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  1. Guest_kingtrill20 har sluttet seg til samtalen
  2. Guest_kingtrill20: Hey
  3. Guest_kingtrill20: Where everybody at…
  4. Dyscurd: no clue
  5. Dyscurd: prolly doing stuff
  6. Guest_kingtrill20: Hell yea prolly so
  7. Guest_kingtrill20: Wts up wit y'all tho
  8. Dyscurd: readin manga
  9. Guest_kingtrill20: Oh anime right
  10. Guest_milkshakeearthquake har sluttet seg til samtalen
  11. Dyscurd: well
  12. Guest_milkshakeearthquake har forlatt samtalen
  13. DyscurdDyscurd : i'm watching the anime too
  14. Guest_kingtrill20: Oh OK yea heard bout it never watched or read tho
  15. Guest_MeowzaconGuest_Meowzacon har sluttet seg til samtalen
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