BluntTongs-DF-Induced Origin Numero Uno

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >you are a miner
  2. >a miner for the greater good of your mothen civilization
  3. >tasked with the goal of aquiring the mythical light above, you toil endlessly at the stone wall, your hooves moving the pick back and forth
  4. >twelve months have passed since you began your expedition with your moth
  5. >it has taken you through more caverns than you thought imaginable...
  6. > well as unspeakable horrors not to be imagined at all
  8. >you are the last of your party of fifteen
  9. >fourteen of your fellow moth comrades have fallen on your quest for light, to escape the trouble brewing between two factions;
  10. >one, that shuns the light and all that follow it, the Dark Irons
  11. >and another, that revels in the warmth and beauty of luminescence, the Tangible Lumni
  12. >the Irons snuff out any and all light, while the Lumni collect lanterns from fallen Overminers, the Ones that Come from Above and delved too deeply, though they have not found the source of them
  13. >years of harsh bickering have escalated to a war
  14. >a war with no discernable end
  15. >and the Lumni have given you and your friends, lowly miners, the task of finding the Skylight, a mythical orb of pure illuminence
  16. >you had mined a secret passageway through the fields behind the castle, in hopes of being able to have the civilization flee later on in secrecy
  17. >twelve months have passed since then
  18. >all your friends are dead;
  19. >first was Oreme, fallen into a trap laid by Kobolds, tiny lizard men not known for brilliance...
  20. >then it as Ralu, taken by pondlurkers to the murky depths...
  21. >after, it was Dakas' and Akon's time; crushed by a boulder trap...
  22. >next was Egngun, speared through the stomach by Troglodytical ponies...
  23. >soon came Xan's death, brought on by strange fungus spores...
  24. >Arban and Alron, brothers of Akon, were eaten by a terrifying Cave Crawler, a beast similar to a centipede, but exponentially larger...
  25. >Ziril, killed by an Amethyst Warrior, a pony made entirely out of the titular gem...
  26. >Nula, injured in her wing from the Troglodytes, slipped and fell into a chasm...
  27. >Limul, Nula's fiance, disheartened by her death, took a dagger when you were sleeping, and pierced his own heart...
  28. >Tath, the scientist, examined a sphere made completely out of pony flesh, and failed to notice its teeth...
  29. >Neca and Cire, poisened by a Cave Floater, a hovering sphere filled with toxic gas...
  30. >and Salir...
  31. >Salir met with the terrible fate of being slain by Obospgosmsex, the Brazen Forgotten Beast...
  33. >you shake the tears out of your eyes
  34. >you have to stay strong
  35. >you are the last of your party of fifteen
  36. >sent on a terrible mission to find the Skylight...
  37. >Salir's death is still fresh in your mind though...
  38. >his terror-filled eyes, watching you as you fled, and as he was torn apart by the Bronze Beast...
  39. >you smack the pick against the stone wall
  40. >chunks of mineral fall, and you are allowed more room
  41. >you set the pickaxe down and cover your face with your hooves, sobbing...
  42. >you hear the bellow of the Bronze Monstrosity behind you
  43. >so...
  44. >this is how it ends, now, huh?
  45. >trapped in a cave, no hope of getting out?
  46. >by some metallic collosus?
  47. >...No...
  48. >you will NOT stand for this...
  49. >eyes filled with tears and rage, you wield your pick yet again
  50. >drowned, stabbed, broken, poisened, crushed...
  51. >I avoid all of those...
  52. >and you mean tell me that I will die now, from a simple alloy?
  53. >No
  54. >not today
  56. >the Alloy Beast lumbers into your small cave, hollow eyes staring
  57. >it makes a grab at you, but you dodge it and smash your pickaxe into its hand, denting it
  58. >the Monstrocity screams, and you back away in terror through where you came in...
  59. >...out onto the thin bridge between the cliffs, a chasm yawning out below...
  60. >the Forgotten One trundles out after you, and throws a punch
  61. >you fly out over the cliffs, and it misses
  62. >it reaches out at you, but oversteps its balance...
  63. >the beast roars as it plummets into the vast space below, landing unseen with a thud
  64. >but you know it will not stop
  65. >not until you are dead
  66. >you rush inside to your miner's cave
  67. >hurridly, you pick away, chipping stone after stone off the wall...
  68. >until...
  69. >you strike...
  70. >...soft, loamy soil...
  71. >you've only heard rumors of this substance...
  72. >...could it be?
  73. >you scramble to dig away the dirt, and soon you burst through the wall of substance into open air
  74. >a bright light fills the cave, blinding you
  75. >it's a light so intense, you have to shield your eyes for minutes to adjust, and even then your eyes are sore from such luminosity
  76. >you step out through the gap in the soil...
  77. >you blink
  78. >strange, colourful things flutter throughout the air
  79. >bizzare brown-and-green things tower above you
  80. >the floor is covered with a strange looking moss you've never seen before
  81. >a blue cavern yawns above, with...
  82. >...a gigantic lantern in the center, shining its light among the entire world...
  83. >the warmth of the Skylight fills your entire body, warming it from the inside out
  84. >you...
  85. >you did it...
  86. >you found the Skylight...
  88. >a bellow from the cave underneath you calls you back to reality
  89. >the Bronze Colossus bursts through the soil, showering the surroundings with earth
  90. >you had narrowly escaped the blow, and the horrifying statue looks at you flying about in the air
  91. >the monster leaps into the air, lashing out at you
  92. >it takes hold of you in its cold hooves
  93. >the beast takes you by the forelegs, and slowly begins to stretch you out...
  94. >you are filled with fear
  95. >this is it...
  96. >this is the end...
  98. >...
  99. >...No...
  100. >you flashback to each time your friends died over the past year
  101. >Pondlurkers, traps, spears, botany, wildlife...
  102. >each memory inducing more rage...
  103. >until you remember Salir
  104. >Salir died in the hooves of this very Colossus
  105. >eyes wide, filled with terror, but more importantly...
  106. >...filled with pleading...
  107. >...begging you to find your way to the top, to complete the quest, to return to the Lumni with good news...
  108. >and you fail?
  109. >only now, as you break into the Surface world?
  110. >...No...
  111. >the memory of Salir fills you with rage
  112. >it fills you with strength...
  113. >...and confidence
  114. > get a sudden idea
  115. >you toss the pickaxe you were carrying into the air, catching it with your tongue
  116. >and you stab the statue in a hinge under its head
  117. >it keeps pulling you out, slowly, unreacting
  118. >you start prying, summoning all your tongue muscles
  119. >the Brazen head slowly lifts upward
  120. >one final push will do it...
  121. >you jam the handle of the pick downwards, and the head of the Colossus creaks
  122. >and after a few seconds...
  123. >it pops off
  125. >you are dropped to the ground
  126. >alive
  127. >bruised, beaten, and hurt
  128. >but alive
  129. >you made it
  130. >you did it
  131. >you now need to tell the Lumni that you made a path to the surface
  133. >it will be easy getting back
  134. >avoid the telltale signs of traps, always sneak everywhere, avoid water, fungus, and cave life...
  135. >and all will be fine
  137. ==========================
  138. >you are the ruler of the Lumni
  139. >it has been sixteen months since you have sent the mining party on a quest for the Skylight, and in turn, the Surface
  140. >you glance out of your castle tower window
  141. >a dark army marches toward the gates of the keep, only a matter of hours away, across the twilit plains of the Ghoulsinks
  142. >you lower your head in defeat, and head down to the throneroom below
  143. >your guards are tense as you sit upon the throne
  144. >the doors to the throneroom burst open, and in comes...
  145. >...the young iron miner you sent out to the surface
  146. >she regails you about her tales in the above caverns, about all the dangers, and about the Surface
  147. >the Skylight...
  148. >it IS real...
  149. >you question her about what her name is, curious
  150. >"My name? It is Saturniidae. A common name, I know..."
  152. >"...But we must hurry, my Queen. The Dark Irons military is on it's way. We must flee now, or be destroyed!"
  153. >she is correct
  154. >you order your guards to gather as much of your own military as possible
  155. >if the caves are as dangerous as this young moth says...
  156. >you also tell them to collect as many citizens as they can
  157. >your race must be able to live on above, on the surface
  158. >you are no longer welcome down here
  160. >an hour later, you arrive at the secret passageway, along with fifty armed militia, and twenty-five citizens
  161. >as well as Saturniidae
  162. "You will lead us through the caverns, guiding us all the way to the top. I know it was hard carving out the passageway, as well as seeing all your friends die..."
  163. >you smile at her
  164. "...But today is a glorious day. We will begin the journey to the Surface this day, and we will revel in the luminesence of the Skylight!"
  165. >Saturniidae smiles back, and starts through the passageway, leading a long line of seventy-seven mothponies behind her
  167. ---------------
  168. >Seven months after that blessed day, you recount the times in the caverns from your newly constructed house
  169. >the castle has yet to be built, but this place will do fine
  170. >the Moth citizens have settled in, and built homes for themselves
  171. >your 'caravan', so to speak, had traveled for days after they hit the surface, searching for a suitable location
  172. >this location was located near the bottom of a gigantic mountain
  173. >and in honour of her services, Saturniidae was given goddesship from you, as proof of her magnificent feats she has done, and she now resides in a home carved out for her in the mountain
  174. >she watches over us even now
  176. >you glance out the window of your small hovel
  177. >numerous mothponies are constructing houses and farms, to sustain the kingdom
  178. >you smile, and silently thank Saturniidae
  179. >without her, the Lumni would be dead
  180. "Thank you, Saturniidae...Thank you..."
  182. [END]
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