Nighttime Readjustment 1

Oct 21st, 2018
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  1. >As you woke up, you noticed that something was off
  2. >This difference wasn't enough to make you open your eyes--only your alarm could do that, and only after it had been doing off for like ten minutes--but it was puzzling
  3. >There was a new spell in the air
  4. >It was like an earthy, woody, cold smell
  5. >Your room was a carefully crafted mesh of scents that you had cultivated every since you had gotten this apartment, and this new spell wasn't part of the feng shui
  6. >As you woke up a bit more, you realized that that wasn't the only thing that was off
  7. >You felt warmer than you should have
  8. >And not snug-as-a-bug-underneath-all-of-your-blankets warmer either
  9. >This body heat wasn't your own
  10. >Your pillow also felt way too firm and furry, and, if you didn't know any better, you'd have said that he was moving
  11. >In your half-awake state it took a few moments for you to put the pieces together
  12. >You were no alone in your bedroom
  13. >There was someone else here
  14. >They were here and they were in the bed with you
  15. >Your body tenses, and you're ready to open your eyes and do... something
  16. >Scream, start throwing elbows, biting, a combination of the three
  17. >You also kinda needed to piss so you might have thrown that in the mix and saw where it took you
  18. >Before you could so any of that, someone chuckled in your ear
  19. >"I was wondering when you were going to rise."
  20. >Your eyes snapped opened
  21. >Staring back at you were two deep blue pools
  22. >They glinted in the darkness, filled with mischief
  23. >"Hello there, Anonymous. Did you sleep well?"
  24. >You jumped as you felt teeth gently nibbling your ear
  25. >One of your hands curl into a fist
  26. >Sleepy and panicked, you attempt to cock back said fist and punch the intruder right out the window
  27. >You try and fail
  28. >You can't left your arm
  29. >Something was holding it against your chest
  30. >"Now, now, none of that," your unwanted bed buddy said, leaning back so you could get a good look at her. "You might hurt yourself, and we can't have that can we?"
  32. >Princess MOTHERFUCKING LUNA smiles down at you
  33. "...What the fuck?"
  34. >The princess chuckles
  35. >"How vulgar, though I suppose that's to be expected. Twilight Sparkle has said time and again that you're a foulmouthed one."
  36. >Something brushes against the small of your back
  37. >Not a hoof, or even a limb
  38. >Was it her freaky mane?
  39. >"She had a good many things to say about you. Her and no less than fifty ponies," the princess continued. "They complain about a willful stallion that does not watch his mouth in front of children and pretends as though he doesn't have a cock between his legs."
  40. >You tried struggling against whatever was holding you down
  41. >This only seemed to make the alicorn's smile widen
  42. >There were more things touching you
  43. >Like dozens of little electric sparks
  44. >"I suppose it's nopony's fault but our own. The stallions in Ponyville have egged you on from what I've been told, and when a mare tries to set you straight you laugh in their face, something which most would consider very rude, mare or stallion, though perhaps that just might be how you hyoo-mans conduct yourselves."
  45. >The princess snorted
  46. >"It's really is silly all of the things I've heard about you, my little stallion. Rumors and boasts that you've shouted to any that would heard."
  47. >Something brushed against your leg
  48. >"I believe that super-equine stamina was referred to somewhere. If I didn't know any better, I'd have said that some boastful filly was running amok."
  49. >Princess Luna nuzzled your cheek, using a hoof to turn your head to the side so she could nuzzle the other
  50. >"But I know something that everypony else doesn't, my big STRONG stallion. I know that all of the fire and boastfulness is only skin deep. Isn't that right?
  51. >Something wrapped around your hand
  52. >Something else wrapped around your leg
  53. >You tried to open your mouth to say something, but it only came out as a squeak as those somethings grip on you tightened ever so slightly
  55. >"Anonymous, the giant of a stallion that swears up and down that he's not only the equal but the better of any mare in Equestria and beyond, wants to be dominated?"
  56. "I-I--"
  57. >Hooves press themselves onto your sides
  58. >The Princess rolled you both over so that she was on top of you, pinning you to the bed
  59. >"He wants somepony to come along and silence all of his squabbling, and from your dreams you've set the scenes many times, have you not? I wonder what some of those mares would say if they found out, hmm? Mrs. Rarity in particular would no doubt be interested which part of you you'd like her to sit on. Maybe Pinkie would like to know just how much you'd like her to play with this--"
  60. >Your eyes grew huge as you felt something brush against your cock
  61. >Your member twitched, tenting against your pants
  62. "--not giving you release until you were a sobbing, broken mess. What would she say I wonder? And would would poor Sweetie Drops think if she found out that you want nothing more than her to force you to the ground and ride you until she was filled with your seed and thoroughly pregnant?"
  63. >A tongue dragged itself across your ear
  64. >You shuddered, face twitching
  65. >"Oh, I know even now you'd never admit it, but you can't hide your desires from me, my little human. Your dreams echo through the dreamscape like a bell. You know that my subjects, if need be, could overpower as if you were a foal. What is boasting compared to a mare that can throw a tree through the air with a kick, or a mare that can move a building with but a thought? Even a pegasus could no doubt take what she wanted and make an honest stallion out of you."
  66. >The Princess leaned down, her hot, moist breath bathing your face
  67. >"We shall see if your "stamina" nonsense means a thing when a unicorn is finished with you."
  68. >Princess Luna chuckled again
  69. >"Oh you poor, defenseless, helpless stallion. If only you knew just how easily a mare could drain the seed from your body."
  71. >Dozens of little surges were all around your groin
  72. >They were tickling and teasing the space around your cock, never touching the throbbing, hard orgasm
  73. >You found yourself breathing just a little faster, a bead of sweat making its way down your face
  74. >The princess's tongue darted out, licking it up
  75. >"Hmm. I wonder how long you'd truly last if I thought to break you? days, a few hours? Maybe you'd submit without a fight, cease all of your nonsense and turn into the quiet, sweet little stallion that you were always meant to be."
  76. >Princess Luna grinned
  77. >You could see fangs
  78. >"What say you, my little hyoo-man? Are you ready to be broken like a feral stallion?"
  80. ~_~_~_~_~
  82. >You sat up in your bed
  83. >Your fist lashed out, smashing your favorite lamb into a million pieces
  84. "Cocksucking, motherfucking, dick demon!"
  85. >Your head whipped around
  86. >You were alone in your bedroom
  87. >There wasn't a princess in sight
  88. >You clenched at your chest, leaning back against your headboard
  89. >A dream...
  90. >It was a weird fucking dream but just a dream...
  91. >...
  92. >Frowning, you pulled off your blankets
  93. >Looking down at your pants, you pulled at the waistband and took a peek at your junk
  94. >You had cum all over yourself
  95. >Like an underwear ruining amount
  96. "...Shit."
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