Xenos Hunters Session 46 The adventures of the Insane Duo.

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  1. #HarbingersofDoom
  2.         -->|    YOU (antoine) have joined #HarbingersofDoom
  3.         -->|    Mir ( has joined #HarbingersofDoom
  4.         =-=     Mir is now known as Sinbad
  5.         -->|    Anselm ( has joined #HarbingersofDoom
  6.         antoine As you level 1km above the ground the hangar looms before you, five Iron Warriors off to your right stand ready with bolters held across their chests. As you coast in the heretic serfs run around to prepare the bay. A pair of dark tech priests also come forward, one on three pointy stilt-like limbs while the other rolls forward on a pair of tracks.
  7.         Anselm  peers out the port windshields, looking over the people in the bay.
  8.         Sinbad  covers himself with his camo-cloak and does the same
  9.         Anselm  grunts, and gets down. ++The Warsmith. He isn't here.++
  10.         Anselm  looks to Sinbad. ++Should we draw their attention, or should we infiltrate?++
  11.         Sinbad  ++So many Iron heretics all around me...++
  12.         Sinbad  ++I want to kill them all...++
  13.         Sinbad  ++...Can we destroy this aircraft somehow as they gather?++
  14.         Anselm  ++I'm thinking on that. This vessel can't be allowed to leave again.++
  15.         Sinbad  ++They will soon discover that there's not very much "technical difficulty" in restoring it...++
  16.         Anselm  's mouth twitches. He leans forward, jams the stick forward and, without any finesse, floors the plane's accelerator at full-power. ++Get ready to go out the window, Sinbad.++
  17.         Sinbad  is already with hands on the hole in the cockpit that Anselm came through
  18.         Sinbad  ++...Don't look at me like that.++
  19.         Sinbad  ++It's not that I do not trust your flight abilties /at all/, Brother.++
  20.         Anselm  jams the accelerator and quickly leaves the seat, announcing to his storm pistol arm-mount, "My aim be revenge," before following Sinbad.
  21.         Sinbad  ++Revenge is the best. Shatter the Iron Cage, and whatnot.++
  22.         Sinbad  clambers out and hangs by his fingers and mag-boots on the outside of the hole, waiting for Anselm
  23.         Anselm  ++And the Iron Cage only turned out to be a trap. I've had enough overconfident moments to last me a lifetime, Brother. I just want to end this hell now and go home and make my Chapter right.++
  24.         antoine The Harbinger pushes forward, the crews diving out of the way as they notice the craft moving far too fast for a proper landing, the wing catches a fuel station and spins, throwing you around violently as the promethium spills out onto the hangar floor. The bomber slams into the ground where it screeches until it crumples half of its port side against the far wall.
  25.         Anselm  steadies himself. ++Hopefully it won't be flyable again. Let's get going, Sinbad!++
  26.         Sinbad  lets go of his perch and re-secures his camo-cloak and proceeds to the next hiding spot on all fours
  27.         Anselm  grabs onto the edges of the hatch, and jumps up and out. ++I'll distract them for you!++
  28.         Anselm  fires his jump pack, and flies up over the hangar.
  29.         Sinbad  grumbles incessantly with Litanies of Hatred near the Iron Warriors
  30.         antoine Below you four Iron Warriors recover, promethium slowly weeps out from the fuel tank to fill the room while one dark tech priest is scavenging materials from the other's broken form like some cannibal of technology.
  31.         Anselm  , seeing the weeping fuel, lifts his gauntlet and shouts, "Mine is the purging fury!"
  32.         Anselm  lifts his gauntlet, and opens fire on the promethium spill.
  33.         Anselm  ++Burn as a pyre, traitors!++
  34.         antoine The promethium ignites, the circles of flame spread from the bolt impacts, merging and expanding out to the fuel tank that explodes, throwing the Iron warriors to the ground to be consumed by the jet fuel.
  35.         antoine Soon the entire room is ablaze with some of the fuel leaking from the hangar entrance and spilling down the side of the mountain. Two doors give you exit routes.
  36.         Sinbad  attacks the Iron Warriors on the ground, hoping to do them in before they get out of the room
  37.         Sinbad  ++Left or right, Brother?!++
  38.         Anselm  ++You choose, we go together!++
  39.         Sinbad  begins to run towards the rightmost door, deliberately jumping on the chests of the Iron Warriors along the way, his power sword dragging along over them as he goes
  40.         Anselm  follows after Sinbad, coming to ground by the doorway.
  41.         Anselm  ++Let's finish this, Sinbad!++ Anselm shouts, readying his relic blade and rushing through the doorway.
  42.         Sinbad  readies his sword and bolter, rushing through the halls
  43.         antoine You stalk the interior corridors of the mountain complex looking for a command and control center.
  44.         Anselm  ++Wait, Brother, I think I saw something.++
  45.         Anselm  stops, and immediately turns back to look into a viewport.
  46.         Anselm  examines the bulkhead, sizing it up. ++Brother, come here...++
  47.         Anselm  grunts, and then immediately lays into it with his relic blade.
  48.         Sinbad  turns around and looks at what Anselm is doing
  49.         Sinbad  ++What did you find?++
  50.         Anselm  ++I think...++ Anselm strikes the door again. ++I found...++
  51.         Anselm  ++Him!++ Anselm shouts, and rends a man-sized hole through the plating. He looks at his work for a moment, before looking over to his Brother, and passes through, arm-mount raised and ready.
  52.         Sinbad  drinks from the water straw in his armor as he awaits the answer
  53.         Sinbad  shrugs and follows behind
  54.         antoine You enter an empty corridor.
  55.         Sinbad  looks about
  56.         Sinbad  puts his hand on the shoulder of his Battle Brother
  57.         Sinbad  ++Brother...++
  58.         Sinbad  ++...DID THE EMPEROR TELL YOU TO GO IN HERE AS WELL?++
  59.         Anselm  growls, and steps along the hall.
  60.         Sinbad  follows along, looking up and down for portents
  61.         Anselm  peers out along the path, looking for any sign of recent activity.
  62.         Anselm  takes a heavy snort, and points to the floor. ++Look, Brother. Footprints.++
  63.         Anselm  ++Traitors have been through here.++
  64.         Sinbad  grips his sword, looking at the traces
  65.         Anselm  kneels, and looks closer at the prints. ++And something else...++
  66.         Sinbad  ++Trap? They know full well we are here after the explosion of the bomber.++
  67.         Anselm  stands again, and readies his blade. The Champion follows the trail of the prints.
  68.         antoine You continue onwards, following a snaking path further into the fortress
  69.         Sinbad  continues along the way, interspersing the journey with pointedly attempting to discover if the Emperor also talks to Anselm in his head
  70.         Sinbad  suddenly stops, then pulls his brother along in a maddened run
  71.         Anselm  ++What in the name of--++
  72.         Sinbad  ++DJINN-FEY! AND THEY ARE FIGHTING! I HEAR THEM!++
  73.         Anselm  ++Eldar? You see them?!++
  74.         Sinbad  ++...If I could see them, I wouldn't say I heard them?++
  75.         Sinbad  ++But their weapons are easily heard...can you hear it? The sound akin to pissing very hard, very fast, very painfully?++
  76.         Sinbad  ++And in bursts?__
  77.         antoine You stomp foward coming a slew of iron warrior serf corpses line the halls as you advance
  78.         antoine coming upon a slew*
  79.         antoine lining the halls*
  80.         Anselm  shoves past Sinbad, igniting his jump pack's turbofans to push forward, not even caring to maneuver around the corpses.
  81.         Sinbad  ++Wait, wait for me! I want their brains! They are delicious!++
  82.         Sinbad  engages his own jump pack, following like a hungry fat man to the Old Imperial Buffet
  83.         antoine A doorway looms ahead, through it you hear a human and eldar talking.
  84.         Anselm  looks to Sinbad, and charges for the door, sword poised to stab into it.
  85.         antoine "Kal koem feok iam"
  86.         antoine The door has be blown inwards, the soft eldar words wafting outwards.
  87.         Anselm  rushes in, seeking out the room's occupants.
  88.         Sinbad  holds Anselm, putting a "shh" to his skull-beak,
  89.         antoine As you burst into the room you see Oriel in conversation with an Eldar leader, her high helm and spear marking her out amongst the lesser warriors.
  90.         Sinbad  ++...I knew he was a dirty witch. They gather in their covens...++
  91.         Sinbad  pulls back behind a wall, covering him and Anselm with his camo-cloak
  92.         Anselm  's eyes grow wide. ++Oriel!++
  93.         Sinbad  ++They speak. "He is below us." It may well be Oeris, if their aims coincide with ours.++
  94.         Anselm  pushes past Sinbad, gripping his relic blade tight. ++What is this?!++
  95.         antoine Their markings indicate they are Sar-Crys, Oriel holds up his rod, the spike not extended. "Hold honored marines."
  96.         Sinbad  grunts, his meager strength no match for Anselm's fury, and follows
  97.         Sinbad  "What is the meaning of this?! You associate with the likes of them?!"
  98.         antoine "We share a common goal. The death of Oeris."
  99.         antoine The Eldar look on edge and eager for a fight
  100.         Sinbad  curses at the Eldar, speaking of their souls and his slowly-ornamented honor codpiece in his belongings
  101.         Anselm  "Damn common goals, these... these creatures murdered my Chapter!"
  102.         antoine "And now they will help save this crusade."
  103.         Anselm  points a finger to Oriel. "How can you stand there and tell me they will help? The only thing they mean to do is use this opportunity to kill us all somehow!"
  104.         Sinbad  ++Would it help to say that their brains are absolutely delicious? Would you like to try it, Inquisitor? It's wonderful.++
  105.         antoine "You both owe me, I have helped you and now you will honor that pact by helping me and these xenos in hunting down Oeris."
  106.         Sinbad  ++...No brains?++
  107.         Sinbad  visibly slumps
  108.         Anselm  grits his teeth, and slowly stands down. "Of course, Inquisitor. Of course. Sinbad."
  109.         Anselm  looks back to the Chaplain. "You said something about... below, yes?"
  110.         Sinbad  sighs, turns around, and sulks towards Anselm
  111.         Sinbad  "The djinn-fey said so, yes. Unless they mean to betray us."
  112.         Anselm  visibly quivers. "Very well."
  113.         antoine "We have plans." he holds up a floorplan, "Look at these. This command center has the best lead so far."
  114.         Anselm  brushes past the Inquisitor, ignoring him. The Champion swiftly swings his relic blade over his head, and brings it down on the floor.
  115.         antoine "Orders for massive troop re-allocation to a sub-basement level. Here" He points out a Massive room with eight evenly spaced tunnels heading into it.
  116.         Sinbad  " bad number. It shall doom us with foul magicks."
  117.         Sinbad  remembers to keep his distance from Oriel due to his relic, but listens
  118.         Sinbad  ++Did you hear that, Brother-Champion?++
  119.         antoine Anselm's strike lodged itself in the heavy plating and rock beneath your feet.
  120.         Anselm  snarls. ++Point me,++ he hisses, ++to whatever stairwell there is... and don't ever let me see these creatures again, or I will end them.++
  121.         Sinbad  points his thumb over his shoulder to Anselm
  122.         antoine Oriel flips through a few floor plans to plan a route, "That door, one hundred meters, take a right and then follow the stairs. That will intersect with one of the tunnels." He points at a door to your left.
  123.         Sinbad  "My Brother wishes to know how to get there. As do I. He is angry, and I am both angry and peckish."
  124.         Anselm  glares at the Inquisitor one last time before leaving.
  125.         Sinbad  follows along, giving one last appraising stare at Oriel and his choice of company
  126.         antoine The stairway was where Oriel said it would be, you descend into the darkness below, the few lights available flicker as the power fluctuates.
  127.         Anselm  hurries downwards as quickly as he can, hoping to put the Inquisitor and the xenos behind him.
  128.         antoine The servo skull following Sinbad suddenly buzzes into life, *RNING, WARNING-interference detected*
  129.         Sinbad  looks back to it, then freezes in understanding
  130.         Sinbad  ++Brother! Witchery is afoot!!++
  131.         Anselm  ++Then move faster!++ Anselm snaps.
  132.         Sinbad  moves with Anselm, his relic held out before him like a warding wand
  133.         antoine *B-B-Be---hzzrt, det--.....All Clear, no psychic disturbances detected*
  134.         Sinbad  ++...They are either done, or still preparing. Haste!++
  135.         Sinbad  grabs onto the skull and moves forwards still with Anselm
  136.         Anselm  continues along unhindered.
  137.         Anselm  says to his gauntlet, "My aim be revenge!" before readying his relic blade.
  138.         antoine You continue downwards, burying deeping into the rock until the stairs finally end with a tunnel, roughly carved rock surrounds you.
  139.         Sinbad  goes into the tunnel
  140.         Anselm  presses forwards, partly turned away, sword lifted low behind him.
  141.         antoine As you push forward you spot light up ahead, and hear chanting of some kind
  142.         Anselm  pauses for a moment before he wordlessly moves ahead, trying not to listen closely.
  143.         Sinbad  prays and moves forwards, blood dancing at the aspect of the coming purge
  144.         antoine As you reach the end of the tunnel you see a massive chamber, a half dome that could fit a titan. Inside of it are thousands upon thousands of cultist serfs swaying back and forth while chanting.
  145.         antoine In the middle is a small group of Space Marines.
  146.         Anselm  narrows his eyes.
  147.         Anselm  ++This must be another trick, Brother...++ he grumbles. ++And we've walked right into it. Better us than our Brothers, I suppose.++
  148.         Sinbad  ++...Alpha Legion...++
  149.         Sinbad  ++Those 5 are Alpha Legion.++
  150.         Anselm  ++Is there no sign of him?++
  151.         Sinbad  ++Cannot tell from here.++
  152.         Sinbad  ++Whatever they do, it is a ritual. It must be stopped!++
  153.         Anselm  nods.
  154.         antoine The shouting begins to reach a creshendo
  155.         Sinbad  ++Your move, Brother-Champion! For the Emperor's Honor!++
  156.         antoine Anselm powers forward, charging through the cultists at lightning speed, leaving broken bones in his wake as he approaches the Legionarries bring up their weapons to bear while an Iron Warrior chained to the floor has his throat slit by the fifth legionaaire, marked by his lack of a helm.
  157.         Anselm  snarls, pulling the purity-sealed explosive from his side.
  159.         Anselm  throws the vortex grenade at the group.
  160.         antoine The vortex grenade rolls to a stop, two of the Legionaaires dodge out of the way, the latter trying to pull the chain body clear but thinks better of it and leaves him. Three Alpha Legionaaires and the Iron Warrior are sucked into the void right, You hear a roar coming from it, "OOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD FFOOOORRR THE BLOOOODD GOOOODD!!" and the beserker champion from the orbital battle appears out...
  161.         antoine ...of the rift. The cultists all start falling over, suffering from bleeds and blood hemorages.
  162.         Sinbad  "...Who's that?"
  163.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Anselm, Beserk, Alpha”
  164.         Sinbad  trades his bolter for his crozius, and with both hands stretched forwards, makes a bone-crunching charge through the cultists at the squad of Alpha Legionnaires
  165.         Sinbad  reaches an Alpha Legionnaire, attempting to stake him with his Chapter's holy relic
  166.         antoine The Alpha Legionaaire without a helm (Oeris) screams his fustrations, "FOOLS, when I have the device I will devour your Chapter's home worlds first!"
  167.         Sinbad  "...But how will you brave the Eldar that continually raid the area?"
  168.         Sinbad  "...If you'd like, you're free to clear some of them out. We're a warp-hub or somesuch, I understand."
  169.         antoine "When Terra is destroyed there will be no where for the Eldar to flee from the She Who Thirsts.", "You have played your parts and now you shall die."
  170.         Anselm  screams, "SHUT UP!"
  171.         antoine The Beserker charge after Anselm, his twin chain axes whirring.
  172.         antoine Sinbad's opponent weakly tries to respond with a power sword but it does little.
  173.         Sinbad  puts his beaked skull helm close to the opponent's face and whispers something before withdrawing back to their battle stances
  174.         antoine Oeris takes a powder from a nearby pot and begins daubing a dying human with it while chanting, "The vessel may not be as strong but I have no choice."
  175.         antoine "Arkihal, Onakyi masj takor manakt."
  176.         Sinbad  spews gibberish in order to attempt to distract Oeris
  177.         Sinbad  "I...I...I...I AM YOUR FATHER, OERIS!"
  178.         Sinbad  pulls off his helm with one hand, revealing his face
  179.         Sinbad  "...Are you surprised...son?"
  180.         Sinbad  puts on his straightest face
  181.         antoine Oeris ignores the chaplain, "Untaro Ok'kesh noa~jin rolab"
  182.         Sinbad  stabs the one Alpha Legionnaire he's in combat as an afterthought
  183.         Sinbad  "...Well, fine. Don't get an embrace then. Ungrateful son."
  184.         Anselm  growls, and brings his relic blade to bear. He swings once, with an upward stroke that is quickly deflected, then again, with a horizontal blow that is brushed aside. His final strike hits hard and is not resisted, however.
  185.         Anselm  attempts to fire into the Khornate champion, but the shot goes wide and he only curses the weapon.
  186.         antoine The Khornate champion rains blows on Anselm who expertly parries them before lashing out with a downward swipe that cuts deep into the beserkers leg.
  187.         antoine The Beserker screams even louder, "AUGHR, I HAVE SEEN THE SKULL THRONE. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
  188.         Sinbad  "...Does your foul dark god actually sit on them?"
  189.         antoine As the beserker screams a new light appears from a tunnel, bright and yellow.
  190.         Sinbad  "I would assume they get crushed under the weight of someone sitting on a pile of skulls if they're not fastened together."
  191.         antoine Oeris' vessel turns to salt in his hands, he rages "No, damnit. So close"
  192.         Sinbad  goes over to Oeris
  193.         Sinbad  embraces him
  194.         antoine heavy thumps are heard from the light emitting corridor.
  195.         Sinbad  fumbles on Oeris' body, noticing that his attempts to grab his weapons are somehow met by hands more deft than his own
  196.         Sinbad  "...You're good at this."
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