Dadonequus Discord Part 176

Apr 6th, 2016
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  1. > this was awkward.
  2. >You sat alone now with Spoiled Rich.
  3. >She looked at you now, and you looked at her.
  4. >......awkward.
  5. >"It's odd really, I found the very notion of you associating with us detestable. I referred to you as vermin. And you could have done away with me with nopony being the wiser. But instead you helped me."
  6. >She was waiting for her husband to leave to bring that out. She was waiting for the moment she saw you again, to bring that out. She didn't even look at you when she said it. Her expression never changing as she sipped some tea.
  7. >"I still have trouble understanding it. It's a dog eat dog world out there, crushing the opposition is something anypony with power does to get ahead. And yet you chose to help me. Did you even realize that maybe I would have chosen to have your entire family broken apart? I usually keep to my threats."
  8. >She turns her head towards you, and says nothing more.
  9. "Erm...."
  10. >That was...huh. The way she said it sends a chill down your spine. Was she faking the entire time?
  11. >"Eyes straight, and compose yourself, there's nothing I hate more than a pony who cannot articulate their thoughts"
  12. >What do you even say to that?
  13. >You look up into her eyes, you hold off a nervous response to gulp, and try to say what you expected to happen, trying to heed her words.
  14. "Because, your daughter was hurting real bad. And, I didn't want to just leave her hanging like that.She wanted a mom, she wanted you to be there and be a mother. I did it because I thought it'd be the right thing to do, and I wanted her to be happy. So your threats, as real as they were, was a risk I had to take."
  15. >oh god, please let that be the right answer.
  16. >"Interesting, so you knew it could happen and you did it anyway."
  17. >Spoiled Rich sighed, and took another sip of her tea and looked back at the wall "I can't believe a couple of idiots managed to make me see the error in my ways. Honestly?..."
  19. >She looks back towards you "...I'm actually relieved."
  20. >Were you supposed to be insulted?...or...what? Why did she have to call you an idiot?
  21. >She could see the confusion on your face, and she lets out a small laugh. "You're confused, I expected that. Let me explain. My husband is very trusting, and with all the events surrounding you, I was almost sure you were trying to get close to our family for the money and prestige, I was nearly sure the attack you thwarted was a ruse. One perpetuated by an oddly intelligent colt and his traitorous father. But I was wrong, you're an idiot who charges into any obstacle head first despite the consequences. And if it wasn't for that...."
  22. >She let's escape a small gentle smile "Then this idiot would have destroyed her entire family."
  23. >"Well...ummm.Mrs.Rich, Ma'am."
  24. >Here goes risk, it seemed like she was trying to relate. Because you weren't about to put any thought about the fact IT WAS a ruse to that your credit you had no idea that the attack itself was the ruse.
  25. "Do you want to make a toast then? For idiocy saving the day?"
  26. >You hold up your tea cup
  27. >something clicked in Spoiled Rich when you said that. She started laughing uncontrollably, almost falling off her seat.
  28. > wasn't that funny was it?
  30. >It was also...kind of contagious
  31. >It wasn't a insulting laughter or a patronizing one. it was just a laugh in good humor. It was actually sweet to see her laughing like this. So you found yourself smiling with a small chuckle.
  32. "Well, if it's the teacups that are the problem. Maybe we could use wine glasses?"
  33. >.....huh...right when she was starting to recover, hearing those words, she broke out in another fit of laughter as her mane began to become undone. tears slowly coming down her face as it ruined her makeup.
  34. > it was a little creepy.
  35. >But as it turned out. It really was in good humor.
  36. >She tittered as she tried to get her words out "I-I...can't believe you'd even suggest making a t-toast to s-something like that. If you actually tried that in a social c-club you''d...."
  37. >She broke out in laughter again.
  38. >awkwaaaarddd.....
  39. "It's not that it? I mean, I...don't even know if I should feel insulted about this"
  40. >again, Spoiled rich did her best to stifle her laughter. "D-don't. As idiotic as it's cute. I haven't enjoyed such whimsical naivete in quite s-some time. In....a very long time"
  41. >Her laughter slowed as she sighed. "I apologize, I shouldn't have laughed at that. I don't usually lose my senses in such a way"
  42. >....awww...she was finally loosening up....even if it was sorta insulting.
  43. "It's alright. Really, you'd be surprised how many ponies call me an idiot"
  44. >or rather, changeling queens and draconeequses.
  45. >you then grin
  46. "But I wonder, if I'm an idiot. I wonder what that makes anypony who admits defeat to me, eh?"
  47. >Spoiled stared at you with a small smirk "hrn, I see you can be a little arrogant afterall. Alright, if you want to have a laugh at me. I'll allow it this once...If only because....well"
  48. >It seemed like she was having trouble getting something out.
  50. >instead of laughing at her, you wanted her to finish that sentence.
  51. "Well?"
  52. >She blinks, and suddenly gets nervous. "I.....err...ahrm..."
  53. >Then you grin
  54. "It's not very classy when you do that, I like it when ponies I talk to articulate their thoughts"
  55. >"..." She stays silent for a moment, surprised at herself that she'd make that kind of mistake. "...... You must understand, this is difficult for somepony like me. I'm not supposed to show any kind of weakness"
  56. "Well Mrs.Rich"
  57. >You give her a gentle smile, to show her it's alright.
  58. "If it makes you feel more comfortable...."
  59. >You ruffle up your mane, to make it look bushy and dumb
  60. "You can just imagine I'm an actual idiot, does that help?"
  61. >Hopefully she'd understand, your plan was to make yourself at least look like someone who couldn't threaten her position of power.
  62. >And she did infact understand it, it even made her smile. "Mr.Anon, you really shouldn't do that." She reaches her hoof to your head and moves your mane back, trying to fix it. "I know what you're trying to do. But you're not going to break this mare's habit in a day. No, I can't let that habit break at all. So, let me try to explain this way. "I made a minor error in the way I compose myself, a minor error that had some repercussions even I could not foresee. Love and care was down while tension was up. And if things had continued, already know what would have happened. So, I must say. I must...admit..."
  63. >Her speech was starting to become nervous again. She was trying to figure out a way to speak her next words in business speech.....but she couldn't.
  65. >"....I...hrn..."
  66. >She stopped for a moment, you didn't say anything though, you were wondering what those next words could be. You could see it, she wanted to thank you. It was at the tip of her tongue
  67. >"I.....hmm." She saighs "I'm having difficulty saying this clearly,"
  68. "Take your time. Here..."
  69. >You grab the teapot and fill her cup with some tea.
  70. >"Thank's it...isn't it?" She sighs again, realizing how simple it really was "Thank you, for everything you and your father has done for me. I am in your debt. And I'd like it if you remain my daughter's friend. She seems to care very much for you. In truth, I think marriage is a little much, and you both are clearly not ready to even think of making that decision. But, your friendship to her. Is greatly, and will be greatly, appreciated."
  71. >There were tears coming from her eyes, you don't even think she noticed them.
  72. "You're welcome Mrs.Rich...."
  73. >Fuck it
  74. >You get off your chair and move in for a hug. She looked like she really needed one, and you could see in her eyes she really REALLY wanted to just...not be a cunt. She was really doing her best.
  75. >You hugged her gently. At first she tensed up, not really knowing what to do.
  76. >As you hugged her, you also thought of Twilight for a moment. hrnnn....Maybe Celestia was on to something. Maybe some actual quality time with her will make everything ok. It couldn't hurt to give it a shot.
  77. >Spoiled reluctantly wrapped her forelegs around you, and gave you a hug, she didn't say a word. But her tears that streamed down more and more said it all.
  78. >She was doing her best to keep her composure,even at this moment.
  80. >After the hug was over, Spoiled did her best to seem as if she didn't even cry. Not motioning once to even remove the tears that dripped from her face. She just took a few more drinks of tea. Until the teapot was empty actually.
  81. "Are you alright? Mrs. Rich?"
  82. >She nods "Y-yes, I'm just...thinking. Mr.Anon, it's getting rather late and Diamond Tiara is asleep. Would you mind?"
  83. >You nod
  84. "Yeah, no problem, are you going to be ok though?"
  85. >"Yes...If you'd like, you could join us tomorrow for dinner.I don't know what your father feeds you, and quite frankly, It horrifies me to think if it's exactly what I think it is and you just accept it as normal. So, I'd like to show you a taste of our gratitude. I'm sure Diamond Tiara would love for you to attend."
  86. >...oh people food sounded awesome.
  87. "Sure. what time?"
  88. >"Seven o'clock, but come earlier. Unless that's too much trouble?"
  89. "It shouldn't be, I think I could do it. Thanks for the invite, Mrs.Rich"
  90. >She just politely nods. And with that, you both say goodbye, and you go on your way. That wasn't too bad. She managed to hold it in. She really You thought she was going to have one of those breakdown moments. But she actually managed to keep it in, aside from her tears of course.
  91. >...what a tiring day. You make ways to the fountain near town hall to go home while enjoying the night sky. As usual in the realm of Equestria, it was always a pretty sight.
  92. >You reach the fountain without a single encounter. That was obvious of course, due to it being night.
  93. >You toss the map into the water, and fall back first to land right on your bed.
  95. >Back home...
  96. >You should probably see if Discord is about. See if he was even willing to let you live with Twilight for a week. You were actually interested in his input. But only because he'd probably find the whole thing surprising.
  97. >But it looked like you wouldn't get the chance. There was some noise coming from your door.
  98. >Angry least from one of the parties involved.
  99. >You could barely hear anything.
  100. >You approach your floor door and crack it open slightly.
  101. >Your eyes widen to the sight of Changelings, what seemed like all of them, congregated in the living room.
  102. >But something was off, a majority of them were on one side, a few of them even poking their heads through the basement trap door, while the few minority were in another corner.
  103. >And then there was Chrysalis infront of the majority....and her captain....facing her?
  104. >What the fuck happened while you were gone?
  105. >"We're tired of living here! You who are supposed to lead us sit here and do nothing as that idiot and his puppet make mockeries of us" The Captain spouts, directly at Chrysalis.
  106. >Chrysalis merely rolls her eyes at him, remaining calm "Who is "We?". You mean the few traitors you managed to round up with your tired rhetoric? Really Captain, please...tell me. For what reason do you have to act like such an idiot?"
  107. >The captain growled at her "Don't patronize me, I am the most loyal and intelligent of the hive aside from you! I lead your armies into battle without question. And now I sit in a basement, having to watch our own act in silly plays and constant battle training for your amusement. I have served you without question....And now, when we need you, our queen, to act. You sit and do nothing."
  109. >Chrysalis yawned "Mhmmmm, and?...ohhhhh" Chrysalis smirked at him "I see, you expect a large sneak attack against Discord. Oh ho, you really are an idiot. We can't even do any harm to the brat because of his spell and you want to mount a full on strike. Cute...Ok, since you ARE capable of some thought. Tell me, how exactly do you propose we strike? hmmm?"
  110. >"I actually have the perfect plan" The captain said "We can make anypony weak through heavy drain, all we need to do is sneak up on him during his sleep and feed off his love of his own dreams. All of us, if we do this, he'll be too weak to retaliate, the spell might even be broken."
  111. >"Excellent plan, absolutely perfect. Infact, we could forget this entire rebellion and I'll make you the first king of the hive" Chrysalis said with a big, genuine looking, evil grin
  112. >"..r-really?...really?" The captain asked, unsure
  113. >"Of couuuuurse. Although, if you permit me to ask. How exactly do you plan on FINDING Discord?"
  114. >The Captain chuckled at her "'re making fun of me. But the plan is simple my queen, even in execution. All we have to do is simply enter his bedroom. How could you not think of that?"
  115. >Chrysalis gasped in her own "stupidity"
  116. >"Ohhhh no, how silly of me. I must be slipping due to my age. Well, why don't we go enact this plan right now before Anon comes home and warns him. Now, if you'd lead us to the door to his room. We could enact this plan at this very moment."
  117. >"Now was that so hard?" The captain hovered upwards, looking down at Chrysalis with arrogant disrespect. "As for his room it's..."
  118. >The Captain looked around, the living room and it's rooms around it we're always constantly changing. the only thing being static was the location of the basement and the ceiling door. "It's...."
  119. >And at this moment. thats all there was, besides the front door of course.. "...i-it's...."
  121. >"Well? We're king" Chrysalis held back an evil snicker, she already had him beat by keeping in mind the composition of the room.
  122. >The Captain growled, frustrated with himself, her, and the entire situation. "Don't! Don't treat me like a drone! I'm more than that! At least I'm trying! You were promised a release, a chance to at least plan things while in another form, and yet you're still here. It's obvious that by doing nothing we will never leave."
  123. >"Yes, I am fully aware of that. But tell me captain, with no way to escape, what reason do we have to exert energy? We've stayed in the shadows for moons at a time, why does it suddenly NOW bother you?" Chrysalis asked, curious as to why her captain was betraying her.
  124. >"...You know why, ever since we ended up here. Ever since you took the friendship of that otherworldly pony. You've begun to change, you listen to him, you speak with him, you have fun with him, and you even let him into the hive to show us that....whatever it was"
  125. >Chrysalis raised an eyebrow at him "Really? Rebellion over that? Are you also upset that he took your chair too?"
  126. >"YES! THAT SEAT WAS MINE!...he has no right to sit next to you! Why couldn't you see that? He's using you!"
  127. >Chrysalis shook her head "tsk tsk tsk, poor little captain. I would think you wouldn't mind what seat you took after becoming one for awhile. Ahhh, this is the problem when you can actually think for yourself. You become idiotic and unfocused. Such a shame, you really we're the best I had"
  128. >"The best you ever had....I know we can still leave through the front door. Surely there's an exit. And when me and my group find it, we will take over Equestria on our own!"
  130. >"Provided you do find an exit that Discord may have missed, how do you plan to take over Equestria? You don't even have one tenth of the hive backing you on this insubordination. But that's fine, go make your futile attempt. Just know that the moment you step out that door, I'll never let you back"
  131. >The Captain scoffed "I don't even want to come back, and the best part is you won't even have a captain such as myself to help keep the drones in check. Face it, you're nothing without me."
  132. >Chrysalis wasn't even phased, she just looked back at the horde of drones behind her "All of you, stand to attention now!"
  133. >And they did, with Chrysalis looking back to her captain with a cocky smirk " were saying?"
  134. >The Captain was faltering, but he still had the fact that he was the only one capable of making sure the drones stayed at attention "Of course they'll listen to you, you're the queen. But what are you going to do when you're away? Who will keep them in line then?"
  135. >"Ohhhh, you're right. Who could possibly do that? you may have gotten me this time...oh don't" Chrysalis looked back and called out in a motherly and gentle way "Oh captain...would you come over here please?"
  136. >"Captain?"
  137. >
  138. >The little runt jumped and slid forward to stand by Chrysalis's side "Yes! My Queen! and let me say once again what an honor it is to be the new captain! I already have a plan to destroy all of Equestria! Isn't that great!?"
  139. >"Of course it is, and I'd love to hear all about it later. but for now, why don't you go back among the ranks and...erm...keep them in line"
  140. >The runt saluted "Yes, my queen!"
  141. >The Captain gawked, he was in total disbelief that he was replaced that quickly "...y-you can't be serious"
  142. >"Very serious. he's loyal, a good listener, very vicious, follows my every command, and very adorable. How could I not make him my new captain, Ex-captain."
  144. >"I can't believe" The Captain smirked "I're so desperate that'd you'd make that pathetic little runt your captain. Hilarious considering he still plans to destroy the puppet."
  145. >Chrysalis shrugs "I enjoy the effort, it shows that even the smallest of my children are motivated to do what must be done. More than what I can say for you. " Chrysalis went into a mocking tone "Oh nooo, he took my seat, now i'm going to leave like a little foal and throw a tantrum" Chrysalis then chuckled "Pathetic"
  146. >The Captain growled angrily "You'll pay for this.....I am more than capable of taking down Equestria, you, and eventually even Discord."
  147. >Chrysalis yawns again "ok...that's, are you going to leave already or...what? I'm getting hungry and I don't have time for this"
  148. >The captain's anger grew, he was hating the fact he wasn't being taken seriously, and the changelings behind him seemed rather reluctant to follow him at this point. "I am....just will pay. will pay. Come on, let's go..." The captain motions to the others to come with him.
  149. >Chrysalis calls out to him however, in a near meekish odd. "Oh Captain, before you go...can I share with you a lesson of friendship I learned?"
  150. >The Captain stopped, then smirked. He took that as a sign of weakness....and possible change. He turned to face her "Oh? a lesson? What is it? That you shouldn't shun me away? that it? that you shouldn't hurt my feelings? hmmm?....NOW THAT'S feeling guilt? weak"
  151. >Chrysalis shook her head, and pouted "ow...that actually. I learned about mercy..."
  152. >"Mercy? You...mercy? Oh how the mighty has fallen...that's too good" The Captain cackles
  153. >"mhmmm..." Chrysalis looks down and rubs her hoof gently on the ground "You see, I learned that our hosts have been gracious enough to show us mercy through giving us a home and food. So, I too have learned to be merciful"
  155. >"That's what does that even mean?" The Captain waited, he wanted to gloat and try to gain more followers to his cause.
  156. >" just means I'll be nice. You see.." Chrysalis looks to the captain and his followers with sad eyes "I love my children, and so...if you stay with me. I'll forget this ever happened and we can be one big happy family"
  157. >The Captain cackled in delight "Ohhhh hoooo, that is too good. So much for the queen, seems I should just make myself the first king of the hive, myself. Of course, I'd need more to join my cause..." As he eyes the others behind Chrysalis, Chrysalis just shakes her head, then begins to slowly
  158. >"Oh...let me finish my dear ex captain that I" She kept in a chuckle "You see....if you choose to leave now, any of you who wishes to throw away my mercy....well..should you EVER show your face back here again...or in my presence in general. I will PERSONALLY dismember you and use your parts as target practice before I throw you with your kin to be used as toys."
  159. >The changelings behind the captain began to shake, then immediately fell over eachother to rejoin the ranks of their fellow changelings.
  160. >He was now alone
  161. >"What?! What are you all doing?! It's an empty threat! AN EMPTY THREAT! Why would you even want to stay here! We could be free if you just follow me!" The Captain was losing it, he couldn't believe his brethren would betray him so easily.
  162. >One of the changelings meekly spoke out "B-but my queen is right, we enjoy her mercy too, I don't want to be torn apart...."
  163. >"TRAITORS!" The Captain yells
  164. >"....hilarious, simply hilarious" Chrysalis looks at him for a moment, then begins to laugh maniacally "DID YOU SERIOUSLY THINK YOU'D LEAVE HERE WITH EVEN A SINGLE CHANGELING? DID YOU?! NOW THAT'S RICH! THAT'S DROOL! THAT'S THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
  166. >The Captain neared the door, his body shaking, his eyes bulging, he was so angry. He was alone .. "You....YOU! You'll see...YOU ALL WILL SEE! AND YOU WILL HAVE NO MERCY FROM ME! NONE!"
  167. >The Captain opened the door, and backed up to the threshold. "...and you my'll see, you will bow to me...ALL OF YOU WILL BOW TO ME!"
  168. >"Ciao, it's been fun Captain. But I don't want to waste any more words with you. You may also want to think of changing your name, since it no longer fits the title." Chrysalis smiles and waves to him.
  169. >The Captain growled "I WILL END YOU!" and slams the door shut.
  170. >Holy fucking shit. That was heavy. You just witnessed Chrysalis pretty much burning her captain to certain oblivion. She just let him go to his possible end. didn't feel too bad. He wasn't exactly a good guy himself. As he threatened to annihilate everyone. But then there was the fact Chrysalis called you a "Brat". Not really a deep hurting insult, but it made you wonder if you actually made any progress with her...or if she was just faking it.
  171. >She then looked up at you "Did you enjoy the show Anon?"
  172. >oohh long did she know?
  173. >You don't even know what to say.
  174. " was...what...what even happened?"
  175. >You throw open the door completely, and look down at her. You had to at least know what happened so you could figure out what she was thinking.
  176. >"Can't figure it out? My Ex Captain decided to try to lead a mutiny. Some hogwash about me becoming soft. When logically...and much to my dismay...we are indeed stuck here" She then gives you a gentle smile "But that's alright, atleast I can enjoy a good meal from you every now and again. Soooooo, What's on your mind Anon? Is it a girl? ohhh, is somepony juggling thoughts between marriage and escape? Oh...these feelings are soooo familiar. Why don't you come down here and tell mama Chrysalis how your day was?"
  177. >She was looking up at you, hell, the entire hive was.
  179. >And boy, did they all look hungry. You came to not mind too much about Chrysalis's draining, but could you survive an entire hive?
  180. " about you come up, alone?"
  181. >You knew you couldn't stop her. But if it was just her, then you should be alright. Hopefully...
  182. >"I'm alright with that. An invitation to dinner makes me feel like....a queen." Chrysalis looked to her new scrawny captain " know what to do"
  183. >He looked up at her with hopeful,glistening eyes "Destroy Anon?"
  184. >Chrysalis cringed slightly, then gave a crooked awkward smile "Well...maybe later. For now, just have the drones feeding off the orb and get some sleep. I have some personal matters to attend to."
  185. >"Oh..I can do that to! Yes my Queen! I will do as you ordered!" The hopeful runt turns to his fellow drones and starts barking orders "You heard the queen, move it! MOVE IT!"
  186. >Many of them seemed confused, a few even miffed at missing a good meal. But surprisingly, they listened to the little guy. And went on their way.
  187. >"Now then..." Chrysalis licked her lips, then immediately zipped right to the ceiling door, landing right to the side of it as she leans her head in and looks directly at you "Let's talk..."
  188. >Holy fuck! That speed startled you enough to make you fall backwards as she crawls inside to your room and closes the door with her back leg.
  189. "S-sheesh, d-did you have to do that?"
  190. >Chrysalis giggles "Oh, you'll always be so then. Tell me what's on your mind, it seems you've been through quite a day. The kind of day one would dream about when they are small..."
  191. >ehhhhh..
  192. >You look up at her as you get up and dust yourself off.
  193. "I'm not a girl, I don't think about marriage"
  195. >"And yet here we are" Chrysalis walks up to your bed and hops on, turning around to look down on you as she rests on her belly "Somepony must have put that thought in your head. Because I know that tastes delicious"
  196. >....but that was too much. You couldn't get married..or even think about it. there was still a chance that DT wouldn't love you after awhile...and yet. After all that has happened. It just...didn't seem so bad anymore. You didn't want a filly's affection because of how wrong it felt...or did feel. Yet, when she talks to you, or hugs on to get feelings...even when it's something inane.
  197. > couldn't, Even if you did marry her, the company fuck the whole company thing. How would you live with the fact that you'd still have to...
  198. >"Relax yourself Anon, you're going to explode with all those conflicting emotions. What happened? Really..."
  199. >Chrysalis gives you a motherly smile "Let me help you sort things out..."
  200. >You look up at her, she looked....very gentle and inviting for once. But, you knew. You knew there had to be a reason for that. But, that reason was what you already agreed to let happen. You might as well try, and see what she has to say. But you had to be wary, just in case.
  201. >You get up on your hooves and look at her. Still conflicted
  202. "I'm having some...girl troubles"
  203. >"Clearly..."
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