The Invaders In My Room - 26

Apr 28th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend
Yoon Soo Lee [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Sex friend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [N/A] (RH) Painter [?] [N/A]
[N/A] (Douche) Manager [N/A]
Min Sung (BH) [N/A] XGF's Toy

Chapter - 26 Thanks to Lumagon

Hotel room

XGF in underwear leans against BH.

XGF: I've always been this kind of girl.
I want to have sex with you Mr.Minsung! I'm going crazy!

She removes her bra.

How about you Minsung. You don't care seeing me like this?
Don't you think that you wanna hug me?
Have you ever thought that you would do it with me when you met me?
I want to have sex with Mingsung.
If you like me, hold me, throw me on the bed and please me!

She caresses his neck.

I want you to be honest.

She removes her tong.

Or you can keep lowering your head and end this relationship.


Hotel bedroom

BH and XGF are on the bed, both naked.

XGF: You look so nervous. It's not really your first time..

BH: I don't lie.

XGF: What should I do? When I look at your face, you don't seem to want to do it.

BH: Really, I like you. I'm serious! I said that I wanted to do it.

She nods at him then looks at his dick.

BH: Na-Young, you too.. Are you doing this because you like me?

XGF: Well, I'll tell you the answer when it's over.

She swallow his whole dick in one gulp. He looks at her stupidly not understanding what is happening.

She stops and looks at him.

XGF: If you don't like it, tell me to stop now.

BH: Oh, no, no, that's, ugh...

She didn't let him finish his sentence and starts again the blowjob.

BH: Aaaah.. Nooo..

He seems to enjoy it a lot and cums already surprising XGF.

His sperm lands on XGF face, she smiles satisfied.

BH: Oh, I'm sorry! Well.. I couldn't stand it..
A tissue! You need a tissue!

She licks her fingers.

XGF: It's okay. I like it.

She looks at him and sees that he's still hard.

XGF: You just wrapped up it like that, and you're already like this..
You have been through a lot, haven't you?

She rides him on and they start fucking.

BH: Ah..ugh..

She stops and looks at him.

XGF: How is it? Have you ever done something like this?

BH: Even if you ask me that...

She grabs his flushed face.

XGF: You're so cute...

The sex restarts.

XGF: {What's the hell.. This guy is better than I thought..}
{But definitively not as good as Woo Hyun..}
{But yeah, it's not bad for the moment.}

XGF: How is it? What do you think?

{It feels better than I thought, it's not bad.}

She stops the sex waiting for his answer.

BH: Miss Na-You... Do you like me? You're doing this because you like me, right?

XGF: You are really asking me this right now? I told you to talk after I'm done.

She rides him again, harder and don't stops till she collapses on him, exhausted.

BH: It's hard, right? Hmm.. Should I do it?

XGF: Yeah!

She lays comfortably on the bed bed and opens her legs inviting BH.

XGF: Yeah, like this. Do whatever you want. Usually, I like it like that..

BH blushes and penetrates her right away. He fucks her as hard as he can.

BH: {Na-Young... Na-Young...}

A bit later

Some moans, BH bangs XGF from behind and grabs her breasts.

XGF: Yeah! Like that! You have to do it harder! A Little bit!...

He creams her.

BH: Aaah! Na-Young!!!

After the battle

They are lying on the bed when the mobile of XGF is ringing. She takes it

XGF: {Hmm, a phone call?... Unknown number?}

BH: Na-Young... The question that I asked earlier..

XGF: {I'm sure of it! It's Woo Hyun previous number!}

BH: Na-Young.. Hmm? Are you listening to me?

(No she isn't... Poor guy.)


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