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  1. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Can I ask you a question?
  2. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): sure
  3. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Be honest and blunt. Do you have any problems with me and if so, which?
  4. [2019/11/19 13:29]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): oh ffs are you seriously asking me a question like that out of the damn blue?
  5. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Yes?
  6. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): and i ask you why
  7. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Because I wanted to know?
  8. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): *want to know
  9. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Well this question pissed me off LOL to thats a problem right there
  10. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Damn you are easy to piss off
  11. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): xD
  12. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): oh ya with drama yes
  13. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): drama?
  14. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): also hello to you too , how was your day
  15. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I just asked a single question!
  16. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Shitty but thanks for asking. I hope your day faired better
  17. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Questions like that are literally asking for drama
  18. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I hate questions like that
  19. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I am a person that if i have issues with you personally, i wouldnt talk to you
  20. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I did not mean to cause any drama, really. I just wanted to know your honest opinion was all
  21. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I thought you realized that when we talked
  22. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Fair enough
  23. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Well... yes and no. Right now I'm not really sure anymore about anything
  24. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): anything else you wanted to ask me?
  25. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Well... how are you enjoying RPing your kitsune?
  26. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): yea its fun. They find him cute
  27. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Who knew xD
  28. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): But yeah. I'm just irritated after talking to Ego I guess which is why I asked you that question
  29. [2019/11/19 13:36]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): If your asking me if I was asked questions or about complains yes I was. My truthful answer was that I just do not find you fit to be a mentor , i must admit I did tell him that but nothing else
  30. [2019/11/19 13:36]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): the other shit that was thrown at him came from other people
  31. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Is that what you wanted to hear Nick?
  32. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): No, not really but fair enough
  33. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Look i was asked and i said the truth
  34. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I just think it was too much for you
  35. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Also your personality does not match being a staff and you said it yourself that is all Im gonna say
  36. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Would have liked if you actually gave him a reason or example for why you think so but again, fair enough
  37. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I did
  38. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): He asked me why i think s
  39. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): so
  40. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I have him reasons.
  41. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Now are we done talking about this?
  42. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I was done before. I said fair enough
  43. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I didn't want to continue talking about this
  44. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): ok
  45. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Have a nice day~
  46. [2019/11/19 13:40]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): u too Nick
  47. [2019/11/19 13:41]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Knew your gonna do that xD
  48. [2019/11/19 13:41]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Mhm. Of course. Why would I not~
  49. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I do not need friends who throw me under the bus. Simply thinning out my FL again
  50. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Throw you under the bus?
  51. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): You said yourself you act like that because your german. SO you realize how you act yourself
  52. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): just use an excuse... Im german
  53. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): That is no damn excuse
  54. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Of course it's not. It's an "inside joke" that happened ever since I played CaH with friends two years ago
  55. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Being german is no accuse for anything lol
  56. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Well u used it
  57. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Not as a serious excuse
  58. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): And throwing you under the bus. DOnt be funny
  59. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Again, inside joke.
  60. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): being rude to others
  61. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Which right here, you doing this shit proves my point Nick
  62. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Are you done? I did not want to have a drama conversation
  63. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You said you hated it yourself
  64. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I simply do not see any reason to associate with you anymore. That is all
  65. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I do
  66. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): LOL ok
  67. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So have a nice day~
  68. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Bye Nick
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