Spring's Bloom 4

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  1. Lotus would make his way back out towards there tree yard they he made for them looking at the names he'd smile. They seem like they'd be friends forever and that was enough for Lotus, smiling taking a sit down looking at the trees in the area.
  3.  "Well I've failed to keep the trees planted in the square alive only because people are full of greed. It's sad really that I've failed to keep them there though here is jsut as good I can assure that you are safe with me.
  5. We have a tree gang now and well look after you all and continue to plant more and more to receive the blessing of mother nature. I honestly can't wait to see what it is and in what form it will return to the land though I'm sure it will be great.
  7. To you mother nature I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing your wise words. You placed me here for a reason and I can't wait to hear if I pleased you or not, if I haven't then I promise I'll try my best to make up for lost time.
  9. When I see the trees, your babies it brings a smile to my face knowing that they get to see another day, they will be hear so long as I stand here and remain strong. Nothing will make me believe otherwise and with friends that believe in my goals there is nothing we can't do."
  11. He'd hug the tree smiling happy that they were still her.
  13. (Lotus)
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Lotus came back to his surprise he found a the trees he planted still growing stronger each day with no sighs of them being cut down, smiling lighting he'd lean up against one of the trees with a relaxed sigh escaping his lips. These moments are the ones to remember with his friends and possibly his family now coming together to plant the babies of mother nature, patting the tree gentle another smile formed.
  17.  "I'm back to check on you again, I'm glad to see that your still big and strong, Anyone stop by to attempt to remove wood from you yet? I hope not I'd be in a worst mood than I already am after seeing the square.
  19. The lack of respect they had for nature was disturbing it's almost as if they don't want to receive mother natures blessing. I can't force them to accept it though I believe in it, maybe I jsut have to earn the blessing as well as my friends.
  21. Then I can show them how mother nature rewards though committed to help her thrive and showing the world her beauty. Then I can show people the correct way and pray they plant her babies welcoming her into the lands once again."
  23. A long sigh left the boy as he mad his way back toward the square, it wasn't the best place to be though he'd have to get over it. He could stop peoples acts if he wasn't around to catch them.
  24. (Lotus)
  25. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. Lotus took an acorn with a smile and placed it in the ground another one of mother natures babies will grow strong like she intended them to. A brief smile appeared on his face using his own nature magic to feed the soil in hopes the tree will leave to be fully grown. This was another special acorn to him, Alaisha took it upon herself to gather more for the young boy.
  28.  "I'm sorry I couldn't plant all the baby trees and make them big and string like your mother wanted, but at least I can plant the remaining ones and hope for a better future. People think I'm a tree hugger because when mother nature will bestow her blessing I want everyone to receive it.
  30. though they might not be able to come along for the beautiful path ahead I might have to do it alone. I wouldn't mind going to visit mother nature alone to take her for the beautiful of the world.
  32. There is also so many questions I have for her babytree I know she has the answers, but before we depart we'll need to continue to plant more and more babies."
  34. I'll promise you little tree that I'll make this land beautiful and worth living in, I'll check in everyday on you and give you and update on life and the upcoming blessing."
  35. (Lotus)
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