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  3. Neil Mitchell
  4. Age: 20
  5. Place of Birth: Daytona Beach, Florida
  6. Deck Type: Deformers
  7. Helmet: Professional Racing Helmet.
  8. D-Wheel: "Electric Slide" - An all-around D-Wheel Covered in lightning bolts. To make it go faster.
  9. Bio: A student of the American Academy. Despite doing very well in all subjects, was constantly ranked in the lowest percentile of his year, due to refusing to participate in the Academy's 'King of the Hill' style of ranking. Upon seeing the first televised riding duel at the end of the Real Genex tournament, he quickly decided that becoming a professional Riding Duelist was the way to go. Assembling one of his old teachers and a crazy old guy, he formed Team Engine, with the intent of reaching the apex of the world of speed.
  11. MacArthur Bradley
  12. Age: 46
  13. Place of Birth: Annapolis, Maryland, America
  14. Deck Type: Machiners
  15. Helmet: Modern Military Pilot.
  16. D-Wheel: "MacArthur Bradley Custom 003". A high speed D-Wheel over short distances, although it falters on long stretches and on turns. It has fold out wings making it capable of short bursts of flight. Modelled after a modern jet as well as the space shuttle.
  17. Bio: A member of the US Navy for many years. Met John Maverick during the Gulf War, where he lost his left leg from the knee down. Later became a professor at the American Dueling Academy. Upon becoming aware of Maverick's plan to take control of DA, he resigned in disgust. Unable to rejoin the military due to his prosthetic leg, he tried his hand at Pro Dueling, but disliked the gimmicks and general circusry of it. When he was offered a chance to join a dueling team specializing in Riding Dueling by Neil, one of his former students, he lept at the chance, providing the team with a level head as well as keen tactical experience.
  19. Ezekial Jeffrey
  20. Age: Unknown
  21. Place of Birth: America, Unknown.
  22. Deck Type: Junk
  23. Helmet: Old Leatherhead helmet with antique aviator's goggles
  24. D-Wheel: "The Spirit of St. Louis" On the outside, a barely functioning jalopy that looks like a motorcycle built in the days of the Model-T with an early 1900s biplane motif. However, it is deceptively fast and powerful.
  25. Bio: An old man of questionable mental faculty. His true age is unknown, however, he claims to have been a famous pilot who battled the evil Red Baron over the skies of Japan during the Civil War. The validity of these claims is highly doubted, but his skill as a duelist and at operating virtually any vehicle is unquestionable. He was discovered drunken and homeless by Neil, when he fixed his broken down D-Wheel with no tools and virtually no materials on the side of the road. He was quickly drafted into the team (and told that he would be helping america defeat the dreaded Kaiser.)
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