Valour - Our Knight, Deeds and Companions

Jul 15th, 2022
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  1. Updated 16.07.2022
  2. Sir Emile Andrei, Young Knight of Romaine, ‘The Bear of Romaine’, ‘Stormblessed’.
  3. >Base DC: 25DC (Healthy +5, Strong +5, Blademaster +10, Castle-Forged Arming Sword +5)
  4. >Base AV: 66AV Masterwork Full-Plate +33AV, Guardian +6AV, Basilisk Scale Shirt +7AV, Heater Shield +20AV)
  5. >Combat Re-Rolls: 4.5 (Holy Orders +1, Courageous Sky +1, Blessed Artefact +1, Bear Totem +0.5)
  6. >Other Re-Rolls: Tracking +1 (Courageous Sky), Pathfinder +1 (Ranger Gear), Persuade/Courtship +1 (Fashionable attire: Active in courtly environments), Persuade/Courtship +1 (Military Tabard: Active in martial environments), Persuade +1 (Noble Privilege: Activates against lower social status), Intrigue/Counter-Intrigue (Lady Stoatsworth).
  8. >Equipment
  9. -Masterwork Full-Plate +15DC, 33AV, +1 AV Re-Roll
  10. -Breastplate and Helm +10DC, +20AV (unequipped)
  11. -Castle-Forged Arming Sword +5DC (Can re-roll Blademaster if wielded in one-hand)
  12. -Heater Shield +20AV
  13. -Basilisk Scale Shirt +7AV
  14. -Destrier Warhorse 'Hannibal' +10DC(Mounted), +15DC(Charge) (Primary Mount Active)
  15. -Ill-Bred Nag 'Charlie' (Secondary Mount Active)
  16. -Legatus Griffinhawk 'Courageous Sky' +1 Combat Re-Roll, +1 Tracking Re-Roll
  17. -Fashionable Attire (+5DC Persuade/Courtship)(+1 Persuade/Courtship Re-roll in courtly environments)
  18. -Military Tabard (+5DC Persuade/Courtship)(+1 Persuade/Courtship Re-roll in military environments. With full-plate, you also now have a plume.
  19. -Bear Totem & Silver Chain Gorget: 50DC chance of +1 Combat Re-Roll, Grants +5DC if Active. Unknown level of Magic resistance.
  20. -Ranger Gear +1 Pathfinder Re-Roll, Can equip Torch at will.
  21. -Hireling Standard Outfit: Orin
  22. -Lady Frida Vancewell Advanced Favour: +6DC Intrigue/Counter-Intrigue, +1 Intrigue/Counter-Intrigue Re-Roll +1. Any double-pass in Persuade/Intrigue/Courtship will reveal whether that person is a Faction member. INACTIVE
  23. -Mademoiselle Josephine Daubeny Advanced Favour: +3AV, +1 AV Re-Roll. The first time that you burn this re-roll to avoid harm to yourself, this favour and its benefits are not discarded. INACTIVE
  25. Current Wealth: 113 Sequins
  26. NOTE: Typically, most of this will not be in hard coin such as Gold or Silver and will involve barter of other luxuries or valuables such as jewellery that you have on your person.
  27. Sequins is a common denominator and what you are exactly spending or gaining in terms of actual currency will vary widely. I wholeheartedly refuse to calculate exchange rates and will assume any purchase is taking this and haggling into account. Did I fix the wealth system? Probably not, but I expect any complaints to come with the disclaimer that you did literally ask for this.
  28. By terms of reference, a mid-level craftsman such as a butcher or common tailor working on wages could expect to earn 0.2 sequins a day. And yes, as a noble your spare change is not far off from near a years wages for most folk.
  29. You have a debt to the Pascae Banks, this will accrue interest.
  30. You have a stake in Tracker Jean’s caravan enterprise, you have voted against accruing interest and will make several rolls to see how successful these additional ventures were.
  32. >Path of Adam (18 steps total)
  33. (1) In Our Prayers: The first time you take unsaved damage, gain +1 Combat Re-Roll [Once-per-day]
  34. (3) Guardian: +6AV
  35. (6) Law of Man: Each Companion provides +2DC
  36. (12) Shield of Faith: +1AV re-roll per combat, self or companion.
  38. >Path of Cain (10 steps total)
  39. (1) Mark of Cain +5DC to Combat when less than Healthy
  40. (3) Avenger: -5AV to Foe
  41. (6) Sword of Man: Each Foe provides +1DC to Combat
  43. >Path of Thorns (5 steps total)
  44. (1) Noble Privilege: Gain +1 Re-Roll in Persuasion Rolls where you are of Higher Social Standing
  45. (3) To the Victor, the Spoils: Always gain +1 Wealth at the successful conclusion of any engagement at a Skirmish level or larger.
  46. (6) The Weak Should Fear the Strong: If you hold the DC advantage in combat gain +1 Combat Re-Roll. If you are at a disadvantage, instead suffer -5DC to combat. DORMANT
  49. >Knight's Code
  50. (1) "His Blade Defends the Helpless"
  51. +Blademaster: +10DC to Combat
  52. -Vow: You may not strike down a defenceless or unarmed opponent.
  54. (2) "His Heart Knows Only Virtue
  55. +Holy Orders: +1 Combat Re-Roll, +1 Step on the Path of Adam
  56. -Vow: You may not be unfaithful to your wife, nor may you sire bastards even if unmarried.
  58. (3) "His Might Upholds The Weak"
  59. +Staggering Blows: Opponent's suffer additional Injury(-5DC) with every point damage.
  60. -You may refuse no call for aid, honestly asked for.
  62. OTHER
  64. The Almighty himself has singled you out to act as an instrument of His Will. Sometimes His angels appear before you and whisper of the divine mission. You believe these visions to be real and genuine.
  65. =====================================================
  67. “Honour most to the man honoured by his enemies.”
  68. Fought in his father Lord Andrei’s campaign against the encroaching Deadmen.
  69. Slew the Creeping Horror of Grenmire.
  70. Brought the false knight Sir Hast Vancewell to justice at Grenoble.
  71. Rescued a Cathagi convoy from beastmen on the Kingsroad.
  72. Returned the shield of a fallen knight to the family of House Rousseau.
  73. Stood the Full Vigil at the Church of Adam’s Martyrdom in Aubrey, beginning his pilgrimage.
  74. Purged the Fallavon Woods of the dread Wodenaki preying on pilgrims on the Kingsroad.
  75. Attended Lord Duncan’s tournament, placing second on the lists whilst wearing the favour of the Maid Ava Sinclair and crippling the Marquis Caspian Fallavon in the melee.
  76. Defended his honour in a challenge by Sir Marco Hewitt, a knight of Pascae, laying him low.
  77. Arrived at Second site of pilgrimage, walking the Path of the Blue Lantern Vigil at Motte-Fallavon and bringing peace to the souls of two ancient warriors.
  78. Set off into the wildest reaches of the Fallavon forests in search of his brother, braving ambush and terror to lend him aid.
  79. Defeated and bound in chain a great evil.
  80. Survived an attack by an Eastern Vale Basilisk.
  81. Walked the unseelie halls of the Fae Enclaves.
  82. Returned to Motte-Fallavon victorious and accomplished. Lauded as ‘The Bear of Romaine’.
  83. Defeated Sir Jean Sinclair, an accomplished Fallavon knight, in Trial by Combat, thus sparing the life of a runaway serf.
  84. Annihilated a camp of bandits preying on travellers on the roads near Darbyshire.
  85. Defeated Sir Kenrick Hartsvale, a knight of Fallavon, in Trial by Combat, clearing the name of his squire.
  86. Accepted a challenge on the Pascae roads by Sir Guillermo de Broulert, a favoured knight of Pascae, slaying them in single combat.
  87. Arrived at the Third holy site in Port Bounty at Brother’s Landing. Struck by divine lightning during the Short Walk, to be entered in the Record of Miracles held by the Church. Recognised as ‘Stormblessed’.
  88. Spearheaded an Ordo Praetor raid into the underbelly of Port Bounty slums, obtaining evidence in their investigations.
  89. Attended the Duke Pascae’s annual Ball, winning the favours of Young Lady Frida Vancewell and Mademoiselle Josephine Daubeny.
  90. Blessed a sickly babe on the footsteps of the Cathedral of Brother’s Landing.
  91. Set sail from Port Bounty for foreign lands.
  93. CAIN’S TALLY [36]
  94. “I will not rest. I will not spoil. I will not forgive.”
  95. Unclean Deadman, Once a Mother
  96. Unclean Deadman, Once a Merchant
  97. Unclean Deadman, Once a Child
  98. The Creeping Horror of Grenmire
  99. Greenhorn Beastman, Gnasher
  100. Greenhorn Beastman, Lockjaw
  101. Longhorn Beastman, One-Eye
  102. Greenhorn Beastman, Dirtclaw
  103. Greenhorn Beastman, Stumblehoof
  104. Greenhorn Beastman, Pawstream
  105. Longhorn Beastman, Oaktooth
  106. Warbull Threehorn, Lieutenant to Craven
  107. The Ancient Wodenaki of Fallavon
  108. Hired Blade, Rolf the Dim
  109. Hired Blade, Sawyer
  110. Hired Blade, ‘Pagan’ Payne
  111. Hired Blade, Orn Threefinger
  112. Hired Bow, Locke
  113. Freeblade Halberdier, Cusceni Grin
  114. Freeblade Halberdier, Happy
  115. Freeblade Halberdier, Marco the Black
  116. Freeblade Primus Pilus, Giuseppe Russo
  118. The Eastern Vale Basilisk of Fallavon (you were the tank…)
  119. Bandit Swordsman, ‘Snaps’ Wesley
  120. Bandit Axeman, Dolf Brittle
  121. Bandit Swordsman, Erskin of Darbyshire
  122. Bandit Axeman, Erskin of Elsewhere
  123. Bandit Knifethrower, Fleek the Padfoot
  124. Knight of Pascae, Sir Guillermo de Broulert
  125. Hired Blade, Claps
  126. Hired Blade, Arnulf Hand-me-down
  127. Hired Blade, Egil the Shark
  128. Langlish Mercenary, Marco the Queer
  129. Cathagi Mercenary, Melzeen Al-Kaalb
  130. Norsikaan Brawler, Stonetooth
  131. =======================================================
  132. *Mikail of Andryski, Squire to Sir Andrei: LOYAL
  133. +7DC, +15AV (Hatchet, Buckler and Chainmail)
  134. Death's Door Chance 150%, x3 per day.
  135. -STALWART
  136. BROTHER FOR LIFE SIDEQUEST 'Noble Aspirations': "Noble blood is an accident of fortune; noble actions characterize the great." Mikail will consider you a BROTHER FOR LIFE if you successfully nominate him for the Roiguard, the King's personal elite guard.
  139. *Brother Marcel Rousseau, Knights Comitas: COMRADE
  140. +15DC, +40AV (Morningstar, Shield and Breastplate)
  141. LOYALTY MISSION 'Pilgrims Progress': "It is always hard to see the purpose in wilderness wanderings until after they are over." Visit all four Holy Sites sacred to the Cantônian Faith and stand the required vigil at each of them.
  143. *Jess the Kid, Archer to Sir Andrei: COMRADE
  144. +0DC, 10AV (Padded Leather & Motley, Fae Runes)
  147. *Orin, Hireling to Sir Andrei: UNTESTED
  148. +5DC, +30AV (Spear, Round Shield and Gambeson)
  153. *Sir Karlaus Rabe, Knight of Montbrun: LOYAL
  154. +15DC, +40AV (Axe, Shield and Breastplate)
  155. BROTHER-FOR-LIFE SIDEQUEST 'Stone Oath': “House Rabe keeps to the old ways. The winds are loud and fickle, the mountain remains silent and eternal.” Travel to the lands of House Rabe and swear a solemn oath on the Family Stone. In Montbrun custom your descendants and his will be considered kinsmen, sworn to defend one another no matter the odds.
  158. *Sir Robert Gilbern, Order Reginate: COMRADE / SHAKEN
  159. +20DC, +60AV (Sword, Shield and Full-Plate)
  160. LOYALTY MISSION 'Queensman': ”Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? We do.” Sir Gilbern will become LOYAL if you help him complete a clandestine mission.
  162. *Sir Willem Glasdale, Knight of Romaine: LOYAL
  163. +15DC, 40AV (Sword, Sheild & Breastplate)
  164. BROTHER-FOR-LIFE SIDEQUEST: Currently unknown. Maybe marry a bloody peasant as well or something, who knows. No accounting for taste, honestly.
  166. *Sir Heinrich Norwache, Knight of MontbrunFallavon: UNTESTED
  167. +15DC, +40AV (Sword, Shield and Breastplate)
  170. *Sir Neil dan Marc, Knight of Fallavon, Sworn to Sir Andrei: COMRADE
  171. +15DC, +40AV (Sword, Shield and Breastplate)
  172. Death's Door Chance 100%, x1 per day.
  173. LOYALTY MISSION: 'Honour in Service' Sir Neil dan Marc will become LOYAL if Sir Emile Andrei unlocks all Knight Codes at least once.
  175. *Young Lord Damien Andrei, Heir to House Andrei, Brother to Sir Andrei 'THE GREEN KNIGHT': BROTHER FOR LIFE
  176. +15DC, +40AV (Sword, Shield and Breastplate), +1 Combat Re-Roll when chosen as a Companion
  177. Death's Door Chance 200%, x3 per day.
  178. BROTHER FOR LIFE BONUS: To your elder brother, your friends are the friends of House Andrei and your enemies are his enemies too. He will passively support you with personal and House resources without asking, and actively support you without hesitation should you call for aid.
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