TimeQuest Characters

Feb 22nd, 2015
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  1. Notable NPCS:
  2. 1500 AE:
  3. -Professor Glitch (M Uni, Inventor of the time machine)
  5. -Danger Dogs
  6. --Red (M Dog, Leader of the band)
  7. --Pink (M Dog, Red's baby brother, littlest Dog)
  8. --Blue (M Dog, Red's right hand, smarter of the two but more reserved)
  9. --Gray (M Dog, Largest dog, most quiet)
  11. -Clicky (Dismantled murder-bot of the Metro Line Everfree Station)
  13. -Inhabitants of Dome C-545
  14. --Overseer Tech Support (F Earth, Elder of the community, some history with Glitch)
  15. --Circuit Family
  16. ---Closed Circuit (F Peg, Electronics/Sharpshooter MVP of C-545)
  17. ---Half Harvest Circuit (M Earth, Gardener and Food Storage)
  18. ---E3 Circuit (M Pega, frequently sickly son of Closed and Half-Harvest)
  20. 1043 AE (Nightmare ver):
  22. Shadowbolts:
  23. -Boo (M Bat, recently added to Shadowbolts along Screech. Brash and short-sighted in decision making)
  24. --Has since joined the party and has developed good relationships with Honey and Fang in particular
  25. -Screech (M Bat, smarter than his friend Boo but not by a lot, more sensible)
  26. --Has since joined the party and continually grows more regretful of hanging around Fang every second of every day.
  27. -Mercile Von Grayscale (M Bat, retired Captain of Shadowbolts who runs the Java Lantern tavern and pub)
  29. Crystal Empire:
  30. -Flaw and Zircon (M Crystals, minions of Sombra sent to guard Twilight Sparkle in her mission)
  31. -Twilight Sparkle (F Uni, right hand mare of King Sombra and his personal protege)
  33. Nightmare Castle:
  34. -Nightmare Moon (F Ali, Princess of Eternal Night and ruler of Equestria)
  35. -Lost Light (M Bat, Captain of the Lunar Guard and secret informant to Twilight Sparkle. Shares history with Esmeralda)
  36. -Supreme Mistress Lulamoon (F Uni, headmaster of the Moon Academy for gifted magicians in Everfree City, directly serves Nightmare Moon)
  37. -Councilor Sliver (M Uni, tall slender Nosferatu unicorn who serves as her advisor)
  39. 417 AE:
  41. -Equestria
  42. -Princess Celestia (F Alicorn, Ruler of the Sun and Moon, leader of Equestria)
  44. -Royal Knights
  45. --Sir Sterling the Masterful (F Pegasi, enthusiastic and charismatic with an adoration for sword-play)
  46. ---Joined the party on their return to the future. At the suggestion of Nero, Luke, and Princess Celestia herself, has forgone her constant need for clothing and is growing to love the future with every new discovery.
  47. --Sir Pound the Authoritative (M Earth, Dog Master of the First Royal Equestrian army, fatherly and outspoken)
  48. --Sir Code the Virtuous (M Uni, chivalrous to a fault and very scrupulous of strangers, cares for his princess' well being above all else and adheres to rules)
  49. --Sir Temper (M Uni, bearded forge master of the newly constructed Canterlot Castle. Bares a striking resemblance to Glitch.)
  50. --Sirs Blue and Speech (M Pegs, drawers of Nero's chariot on his way to Gildevast)
  52. -Griffon Kingdoms
  53. -Commander Gonzo (M Griffon (Osprey/Jaguar), Leader of the advance force of Griffons to assault Canterlot, powerful and loyal to Garfield. Slain by the combined efforts of Crumple and Sterling)
  54. -Baron Goose (M Griffon (Canadian Goose/Lion), noble household head with Prench tone who challenged Ug to a duel and lost)
  55. -King Garfield (M Griffon (Golden Eagle / Lion), powerful, charismatic, but foolish king of all griffons who began the invasion to Equestria to reclaim lands he believes entitled too. Former friendly relationship with Celestia)
  56. -Commander Gregory (M Griffon (Red-tailed Hawk / Tiger), one of Garfield's commanders in charge of Gildevast's defense. Very exasperated by some of Garfield's choices. Died in the explosion of Crumple Zone)
  57. -Commander Grosvenor Strumbringer (M Griffon (Turkey Vulture / Puma), one of Garifled's commanders and his most powerful mage. Over 150 years old, sees Garfield as an imputent brat compared to his grandfather and father. Inventer of the Gildestrum, the magical storm smell that holds Gildevast aloft. Cremated by combined attacks from party in attempt to bring down Gildevast with them)
  58. -Bodyguard Gaven (M Griffon (Great-horned Owl / Lion), Garifeld's personal bodyguard and protector. Rarely speaks and has impeccable eyesight to watch for danger for his King, is overly senstitive about his extremely high pitched voice.)
  59. -Commander Giselle (F Griffon (Peregrine Falcon / Cheetah), one of Garfield's commanders and the fastest griffon in the world with the sharpest aim. Leads the recon division and cares greatly to sing Germane songs during combat. Easily smitten if complimented and falls for almost anyone at kind words, as Ug learned)
  60. --After falling for Ug has joined him and the party in the future, where she has proclaimed her self Mrs. Co-President of Ug Corp. Still holds a bitter rivalry with Honey, she's also revealed to be a former opera legend that history had thought died in the war.
  62. -The Black Steed (Unknown Pony, famous and mysterious warrior who has made foes of Griffons and Ponies alike over the past year since the invasion begun. Tried to take both the Time Machine and Eo-Naxx's staff to no avail)
  63. --Real name revealed to be Steel following his defeat, a pony who fell through time from Discord's era after being cursed into a living suit of armor. He's grown loyal to Onyxia and has revealed he used to be a dress-maker in his life as a pony.
  65. -Purpura (F Dragon, massive flightless with purple scales capable of reflecting magic and fiery green breath. Lost an egg to the Black Steed a year ago and upon its return agreed to help the party invade Gildevast in exchange)
  67. 1017 AE:
  69. -Manehatten
  70. --Z (M Zebra, homeless aspairing rapper with a penchant for breaking, entering, and a mysterious expert use in knives. Was taken in by Brain Freeze and later revealed he had spotted the mysterious kidnapper of the Breezies)
  71. --Brain Freeze (M Unicorn, Luke's dimwitted but lovable gargantuan cousin. Ruined Luke's apartment prior to his return by oversaturating it with cats for Jean who he was cat-sitting, went on an adventure with his cousin. Is the only soul besides Lavender and Sterling who knows of Luke's cancer)
  72. --Murphy (M Donkey, a lawyer contacted by Ug who seeks to take up his case to sue Equestria for the uncredited use of fire)
  73. --Busy Body, Time Share, and Gerald (M Minotaur, Unicorn, and Griffon respectively, financers (and in Busy Body's case movie producer) who are seeking to invest in Ug Corp.)
  75. -Wonderbolts
  76. --Mercile Von Grayscale (M Pegasus, the captain of the Wonderbolt's B Squad and an accomplished flyer from the Neightherlands. Famous for the Ricochet bounce maneuver, he was accused of being a Breezie Napper until it was revealed he was forced into doing so. Is considering retirement)
  77. ---Later revealed his previous marefriend was Chitus, whom used his powers to hypnotize Mercile, and swore revenge.
  79. -Ponyville
  80. --Princess Twilight Sparkle (F Alicorn, ascended protege of Celestia to the Princess of Friendship. Booksmarts and adorkable, treasures Friendship and Magic above all else. Shares a bad history with Luke...)
  81. --Applejack (F Earth, an honest, hard-working owner of Sweet Apple Acres and the main overseer of the Festival of Friendship in Twilight's absence.)
  82. --Rainbow Dash (F Pegasi, the loyal daredevil flight jockey who aspires to one day join the Wonderbolts)
  83. --Fluttershy (F Pegasi, the endlessly kind caretaker of all Ponyville creatures both big and small. Hopelessly quiet but holds fierce determination underneath)
  84. --Rarity (F Unicorn, a generous fashionista who's eye for detail makes her dresses the envy of all Equestria)
  85. --Pinkie Pie (F Earth, the jovial party-planner extraordinaire that will do just about anything to see others laugh and smile.)
  86. --Spike (M Dragon, Twilight's faithful attendent who tends to take the crazy occurences lately in stride)
  87. --Zecora (F Zebra, A shaman from the Everfree Forest who helped Fang to uncover the lead to the Alicorn Amulet)
  88. --Seabreeze (M Breezie, the leader of all Breezies and a warrior with a heart that'd fit a pony ten thousand times his size)
  89. -- Hot Stuff (F Unicorn, Luke's doting mother. Was a former hot-swinging diva in her Canterlot days, she's since calmed down and acts an an extremely overbearing mother towards her baby boy)
  90. --Cold Dish (M Unicorn, Luke's 'hilarious' father. Likes to encourage Luke to go out and meet new girls following his break up with Lavender and frequently tries to be both his best friend and his father)
  92. -Canterlot
  93. --Princess Celestia (F Alicorn, having aged twice her life time since the Expansion era it has made her into an ever wiser lord of the country, though her sense of humor remains intact)
  94. --Princess Luna (F Alicorn, the former demon princess reformed into the Princess of Night to rule over her sister once again. Has a LOT of 'Old Testament' philosophies from her heyday however)
  95. --Lavender Current (F Unicorn, Celestia's personal secretary and Luke Warm's old sweet-heart. Following a heart-wrenching break up, she attended the Gifted School for Unicorns and even found a fiance while still attempting to salvage a broken friendship with Luke)
  96. ---Following the failed assassination and absorption by Chitus, White Collar's true form, Lavender was asked by Luke Warm to marry him following the encounter and a confession of guilt and love she'd kept hidden, to which she accepted.
  97. --White Collar (M Unicorn, Lavender's rich, prissy, but loyal and kind-hearted fiance. Is a lawyer from Canterlot but also attended the Gifted School for Unicorns)
  98. --Professor Cornelious Colthoof (M Earth, the brave and famed explored/archeologist that had discovered Ug trapped under the ice years ago and brought him to Canterlot to be shown to the world. Eccentric, boastful, and endlessly dramatic, no longer owns the right to Ug's likeness after giving them to Ug himself to spite Obsidious)
  100. -Crystal Empire
  101. --Empress Isha (F Crystal, Nero's long lost wife who was frozen away in crystal following Sombra's take over thousand years ago, recently released by Onyxia)
  102. --Princess Cadence (F Alicorn, Celestia's adopted niece, the Princess of Love, and former ruler (now Vizier) of the Crystal Empire. Has a very different philosophy on love than her predecessors, but is eager to please.)
  103. --Prince Shining Armor (M Unicorn, Twilight's older brother and the former Captain of Canterlot's guard, now guard for the Crystal Empire. Brave and tenacious, but has a seemingly weak spot for mind control.)
  104. --Esmeralda (F Crystal, Onyxia's mother from the past and spa-matron of the Crystal Empire. Is endlessly warm and helpful to even total strangers, and is currently pregnant with Onyxia.)
  105. --Hematitus (M Crystal, Onyxia's father. Also known as Sharithik, a male changeling that had been blasted to the frosted wastes of the north after the Canterlot Wedding , he fell in genuine love and married Esmeralda. Is apparently fated to leave the Empire due to his background and is currently kidnapped)
  106. ---Rescued by Onyxia and returned safely to Esmeralda, now giving official citizenship despite his identity by the government.
  108. -Sons of Sombra
  109. --Torbernitu (M Unicorn, the younger brother with a penchant for suffering and pain, including his own. Speaks with crass, rude, modern dialect and has the magic to poison anything from ponies to crops to inanimate objects until they crumble to dust.)
  110. ---Killed by Ug, Luke, and ultimately Nero while trying to collapse the Crystal Tower.
  111. ---Was brought back to life by Chitus using future tech that turned him into a mutated, incorporeal form, but was ultimately defeated once again and killed.)
  112. --Obsidious (M Unicorn, the older brother with a not so hidden identity but with enough good publicity that he stands in good social standings as a business pony with none ever aware of his dark backround. Has magic to control and merge with any kind of stone, and was the kidnapper of the Breezies to power a shield generator and stole the Alicorn Amulet for an unknown purpose, but lost its power during his final battle. Also the former owner of Ug's frozen body and owner of many artifacts/schematics of his nature.)
  113. ---Killed by Honey Crumple as revenge for his act against Breezie-kind.
  114. ---Was brought back to life by Chitus using future tech that turned him into a mutated, solidified crystal form, but was ultimately defeated once again and captured. Currently resides motionless and speechless within Crumple the Raging.
  116. -Changelings
  117. --Chitus (M Changeling, an Elite from Sharithik's same hive who is both the Sons of Sombra's partner and their benefactor. Holds a mysterious book called the Book of Eon, and is plotting something under the guise of his unicorn persona, White Collar. Toted as extremely dangerous by Onyxia's dad. Was later revealed to be a member of the Order of Eon, a hidden cabal of individuals with some connection to the creature that destroys the future, Eon. Tried to absorb Lavender's heart and all of her love to achieve a perfect form, but was stopped and defeated in the battle of Canterlot Castle. Killed when Nero's chariot ran over his head.)
  120. UNKNOWN:
  121. Eon: (??? ???, an all powerful creature created by Changelings in the near future with the intent of creating a being who could replicate any trait or ability, rather than superficial appearances. Created with the accumulation of vast amounts of Dreamstone, a mystical material that serves as the basis for all known magical artifacts including the Crystal Heart and Elements of Harmony. Eon is said to escape from its creators and would at one point, for reasons still unknown, bring about the end of everything in 1200 AE when it brings the sun falling down upon the Earth.
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