void DrawBitmap()

Oct 2nd, 2017
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  1. void DrawBitmap ( int layer,
  2. int bitmap_id,
  3. int source_x, int source_y, int source_w, int source_h,
  4. int dest_x, int dest_y, int dest_w, int dest_h,
  5. float rotation, bool mask);
  7. ZASM Instruction:
  10. /**
  11. * The process of copying one bitmap to another, or to the screen, is called a 'BLIT', or 'BLITTING'.
  12. * This instruction BLITs a source rect from off-screen (memory) Bitmap with id of bitmap_id onto
  13. * an area of the screen (or another bitmap) using a set of rectangular coordinates, at the given layer.
  14. *
  15. * Use source_x + source_w to define the X axis and source_y + source_h to define the
  16. * Y axis of the bitmap area that you wish to draw; then specify the target area using
  17. * dest_x + dest_w and dest_y + dest_h.
  18. *
  19. * If source_w and dest_w are not equal, or source_h and dest_h are not equal, the
  20. * bitmap will be scaled.
  21. *
  22. * The valid range of coordinates on a bitmap is 0 tp 511, on each axis. Bitmaps are
  23. * 512 pixels square, in size.
  24. *
  25. * Rotation defines if the bitmap will be rotated. if so, it will be rotated on its centre
  26. * by a number of DEGREES equal to the value of rotation.
  27. *
  28. * If you wish to mask out translucent areas of the bitmap when blitting it, set mast true.
  29. *
  30. *
  31. * (!) Note* Script drawing functions are enqueued and executed in a frame-by-frame basis
  32. * based on the order of which layer they need to be drawn to. Drawing to or from
  33. * seperate render tagets or bitmaps is no exception! So keep in mind in order to
  34. * eliminate unwanted drawing orders or bugs.
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