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  1. Vyell tells you, "Moschomi is proving open to talk, if you wish to show up unannounced."
  3. You caress the thoughts of People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage
  4. as you whisper, "I do like the sound of that."
  6. [moving]
  8. A reinforced, private abode.
  9. The mud and stone which has been used to create this home is the only amongst its kind to hold additional reinforcements of scavenged wood, with numerous slits placed high along its walls to allow for airflow to keep the interior a comfortable temperature. Though darker than the outside by far, a glass globe with precious motes of fire essence hangs from the ceiling to provide gentle illumination across the simple furnishings of stone. A woven rug of animal fur takes the majority of the floorspace, decorated with embroidered imagery of seven distinct flames and curling fire blossoms, while tallow candles and incense are gathered near to a threadbare cushion in its center. Seated comfortably upon her threadbare cushion, Mama Moschomi idly watches the world go by. A statue of a small ember lizard stands here, memorialising his noble spirit. Limned with holy fire, a radiant archangel hovers here, wings outstretched.
  10. You see a single exit leading northwest.
  12. Vyell inclines her head politely to you.
  14. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says to you, "Ah, Sultan. Checking in on me, are you? Just having an idle conversation."
  16. Absently fussing with their coat, you say, "Oh? Idle conversation is one of my...favourite things. Ask anyone who knows me."
  18. You caress the thoughts of People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage as you whisper, "Pray she will not ask anyone who knows me. Lie if you have to."
  20. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says, "I'd like to help Harthi if I could, but I worry the Flamewright guides him down a path he cannot be pulled from. But to do that we need to track him down. Don't suppose you'd know anyone that could point us the way?"
  22. Mama Moschomi says, "If I did, I would have dealt with him myself years ago."
  24. A look of understanding crossing her features, Vyell nods her head slowly.
  26. Still attempting to hold a feigned smile, Mama Moschomi says, "A templar is still a templar, even when the order ceases to exist. My vows to the city still require me to bring him to justice for his actions."
  28. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage smiles and says, "Indeed. Our vows are personal, not dependant on the pyramid. It's good to hear some still hold themselves to their words."
  30. Mama Moschomi smiles up at Vyell from her cushion. "A good many do," she states, "just most are old codgers like me who can barely manage to lift a sword. Or dead."
  32. "Heh heh heh" Vyell chuckles.
  34. Planting their hands on their waist, you say, "Funny you should mention that, actually- I thought to ask but never did find the time. The scabbard that you wear, what of its blade?"
  36. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says, "Our hearts are the true swords we wield."
  38. Mama Moschomi says, "Lovely sentiment, but it is merely stored. I nap quite a bit, and children get curious when there are no eyes on them."
  40. You say to Mama Moschomi, "I am admittedly a bit concerned that, for all our gabbing about the Flamewright when we'd first arrived, you never did mention that one of your own grandchildren managed to scramble up the ranks to become their lieutenant. Is this the same mistrust we have understood as a necessary truth for your people's survival, or your hope that he will escape his just desserts when we do manage to sniff him out?"
  42. Mama Moschomi chuckles, tilting her head up and exhaling a wift of smoke. "We finally get to the root of the matter. Thank the Gods, I thought you all were going to circle around the matter until I died of old age." She inhales momentarily, explaining, "It seemed irrelevant. He has not been here in almost a decade."
  44. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says, "And yet you knew he was involved, despite that decade."
  46. Mama Moschomi says, "And you know, despite never having met him. I take it the Freedom Council has not decided it is against the One Law to be informed?"
  48. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says, "No, but we're interested in following that line of information back until we can solve this matter."
  50. You look skeptical and say, "Never having met him?"
  52. Mama Moschomi says, "Mm. The information came by way of those other kids that come by from time to time. Shimbo and Chee."
  54. Mama Moschomi lets out a hacking cough, correcting herself as she recovers, "Cheesaba."
  56. You have emoted: Eritheyl's eyes light up at the mention of the two, but they remain silent, only crossing their arms with a short nod to Vyell.
  58. You caress the thoughts of People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage as you whisper, "Not the revelation I would prefer, but I will take anything at this point."
  60. People's Steward Vyell D'Cente, Desert Sage says, "Sounds like those kids know someone who knows someone. Hopefully they're not involved directly."
  62. Mama Moschomi says, "They're involved. They were told to keep an eye on me."
  64. You say to Mama Moschomi, "Undoubtedly those of your people in the know are well-versed in closing ranks around their own when necessary, but would you consent to the Council posting a security detail nearby to your community? We have had enough 'informed' folks suddenly dying in front of us, and I should like to avoid more of the same in the future."
  66. Vyell nods her head in agreement.
  68. Mama Moschomi says, "Do as you will, it's your sovereigns to spend."
  70. Off-handedly, you say, "Granted, I should not expect an assassin with the pretense of helping the downtrodden would think to employ their arts here, but I trust their motives little and less as we puzzle this all."
  72. You ask Mama Moschomi, "Beyond that, is there anything of factual value we can provide for you at this time, or are the myriad of chores enough as the days wind by?"
  74. Offering a tired smile, Mama Moschomi says, "I would still love to discuss the matter of proper support for the area, but this is a matter for another day. Troubles with aging, of course, it's not just the outside that struggles to keep up."
  76. Nodding, you say, "Whenever you deem it appropriate, the Council is more than prepared for such a discussion. We will see it handled then."
  78. Mama Moschomi says, "Of course. It will take some time, it is difficult to find a path forward that will help long-term rather than short."
  80. Mama Moschomi says, "Stable and sufficient income and employment will likely be the biggest matter. I will leave that thought in your heads."
  82. You nod solemnly to Mama Moschomi.
  84. You say to Mama Moschomi, "All the same, no matter how long it should take for your people to trust the truth of such notions, we are invested in making reparations. Our Love for Gaudiguch is for all of Gaudiguch. Take care."
  86. Mama Moschomi says, "And you both as well."
  88. You incline your head politely to Mama Moschomi.
  90. Vyell inclines her head politely to Mama Moschomi.
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