DASQ Ship Builder

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  1. Cost of Ships Hulls (includes Think Tank/Pilot cost)
  3. Small Craft: Non-FTL ships typically used in large numbers as support to larger ships or within a system. They are incapable of FTL travel and rely on a base or carrier ship to support and transport them.
  5. Nail Fighter: 50B 50M
  6.   Size: 10 meters
  7.   1 Missile Pod
  8.   1 Fixed
  9.   1 Turret
  10. Fast and nimble single Pilot fighters used as long range strike craft.
  12. Coffin Dropship: 50B 100M
  13.   Size: 25 meters
  14.   Capacity: 50
  15.   1 Missile Pods
  16.   1 Turret
  17.   2 Auxiliary
  18. An armored shuttle dedicated to transporting troops to and from battlefields.
  20. Gunship: 90B 250M
  21.   Size: 25 Meters
  22.   Capacity: 8
  23.   2 Missile Pods
  24.   1 Fixed
  25.   2 Turrets
  26.   2 Auxiliary
  27. A Dropship chassis modified by sacrificing storage space to field an impressive amount of weaponry.
  29. Sub-Capitols:
  31. Bloat Carrier 600B 1600M
  32.  Size: 200 meters
  33.  Capacity: 1000
  34.  6 Auxiliary
  35. The Bloat Troop Carrier is a round and somewhat uniform ship with heavy armor. Most of its bulk is dedicated to holding large numbers of troops or vehicles. Docking ports on its hull allow up to ten small craft or a single sub-capitol to dock and travel with the craft during FTL
  37. Corvette: 400B 700M
  38.   Size: 100 meters
  39.   Capacity: 200
  40.   2 Missile Pods
  41.   1 Hull
  42.   3 Fixed
  43.   6 Turret
  44.   8 Auxiliary
  45. The Corvette is a small, general purpose vessel that often accompanies larger ships. It tends to excel at point defense and its small size makes them highly maneuverable and versatile.
  47. Frigate: 800B 1500M
  48.   Size: 150 meters
  49.   Capacity: 150
  50.   4 Missile Pods
  51.   3 Hull
  52.   6 Fixed
  53.   8 Turret
  54.   4 Auxiliary
  55. The Frigate is a general purpose warship capable of holding its own in most combat situations. It is fast and maneuverable while capable of a decent amount of firepower, making it excellent at both assault and patrol duties.
  57. Light Cruiser: 950B 1800M
  58.   Size: 200 meters
  59.   Capacity: 300
  60.   4 Missile Pods
  61.   2 Hull
  62.   8 Fixed
  63.   10 Turret
  64.   6 Auxiliary
  65. A Cruiser tends to be at the core of most fleets, with its main guns being an indispensable offensive asset, but its lack of smaller weaponry makes it vulnerable to smaller craft.
  67. Heavy Cruiser: 1100B 2200M
  68.   Size: 250 meters
  69.   Capacity: 200
  70.   6 Missile Pods
  71.   3 Hull
  72.   12 Fixed
  73.   14 Turret
  74.   6 Auxiliary
  75. Half-way between a sub-capitol and a capitol ship in size the Heavy Cruiser is slower than the other sub-capitols. Yet brings with it a formidable array of weaponry for taking out both capitols and sub-capitols.
  77. Terrordrome: 700B 1200M
  78.  Size: 80 meter diameter
  79.  Capacity: 20
  80.  4 Missile pods
  81.  6 Turrets
  82.  8 Auxiliary
  83. A half-dome sub-capitol ship that is focused on defensive measures and guarding an area. These half-dome ships can land on a planet or asteroid to provide anti-air support. In space two of them can combine to form a sphere to provide all around cover. Lacking FTL engines it must be transported by hitching a ride with capitol or larger ships. When combined the redundant shields are given a boost in their strength. Their increased surface area means that shields and stealth fields cost twice as much. Due to their range of motion the weapon mounts have an increased range and accuracy beyond their normal settings offering a trade-off for their price.
  85. Capitols:
  87. Battlecruiser: 1500B 2500M
  88.   Size: 300 meters
  89.   Capacity: 300
  90.   8 Missile Pods
  91.   3 Hull
  92.   14 Fixed
  93.   10 Turret
  94.   8 Auxiliary
  95. The Battlecruiser is the smallest of the capitol ships, and balances the raw power of a battleship with the relative speed of its cousin the cruiser. While large and powerful, they are relatively frail and as such typically require an escort. They are the fastest and most maneuverable of the capitol ships, making them rather effective at placing themselves in advantageous positions and taking advantage of brief vulnerabilities. Their relatively frail hull and heavy weapon load out makes them naturally predisposed to harrying or raiding as opposed to serving as a front line combatant.
  97. Destroyer: 2200B 6000M
  98.   Size: 500 meters
  99.   Capacity: 500
  100.   10 Missile Pods
  101.   4 Hull
  102.   10 Fixed
  103.   16 Turret
  104.   6 Auxiliary
  105. Destroyers live up to their name, bringing to bear a staggering amount of firepower that commonly forms the backbone of invasion fleets. Dedicated capitol and sub-capitol killers Destroyers are commonly protected my large amounts of smaller craft to guard against smaller strike craft and sub-capitols. While sluggish compared to most other ships their heavy armor and firepower deters foolhardy attacks against it.
  107. Battleship: 4000B 10,000M
  108.   Size: 1500 meters
  109.   Capacity: 800
  110.   10 Missile Pods
  111.   6 Hull
  112.   16 Fixed
  113.   14 Turret
  114.   8 Auxiliary
  115. The Battleship is a massive hulk of weapons and armor, designed to slam into the enemy position and keep hammering away until nothing is left; a simple and often costly strategy. They are incredibly slow, as far as space craft go, and once they get moving few things are capable of stopping them. The massive amount of heat and energy they produce in their operation makes concealing a battleship a pipedream.
  117. Flagship
  118.  Cost: 150,000B 770,000M, takes 10 Days to finish
  119.  Size: 3300 Meters
  120.  Capacity: 3500
  121.  14 Missile Pods
  122.  7 Hull
  123.  18 Fixed
  124.  20 Turrets
  125.  22 Auxiliary
  126. A colossal ship to serve as a Flagship for the New Necrotic Armada. These ships are more like an FTL capable fortress than a proper spaceship. Flagships contain everything a Necrotic General or Lich-Lord would need in their conquests, holding legions of soldiers, vast hangars for fighter and shuttle craft, a staggering array of weaponry, not to mention Cauldrons and even room for a Catoblepas farm. Construction is a colossal undertaking requiring a heavy drain on resources and needing the attention of Jadyk to complete the Flagship. Despite its impressive array of weapons and vast size, it is agonizingly slow to maneuver, meaning it often requires an escort to defend against smaller and faster craft. The great value and logistical importance of the Flagship means it is often at the core of the Necrotic Armada's invading fleets, often serving as Jadyk's personal ship. The presence of a Flagship in a system is as much a political statement as it is a military one, showing the interest the Armada has taken in the region.
  128. Weapon classes
  129. Weapons are divided into several classifications based on their mountings, which change their behavior and overall performance. Some weapons can only be equipped on a specific mount, while others can are limited in their function to the scale a mount provides.
  131. Hull Mounts -  Hull weapon mounts run the length of a ships structural "spine". The longer the ship’s hull, the more powerful the weapon, but the hull mount cannot be aimed without turning the ship, making them inaccurate against mobile targets. They are the most powerful weapons available to a ship, and make for excellent siege or bombardment weapons.
  133. Turrets – Large turreted mounts capable of firing in any direction. They are slow to turn, however, and often serve as a ship’s primary weapon. They offer a good balance of accuracy and power and are most effective in medium ranged combat against similar sized ships.
  135. Fixed – Fixed guns are forward facing weapon mounts capable of gimbaling in a limited angle. They do more damage than turrets but are more difficult to aim with because of their poor coverage. Good for strafing attack runs against larger and slower craft.
  137. Auxiliary – Small turrets placed along the hull capable of quickly facing any target but lack the damage to effectively harm large targets. They are used primarily as point defense as they are capable of tracking fast, small targets with relative ease.
  140. Weapon Types:
  142. Necroflenser: Twin-linked necroflensers provide a well balanced weapon
  143.  (All Mounts)
  144.  Dmg: Med Thermal-Necrotic
  145.  RoF: Med
  146.  Rng: Med
  147.  Acc: Med
  148.  Special: Focus Fire - Continuous fire does increased damage against shields and lowering the effectiveness of armor. Effect stacks with multiple flensers
  150. Necrotic Flayer: Firing a continuous beam of channeled Necrotic energy that is highly effective at damaging armor and ship systems but slow to charge up
  151.  (Hull, Fixed, and Turret Only)
  152.  Dmg: High Necrotic
  153.  RoF: Low
  154.  Rng: Med
  155.  Acc: High
  156.  Special: Sunder Armor - Continuous fire causes the destruction of physical armor and decaying of ship systems. Bypasses a shield to do low damage.
  158. Chain-Flenser: Charging a blast of electric-necrotic energy that does increased damage against shields.
  159.  (Fixed and Turret only)
  160.  Dmg: Med Electric-Necrotic
  161.  RoF: Low-High
  162.  Rng: Long
  163.  Acc: Med
  164.  Special: Spin-up - While slow to fire initially the chain-flenser's charge rate decreases with each shot until it reaching a high rate of continuous fire. Does increased damage against shields prolonging their recharge rate.
  166. Repeater Cannon: Excelling as point-defense weapons repeater cannons fill the space around the craft with a hail of bone and metal flechettes and shrapnel.
  167.  (Turret and Auxiliary Only)
  168.  Dmg: Low Kinetic (+Elemental)
  169.  RoF: High
  170.  Rng: Med
  171.  Acc: High
  172.  Special: Bone Hail – When using this weapon your ship receives an accuracy bonus against targets smaller than itself including missiles
  174. Spine Cannon: Fires a single slug of densely layered bone and metal at high velocity.
  175.  (Hull and Fixed only)
  176.  Dmg: Very High Kinetic (+Elemental)
  177.  RoF: Low
  178.  Rng: Long
  179.  Acc: Med
  180.  Special: Energy Charged - Can fire a round charged with elemental energy (Void, Necrotic, Thermal, etc.) at the Think Tank or commanders discretion. Takes time to charge but highly damaging.
  182. Void Screamer: Firing pulses of Void energy with increasing speed per shot
  183.  (Hull, Fixed, and Turret Only)
  184.  Dmg: High Void
  185.  RoF: Low-High
  186.  Rng: Long
  187.  Acc: Med
  188.  Special: Void Burn - While slow to fire initially the void screamers' charge rate decreases with each shot until it reaching a high rate of continuous fire. Prolonged fire causes the creation of multiple miniature void singularities, greatly damaging armor and systems
  190. Lightning Cannon: A slow to charge but powerful blast of electric energy with a small chance of arcing to nearby targets
  191.  (Hull and Fixed Only)
  192.  Dmg: High Electric
  193.  Rof: Low
  194.  Rng: Med
  195.  Acc: High
  196.  Special: Short Circuit - The high energy of the weapons blasts have a small percentage to randomly disable a single system on an unshielded ship.
  198. Ion Cannon: A blast of non-lethal ionized energy meant to disrupt shields and disable systems temporarily
  199.  (All Mounts)
  200.  Dmg: N/A Ion
  201.  Rof: Med
  202.  Rng: Long
  203.  Acc: Med
  204.  Special: EMP - Repeated shots to the same system, shield, or weapon mount can lead to it being fried for the duration of combat.
  206. Plasma Wave: A devastating weapon firing a highly concentrated blast of Necrotic energy in a short-range cone
  207.  (All Mounts)
  208.  Dmg: Very High Necrotic
  209.  Rof: Med
  210.  Rng: Short
  211.  Acc: High
  212.  Special: Flash Boil - A single close range blast can overload a shield, detonate incoming missiles, or severely weaken/melt through a ships armor.
  214. Voidflenser: A weapon that fires spheres of condensed void energy that detonate once within range of a target.
  215.  (Turret and Auxiliary only)
  216.  Dmg: Med Void
  217.  RoF: Med
  218.  Rng: Med
  219.  Acc: High
  220.  Special: Swatter - Gains a bonus against incoming missiles and fighter craft.
  222. Void-Wave: A powerful wave of turbulent Void energy is unleashed in a cone, using violent gravity fluctuations as a weapon.
  223.  (Fixed and Hull Only)
  224.  Dmg: Very High Void
  225.  Rof: Slow
  226.  Rng: Med
  227.  Acc: High
  228.  Special: Gravity Flux - The significant Void energies cause damaging disturbances in local gravity effectively tearing apart targets from the inside out.
  230. Void Flayer: Unleashes a beam of devastatingly powerful Voidflame that melts and tears apart ship hulls with ease.
  231.  (Fixed and Hull Only)
  232.  Dmg: High Void
  233.  RoF: Slow
  234.  Rng: Long
  235.  Acc: Med
  236.  Special: Overcharge - Instead of a continuous beam the weapon can build up its charge into a single destructive blast of energy with limited homing capabilities. Repeated use without cooldown can lead to destruction of weapon mount.
  238. Molten Scrapgun: Super-heating a collection of scrap metal suspended and launched by a magnetic field.
  239.  (Turret and Auxiliary Only)
  240.  Dmg: Low Thermal
  241.  RoF: High
  242.  Rng: Med
  243.  Acc: High
  244.  Special: Field of Fire - Filling the space around the ship with molten metal provides a bonus against shooting down small craft and missiles.
  246. Shard launcher: A scaled up shardspitter that launches airburst canisters filled to the brim with flechettes. While practically useless in space combat between ships beyond defensive purposes, in orbit they are a potent anti-infantry weapon against soft targets.
  247.  (Auxiliary Only)
  248.  Dmg: Low Kinetic (+Elemental/Caustic damage)
  249.  RoF: Fast
  250.  Rng: Med
  251.  Acc: High
  252.  Special: Chaff Cloud - While in space the flechettes do not have the penetrative power to disrupt shields or damage armored hulls on their own but the clouds of metallic flechettes cause havoc on missiles and small strikecraft targeting systems.
  254. Searing Wave: A powerful weapon that uses a reserve of molten metal to target the integrity of a ships hull and armor. Very weak against shields.
  255.  (Turrent, Fixed, and Spinal Mount)
  256.  Dmg: High Thermal+Kinetic
  257.  RoF: Slow
  258.  Rng: Med
  259.  Acc: High
  260.  Special: Molten Wave - The closer the ship is to a target when attacking the greater the damage to the targets armor and potentially outright destroying strikecraft.
  262. Searing Spear: A specially made railgun utilizing Obsidianborn geokinetic capabilities to launch an obsidian slug surrounded by a large mass of molten metal. Weak against shields.
  263.  (Spinal Mount Only)
  264.  Dmg: Very High Thermal+Kinetic
  265.  RoF: Slow
  266.  Rng: Long
  267.  Acc: Med
  268.  Special: Molten Burst - Shots that manage to pierce a ships hull will then erupt into a blast of molten metal that then rapidly cools in place, ravaging the internal systems of a ship.
  270. Spitefire: Dual linked spirefire cannons fire bolts of condensed solar energy
  271.  (Aux and Turret only)
  272.  Dmg: Med Thermal-Solar
  273.  RoF: Med
  274.  Rng: Med
  275.  Acc: Med
  276.  Special: Composite Flames - multiple hits will create a stacking damage over time as more Solar energy clings to the target vessel
  278. Solar Flayer: A powerful beam of concentrated Solar energy capable of melting through most hulls
  279.  (Fixed and Spinal only)
  280.  Dmg: High Thermal-Solar
  281.  RoF: Low (Med)
  282.  Rng: Med (Short)
  283.  Acc: High
  284.  Special: Variable Spread - alternate fire allowing for a faster charge rate with a close-range cone rather than the long-range beam
  287. Missiles Pods:
  288.  Needle Missile Pod: Needle missiles are small cluster rockets that do little damage individually but damage can add up when there are dozens launched in a single volley. Cost: 8M
  289.  Dmg: Low Explosive
  290.  RoF: High
  291.  Rng: Medium
  292.  Acc: Medium
  293.  Special: Swarm - Needle Missiles do increased damage against small craft and damaging larger ships shields
  295.   Pin Missile Pod: Pin Missiles are larger sized rockets capable of downing dropship, fighter, and shuttle sized ships while doing moderate damage to larger ships. Cost: 14M
  296.  Dmg: Medium Explosive
  297.  RoF: Low
  298.  Rng: Long
  299.  Acc: Medium
  300.  Special: Trackers - Pin Missiles come equipped with sophisticated tracking and maneuvering capabilities allowing them to track and trail targets in combat for a medium duration
  302.   Acid-Drops: A missile similar in size to the Pin Missile, the Acid-Drops are multi-chambered warhead containing necrotically charged chemicals that when mixed react violently spewing a caustic mixture across a target. This mixture is highly potent and very sticky, burning through and weakening bulkheads. Cost: 10B 10M
  303.  Dmg: Medium Caustic-Necrotic
  304.  Rof: Low
  305.  Rng: Long
  306.  Acc: Medium
  307.  Special: Armor Eating - The payload of the warhead burns hot and for quite some time, reducing the effectiveness of ship and building armor for the duration of combat. Effect stacks. Useless against shields but with a small chance to melt weapon mounts.
  309.   Pike Missile Bay: Longer than the average fighter craft these missiles pack an impressive warhead with the intention of damaging and destroying Sub-capitols and causing significant damage to Capitol ships. To make up for it's large target profile it relies on dense armor to keep it intact long enough to strike its target. Cost: 60M and takes 2 Missile Pod slots
  310.  Dmg: High Explosive
  311.  Rof: Very Low
  312.  Rng: Very Long
  313.  Acc: High
  314.  Special: Bunker Buster - Pike Missiles can be used to break all but the most sturdy of reinforced bunkers on a planet.
  316. Ship Adaptations and Modules:
  318. Defensive:
  320.  Shields: A barrier of refracted energy that protects against both energy and physical attacks. Sustaining prolonged fire will lead to eventual overheating and disabling of a shield system. Cost: 10B 10M per 10 meters of ship length rounded down
  322.  Reinforced Shielding: An enhanced form of shields adds a second layer of shields meaning they can sustain twice as much damage before failing. When both shields are up it offers a slight defense against electrical and ion attacks. Cost: 20B 20M per 10 meters of ship length rounded down
  324.  Lightning Rod: An inspired mix of the Conductive Armor and Arc Weaponry technology has lead to a mod for ships. Several large highly conductive metal rods jut from the hull of the ship with the intent to attract electrical and lightning based attacks. The rods are struck by the attack and channel it to the base, dispersing the charge along the conductive armor of the ships hull. Absorbed strikes can be stored instead to increase the firing speed of Lightning Cannon weapons. Cost: 30B 40M
  326.  Thermal Masking: Ships can eliminate the majority of their heat signature when at rest by radiating it through the hull sparsely. Cost: 10B per 10 meters of ship length rounded down
  328.  Signal Masker: This allows a ship to randomly generate a new Confederate Ship Identification Code upon exiting or entering FTL travel. This allows ships wanting to be discreet to pass through Confederate space as long as security is moderately lax. Visual identification still reveals the deception but it can be used to avoid raising alarms. Cost: 5M
  330.  Ship Stealth: An array of projectors placed throughout the hull of the ship allows the ships to disappear from sight and most conventional sensors. Gravity sensors work unhindered but other sensors fail to detect the craft reliably. Damage and environmental effects can cause the stealth to fail as well. A ship cannot fire weapons or enter FTL without breaking stealth although an FTL engine can be charged prior to breaking stealth. Most effective on small craft and sub-capitols. Cost: 10B 10M per 10 meters of ship length rounded down. Can not be equipped on shielded ships.
  332.  Hardlight Plating: Acting as a second line of defense should shields fail or if a stealth ship is exposed, the hardlight plating acts as reactive armor against missiles and incoming attacks. Cost: 20B 20M per 30meters of ship length
  334. Displacement Field: By utilizing bioluminescent chromatophores and modified hardlight projectors situated across a strikecrafts hull, those equipped with this adaptation can duplicate the Blur Arc ability for a limited time. Disrupting their visual and electromagnetic silhouette the Displacement grants a bonus to avoiding incoming weaponsfire while also confusing most targeting systems that improves the greater the distance. Visually this gives the unit the appearance of their form flickering and wavering indistinctly, particularly while in motion. While it is not as effective as a true stealth cloak the unit can still fire its weapons without compromising the displacement field. Cannot be equipped with a stealth cloak. Cost: 10B 10M per 10meters of ship length rounded down
  336. Quasiphasic Plating: The ideal way to avoid sustaining lasting damage is to simply not be hit. Sometimes avoidance is not possible and as such the Think Tanks have devised a way to upscale the quasiphasic effect of the Specter Armor for starship plating. By adding segments of specialized plating to a starships hull a microscopic quasiphasic, or spectral, field will be generated over the starship instantly reducing incoming objects temporarily incorporeal, allowing the object to pass through (almost) harmlessly. Due to the delicate nature of the plating malfunctions can be common, especially after sustaining combat damage reducing the effectiveness or outright failure of the spectral field. This also means that the generators quickly deteriorate and require repairs or replacement after one or two uses. Cost: 150B 120M per 50meters
  339. Offensive:
  341.  Boarding Pod Launcher: Replaces a fixed gun placement with tubes that launches pods packed with troops at an enemy ship. Designed with moderate thrusters to allow it to track and aim for a ship in it's path it also has a series of claws that latch down onto a hull. A thermal drillbit at the front of the boarding pod pierces the hull before a shaped charge ejects the bit allowing reconstructed to board. Can carry 10 troops. Replaces 1 Fixed Weapon placement on a sub-capitol or capitol ship Cost: 50M per pod fired
  343.  Sabotage Pod: A smaller and more precise form of the Boarding Pod the Sabotage Pod resembles a metal drill-spike. Drilling into targeted sections of a ship it can release groups of units designed for sabotage or deploying gas and chemical warfare attacks. Capable of holding either 1 Devouring Swarm, 10 Flatbody Gargoyles, 10 Crit Crawls, or 5 Looms. Cost: 20M per pod fired.
  345.  Boarding Claws: An adaptation for Small Craft adds four powerful crustacean-like limbs that unfold from the bottom of a craft to latch onto an enemy ship or large enough structure. Each limb ends with a powerful pincer that allows it to cling to a hull or even possibly tear open a breach. This allows the craft to vent of atmosphere or allowing a ring of durable muscle that can seal itself against a breach to allow the ship to unload its payload of boarding Reconstructed. Cost: 20B
  347.  Advanced Ship Grapnel: Similar in function to your Sting Whip but on a much larger scale, the Advanced Ship Grapnel launches a specialized barb at an enemy ship. This barb is a combination of dense metal and smart-materials that once puncturing a ships hull spreads out much like a root system into the ships hull and skeletal support structure itself to prevent shearing and tearing free. Replacing turret mounts a ship gains a bonus for each grapnel attached to an enemy ship. Attached ships can get an automatic hit with boarding pods or other weaponry. Can be used to haul object much like the Tractor Beam but the object must be held firmly against the ship and cannot direct the object like the tractor beam can. Cost: 15B 20M
  349.  Weaponized Tractor Beam: This modified tractor beam has been modified for combat. The beam latches onto its target and instead of pulling or pushing its target it begins to fluctuate between the two causing significant gravitational distress. Mounted onto smaller craft the tractor beam can cause impressive damage to sections of an enemies hull and weapons mounts. While on larger capitol ships it has the potential to literally shake an enemy ship to pieces. Unable to lock onto missiles. Because of its modifications the Weaponized Tractor Beam can not be used for extended periods of time meaning it loses its function as a utility module. Cost: 60B 60M
  351.  Fighter Grapnel: A scaled down version of the Advanced Ship Grapnel allows Small Craft to latch onto enemy craft allowing for an automatic successful attack. The Grapnel has a relatively short range compared to those typically used in aerial or space combat meaning the wielder must get within range, exposing themselves to retaliatory fire. Grapnels allow small craft such as Coffins to secure themselves to larger ships for a better chance at boarding the enemy craft. Cost: 10M
  353.  Jammer Missile Pod: Launched in small groups these spike shaped missiles carry no explosive charge. Instead their intent is to be embedded into the hulls of enemy ships where they detect the crafts communication systems then broadcast a counter-signal to disrupt and jam their communications effectively rendering them mute. Cost: 20M
  355.  Void-Overcharge: Void-Terrors and other Void power craft can now have their systems "overcharged" by a Void wielding pilot. This improves the crafts performance in speed, weapons systems, and maneuverability. The effect is temporary and runs the risk of causing the ship to go into a cooldown mode at the end of the overcharge.
  357.  Bomb Bay: A series of armored openings in the underbelly of a strikecraft, from which a multitude of destructive devises or reconstructed may be dropped into a battlefield below. Such possibilities include Reconstructed soldiers, explosives, bundles of flechettes, chitin choir statues, or dreamstone obelisks. Only small craft such as Coffins or Killcrabs can equip them and lose the ability to transport normal cargo or passengers while narrowing their target profile and providing denser armor. Can carry up to 16 Medium Reconstructed troops. Cost: 60B 60M
  359.  Ramming Keel - Formed from densely woven bone and metal the Ramming Keel provides heavy defense to attacks taken against it. This same durability allows for a starship or bioship to ram an enemy ship or target, typically causing vast kinetic damage due to the speeds at which most starships travel. There is a chance of the attacking ship to be damaged but the gamble can be worth it. Ships equipped with grapnel harpoons that managed to score a hit against a target can gain a free ramming strike against their target for increased damage, often disabling or destroying the target upon a successful hit. Replaces 2 Hull weaponmounts. Cost: 750B 750M
  361. Utility:
  363.  Tractor Beam: A beam of invisible energy using Void and Magnetic properties capable of pulling objects floating in the void of space towards the ship. Useful for construction, salvage and mining operations its power does not have the strength to cause harm to a ship or stop one in motion. The Tractor Beams power increases with the ships size and multiple ships can combine their beams to move a significantly larger object. Cost: 50B 60M
  365.  Harvester Beam: Similar to the Necrotic Flayer this weapon fires a powerful thermal beam that shatters stone and melts metal ores then using Void energy to draw the molten ore into containment vats for refinement later. Beams can be used without the thermal energy in order to harvest gas from gas giants or even take soil and liquid samples on a planet. Can only be equipped to non-combat craft.
  367.  Smugglers Hold: Ship Passive Upgrade - Your replicated Mimic Ships can now smuggle contraband and other cargo with a significantly reduced chance of being successfully scanned by another ship or system.
  369.  Solar Reactor - Replacing the regular rector cores of a Capitol Ship this reactor grants the ship a resistance to Ion, Electrical and Necrotic attacks it is nonetheless vulnerable to Void powered attacks that manage to penetrate the outer hull. The reactor can be "flared" to grant a boost to speed and shield strength for a limited time but the effect is temporary and require time to charge. Cost: 85B 65M
  371.  Reality Anchor Beacon: Scaled up from the terrestrial anchor towers to project the signal across the void of space these colossal crystals replace a Hull weapon mount and four module slots. Each additional Beacon increases the area of effect and effectiveness of the signals field. When not deployed the delicate crystals are guarded by armored plates but when in use they are exposed and the ship considered unshielded. Cost: 300B 150M
  373.  Hard-Light Barriers: This allows a ship to project hard-light barriers within its hallways and passages either to cordon off damaged areas of the ship or to hinder boarders. Cost: 5B 5M per 10meters of ship length
  375.  Null-Grav Generator: Equipable only by Destroyer or Battleship class warships the Null-Grav Generator produces an interdiction field roughly a quarter of a lightsecond in diameter. This greatly hampers, if not outright disabling, the FTL engines of all but the largest and hardiest of starships. This is commonly used to prevent escape because, while theoretically possible, the mathematics and sheer luck required to pull a starship traveling at FTL speeds is astronomical. Requires the replacement of 4 Spinal Weaponmounts to accommodate the machinery. Cost: 2,000B 4,000M
  379. Modules
  380. Modules are compartments built within the outer hull designed to maximize the space of the ship. Modules include hangars for shuttles or fighters, or missile launchers of various types. The total number of modules a ship can have is equal to 1 per 50 meters in size.
  382.  Drop Pods: Similar to the boarding pods Drop Pods are instead fired from orbit to deploy troops or cargo to the surface rapidly. Faster than using a dropship the drop pods are intended to be used where a ship or shuttle would be shot down or damaged. Drop pods are fired from a ship, thick armor shielding it from weapons fire and the heat of reentry until just before hitting the surface it activates it's Anti-Grav dampeners to drastically slow its descent meters from the ground to prevent injury to those inside. Each module can launch either 4 regular sized Drop Pods, 2 Brute Pods, or 1 Heavy Drop Pod. Cost: 150B 150M
  384.  Swarm hangar (50 fighters) – A hangar filled to the brim with dormant Swarmer Reconstructed, which are awoken and released when needed for combat. They are linked directly to the parent ship, and cannot function away from it. The swarmers themselves are each a cheap and disposable craft designed to pose a threat with sheer numbers, and can each be equipped with a single auxiliary weapon chosen when a ship is designed. Together, they can form complex maneuvers to intercept attacks with themselves, attack hostile targets, ram into targets and perform patrols in close proximity to the ship. When not in use they are kept in hibernation. Cost represents the cost of a single hangar bay and its associated swarm. Cost: 300B 150M
  386.  Arc Swarm hangar (1 Arc fighter, 45 fighters) - Functioning just as a regular Swarm module the addition of a larger drone equipped with powerful Arc Condensers provides it a new array of abilities such as drastically increasing its range to attack far off enemy vessels. Additionally the parent ship is able to send the Swarm to provide a defensive bonus to a friendly starship, in effect transferring the Swarm temporarily. Cost: 300B 200M
  388. Docking bay (room for 1 Coffin and 3 Nails, shuttle and fighters not included) - A hangar designed to hold and service shuttles and other small craft such as fighters and Eyegores within the safety of the ship's hull. The shuttle is granted space for the loading and unloading of cargo and drones, while the fighters are secured together and held by a set of armatures to save space. Cost: 100B 50M
  390. Fighter Hangar (room for 6 Nail fighters or two Gunships, fighters and gunships not included) - A hangar designed to hold and service strike craft. Dedicated to repairing and supplying strike craft they are held in place by armatures until they are ready to launch. Docking with a hangar instantly resupplies missiles and ammo and repair armatures can repair most damage after a day. Cost: 100B 100M
  392. FTL Engines:
  394.  Skip Drive: An FTL-Engine that surfs along large gravity wells allowed for near-instantaneous travel between star systems. Stars, black holes, and any sufficiently dense gravity well like large enough planets are viable targets for the Skip Drive but leaving it hard to aim. Arrival after a Skip is signaled by a large flash of light and a burst of radiation.
  396.  Advanced Skip Drive: Functioning as a standard Skip Drive for FTL travel this advanced version has increased accuracy capable of choosing which gravity well in a system they skip to. Within a system a ship with an Advance Skip Drive is also able to perform short range skips varying from light seconds to light minutes. These skips are much less predictable than a typical Skip into a system and place the ship randomly in the general direction they are aimed at. In certain situations this can make a ship appear to be in two places at once as the light from its previous location persists even as it skipped closer. This can cause a bonus to evading fire as the enemy ships targeting systems adjust to tracking the real target.
  398.  Void Drive: An FTL-Engine powered by Void-infused bone powder the Void Drive creates a condensed bubble of space-time around a ship, allowing it to travel vast interstellar distances. While not as fast as the nearly immediate Skip Drive, the Void Drive is much more accurate, allowing the for more precise arrival in a system. Exiting FTL produces a flare of radiation and distorted light that is proportionate to a ships size, small craft and sub-capitols easily missed in the background radiation while capitol ships and larger appear in a miniature nova of energy.
  400.  Storm Gate: This FTL Drive requires an Arc powered individual to generate a Storm field by focusing and channeling streams of Arc energy across friendly ships. Appearing as billowing stormclouds the Storm field charges friendly ships and attunes them to the Arc users energy allowing them to follow the main craft as it teleports into a new system. Capable of transporting large amounts of ships in one trip but the larger the fleet the more straining it is on the Arc-user.
  402.  Warp FTL: The Warp Engine creates a rip through space-time into what is known as Sub-Space to allow rapid FTL travel. Somewhat faster than the Void Drive but without previous knowledge of a systems coordinates accuracy can vary otherwise it is extremely accurate allowing a ship to appear within light-seconds of its target.
  404.  Combidrive: By using a modified Void Drive reactor to create a miniature gravity well and a modified Skip Drive this new FTL engine "surfs" along the gravity waves produced. This FTL drive is faster than the standard Void Drive while still maintaining the ability to "skip" to large gravity wells similar to the Skip Drive. When paired with Gravity Sensors the Combidrive is able to detect gravity wells as it travels, potentially leading to the discovery of new star systems or even extrastellar objects in the void between systems.
  406.  Arc Drive: Using a powerful Arc reactor a starship is able to energize it's hull with a build-up of Arc energy. This allows the craft to accelerate past the lightspeed barrier only if they manage to find phantasmal leylines of ambient Arc energy that connects star systems. A capital ship or larger is able to energize smaller ships to follow in its wake allowing sub-light or slower starships to match their speed.
  408.  Necrotic Drive: By saturating the area of space around the hull of a ship with intense Necrotic energies the engine "decays" space-time around it, allowing the starship to travel at FTL speeds within this bubble of space-time that forces reality to bend around it. Ships emerging from FTL produce surprisingly little visual light that is easily mistaken for distant novas but do give off a Necrotic signature. Materials not protected against Necrotic energies will decay faster than usual but Reconstructed and other Necrotic powered starships do not suffer this drawback.
  410.  Solar Engine: Functionally similar to the Warp Drive the Solar powered engines generate a sphere of flame superficially resembling a sun just large enough for the ship to pass through before fading and reappearing as a similar sphere manifests in their exit destination. This allows the ship to travel along the Solar winds and currents that each star gives off and distorts. To observers within the ship it would appear as if the ship is engulfed in flames during transit. The closer to a star the ship emerges the more accurate they can control their destination.
  412. Sub-Light Engines: Engines and thrusters equippable by small craft.
  414.  Chemical Thrusters: The standard sub-light engine reliant on high energy fuel to propel craft through space. While comparatively slow with a range limited to the size of their fuel tanks they excel in maneuverability, only outshone by the grav-thrusters when affected by a powerful gravity well.
  416.  Ion thrusters - Highly efficient and compact thrusters that offer immense efficiency at the cost of lower pure propulsion strength. Despite its decrease in thrust, the ion thrusters require far less mass and far less fuel, allowing ships to cut down on mass otherwise taken up by heavy tanks of reaction mass, leading to a net gain in maneuverability over chemical thrusters. Capitol ships use them typically to keep aimed at a target, to help flip it over or counter the force of enemy hits. [Replaces chemical thrusters]
  418.  Grav-Thrusters: These sub-light engines, shaped like wings or fins, allow a craft to "surf" along existing gravity waves granting an extremely high rate of acceleration and maneuverability the closer to a significant gravity well the craft is. Working best within the orbit of a planet or moon the thrusters will work anywhere but lose performance if out in open space. Grav-thruster equipped craft can also utilize the gravity well generated by large enough sources of Void power, such as capital or larger ships powered with Void Reactors.
  420. Special:
  421.  Ship Mimicry: The ability to make ships that superficially pass as another factions
  422.   Osjiic: Small Craft, Sub-Capitols, Capitols
  423.   Ahkam: Small Craft, Sub-Capitols, Capitols
  424.   Dagger: Small Craft, Sub-Capitols
  425.   Confederate: Small Craft, Sub-Capitols, Civilian Corvette
  428. Specialized Ships: Jadyk or his generals can personally oversee the designing and construction of their own personal spacecraft. These craft will cost more but have increased combat capabilities when piloted by their designer. Each Hero unit gives their own unique bonuses to the crafting of their ships.
  431. Void Terror
  432.  Size: 30M
  433.  Capacity: 4 Troll Bodyguards
  434.  2 Acid-Drop Missile Pods
  435.  3 Fixed Void Screamers
  436.  6 Chain-Flenser Turrets
  437.  2 Voidflenser Auxiliary
  438.  Shields
  439.  Void Drive
  440. The signature ship of the Reborn Voidknights and their Disciples the Void Terror is a fast small craft slightly larger than a dropship. Focused around raw destructive power based on the devastating Void-Screamer weapons supported by powerful secondary weapons the craft can possibly stand up to sub-capitols or even prove a danger to capitol ships with is incredible speed and small size. The craft holds enough space to house four troll bodyguards should the pilot need to make land-fall or board a larger ship.
  442. Pyroclastic Destroyer
  443.   Size: 550 meters
  444.   Capacity: 600
  445.   10 Pin Missile Pods
  446.   2 Hull Spine Cannons
  447.   10 Fixed Void Screamers
  448.   12 Chain Flenser Turrets
  449.   10 Molten Scrapgun Auxiliary
  450.   Reinforced Shielding
  451.   6 Swarm Hangars
  452. Designed by Agona and Obsidianborn engineers these ships function at the center of defensive blockades. Dedicated to preventing enemy ships and fleets from approaching without heavy losses.
  454. Pre-made Ship Templates:
  456. Small Craft:
  458. Common Coffin: 50B 100M
  459.  Size: 25 meters
  460.  Capacity: 50
  461.  20 Drop Crew
  462.  1 Pin Missile Pods
  463.  1 Turret Necroflenser
  464.  2 Auxiliary Repeater Cannon
  465.  Ion Engines
  466. Used commonly in support and infrastructure roles the Common Coffin sports a moderate arsenal. Able to ferry ships to and from orbit the Coffin is commonly used to ferry supplies and passengers throughout a system between ships and bases.
  468. Support Coffin: 70B 100M
  469.  Size: 25 meters
  470.  Capacity: 50
  471.  20 Drop Crew
  472.  1 Needle Missile Pod
  473.  1 Turret Repeater Cannon
  474.  2 Auxiliary Repeater Cannon
  475.  Boarding Claws
  476.  Ion Engines
  477. Sacrificing firepower for defensive measures the Support Coffin is focused mainly on getting the troops to their destination in one piece.
  479. Intruder Coffin: 100B 150M
  480.  Size: 25 meters
  481.  Capacity: 50
  482.  1 Needle Pod
  483.  1 Turret Ion Cannon
  484.  2 Auxiliary Bone repeaters
  485.  Boarding Claws:
  486.  Fighter Grapnel
  487.  Stealth Cloak
  488. Meant as a boarding ship the Intruder Coffin's goal is to safely deposit it's cargo of soldiers onto an enemy ship or into contested landing zones. It is commonly used as a recon vessel or discreet insertion of troops.
  490. Common Nail Fighter: 50B 50M
  491.  Size: 10 meters
  492.  1 Needle Missile Pod
  493.  1 Fixed Necrotic Flayer
  494.  1 Turret Necroflenser
  495.  Ion Engines
  496. The standard fighter fielded by the Armada with moderate firepower and nimble engines. Intended to attack en masse assisting and protecting larger ships.
  498. Piercing Nail Fighter: 60B 50M
  499.  Size: 10 meters
  500.  1 Acid-Drop Missile Pod
  501.  1 Fixed Spine Cannon
  502.  1 Turret Chain-Flenser
  503.  Thermal Masking
  504.  Ion Engines
  505. Designed for long range, stealthy harassing attacks on an enemy force. Capable of approaching a enemy ship unseen and tearing its shields and armor apart from afar.
  507. Gunship: 90B 250M
  508.  Size: 25 Meters
  509.  Crew: 8
  510.  2 Pin Missile Pods
  511.  1 Fixed Lightning Cannon
  512.  2 Necrotic Flayer Turrets
  513.  2 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  514.  Ion Engines
  515. Largest of your small craft the Gunship focuses on cramming as much fire-power into a small ship as possible.
  517. Stealth Gunship: 110B 270M
  518.  Size: 25 meters
  519.  Crew: 8
  520.  2 Pin Missile Pods
  521.  1 Fixed Void-Screamer
  522.  2 Turret Necrotic Flayers
  523.  2 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  524.  Stealth cloak
  525.  Ion Engines
  526. A stealth cloak allows this gunship to sneak up close to larger unsuspecting ships to unleash their powerful barrage of weaponry.
  528. Sub-Capitols:
  530. Terrordrome: 1020B 1520M
  531.  Size: 80 meter diameter
  532.  Capacity: 20
  533.  4 Pin Missile pods
  534.  6 Turret Necrotic Flayers
  535.  8 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  536.  Reinforced Shields
  537. A half-dome sub-capitol ship that is focused on defensive measures and guarding an area. These half-dome ships can land on a planet or asteroid to provide anti-air support. In space two of them can combine to form a sphere to provide all around cover. Lacking FTL engines it must be transported by hitching a ride with capitol or larger ships. When combined the redundant shields are given a boost in their strength. Their increased surface area means that shields and stealth fields cost twice as much. Due to their range of motion the weapon mounts have an increased range and accuracy beyond their normal settings offering a trade-off for their price.
  539. Standard Corvette: 500B 800M
  540.   Size: 100 meters
  541.   Capacity: 200
  542.   2 Pin Missile Pods
  543.   1 Hull Necrotic Flayer
  544.   3 Fixed Spine Cannons
  545.   6 Turret Necroflensers
  546.   8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  547.   Shields
  549. Stealth Corvette: 500B 800M
  550.   Size: 100 meters
  551.   Capacity: 200
  552.   2 Pin Missile Pods
  553.   1 Hull Lightning Cannon
  554.   3 Fixed Plasma Waves
  555.   6 Turret Necroflensers
  556.   8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  557.   Stealth Cloak
  558. A general purpose stealth ambush attacker
  560. Sower Corvette: 625B 980M
  561.  Size: 100 meters
  562.  Capacity: 200
  563.  2 Needle Missile Pods
  564.  3 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  565.  6 Turret Plasma waves
  566.  8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  567.  Stealth Cloak
  568.  Drop Pod Launcher (x2)
  569.  Hardlight Plating
  570. Designed to allow stealthy insertion of reconstructed onto a planet's surface, or just ferry them down in relative safety.
  572. Support Corvette: 600B 900M
  573.  Size: 100 meters
  574.  Capacity: 200
  575.  2 Needle Missile Pods
  576.  1 Hull Lightning Cannon
  577.  3 Fixed Void Waves
  578.  6 Turret Scrapguns
  579.  8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  580.  Reinforced Shielding
  581. A small and agile craft designed with one singular purpose; defending larger ships.
  583. Stake Crusier: 1450B 2150M
  584.  Size: 200 meters
  585.  4 Pin Missile Pods
  586.  8 Fixed Void Flayers
  587.  10 Turret Necrotic Flayers
  588.  6 Auxiliary Plasma Waves
  589.  1 Reality Anchor Beacon
  590.  Shields
  591.  Advanced Skip Drive
  592. Designed as the Necrotic Armada's first response to wraith incursions, this ship is the smallest and fastest ship capable of bearing reality beacons. It also comes equipped with an advanced skip drive to ensure it can reach a battle with the wraiths before it ends prematurely
  596. Boarding Frigate: 1160B 1880M
  597.  Size: 150 meters
  598.  Capacity: 150
  599.  4 Acid-Drop Missile Pods
  600.  3 Hull Ion Cannon
  601.  2 Fixed Necroflensers
  602.  4 Turret Chain Flensers
  603.  4 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  604.  4 Boarding pod launchers
  605.  4 Advanced Grapnels
  606.  Reinforced Shielding
  607. Designed to tear enemy shields to pieces and rapidly deploy large numbers of troops.
  609. Common Frigate: 950B 1650M
  610.  Size: 150 meters
  611.  Capacity: 150
  612.  4 Pin Missile Pods
  613.  3 Hull Spinal Cannons
  614.  6 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  615.  8 Turret Necroflensers
  616.  4 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  617.  Shields
  618. Their versatility means these ships consistently make up a large portion of a fleets numbers.
  620. Light Cruiser: 1350B 2200M
  621.  Size: 200 meters
  622.  Capacity: 300
  623.  4 Pin Missile Pods
  624.  2 Hull Spinal Cannons
  625.  8 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  626.  10 Turret Chain Flensers
  627.  6 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  628.  Reinforced Shielding
  630. Boarding Cruiser: 1400B 2300M
  631.  Size: 200 meters
  632.  Capacity: 300
  633.  4 Acid-Drop Missile Pods
  634.  2 Hull Ion Cannons
  635.  4 Fixed Necroflensers
  636.  6 Turret Chain Flensers
  637.  6 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  638.  4 Boarding Pod Launchers
  639.  4 Advanced Grapnels
  640.  Reinforced Shielding
  642. Heavy Cruiser: 1100B 2200M
  643.  Size: 250 meters
  644.  Capacity: 200
  645.  3 Pike Missile Pods
  646.  3 Hull Spinal Cannons
  647.  12 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  648.  14 Turret Chain Flensers
  649.  6 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  650.  Reinforced Shielding
  652. Plasma Weaver Heavy Cruiser: 1100B 2200M
  653.  Size: 250 meters
  654.  Capacity: 200
  655.  3 Pike Missile Pods
  656.  3 Hull Plasma Waves
  657.  12 Fixed Plasma Waves
  658.  14 Turret Chain Flensers
  659.  6 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  660.  Reinforced Shielding
  661. The Plasma Weaver Heavy Cruiser was designed for close combat with the enemies of the Armada. Boasting three hull mounted and twelve fixed Plasma Waves as the main armament, this Heavy Cruiser can melt away enemy ships given the chance.
  663. Void Weaver Heavy Cruiser: 1100B 2200M
  664.  Size: 250 meters
  665.  Capacity: 200
  666.  3 Pike Missile Pods
  667.  3 Hull Void Waves
  668.  12 Fixed Void Waves
  669.  14 Turret Voidscreamers
  670.  6 Auxiliary Voidflensers
  671.  Reinforced Shielding
  672.  Void Core
  674. Battlecruiser: 2100B 3100M
  675.  Size: 300 meters
  676.  Capacity: 300
  677.  4 Pike Missile Pods
  678.  3 Hull Spinal Cannons
  679.  14 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  680.  10 Turret Chain Flensers
  681.  8 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  682.  Reinforced Shielding
  684. Voidspear Battlecruiser: 2100B 3100M
  685.  Size: 300 meters
  686.  Capacity: 300
  687.  4 Pike Missile Pods
  688.  3 Hull Void Flayers
  689.  14 Fixed Void Flayers
  690.  10 Turret Voidscreamers
  691.  8 Auxiliary Voidflensers
  692.  Reinforced Shielding
  693. A long-ranged harrying ship that alternates between overcharging their Void Flayer weapons and sniping from stellar distances.
  695. Torpedo Battlecruiser: 2100B 3500M
  696.  Size: 300 meters
  697.  Capacity: 300
  698.  4 Pike Missile Bays
  699.  6 Jammer Missile Pods
  700.  3 Hull Spine Cannons
  701.  10 Fixed Necroflensers
  702.  10 Turret Chain Flensers
  703.  8 Auxiliary Molten Scrapguns
  704.  Reinforced Shielding
  705.  4 Boarding Pod launchers
  706.  Weaponized Tractor Beam
  707. A harrying ship that uses it's speed to get in close enough to launch it's missile payloads to help ensure their delivery in hit-and-run attacks
  709. Hangar Battlecruiser: 2900B 3900M
  710.   Size: 300 meters
  711.   Capacity: 300
  712.   8 Pin Missile Pods
  713.   3 Hull Necrotic Flayers
  714.   14 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  715.   10 Turret Repeater Cannons
  716.   8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  717.   Reinforced Shielding
  718.   6 Fighter Hangars
  719.   Hardlight Plating
  720.   Advanced Skip Drive
  721. A battlecruiser with heavier than normal armor used to deploy strikecraft closer to the enemy lines.
  723. Swarm Battlecruiser: 4100B 4200M
  724.   Size: 300 meters
  725.   Capacity: 300
  726.   8 Pin Missile Pods
  727.   3 Hull Necrotic Flayers
  728.   14 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  729.   10 Turret Repeater Cannons
  730.   8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  731.   Reinforced Shielding
  732.   6 Swarm Hangars
  733.   Hardlight Plating
  734. A ship hunter this Battlecruiser uses its speed to close the distance between itself and its target to unleash its Swarms
  736. Destroyer: 4300B 7900M
  737.   Size: 500 meters
  738.   Capacity: 500
  739.   5 Pike Missile Bays
  740.   4 Hull Spinal Cannons
  741.   10 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  742.   16 Turret Necroflensers
  743.   6 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  744.   Reinforced Shielding
  745.   Hardlight Plating
  746.   4 Docking Bays
  747.   6 Fighter Hangars
  749. Void Destroyer: 4300B 7900M
  750.   Size: 500 meters
  751.   Capacity: 500
  752.   5 Pike Missile Bays
  753.   4 Hull Voidflayers
  754.   10 Fixed Void Screamers
  755.   16 Turret Voidflensers
  756.   6 Auxiliary Voidflensers
  757.   Reinforced Shielding
  758.   Hardlight Plating
  759.   4 Docking Bays
  760.   6 Fighter Hangars
  761. A heavy hitting Destroyer bringing a large arsenal of destructive void weaponry. Commonly used as the command ship of a Voidknight Disciple in fleet engagements.
  763. Battleship: 10,800B 15,700M
  764.   Size: 1500 meters
  765.   Capacity: 800
  766.   5 Pike Missile Bays
  767.   6 Hull Spinal Cannons
  768.   16 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  769.   14 Turret Chain Flensers
  770.   8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  771.   Reinforced Shielding
  772.   Hardlight Plating
  773.   6 Swarm Hangars
  774.   4 Docking Bays
  775.   6 Fighter Hangars
  777. Mirrorsoul Battleship (Vuan'Ropki): 11,500B 15,800M
  778.  Size: 1500 meters
  779.  Capacity: 800
  780.  10 Needle Missile Pods
  781.  16 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  782.  14 Turret Void Screamers
  783.  8 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  784.  6 Reality Anchor Beacons
  785.  Reinforced Shields
  786.  Hardlight Plating
  787.  6 Swarm Hangars
  788.  Combidrive
  789. Given how the effects of multiple reality beacons stack, this mammoth ship is equipped with the absolute maximum number of beacons we can put in a single ship hull. For when you absolutely, positively got to kill every wraith in the room, accept no substitutes.
  791. Unique Starships: Powerful testaments to the Armada's military might, these warships are one-of-a-kind and seen as heralds of the Jadyk's intent
  793. The Fury of the Wormstar
  794.  Size 1600 Meters
  795.  150 Crew
  796.  4 Pike Missile Bays
  797.  4 Hull Void Flayers
  798.  18 Fixed Necrotic Flayers
  799.  20 Chain Flenser Turrets
  800.  14 Auxiliary Voidflensers
  801.  Reinforced Shielding
  802.  Thermal Masking
  803.  Combi-Drive
  804.  1 Hangar Bay (10 Squids)
  805. The Fury of the Wormstar is a massive Bioship made from the converted corpse of the Beast of Rukor. This leviathan is a formidable attack craft, it's many armored limbs giving it nearly total coverage in all directions with their fixed Necrotic Flayers. Sections of it's hull have been hollowed out with room to transport ten Squid Bioships its defensive guard. Room for crew is sparse, the only crew required being anti-boarding guards and technicians consisting of non-combat Talons, Flatbody Gargoyles, Looms and Demi-Think Tanks
  807. Charnel Vault Flagship
  808.  Size 3300 Meters
  809.  Capacity 3500
  810.  7 Pike Missile Bays
  811.  7 Hull Necrotic Flayers
  812.  18 Fixed Chain Flensers
  813.  20 Turrets Necroflensers
  814.  22 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  815.  Reinforced Shielding
  816.  Hardlight Plating
  817.  16 Swarm Hangars
  818.  10 Docking Bays
  819.  20 Fighter Hangars
  820. The Charnel Vault is Jadyks personal Flagship, serving as his mobile center of operations when he is not within Iti'a'Ropku. Staffed with thousands of Reconstructed that serve as both crew and defenders the Charnel Vault possesses a small fleets worth of strikecraft dedicated to its defense as well. Filled with an array of chambers that change based on Jadyks whims the vessel also contains its own Cauldrons, Solar biofarms, large prisons, infirmaries, massive cargo holds, vehicle bays, quarters for the living, and other chambers dedicated to assisting in conquest.
  822. The Ravager
  823. Size: 360M
  824. Crew: 100
  825. 6 Pin missile pods
  826. 3 Spinal Mounts (Arc weaponry to be installed)
  827. 8 Fixed Spinal Cannons
  828. 8 Turrets Lightning Cannons
  829. 10 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  830. Stealth Cloak
  831. Hardlight Plating
  832. Ramming Keel
  833. Arc Swarm Hangars
  834. The Behemoth has become the Ravager, focused on fast strikes and ambushes in which to inflict as much damage as possible before disappearing once more. Nekris has claimed the Ravager as the Flagship of the Predator Order, stating that a flagship of the Charnel Vaults magnitude would be counter-intuitive to their strategies and fighting style.
  836. Non-Combat Ships:
  837.  These craft fill a multitude of non-combat roles from construction to scouting to mining to resource transport.
  839. Eyegore Scoutcraft: 30B 25M
  840.   Size: 10 Meters
  841.   Unarmored and unarmed
  842.   Void Drive
  843.   Advanced Sensor system
  844.   Thermal Masking
  845. A craft slightly smaller than a Coffin the Eyegore is a long-range scouting craft, it's bulk mainly comprised of it's Void Engine and the large lens at one end that protects a cluster of twitching highly sensitive eyes and sensory organs. Deploying a host of miniature remote satellites a well hidden Eyegore can provide intel on a system concerning the planetary bodies and large ships or structures. Capable of listening in on most frequencies it is an invaluable spying tool for combat and exploration.
  847. Harvester Craft
  848.  1 Harvester Beam
  849.  1 Tractor Beam
  850.  1 Auxiliary Repeater Cannon
  851.  Equipped with powerful Harvester and Tractor Beam the Harvester Craft is meant to mine resources from asteroid fields or collect salvage from wreckage. Somewhat larger than a Coffin the Harvester dedicates most of it's bulk to it's cargo hold.
  853. Reaper Harvester
  854.  5 Harvester Beams
  855.  1 Tractor Beam
  856.  2 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  857.  1 Hangar
  858.  An upgraded form of the Harvester craft the Reaper is larger than a cruiser but with most of it's bulk dedicated to it's massive hold and the on board demi-Cauldron used to process ore. It's Tractor Beam is capable of moving ship wrecks and asteroids for easier mining. Includes a Hangar to transport the smaller Harvester craft.
  860. Omega Class Harvester
  861.  10 Harvester Beams
  862.  1 Tractor Beam
  863.  4 Auxiliary Repeater Cannons
  864.  3 Hangars
  865.  Standard Shields
  866.  This super heavy version of the harvester ship is designed for long range, longer term treks into space. Specialized for breaking down huge objects such hollowing out small moons and sections of asteroid fields. Without the usual on-ship weaponry and lacking any kind of armor the Omega is a dangerous ship to send out on its own for fear of pirates and raiders. Lacking an FTL drive the ships depends on piggy-backing on a capitol ship and is typically left behind with an escort to begin it's mining operations.
  869. Bioships: Space-faring craft that are formed mainly of biomass instead of metal, inspired by the great beasts of the galaxy. More compact and unable to hold as many crew members as the other ships, Bioships are more like ship sized Reconstructed than a mechanized ship.
  871. Small Craft:
  873. Squid: Cost 100B 50M
  874.  Size: Body Length- 10 Meters, Arm length- 25 meters
  875.  Crew: None
  876.  1 Missile Pod
  877.  3 Turrets
  878.  1 Auxiliary
  879.  Tentacle Arms
  880. Slightly bigger than regular fighter craft Squid bioships are intended to fight in large swarms to overwhelm ships or to engage in dogfights with fighters and other small craft. Able to function in an atmosphere or vacuum. Can be stored in any hangar that can hold a fightercraft
  882. Killcrab: Cost 30B 10M
  883. Size: 10 Meters
  884. 1 Missile Pod
  885. 1 Fixed
  886. 1 Turret
  887. 1 Auxiliary
  888. Boarding Claws 10B
  889. Fighter Grapnel 10M
  890. A bulky armored bioship that fills a role similar to dropships. Can be stored in any hangar that can hold a drop or gunship
  892. Sub-Capitol
  894. Crit Crasher: 280B 120M
  895. Size: 130 Meters
  896. 1 Fixed
  897. 2 Turrets
  898. 4 Auxiliary
  899. Boarding Claws
  900. 4 Honeypots
  901. Resembling a sleek crustacean creature this bioship is mainly focused on point defenses while transporting and deploying Crit Crawls in a battlefield.
  903. Kraken: Cost 250B 100M
  904.  Size: Body length- 85 Meters, Arm length- 120 Meters
  905.  Crew: 10
  906.  3 Missile Pods
  907.  1 Hull
  908.  4 Fixed
  909.  6 Turrets
  910.  4 Auxiliary
  911.  Shields
  912.  Crushing Beak
  913.  Tentacle Arms
  914. A smaller version of the Fury of the Wormstar and inspired by the cephalopods of Rukor the Kraken is an anti-ship attacker. Getting close to a target and latching on with six powerful armored limbs to grasp and crush the target.
  916. Nephrean
  917.  Size: 280M
  918.  Crew: 250
  919.  4 Missile Pods
  920.  2 Spinal Mounts
  921.  6 Fixed
  922.  6 Turrets
  923.  8 Auxiliary
  924. Ramming Keel
  925. Named after the Esat word for the ancient myths of the Zaeen that used to frequent their system and feature heavily in their culture due to ancient astronomers detecting them during their migration routes through the Esat system. Fast and nimble the Nephrean are intended to be fast striking hitters, relying on their speed and maneuverability, typically with a stealth cloak, to close the distance and unleash their attacks. The Ramming Keel gained from study of the Zaeen provides a powerful tool for damaging or disabling enemy craft
  927. Bioship Mods:
  928.  Crushing Beak: A powerful beak of dense metal that can crack open even the most durable hulls if given adequate time. Cost: 40M
  930.  Tentacle Arms: Long tentacle limbs covered in segmented armor. Each tentacle replaces a single Turret mount, the weapon installed at the tip of the limb offering increased tracking and accuracy.
  932.  Honeypot: An expandable organic sac that safely carries Reconstructed until they are deployed. Can hold up to 20 Crit Crawls, Gargoyles, Looms or Stalkers, and 10 regular troops. Cannot carry large Reconstructed. Cost: 30B
  934. Premade Bioship Templates:
  938. Grapple Crab: 100B 50M
  939.  Killcrab: 80B 60M
  940.  Size: 10 Meters
  941.  1 Acid-Drop Missile Pod 10B 10M
  942.  1 Fixed Lightning Cannon
  943.  1 Turret Necrotic Flayer
  944.  2 Auxiliary Necroflensers
  945.  Boarding Claws 10B
  946.  Fighter Grapnel 10M
  947. Meant to attack in large swarms with the intent of overwhelming enemy large craft or tearing apart fighters in dogfights.
  949. Craw-bomber: 140B 80M
  950.  Killcrab: 80B 60M
  951.  Size: 20 Meters
  952.  1 Needle Missile Pod
  953.  1 Fixed Necrotic Flayer
  954.  1 Turret Chain Flenser
  955.  2 Auxiliary Shard Launchers
  956.  Thermal Masking: 20B
  957.  Bomb bay: 40B 20M
  958. A sleek and aerodynamic bioship strikecraft with the purpose of bombardment. Typically deployed from motherships in orbit the Craw-bombers can enter the atmosphere for their bombing runs. Thermal masking is included to help confuse incoming missiles or fighters. Their Shard Launchers are devastating anti-infantry weapons, raining down a hail of metal against its targets.
  960. Drop Pod Templates:
  962. Drop Pod Template:
  963. Cost: 70B 90M upon launching
  964. Capacity: 30 Medium sized troops
  965. Automated Weapon Mounts:
  966. 1 Heavy
  967. 3 Medium
  968. 2 Hardlight Barriers (semi-circle)
  970. Terror Pod - Used for deploying berserker troops behind enemy lines
  971. Capacity: 30
  972. Automated Weapons:
  973. 1 Javelin Thrower
  974. 3 Bone Repeaters
  975. 2 Hardlight Barriers
  977. Troop Pod - Used for common soldier deployment
  978. Capacity: 30
  979. Automated Weapons:
  980. 1 Necrotic Flayer
  981. 3 Thumpers (Smoke or gas grenades)
  982. 2 Hardlight Barriers
  984. Brute Pod - Used to rapidly deploy Brute Reconstructed or Heavy Exoarmors onto the battlefield through enemy fire, detonating open before landing to allow passengers to land utilizing their own abilities.
  985. Cost: 50B 50M
  986. Capacity: 2 Brutes/Heavy Exoarmors
  988. Heavy Drop Pod
  989. Cost: 150B 150M per deployment
  990. Capacity: 2 Battletombs/Crawlers + 3 Hearses (60 Troops)
  991. Automated Weapons:
  992. 4 Necrotic Flayers
  993. Hard-Light Plating
  995. Domination Spire: Designed by Dominator Valresko this massive construct is less of a Drop Pod and more of a symbol of the Armada's intent with a planet. With a height of over 150meters the Spires must be transported individually by Bloat Carrier or a Battleship may carry two if modified with the proper modules. Made of reinforced metal, chitin, and bone the Spire is dropped from orbit, it's inertia dampeners firing only enough to prevent the spire from completely embedding itself too deep in the planets surface. Armored plates then fall away to unleash it's compliment of aerial Reconstructed while built in Chitin Choir statues sing the battle-hymns of the Wormstar. Capable of transporting 40 Large Reconstructed such as Devils, Drakes, or Manglers along with 100 Scourges and 100 Gargoyles. At the crown of the Spire are large visages of Reconstructed skulls designed by the Necromancers of the Armada. A Domination Spire can be equipped with a Reality Anchor Beacon at extra cost. Cost: 300B 300M per deployment
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