spoiler][img]http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv360/Ixcaliber/PyrfaenandSurEthan.png[/img][/spoiler]
  7. Pyrfaen is a Legendary Sword and as such she has sort of a Legendary Aura about her. Anyone who sets their eyes upon her knows they are looking upon a Sword of Legend even if they aren’t specifically aware of the legends that surround Pyrfaen. She is a two-handed sword with a long gold handle, a silver blade and a ruby set into her base. Though she is a Legendary Sword she’s not really a sword designed for actual combat so to speak. She’s more ceremonial and consequently her edge is not exactly razor-sharp. That said she can still inflict some damage if wielded properly. She is remarkably light for such a large and heavy looking sword.
  9. Sur Ethan the Bold, better known as Ethan Cromwell of 12 Bridge Street is just some guy. He used to work in an office and he still wears the shirt and red tie that he wore while he did so. He’s about twenty with pale skin, a wild mop of ginger hair and freckles. He’s tall and thin, probably best described as lanky, and he’s moderately attractive.
  11. Personality wise Pyrfaen is fascinated with tales of Great Heroes and the Legendary Weapons that they use. This is due to the fact that the legend in which she features is not all that exciting. She sincerely hopes that eventually she will be the blade of a Great Hero and she will finally be part of a legend that doesn’t totally suck. To this end she tries to encourage anyone who wields her to have Adventures, to be noble and bold and righteous, no matter who or what they are. She sings with an astounding soprano though her songs are all in some long dead language that nobody understands any more except for her. They are all ballads about ancient Heroes fighting evil and generally being heroic.
  13. Ethan is a daydreamer. He’s little more than a kid and he used to have an office job that he hated, until he got a hold of Pyrfaen. She showered him with praise about how heroic he could be and all the Adventures he could be having and wow he thought this sounded great, so off he went on Adventures. He is young and idealistic and incredibly impressionable. He sort of has a thing for Pyrfaen which is a touch awkward sometimes because she is a sword and thus not sexually compatible.
  15. Abilities: Pyrfaen has something of an influence over her wielders. While she sings she can make them more adept at combat, though that said she can’t make them all that good at combat because she isn’t all that good herself. Essentially she can make them good enough not to accidentally injure themselves, but they are unlikely to be winning any swordfights just through this. Ethan has no abilities.
  17. Backstory: The Legend of Pyrfaen is actually pretty dull. You don’t really want to hear that. Instead what is more exciting is the story of how Pyrfaen and her previous wielder, Sur Gregory The Indefatigable, got pulled into a battle to the death against seven other beings. Sur Gregory was, unlike Sur Ethan, an actual knight. He had long flowing blonde hair, a noble steed and the most magnificent beard that had ever been seen. He didn’t make it. Ethan Cromwell happened to be working in what was the setting of the round immediately following Sur Gregory’s death. Pyrfaen would have rather preferred someone who had a little more experience than this kid to be her new wielder, but with the situation being what it was she had to make do. Plus there was something sort of charming about Ethan’s innocence.
  19. Together they managed to escape the battle and went looking for Adventures. This didn’t last long though, before she knew it Pyrfaen was dragged back to finish off an old foe and perhaps forge a new Legend in the process.
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