Little Runaways

Nov 20th, 2018
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  1. Nadia had found out the truth. The powerful magician Aegis and her faithful servant Portia had been working to keep a wanted man safe from n. punishment. She couldn't fathom it at first. After all, Doctor Julian Devorak was accused of murder. That was usually enough to make people cut ties with others.
  3. Portia had been the first to spill, having said one thing out of line that the ever-observant Countess picked up on. The young servant was just telling Countess Nadia the whole story when two guards came marching into the palace, dragging the young magician Nadia had hired to help solve the murder, and the doctor himself.
  5. Aegis's clothes were a little dirtied and torn, but she looked no worse for wear. The doctor however, was bloodied and bruised, but the mark on his neck glowed dutifully and worked to heal the bearer of such a gift.
  7. "We found them, your Majesty," The guards announced. The one beefcake holding Julian threw hin forward onto the floor, Aegis yelling in protest. Julian lay there for a second, groaning, as Nadia eyed the two of them. "The murderer, Doctor Devorak, and the traitor, Aegis." As Julian tried to push himself off the floor, the freehanded guard pointed his spear at the doctor's back.
  9. Nadia raised her hand to command silence from the guards, the two of them falling silent. She glared at the two guards, watching them with cat-like eyes as they ket go of Aegis and lowered the spear.
  11. Aegis immediately rushed over to Julian, crouched by him. Portia leapt forward too, ignoring any protest Nadia could have made.
  13. "You may go," Nadia commanded to the guards, watching as the two of them immediately bowed and retreated from the hall. As soon as they left, she drew a knife, formerly concealed in her cloak. The knife's hilt was a jet black with glimmerimg crimson accents and a purple jewel connecting the hilt and blade, and Aegis immediately recognised it.
  15. Aegis's alarms went off as did Portia, the two ladies coming to block Nadia off from Julian. Nadia eyed them impressively, but made no move to advance nor retreat. Instead, she extended the knife to Aegis, handle first.
  17. "I believe this is yours, Aegis. You left it in the library when you left in a hurry. Don't worry, I know everything about what has been going on between you two," Nadia reassured.
  19. Aegis took back the knife, slotting it back into its sheath on her belt. "You're.... not mad?" Aegis asked.
  21. Nadia knelt down besides the two of them and Julian, her legs folding neatly under her with the rest of her robe. Julian said nothing, simply staring at her with defeated eyes.
  23. "Mad? Heavens no, Portia told me everything. Normally I would have him instantly executed, but I hear something about a goat hanging abou-"
  25. Nadia was cut off as Asra came bursting in, very much unlike him. His frantic demeanour immediately calmed down as he saw his apprentice okay, but the calmness turned into concern and a little disapproval as his gaze wandered over to the battered doctor.
  27. Nadia smiled faintly. "Ah, Asra. Good of you to join us. You seemed in a hurry," She idly commented.
  29. "I heard Aegis and Julian were arrested from the coliseum. I came to see if they were okay," Asra explained.
  31. Nadia nodded thoughtfully, but noticed that Asra was mostly looking at Aegis when he said he came to see if 'they' were okay. If Nadia knew the talented magician, he probably only meant Aegis.
  33. "Well, it's good that we are all here. I'll have my chamber maids help Doctor Devorak here clean up a little and join us for dinner," Nadia invited, "I believe we have a lot to talk about. Aegis, do help the Doctor to my chamber's bathroom. I'll send for a new set of clothes for the him and yourself."
  35. Aegis nodded blankly, still slowly processing how Nadia came to know of everything as she picked Julian off the floor and helped him off.
  37. While Aegis and Julian were cleaning up, Portia hurried the kitchen to have dinner prepared. A feast was to be made, if both Aegis and Asra were present. And by the way Nadia had reacted so calmly and unsurprised to the news that both she and Aegis were allied with Julian, perhaps everyone was friends now.
  39. That called for a celebration, and a good reason to bring out the Golden Goose.
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