Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. You finally let loose a beam of pure manifested truth, aimed directly at one of the beasts, the beam itself is only about the size of your torso, but still leaves a great wound in the chest of one of the false Orochi, you consider for a moment, moving your hand to the left or right in order to create a great sweeping blade of truth energy to kill all of the beasts at once, but the energy you gathered simply didn't last long enough for that. You have a tremendous amount of magic circuits, but you just don't have the output to keep that level of an attack up for more than a few seconds! Damn truth magic and its exorbitantly high magical energy cost! You recover back to your maximum energy instantly, yet if you want to use another one of those lasers, you're going to need to spend more time charging. About ten seconds was all that you needed to create one about the size of your torso, so twenty seconds should be enough to create one the size of a human body and forty seconds should once again double the diameter of the shot.
  3. Part 21
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