Green Meadows

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. Elizabeth Anonymous sighed to herself. Once again, she found herself sitting against a lone rock in a meadow of green. Many a time she’d always come here. When things are dire. When she just wants to be away from everything and just think. At times, she’d even just come to the sprawling green pastures of grass and other rocks and stones just to sit and think. Her thoughts always wondered, but coming here was almost like a place of peace. A place where she can just clear her head, or talk to herself about the stupidest things. Sometimes she’d even bring a blanket and sleep next to the short and smooth rock which stuck out of the sea of green. She didn’t care if people looked at her strangely, or thought she was some sort of escaped patient from a mental ward, or a homeless Wererabbit. It was her place of peace. Her place of purpose.
  3. And yet, today was a different day. She took a sip of the cup of hot chocolate she bought earlier and took a seat against the grey stone. She didn’t care if her sun dress got dirty or if the wind ruined her hair. She was never someone who liked to dress up anyhow. But today was a special day to her. A day in which no matter what happens- even if she were to get amnesia- she would never forget. She took another sip of her hot chocolate, her warm breath mixing with the gentle breeze of summer. For a moment, she sat in silence, occasionally brushing her short blonde hair out of her face, looking off into nothingness. She’d bite her lip, her fang scraping her pink lips, as if she was thinking of something to say. But nothing would come out.
  5. Minutes turned into hours. The once bright sun which hung overhead, her straw hat casting a shadow over her face, was not beginning to fall towards the horizon. The bright blue sky turned into an orchestra of orange, yellows, and reds. The small stone casted a long shadow behind her, seeming to crawl across the grass for miles. Elizabeth gazed upward, her auburn eyes watching the orange clouds drift in their sea like toy ships which fell into a pool of spilled paint. With a gulp, and a smile, she finally spoke.
  8. “H-Hey dad.” Her soft yet brash voice was the only sound in the drifting silence of the evening air. She began to brush one of her long ears, a habit she never lost that she always did shen she was shy “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s been-what-a month now since we last talked? You’d probably remember. Hell, I can already hear you telling me how long it’s really been. It’s probably something miniscule, or maybe it’s really been a while. But then you’d just brush it under the rug and continue on as if it was nothing. Heh, you had a tendency to do that a lot. It drove mom crazy. Personally, I found it pretty funny. But then again, I was just a kid. And you’re a pretty funny person.”
  10. Elizabeth smirked and looked down at her lap. “Oh good, I’m rambling. This is off to a good start. This is what you want to hear—the ramblings of an old Wererabbit like me, slightly intoxicated on alcohol.” She scoffed. “Hey, don’t get on my case about that! I’m passed the age where it’d be illegal to drink. Yeah, and I say this directly pointed at you because you’d always hide all the booze in the house so I wouldn’t get not even a drop of it. Yeah, I remember that. You’re probably scratching your beard, thinking long and hard on if you ever did that; but you did! And you want to know something else? I knew where you hid them. Right underneath your bed. I think.”
  12. “It was in your room, I swear. Just somewhere. But I know where! I just don’t remember, alright? It was a long time ago, I was small.” She paused. “Wait, I wasn’t even small when I found it, I was a teen. I sneaked into you guys room a- and I’m rambling again. Perfect. Congratulations Elli, after many a days, or months, or even years since the last time you’ve spoken to your father, you’ve successfully bored him to death with your constant rambling.”
  14. “Speaking of drinks; you want to hear something funny? Earlier I bought your favourite drink. Yeah, the hot chocolate you buy at the diner you used to take me to when I was younger.” She raised the covered mocha cup in the air, as if directed at someone, smiling triumphantly. She took a long sip, sighing in relief. “My review? Not that bad. Honestly, even though your combination of things sounds like a concoction equivalent to a Lich trying to revive something for the first time, it honest to god doesn’t taste that bad.”
  16. “Though,” Elizabeth paused, taking a sip. “It’s a bit sweet. A little less sugar would do you good, old man. But it’s better than what the stuff mother and her friends used to drink at her house parties. Yeah, I know you put up a poker face when you drink with mother and her friends in those porcelain cups. “
  18. She took another long sip. It was almost as if there was alcohol in it, considering how her cheeks were flushed “This is why I was against mother trying to pull me into her crowd of people. Posh, overly dressed and equally overly stenched rich idiots who’d rather burn their millions of dollars on something stupid like a piece of jewellery then something worthwhile. Y’know what I’d do if I had that much money. I’d… probably do what I’m doing now in all honesty. But I’d probably be a different person if you didn’t raise me like how you did. I’d probably be wearing a dress! Can you believe that? Me, in a dress! It’d be like that one time we went to mother’s friend’s wedding. I had to wear that sun dress mother pushed so hard you’d swear it was like her life depended on it. I looked terrible in it.”
  20. “No, Dad. Shut up. I looked terrible in it. Don’t feed me that praise you fed me on that day.” Another sip. “A-And don’t say that you complimenting me made me go! B-Because it didn’t!”
  22. “Though, I did keep it. B-Because it was expensive! Honest!”
  24. Elizabeth sighed to herself once again. The sun was halfway down the horizon, its light beginning to dim. The bright orange and reds which played across the sky began to darken. It was beginning to get late, and the midnight animals were beginning their lives. Fireflies began to fly around the meadows, their glow illuminating each stone they passed for a brief second. The lonely Wererabbit watched the creatures play around, smiling to herself. This is why she came here. Everything was so at peace. The plans, the animals, the environment. Even the air gave off a peaceful feeling. A feeling of safety.
  26. “So…. How have you been?” She began once more, speaking to no one in particular. “Me, I’ve been fine. Y’know, same ol’ little Elizabeth. Still a tomboy. Still play sports. Still playing video games here and there. Still a nerd.”
  28. Elizabeth smirked. “No dad, I’m a nerd. Just because back in your ‘prehistoric period’ of a day liking DC and Marvel, and anime didn’t qualify you as a nerd, in this day and age, it does!” She chuckled. “You must be very proud. You managed to raise a nerd. Yes, you made me into this, don’t try and hide that guilty face. Remember when we sat and marathoned Turn A? Or JLU? Or when I was younger we watched Madoka together--WHICH, by the way, not something you want to show to a kid at the age of 6 looking back? All you. Guilty. Life imprisonment. No payroll. No bail.”
  30. “God, that was such a long time ago too. It feels just like yesterday. Me sitting on your lap, you wrapping your arms around me while we watch Godzilla vs Destroyah. Crying together when Godzilla died. Rooting for the underdog. Good times. Good times.”
  32. She sniffled.
  34. “You know, it’s funny.” She continued, laughing to herself. She didn’t even realise she wiped away something wet on her cheek. “My kids would probably love you as much as I do. Oh yeah, you don’t know this! I had kids! I think the last time I talked to you I was pregnant. But it’s official. I have kids. Two adorable bundles of joy. One boy and one girl. I was joking around with Barry the other day about how we should push them together like how you used to push us together when we were just neighbors. I can’t believe I married him. I swear you had a hand in it. You used to ‘ship’ us together so much I hated you for it. And yet here we are, with a metal band on my finger and two kids that shot out of me.”
  36. “I wish…” She coughed, wiping away yet again another wet feeling on her cheek. “I wish you were there…”
  38. The sun was completely gone now. The once orange sky was now a void of darkness. And yet, in the darkness were the twinkles and shimmers of millions of other lights. The stars dotted the black canvas, creating constellations of the most trivial things. The milky way sprawled across the night sky like a line of many different lights. A bright pale moon began its rise from the horizon to join the stars in the sky. The black meadow began to glow once more as the dew of earlier rain reflected the light of the moon and the stars. More and more fireflies began their dances in the sky, swirling and looping around each other.
  40. Elizabeth held her legs close to her chest, wrapping her arms around her puffy legs. The gentle breeze of the night air blew her glowing white dress, and yet she ignored it. She ignored the fact that it blew off her straw hat. She ignored the prickles of goosebumps on her arms, or the fact that it seemed to only be raining on her face and onto her fur. She just sat in silence, her shoulders shaking.
  42. “Dad?” Her voice was cracked and shaky. “I’m cold… I’m so cold… E-Ever since you left, it’s been so cold here without you… I just…” She hiccupped. “I miss you dad… I miss all the fun we had together. All the times we went on stupid imaginary quests… We fought, and yet it always ended in a hug… A warm hug…I miss your hugs…”
  44. “I miss those days, daddy…. I miss you…”
  46. “When are you coming back? W-When are you coming home?” She sniffed, tears streaking down her cheeks. “W-When am I going to see you again?”
  48. “I miss you so much…”
  50. FIN
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