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  3. Insanity Overall
  5. Insanity- Credo
  7. “Madness, for most men, is a constant and looming dread. There is little that holds more terror than the thought of losing one’s self, as though madness was some wicked doppelganger of the mind, come to kill
  8. the man you are and replace it with a cruel shadow. But the bewildering intricacy of the human mind defies any explanation so simple. Trooper Hong claims to be ‘fine’, but has gone to such lengths to avoid me that he has nearly killed himself twice doing it. Adrian Hertz hasn’t slept for more than thirty minutes in a row in the six years that I’ve known him. Maxim Borusa is the only member of NERV CSAR without advanced-stage PSTD, but sleeps holding an Action Joe doll and beat four men to death when they took it as a prank. Dr. Chandrahan is nothing less than the most complete sociopath I have ever seen. And yet it is they who humanity chooses to safeguard its very existence. Why? They know too well that madness is not a condition, but a perspective; the ephemeral line drawn in the sand to give the functional the false assurance that they are not like the men they fear. Mad is what those who have seen too little must call those who have seen too much.
  10. And we are all quite mad here.”
  12. Dr. Nina Credo, 5th branch chief psychologist
  14. Insanity – Incident Report
  16. FROM:
  18. TO:
  20. I have your report, and I have Dr. Credo’s recommendations, and I do not care. I am entirely aware that Sergeant Borusa was directly responsible for the Victory Day parade disaster and seven deaths. I am fully informed of the extent of his psychiatric issues, and the continuing danger he poses. I have been told everything I need to know, and I simply do not care. Sergeant Borusa is the most exceptionally talented CSAR operative NERV has encountered, a task whose effective conduct is more critical to our success or failure than your entire division, and so long as he can perform that task to the standards required I will not remove him from his position. I am once more refusing you authority to initiate proceedings, and will be initiating proceedings of my own if you do not release him from your custody immediately.
  22. Insanity – ‘NERV syndrome’
  24. “Doctor Nina Credo, personal notes, 9th August 2017.
  26. Increasing references to a ‘NERV syndrome’ to explain the near-unnatural occurrence of often-similar mental disorders in NERV’s staff are, for all their comedic intent, unsettlingly accurate. Close analysis of the induction profiles of the Branch staff has revealed a 74% occurrence of potential mental disorders of diagnosable severity. The most unsettling element, though, is that in only seven of the hundreds of instances have these disorders manifested only after working here for at least six months. Even the grossly-inflated rates of mental illness amongst Third Impact survivors can only account for half of the overall rate. Further, the elements of the recruitment rubric I have been able to gain access to reveal that the psychological testing of individuals should in many instances have at least identified the disorder, and in nearly a third of cases excluded them from employment. The only conclusion I can come to is that either this is a monstrous coincidence unprecedented in the field’s literature, or that the hierarchy of NERV is actively pursuing individuals as unstable as possible before functionality is compromised.
  28. How did that old joke go? ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps.’”
  30. Insanity – ‘keeps me up at night’
  32. “You see a hell of a lot of crap in NERV. Hell, our basic task is fighting city-sized aliens from beyond reality by shoving a kid in a leotard into a giant undead robot before they can turn our entire species into friggin’ orange juice. But after all that, you know the one thing that keeps me up at night? A week ago one of the kids had a full-blown tantrum because they wouldn’t let him stay up late to watch a movie. These kids are the last hope for mankind against whatever the hell the Angels are and they start crying when they don’t get to watch Captain King II.
  34. We’re all fucked.”
  36. Ego Overall
  38. Ego – LCL pool text
  40. “We all still love you. Why won’t you come home?”
  42. -   Found etched in LCL holding vat during routine draining
  44. Ego – Description of ego attack
  46. “For all the damage they do, it is not entirely accurate to describe the effects of Angelic mental encroachment as an attack. Rather, they seem to fall into three relatively distinct categories. The first is simple exposure. The Angels do not and cannot exist within our conventional conception of reality, and being forced to confront something that is simply not possible often leads to the breakdown of the lens through which we view the world around us. The second, and notably rarer, is direct contact with an Angelic mind. The mentality of these creatures is fundamentally anathematic to our own, and where the two coexist one must yield and yield utterly. It is invariably the case that the Angelic strength of will, potent enough to insist itself into existence, dwarfs that of any human mind I have ever studied. Finally, and most rare of all, you have the Inquiry. Just as we seek to understand the Angels, certain of the Angels appear to seek to understand us. By taking control of a human mind directly, the Angel can strip away all our ignorance, delusion, and willful blindness, and refine it to a purity and truth beyond our ability to withstand. Though they do not seek to harm us, the experience of being rendered a prisoner within one’s own mind as an incomprehensible and uncaring entity obliterates the manifold deceptions that build our sense of self is so cruel, harrowing, and comprehensively destructive that it can be described as nothing less than a rape of the soul. Even those who can endure the experience are irrevocably changed for having survived it. Our only defense against such an assault is the hope that perhaps the experience is as brutal for the Angels themselves.”
  48. Dr. Nina Credo, 5th branch chief psychologist
  50. Ego – Hong’s description
  52. “Like being suckerpunched in the temporal lobe by an arthouse film while drowning in LSD.”
  54. Trooper Hong on Angelic contact
  56. Collateral – discussion of casualties
  60. Collateral – tribunal report
  64. Downtime – ‘open door’ policy for kids
  66. “You do know this ‘open door’ policy is costing us some twelve million dollars a year? I’ve got thirty field agents working protection to keep a 24-hour watch on each pilot, and an entire QRF team on fifteen minute standby. Those are agents we need working real operations, sir.”
  67. “You know why I’m doing this, Raoul. It’s not sentimentality or whim. We need these children performing at their best. It’s that simple.”
  68. “Why do you need to let them off-base at all? It’s inviting disaster, and costing us resources we don’t have? Most of NERV lives-in, and the rest know they need to stay when security calls for it.”
  69. “NERV’s staff all signed up for it. They knew what they were getting into, and self-selection keeps away those who can’t take it. These children are different. Most of them have never even seen a NERV facility before, and are hardly equipped to live in a facility designed to sustain a strictly-adult population. We need to consider the possibility of a protracted campaign, and that means sustaining the long-term mental health of the pilots as best as I can. Your costs are simply not a comparable priority.”
  70. “Adrian, you can’t-“
  71. “I can, and I have. This discussion is over, Major.”
  73. Downtime – Reprimand
  75. FROM:
  77. TO:
  79. While I respect the intent behind your decision to improve soldier-pilot relations and Trooper Hong’s morale, Sergeant, it is simply not appropriate to take a child under your supervision, let alone one responsible for safeguarding all of mankind against the greatest existential threat we have ever known, to what can be described as little more than a semi-organised binge-drinking tournament. Your testimony and my report have been passed on to the MPs to deal with as they see fit.
  81. And Dale? Pointing out that Hong won is not actually going to help your case.
  83. N2 – ‘that is what we are up against’
  85. “An N2 mine at maximum conversion ratio will leave no unprotected human survivors at ten kilometers. Within seven kilometers, reinforced concrete shatters and building collapse. Within five kilometers, the thermal flash liquefies glass. Three, and structural steel beings to melt. Two, and non-fortified structures are obliterated. Within one kilometer, the energistic bombardment is so great it begins to overwhelm molecular bonds. Atomic structures disintegrate. At the epicenter, particles simply cease to exist. Nothing remains but background radiation. And every single N2 mine deployed against an Angel has comprehensively failed to inflict meaningful damage.
  87. That is what we are up against”
  89. Defensive phase
  91. “I saw the most incredible thing the other day, studying footage of Angel attacks to rate performance. This burning tank formation had obviously been hit hard, most were wrecks, and the rest were out of the fight entirely. No effect, as usual; formation a total loss. But a figure emerges from the cupola of a tank, dragging another man with him and laying him on the roof. He stands there on this burning tank, one arm torn off and blood everywhere, facing down a goddamned Angel, and what does he do? He pulls out his service revolver and starts firing. And when he empties the cylinder, he passes it to the man below him, whose legs are just gone, to reload while he fires another. And keeps firing, firing until the man below him is long dead, firing as he staggers and falls from blood loss, firing until he passes out entirely. Here’s this building-sized alien freakshow that a goddamned tank round can’t even hope to hurt bearing down on him, while he’s sitting there bleeding to death with just a crappy pistol, and the one thing he chooses to do is fight. Even though he’ll never make a difference, never even be seen by the thing, he fights on, choosing to kill himself doing everything he can rather than lay down and die. That’s what we’re fighting to protect, and that’s why we’re going to win this goddamned war, whatever it takes.”
  93. Trooper Hong
  95. Letter-type equipment
  97. A is for Airborne, to strike from the sky
  98. B is for Brawler, to fight and to die
  99. C is for Cetic, for under the sea
  100. D is for Diver, and deep as can be
  101. E is for EVA, for way up in space
  102. F is for Fighter,
  103. G is for Gunner,
  105. Angel detection – why bother
  107. “These Angel detection devices are phenomenally expensive technology, and we are swiftly running out of patience with the consistently poor results they have demonstrated in actual detection of threats. Of seven Angels only five have been detected prior to their commencing direct attack, and amongst these five most have been detected within minutes. Yrael was detected seven seconds prior to its attack. Seven seconds!”
  108. “Correct.”
  109. “And yet you are persisting in maintaining this structure, and are even proposing to expand this? A system that purchases early warning at the cost of a hundred and sixty million dollars per second?”
  110. “Yes. And I will resource the funding myself if you are not willing to provide it.”
  111. “Why? What value do you see in this technology, when all it can buy you is a few seconds of time?”
  112. “That is exactly the value I see in it. Angelic assaults are, effectively, localized apocalypses. Three minutes may not seem like much, but recall Yrael. Within three minutes it obliterated a tenth of Guangzhou and killed two million. Another five minutes and it would have erased the city and its fourteen million inhabitants from the face of the earth. That is the power to end civilizations, and directed against the Geofront… I’ll leave you gentlemen to speculate on the outcome.”
  113. “We understand the gravity of our situation, and better than you can know. But five minutes? In the end, what value is five minutes to us?”
  114. “Five minutes can, and eventually will be, the difference between our survival and our extinction. For all the incredibly scarce resources we need to wage our war, time is the only one that cannot be stockpiled, apportioned, or unleashed in an emergency. I would rather tell five hundred million people that they have been starved to death for no gain than have to tell all mankind that we do not exist because survival was not cost efficient.”
  115. “…very well. Funding is approved, with our reservations. See to it that you achieve results, or we shall be communicating our displeasure to you directly.”
  117. Secret Plan
  119. FROM:
  121. TO:
  123. Your request for sanctioned materiel has been declined twice now, and we ask you to cease your attempts to bypass the established hierarchy. While NERV appreciates your inventiveness in devising contingency plans to counter Angelic attacks, and the enthusiasm with which you pursue their testing, we also believe that there are some strategies that
  125. Apocalypses
  127. Succession
  129. “It is clear from the recent trend towards psychological assault that the Angels are not, as we suspected, mindless and automatic entities. Although the pattern of their thoughts remains beyond our comprehension, perhaps invariably so, that they are capable of making individual judgments must of itself lead to a change in our strategic planning.”
  130. “I don’t see how. Knowing that they do think is not enough, I need to know what they think to use it.”
  131. “You don’t follow? This has nothing to do with military means, and everything to do with the basic nature of our struggle. Everything we have done is premised on the belief that the only goal of the Angels is to recover Adam. And while we had no reason to believe they thought, this held true. But if they are capable of independent judgment…”
  132. “…I’m taking this to the Council. This conversation never happened and you are to tell nobody.”
  134. Reborn – biblical
  136. “…and I heard, as it were, the sound of the End. There came forth a flash that did blind me, and four great wings, and from the pit emerged a being of light who stood taller than all the works of Man. Thus I beheld the Giant of Light, He who begat the end of Man.”
  138. Dead Sea Scrolls, 35:12
  140. Ascension – Eigenart manifesto
  142. Men stop war to make gods
  143. sometimes. Peace gods, who would make
  144. Earth a haven. A place for men to
  145. think and love and play. No war
  146. to cloud their minds and hearts. Stop,
  147. somehow, men from being men.
  149. Gods make war to stop men
  150. From becoming gods.
  151. Without the beat of drums to stop
  152. Our ears, what heaven we could make
  153. of Earth! The anchor that is war
  154. left behind? Somehow free to
  156. stop war? Gods make men to
  157. be somewhat like them. So men
  158. express their godliness in war.
  159. To take life: this is what gods
  160. do. Not the womanly urge to make
  161. life, nor the simple sense to stop.
  163. War-men make gods. To stop
  164. those gods from raging, we have to
  165. find the heart and head to make
  166. new gods, who don’t take men
  167. in human sacrifice. New gods,
  168. who find disgust in war
  170. Gods stop, to make men war
  171. For their amusement. We can stop
  172. their fun. We can make new gods
  173. in human guise. No need to
  174. call to heaven. Just take plain men
  175. and show to them the heaven they could make!
  177. To stop God’s wars! Men make
  178. their own destiny. We don’t need war
  179. to prove to anyone that we are men.
  180. But even that is not enough. To stop
  181. War, we have to become more. To
  182. stop war, we have to become gods.
  184. To stop war, make men gods.
  187. Singularity – Op plan up 10%
  189. Corrupted source – biblical
  191. “And of creations most foul I beheld the Lord of All and knew that I was dead.”
  193. Dead Sea Scrolls - Apocrypha 12:7
  195. Original plan - ‘it’ll all just have to go’
  197. “The Council cannot proceed with this plan. Lilith is the enemy of Adam, certainly, but that does not make her our ally. In fact, we believe that a scenario in which Lilith awakens is, for humanity, indistinguishable from Adam. Either would seek to eradicate us, and all life on Earth.”
  198. “But we are of Lilith. Why should she seek the destruction of her children?”
  199. “We are of Lilith, yes, but we are not her children. We are an accident, nothing more, the spilt blood of a wounded god. She bears us no particular malice, and may have even permitted our existence in other circumstances. But we are in her way. We cannot ascribe human morality to Adam-class entities. She would feel no compunction whatsoever about wiping us from the face of the planet.”
  200. “What do you mean?”
  201. “She does not see us as beings of value but as an intriguing yet irksome pest. Imagine the farmer expanding his fields. He doesn't hate the forest, but it is in his way. When Lilith awakens, she will look over her unwitting creation, see all we have become, and simply say to herself 'it's just going to have to go'.”
  203. Human work – biblical
  206. Authors: Dr Sama Chandrahan and Professor Emeritus Ian Faulkner
  207. Background: While the ‘entry plug’ system has proven sufficient to enable the operation of Evangelion units, it is both awkward and grossly inefficient in its means of doing so. When the traditional limitations of the Entry Plug system are overcome by direct synchronicity between pilot and unit, the results are invariably beyond the highest projected capacity of the ‘entry plug’, and in one famed occasion, beyond the limits of conventional causality. It is only the necessity for the Evangelion to force this ‘deep connection’ that has thus far rendered such connections unfeasible.
  208. Scope: This paper intends to determine the means and mechanisms by which synchronicity can be achieved between pilot and Evangelion without the need for the ‘entry plug’ system and under the control of the pilot. We will highlight the range of efficiency gains this system can produce, observe the dangers involved in deliberately engaging such a connection and speculate on strategies to minimise such risks. We will explore the theoretical means by which such a connection could be strengthened and control maintained. Finally, we intend to speculate as to the wider range of possibilities offered should such a system be proven to function, up to and including the potential to gain control of an entity of A[redacted, one line]
  209. Results: [Redacted, long]
  211. [That UN top secret clearance screed I can’t find anywhere right now]
  213. Instrumentality – poetic
  217. Doomsday – MAGI projection
  221. 183000: Emergence event in Chixulub Crater.
  223. 183527: ADAM begins moving, cardinal direction equates to Geofront.
  225. 185911: ADAM detected, QRF force (3rd BRANCH) activated.
  227. 203250: 3rd BRANCH force intercepts ADAM.
  229. 203417: EVA-04, EVA-07, EVA-08 incapacitated.
  231. 203420: EVA-05, EVA-06 create Dirac Sea. ADAM engulfed.
  233. 203931: Dirac Sea collapses, ADAM emerges. EVA-05, EVA-06 not detected.
  235. 232101: ADAM reaches 4th BRANCH Geofront, EVA-01, EVA-02, EVA-03 mobilised to intercept.
  237. 232155: EVA-02 incapacitated.
  239. 232212: EVA-01 incapacitated.
  241. 232502: EVA-03 incapacitated.
  243. 232639: Geofront breached.
  245. 232701: Terminal Dogma breached.
  251. 233219: EVA-00 ENGAGES ADAM.
  253. 233548: EVA-00 INCAPACITATED.
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