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Jun 20th, 2016
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  1. Heh-heh-HEY THERE, SLUGGER....
  3. Woah, hey, calm down!
  5. I didn't mean to scare ya! Sheesh. ;v; I DO need to talk to you for a second though, so wait up.
  7. So, you've joined the VISUAL DISTURBANCES IRC.
  9. "Visual Disturbances?" I see you screaming internally. "What's the hell is that?!? Some kind of venereal disease?"
  11. Well, you're not too far off. We're a record label that makes the hootinest, most tootinest tunes the world has ever seen. They're real rad, I promise. You'll take a liking to them. We also make really cool, high quality cassettes, because we're fucking hipster douchebags, okay?!? You can waste all of your time staring at our website at, and in fact, we highly encourage doing so!
  13. So, now that you know the what, I guess you should know the how.
  15. We only have a few simple rules here.
  17. 1.) Don't be a dick.
  18. 2.) Don't spam the chat. Occasional spamming for comedic effect is okay, but don't spam the same one liner bullshit for more than five lines, or you'll most likely get a kick. Also, if a paste of something is >10 lines, pastebin that shit instead.
  19. 3.) If something is NSFW, please make that clear in your post, preferably with a [NSFW] tag before the link. Obviously, we're only talking about sexual or extremely violent content.
  20. 4.) It's perfectly fine, okay, normal, good, AND cool to disagree on things! In-depth discussion is not only allowed, but encouraged! If a lengthy discussion happens and goes over the 90 minute mark, it will be declared a tangent. After this point, take it to PM or to somewhat sister channel #hell. This is not to be rude, it is to keep the chat open so that the rest of the channel can enjoy it too. After the declaration of tangency has been made, any messages posted afterwards will result in a kick. Returning to the chat to continue the argument after a kick will result in a temporary ban.
  22. That's about it. Of course, this list will probably change over time as people do stupid things and we have to bring the idiot stick down on their head with a crack, but with how simple this is, even someone as dumb as YOU shouldn't have a problem following them!
  24. We also have a Mumble server. Anyone is invited to join! Just convert the IRC rules to the sonic equivalent (don't be a dick, don't micspam, and in general just don't be a doofy idiot) and you should be good to go in there.
  26. server:
  27. port: 46879
  28. password: praisethesun
  30. That's all. Thanks for stickin' with it, trooper. We love you very, very much.
  32. Love,
  33. #VDCRU
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