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  1. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀° 。༄ 『 PAPER 』
  3. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↳ ❝take me through the night!❞
  8.        ━ gryffindor ! i'm a gryffindor too uwu
  10. FACE CLAIM ;
  11.        ━ loona's hyunjin
  13.        ━ (g) idle's shuhua , fromis_9's saerom
  15. FULL NAME ;
  16.        ━ JO CHAEWON ( 조 채 원 )
  17. NICKNAME(s) ;
  18.        ━ CHAE, only her AUSTRALIAN friends call her
  19.           this cause they really like sound of it !
  20.           although, everyone that knows her calls her
  21.           this now
  22.        ━ JON, her friends called her this back in
  23.           AUSTRALIA cause she didn't have an ENGLISH
  24.           name and she was really jealous of their
  25.           pretty names and wanted one too
  28.        ━ 18.11.2OOO
  29. HEIGHT ;
  30.        ━ 168CM
  35.        ━ AUSTRALIAN KOREAN
  37.        ━ KOREAN
  39.        ━ ENGLISH, she has been speaking ENGLISH her
  40.           whole life really
  41.        ━ KOREAN, started learning it when she shifted
  42.           to her home country and isn't all to fluent
  43.           in it
  44.        ━ JAPANESE, is at beginners level but understands
  45.           a lot of words
  48.        ━ JEONHWA HIGH SCHOOL
  49. MAJOR ;
  50.        ━ MUSIC, she really loves singing or just listening
  51.           to music and felt the need to study more. she also
  52.           gets complimented on her vocals a lot so she feels
  53.           more confident in the field she chose
  55. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀° 。༄ 『 PENCIL 』
  57. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↳ ❝fall into the dark side!❞
  60.        ━ RESERVED & TRUST ISSUES / CHAEWON is fun loving and sweet but is also very hard when it comes to trust
  61.           issues. due to her harsh past, she has trouble opening up at times. CHAEWON is not usually the type of          
  62.           person to blindly trust someone. she would get to know the person as much as possible before telling them or
  63.           asking them anything personal. after her mom left her, she learned to become much more independent and
  64.           therefore isn't exactly advised on how to make friends and what exactly to do when meeting someone for the
  65.           first time. but over the years, CHAEWON has learnt more and more and is quite cautious when getting to know
  66.           someone.
  67.        ━ FRIENDLY & SWEET / despite her not wanting to mix around with people, CHAEWON would try her best to be
  68.           friendly and nice to people to maintain a good first impression. she is very friendly and has a warm aura.
  69.           people judge her by saying things like "annoying" and "silent" but that's just who she is. once you do get
  70.           to know her, you would realize that she is just another teenage girl who is quite outgoing and fun to be
  71.           around with. CHAEWON doesn't  like having any enemies but if they want to have a bad relationship with then
  72.           that's their problem. she is very lovable although some jerks say otherwise. she is very sweet and would
  73.           never even think of hurting a soul. she is very affectionate yet people around her doesn't like when she
  74.           hugs them or even has an appropriate amount of skin ship with them. she is very considerate and cares about
  75.           her friends more than herself. she is very generous as well, for instance, if she saw a kid lost she would
  76.           make sure to take care of that child until the parents appear. CHAEWON treats everyone the same and is not
  77.           impartial at all.
  78.        ━ SENSITIVE / since CHAEWON never really says anything when people jokingly or not jokingly sometimes make fun
  79.           and tease her, everyone would take advantage of this fact and would keep teasing her very often making her a
  80.           little weak inside every time. yes she is sensitive, but not just sensitive. she is REALLY sensitive. yes
  81.           she can take small jokes about her being called a papaya ( cause of her red cheeks ) but it might hurt her
  82.           if someone made fun of her height or about her late mother like that would just kill her. CHAEWON likes to
  83.           think of things that are good for her by herself. she doesn't like it when people would force their opinions
  84.           into her about what she were supposed to choose. it would make her really stressed and angry like she is a
  85.           kid and that they have to lay out the options for her. CHAEWON specially hates it when they invite
  86.           themselves into a conversation they weren't supposed to be in or hear in the first place, that would make
  87.           her really pissed and she tries to stay calm and collected but it usually brings her inner bitch out.
  88.        ━ LOYALTY / in particularly to people she's close to like her close friends. CHAEWON hates the feeling of
  89.           being back stabbed in the back or talked badly behind of her so she doesn't become a disloyal person and
  90.           spills the secrets of those she used to be close to, to others. unless it's literally a life and death
  91.           situation, she's loyal till the end, even with a life and death situation, her best motto is to lie till the
  92.           end with whatever secrets she can come up on her own. CHAEWON would keep promises and secrets even if
  93.           they've happened to be in an argument because she wants to leave something or someone with a clean slate.
  94.           just try not to be disloyal to her.
  95.        ━ COMPETITIVE / many people mostly don't like CHAEWON cause of her competitiveness. people often end up on bad
  96.           terms with her cause they judge her based on her attitude as a sour loser and she completely hates that. all
  97.           she wants is for people to look past her competitive nature and see the smart and caring girl she really is.
  98.           ok, she does admit that she can get a little over competitive at times but its not to the extent that she
  99.           would murder someone or something. she just isn't really used to "failing" and is scared of "failing".
  100.           CHAEWON wants to relax and just not place any bets or anything with anyone and so she thought that the camp
  101.           was somewhat a good idea.
  104.        ━ when her dad broke the news that they were going to shift to KOREAN permanently as he had got a job that was
  105.           not worth missing, the little 7 year old grew quite upset. she lives with her older brother, JO JAEWON. they
  106.           used to live with their father before but he started getting into drugs and alcohol causing them to leave
  107.           and get an apartment on rent. her brother got a part time job and so he gets the money to pay the rent and
  108.           CHAEWON would try and help around with chores. as she grew up, CHAEWON was quite immature and childish but
  109.           ever since her mom died due to cancer, she become pretty strong, confident and independent for a 11 year old
  110.           at least. she was extremely very close to her mom and would even cry to sleep because of her. she wouldn't
  111.           even eat her food on time and would delay it. soon she would have a habit of stress eating. school started
  112.           to get stressful for CHAEWON and her competitiveness was at its peak at that time. her brother would try to
  113.           be cheerful around and her would try not to bring up his problems in front of her, scared he might scare
  114.           her. he was honestly kind of glad that she was going to a summer camp cause she would at least be productive
  115.           and wouldn't get into fights often.
  118.        ━ compliments on her intelligence / she likes when
  119.           people showers her with compliments and she we
  120.           gets motivated and confident
  121.        ━ winter / since she's born during the winter season,
  122.           she finds it comfortable for her and she just loves
  123.            that feeling of winter
  124.        ━ teasing her brother / she loves when he gets annoyed
  125.           and tells her to leave his room with her slime or
  126.           whatever she annoyed him with
  127.        ━ dad jokes / its just her tHing oKay
  128.        ━ banana with nutella / people may say that it's disgusting
  129.           but she says its goddamn cOOL
  130.        ━ hoodies / she loves how big and soft they are
  131. DISLIKES ;
  132.        ━ makeup / she's rather go bare faced than wear that
  133.           weird ass powder paint on her face
  134.        ━ summer / like i said, she is a winter baby and not
  135.           all too fond of summer
  136.        ━ racism / just another thing everyone should be against
  137.           but she would rant about how our world lacks humanity
  138.           in many ways
  139.        ━ homophobes / she hates people who dislike and tease the
  140.           lgbt+ family ( they go through a lot, it breaks me )
  141.        ━ jewellery / they are just ugly so no ew
  142.        ━ dresses / she can deal with skirts but no honey no, not
  143.           dresses like what the hell is it, its just ugly
  144. HABIT(s) ;
  145.        ━ carrying an extra piece of clothing everywhere / CHAEWON
  146.           tends to sweat a lot causing clothes to get wet
  147.        ━ bouncing her knee when extremely nervous
  148.        ━ bits her lip when in concentration or fear causing it to
  149.           turn pale white
  151. FEAR(s) ;
  152.        ━ coulrophobia / fear of clowns
  153.           she is terrified of them cause they look creepy
  154.           in the first place and also once when she was
  155.           younger, she had a very frightening encounter
  156.           with a clown
  157.        ━ trypophobia / fear of holes
  158.           she fell in a hole once and wasn't able to get
  159.           out for 6 hours but she also hates small holes
  160.           as it makes her cringe
  161.        ━ atychiphobia / fear of failing
  162.           she's really scared as to what would happen if
  163.           she were to fail in something and is scared of
  164.           the outcome
  166. SKILL(s)/HOBBY(ies) ;
  167.        ━ basketball / relieves her stress
  168.        ━ photography / she loves taking random pictures
  169.           even if its just her friends
  171. DREAM(s) ;
  172.        ━ to be an idol / ever since she was a kid, she
  173.           took interest in singing and performing and stuff
  174.           like that. so when she was around the age of 10,
  175.           she had a mindset that she was gonna audition in
  176.           a company and it would settle her life all well.
  177.           in fact, she actually audition at a company but
  178.           unfortunately didn't exactly get selected. she
  179.           would still want to try again with more confidence
  180.           in the future
  181.        ━ i would say she is at least 7 out of 10 serious
  182.           about this dream
  184. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀° 。༄ 『 CANDLES 』
  186. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↳ ❝we don’t need the light!❞
  188. 01. what cause her to be in the school summer camp?
  189.        ━ as mentioned earlier, she can get really competitive
  190.           at times and this time she got really annoyed at a kid
  191.           named biLlY, kidding, his name was KIM HYUNBAE, sounds
  192.           hot right, hahahahahahah nO ! anyway, he despite knowing
  193.           how competitive she can get, asked her to a basketball
  194.           match, also knowing her undying love for basketball but
  195.           her lack of knowledge in how to actually play it. he on
  196.           the other hand was the soon-to-be captain of the basketball
  197.           team, knew that he would be able to defeat her within a
  198.           few seconds. she was up and warming up for the "heated"
  199.           match. he ended up wining with 8-2 ( him making 4 shots while
  200.           she managed to score 2 only ). everyone cheered for HYUNBAE
  201.           and CHAEWON got enraged before punching dead ass in the face
  202.           making his nose bleed while someone complained to the principle
  203.           and she was sent to the camp to be taught a lesson
  205. 02. in the FEMALE PLAYERS chapter, every slot was given a few questions, answer them here!
  206.        ━ CHAEWON is quite smart because as a kid, her parents would
  207.           keep giving her books to read and she took it as a hobby
  208.           and kept on reading different books everytime. it was no
  209.           surprise that she would be a class topper and would ace
  210.           literally eVery suBject. soon, by the time she reached
  211.           middle school, she realized that she had competition and
  212.           that this was a battle she had to fight herself. she got
  213.           more and more competitive everytime. her parents realized
  214.           that she was obsessed with winning all the time and would
  215.           tell her to give others a chance to answer or win sometimes
  216.           but she wasn't gonna back down at any cost
  218. 03. will your character die at the end? if yes, what could be the cause? if no, that's alright. but are you okay with me doing so to your character?
  219.        ━ no, but i wouldn't mind do dying though
  221. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀° 。༄ 『 LIGHTER 』
  223. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↳ ❝we’ll live on the dark side!❞
  226.        ━ ENVY, they have really similar personalities
  228.        ━ GREED, she doesn't like that she wants things
  229.           done easily and that there is no effort put
  230.           into it
  233.        ━ JENO LEE, being in the same school, they grew
  234.           closer quite easily
  236.        ━ JAEMIN NA, she thought he was a flirt and didn't
  237.           like people like him but then when she came to
  238.           finally know him, they got really close
  240. RELATIONSHIP WITH PAIR ; crushing? best friend? crushing then ended up together? crushing but ended up best friends?
  241.        ━ crushing then end up together cause i love MARK LEE
  244.        ━ MARK confessing and her rejecting cause she was
  245.           really stressed out at that time
  246.        ━ ( ✓ )
  247.           MARK rambling about how he had tons of work to
  248.           do round camp being the camp's president and
  249.           then CHAEWON just kisses him to shut him up
  250.           also answering his cofession
  251.        ━ ENVY and CHAEWON having a "friendly competitive"
  252.           game to see who's more competitive
  253.        ━ CHAEWON helping WRATH with her anger issues, trying
  254.           to push hers aside as well
  255.        ━ ( ✓ )
  256.           CHAEWON and JAEWON walking to school together, fooling
  257.           and they eventually get late for class
  258.        ━ ( ✓ )
  259.           CHAEWON finally having a good time and starts dancing
  260.           around but falls resulting in her nose to bleed
  262. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀° 。༄ 『 BLOOD 』
  264. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↳ ❝i see it, let’s feel it, while we’re still
  265. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀young & fearless!❞
  267. EXTRA(s) ;
  268.        ━ not really uwu
  269. NOTE TO ME ; hi, i’m jens ! ♡
  270.        ━ hello love, i really love the concept of this
  271.           applyfic and i really hope it doesn't flop, i
  272.           also hope i'm not that late hehe
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