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  1. Fire Lore
  3.     Long ago in the ancient times of the Fire Era, in which Fire was the envy of all other nations, there was a war that was being sparked. The Water Faction which specialized in ship building decided to wage war on their neighboring Fire District after a dispute over trade goods. The Water town which had claimed the Nature Faction under their own, had all power over the importing and exporting of the Nation. They were later challenged by the Fire Faction over exports which the Wateroits would not give. This later resulted In war, with the Fire launching multiple attacks and taking large ground on the Water Factions land.
  4.     It was just a normal day during the war for the townspeople the farmers out in the field, the shop clerks bargaining in their booths, and the blacksmiths at the distant mines working hard to forge the very swords and axes used in the brutal war between Fire and Water. Night was approaching on what seemed to be a normal day but the townspeople did not know what was to come. The Water Faction partnered with Nature which was under their rule found a way to harness their power and use it to create flash floods. The group of elementalists paired with elderly mages gathered around the ancient Fire Faction and used their power to create the biggest flood the world had ever seen. There was water everywhere not even the elementalists themselves made it out. The water rushed through the old rural streets of the Fire Faction, destroying everything and everybody in its path. And all life from the Faction seemed to be gone. Or so they thought. Little did anyone know the blacksmiths which had their homes placed far away near the mines had survived, each family holding small spells of magic which could possibly one day be rebuilt.
  6. Quest #1:
  7. Go to Elder_Blacksmith_Barry
  8. *Barry- Welcome young one... Are you here for friendly talk or to wage another pointless war.
  9. *- Well I accept neither just hard work, if you would like to help I think we might need a few things down at the smiths, go see Old Man Jon I think he was looking for some more smelting materials.
  10. Go see Blacksmith_Jon
  11. *Jon- Oh hey there young'n , you must be the one Barry sent. I need some more cooking materials for my forge as my stocks have been running extremely low and the mine is going through a hard spot.
  12. *- I was wondering if you could go out and get me some coal! I'm down to only a few chunks, could you do it for me?
  13. *- Thanks, go out and grab, 25 pieces for me, and while you're out there I grab some flowers, I think my wife will love them
  14. Objective- Get 25 Coal and 5 Red Roses
  15. *- Great, this should be great, but I borrowed some of Xavier's materials as I ran out and they were much better, I believe he was using something from a fiery beast from the hell world, go scout around and see what it might be.
  16. Objective- Go to the Nether and kill the "Fiery mob" bring back its drops
  17. *- Amazing, you've found it and these rods they're amazing, they heat my furnace so fast!
  18. *-Go take these to Barry I'm sure he would be amazed to see them. Oh and take this for your troubles, you've been a big help.
  19. Finish Quest #1
  20. Quest #2
  21. *Barry- Oh hey how did it go with Jon!
  22. *- Wait what's that? a rod from a hell creature? How did you get your hands on it?
  23. *- Hmmm, give it to me and go collect some more, I will ask around and see what people know about them. Also get some paper and some ink so we can record our data.
  24. Objective- Collect 24 blaze rods, 5 paper and 3 ink saks
  25. *- Great I was asking around and it seems as though no one has heard of this material, I will do some testing and see if it is really more effective than our average coal, while you wait, go around and kill some mobs.
  26. Objective- Kill 3 blazes,
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