Rainbow form, @crybabyjoon

Oct 16th, 2016
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  1. A u t o m a t i c
  2. username – @crybabyjoon
  4. full name – Jaime Moon
  5. stage name – Jaime
  6. nickname – Jae ; any of those close to her, because it seems cute
  8. slot – green
  10. birthdate – July 3, 1997
  11. age – 19
  12. face claim – Irene (red velvet)
  14. R u s s i a n R o u l e t t e
  15. blood type – AB
  16. height – 160cm
  17. weight – 40kg
  19. languages – Korean ; 100%, English ; 100%, Japanese ; 50%
  21. nationality – Korean-American
  22. ethnicity – Korean
  24. personal secrets –
  25. –needs to sleep with a night light on
  26. –really, really likes gay smut / yaoi
  28. personal fears –
  29. –not succeeding in those that are rooting for her expectations
  30. –not hitting the charts / leaving the crowd surprised
  31. –messing up, even just a little, and having to have everyone re-do whatever it was
  33. hobbies –
  34. –reading / watching anime or dramas
  35. –being on her phone / social media
  36. –talking / reaching the fans
  37. –taking a walk
  38. –sowing
  39. –buying online anything
  41. habits –
  42. –pulls on the ends of her hair
  43. –interwinds her fingers with anyone close to her
  44. –touchy, really touchy
  45. –giggles for anything small
  46. –curses too freely in English
  47. –talks a lot of gibberish
  49. talent twin —–
  50. sings like – taeyong
  51. dances like – j-hope
  53. O n e O f T h e s e N i g h t s
  54. personality – Jaime is incredibly friendly, though gets irritated quickly and won't hesitate to state a fact. She's quick witted, fast, incredibly pretty and knows it. Jaime isn't too high and mighty with what she has, but she does use it when she needs it, teasing and acting cute for the camera or her goal. She's an over-achiever and she won't stop working till she's satisfied or finished completely. Known for being hard on herself, calling herself names and casually making fun of herself– though she won't dare to hurt someone important to her. She can easily befriend someone and drop them as easily too, only if she feels threatened or not wanted.
  56. onstage persona – Incredibly teasing, looking into the camera with such daring eyes, only to bring up a smile that could internally hurt someone because of too much feels. always trying to connect with fans by touching their hands.
  58. offstage persona – Will be everywhere, grabbing a towel for the members, along with waters and encouragingly saying lovely words and thanking the staff members for working hard.
  60. background – Jaime grew up most of her life and was born in Los Angeles, California. She was born into a rich family, with her older brother that was adopted just like herself, and rarely saw her parents because of their big roles in society. Her parents were big shots and she was expected for a lot, but she couldn't care less. Jaime didn't want money nor the attention she was given, so she moved to Korea with her brother. There she felt human and fresh, finding a new interest in music and joining a company as a trainee.
  62. family –
  63. Jackson Moon / 42 / 7 out of 10
  64. Carly Moon / 41 / 9 out of 10
  65. Derek Moon / 21 / 10 out of 10
  68. –anything sweet
  69. –fluffy things
  70. –being on the Internet
  71. –cold weather
  72. –anime / dramas
  73. –fanfiction
  74. –being on her phone, on social media
  75. –when she is made food
  76. –skinship
  77. –american horror story
  79. dislikes –
  80. –rude, ignorant people
  81. –being forced / pressured
  82. –hot weather
  83. –anything bitter
  84. –anything spicy (sometimes)
  85. –when romance takes its time in dramas
  86. –doing something incorrectly
  88. trivia –
  89. –though she really likes cold weather, she likes being rapped like a burrito
  90. –watches romance and action dramas
  91. –likes neutral colors and usually always wears black jeans
  92. –doesn't like going out as much as she should
  93. –would rather be inside, watching a movie than out and about
  94. –doesn't like wearing girly clothing, though she does as she's told
  95. –likes watching any kind of anime but likes reading yaoi mangas
  96. –ships a lot of people together irrelevantly and tends to call them "parents"
  97. –really likes cranberry juice
  99. H a p p i n e s s
  100. sexuality – bisexual
  102. love interest – Kim Namjoon (bts)
  104. his personality – He's clumsy and adorable because he doesn't know what to do most of the time, so he sticks to just sitting down. Though, he's very independent and will strive to do something.
  106. how they met – Jaime was at a local clothing store by the dorms, and decided that she needed new sweaters for the cold that is bound to come by. Meanwhile she was going through racks, bunch of clothing resting in one arm, a tall male approaches her. Already knowing him, and being a fan and having a weakness for rappers, she tries to remain at peace. "You have really good taste in clothing, especially the colors." he mentions the dark colors of her choices and barely any whites. "Ah, neutrals the best, bright hurts my eyes." With a small smile, he answered back. "You seem great, want some coffee?"
  108. how he acts around her – he's usually very calming and serious around his members, or staff, anyone in general. But when he's around Jaime, he'll act childish, wanting her attention and wanting to hear her soothing voice. he tries to get the most skinship out of their visits, for he really likes holding the smaller one. Extra clumsy and apologetic with a pinch of more cuteness.
  110. how she acts around him – friendly to his members or anyone around, she'll help around wherever she can and usually have him follow her for she doesn't want to be alone. she's somewhat clingy and always babies him, giggles and claps her hands a lot. she can be stubborn, being used to him and how close they already are. comfortable and laid back, will burp around him if she needed so.
  112. status – dating
  114. B e N a t r u a l
  115. personal fandom name – froggies
  116. personal fandom color – pastel green and white
  118. fan service –
  119. –hugs & hand holding
  120. –hand hearts / hearts
  121. –small & easy aigoo
  122. –making covers
  124. fanbase name suggestions – Clouds
  125. fanbase color suggestions – White
  127. album name suggestions –
  128. Rain, Sky, Vivid Colors
  130. album song suggestions –
  131. –200% ; akmu
  132. –How People Move ; akmu
  133. –Blood Sweat and Tears ; bts
  134. –Crazy ; 4minuet
  135. –Russian Roulette
  137. social medias ––
  138. Twitter – @/jaimeurbby
  139. Instagram – @/bbyjaime
  140. Snapchat – @/
  142. I c e C r e a m C a k e
  143. suggested scenes –
  144. –the members go eat out together after having a night out
  145. –Jaime is sick, staying in the dorms and sitting on the couch like a potato, only for Namjoon to take care of her in the end
  146. –breaks her ankle and is in small depression because she feels like she let everyone down. though everyone tries to cheer her up
  148. personal greeting – "Hey there~ it's your favorite, Jaime!~"
  150. message to Rainbow – guys, let's work hard and not give up. let's accomplish everything and do our best! good luck~
  152. message to author – yo yo yo, it's me, hi. hopefully, my form is good enough because your a.f seems very interesting! even if I am not chosen for this slot, I will still read along because I really like this~ meanwhile, please be healthy and see this as fun and not an obligation. it'd be really cool if you'd have fun and be at your best state. I give you great wishes on this!!
  154. password – binnie
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