Dadonequus Discord Part 224

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  1. >It was then that Fluttershy noticed the both of you. "Hmmm?"
  2. >And then, at first, she notices you and smiles "Anon! How was...."
  3. >And then she sees the beautiful teenaged mare next to you "...uhmmmm..Anon?" She says as she hovers over and lands in front of the both of you. "Who is that?" Fluttershy didn't know why, but her protective instinct was kicking off.
  4. >You look to Nymous with a smile
  5. >"Aunt Fluttershy, allow me to introduce..."
  6. >You look back at Fluttershy and hold a hoof towards Nymous
  7. "My older sister, Nymous!"
  8. >Fluttershy was in understandable disbelief "Older...sister? I guess I see the resemblence...and I don't mean to sound rude...but, there any proof?"
  9. >You nod
  10. "Uh huh...verified by Twilight even. And she's very very nice...why don't you say hi Nymous?"
  11. >Nymous looks to Fluttershy. and forces a fake smile. "Hello Aunt Fluttershy" She bows "It's so so good to meet you...o-or..should I not call you don't know me...So.."
  12. >Fluttershy realizes she may have been a little too rude and apologizes " no. I'm sorry. It's just...well...ummm.." She didn't know what to say. It was like...just like you....just sprung up from out of nowhere
  13. >Nymous looked down, an expression suggesting she had already been rejected "...I see"
  14. >Fluttershy couldn't see past the fake expressions. instead she was pierced by them "Oh..please..don't cry. Please? Where are my manners?...mmnnn..." Fluttershy put on a smile "Hello Miss Nymous, I'm very glad to meet you"
  15. >"R-really?....I don't know...Anon already has a family and...I none of you really need me..I guess" Nymous started to turn around, hanging her head low.
  16. >You nearly rolled your eyes. Ham it up much?
  17. >" no. Miss Nymous. I really do mean it. And if Twilight says your Anon's sister. Well, that's good enough for me. In fact, if Anon had told me that, I still would have believed it" Fluttershy lied.
  19. > fact. You could even tell that was a lie....Fluttershy...lied. She has before, you know she has through the show. But, it was odd seeing her lie in person.
  20. >Nymous sweetly smiled "...T-thank you...I" She then looks back down, with a sad expression "I've been suffering for so long. I thought i'd had lost my only light of hope darling little brother. And seems he found a family..and..I may have to...I' to get to know you...C-can I call you Aunt Fluttershy?"
  21. >Fluttershy nods with a smile. She knew she was jumping the gun. But if You and Twilight said she was family. Then so be it, she'd make her feel welcome...she just hoped it wasn't some sort of trick. "Of course you can, you are my niece after all"
  22. >Nymous put a hoof to her heart as she acted stunned "....I....I...I don't know...what to say"
  23. >"You don't need to say anything Nymous" Fluttershy drops the "Miss", now that she had accepted her as her niece "In fact, I'm nearly done cleaning this statue. If you want..." Fluttershy looks down at Angel "Angel, would you mind serving Anon and Nymous some tea?"
  24. >Angel did a salute. The little bastard. You were sure he would see through her disguise...or atleast immediately hate her. Was she that alluring?
  25. >You turn to Nymous, who had a soft breeze blowing through her emanculate mane. Looking to the sky with gentle eyes.
  26. >You blush just a little
  27. >...ok she was alluring...dammit
  29. >And Angel actually went the extra mile. Setting up seats, a table, and even pulling out the seat for Nymous for her to sit down on as he served the tea. He then waited for a pat. In which Nymous gave him generous amounts.
  30. >You just looked at the whole scene with disgust. What a little shit that rabbit is.
  31. >Hell fuck it, you slide out Fluttershy's seat for her as she did the last few polishes of the Statue. She smiles, thanks you, calls you a gentlecolt, and gives you a kiss on the nose. the whole shebang.
  32. >You then sit down on your seat.
  33. >"Is everypony comfortable" Fluttershy asks
  34. >Nymous nods "Mhmmm"
  35. >you nod as well, letting out a happy "yes"
  36. >"Good. Now..Nymous, since you are the newest addition to the family. Why don't you open up with a topic. Actually wait..." Fluttershy then looks to you "Anon, does your father know about Nymous?"
  37. >You shake your head
  38. "No, she just...sorta showed up at school"
  39. >You shrug with a nervous smile.
  40. >"Oh...Nymous...would it trouble you if I asked where you came from?"
  41. >Nymous took that as a cue to look hurt. "O-oh...mnn, I've explained it to a few ponies already. But everytime I think about hurts all the more."
  42. >Fluttershy could see tears coming from Nymous's eyes. She immediatly felt bad and ashamed and started to tear up too. "O-oh no...Please don't cry. I didn't know you had a terrible past too..please..please don't cry. I won't ask anything more about it..."
  43. >Oh brother...even as you look downward, there was sympathy for the devil. Angel had tear in his eyes too.
  44. >....eggghhhh
  46. >"Aunt Fluttershy, I thank you very very much for accepting me...I really really do" Nymous says with a soft happiness. "There's so many questions I want to ask. I want to ask because...I forgot what it was to be part of a family. And I want to know my Aunt so I can get close to her"
  48. >"Of course, you can ask me anything Nymous" Fluttershy beamed as she took a sip of tea
  49. >Get Ready Anon....if she says anything out of place. had to make sure it wasn't anything...nefarious.
  50. >"Well... as I understand, you're the element of Kindness. Am I right? I've read about Princess Twilight and her friends on my travels. I was wondering, is there any way I could see it?" It seemed Chrysalis wasn't entirely clear on the process that made the rainbow power....or maybe she did...but wasn't aware of the Tree of Harmony's location?....something was one hundred percent off about this question Hell, that was a mistake right there. Surely Fluttershy would be slightly suspicious and conceal the location of the tree.
  51. >"You are right. But I never carried the element around with me. It was much too important to leave around. Besides, It's part of the Tree of Harmony now." Fluttershy smile slightly lessened, something about it did seem a little odd to her "Why do you ask?"
  52. >Nymous just took a sip of her tea "I was just curious." Nymous was now plotting silently...was the tree in the castle perhaps? Did she somehow miss that? Thats what was going through her mind. "..Erm...So, what do you and Anon like to do together?"
  55. >You raise your hoof
  56. "Actually, Aunt Fluttershy..c-can I answer that one?"
  57. >You didn't need Chrysalis having any kind of ammo of the teasing variety.
  58. >"Oh..sure! If you don't mind Nymous. Anon hadn't had a chance to talk yet"
  59. >:I don't mind at all" Nymous looked towards you, she could already tell you wanted to try to cover your ass. In fact, knowing about anything embarrassing was exactly her goal.
  60. >......good
  61. "Well, Aunt Fluttershy has fed me and given me good advice. She's made sure I'm ok if I ever get hurt. We've played board games. And of course she let me sleep over..that's about it really"
  62. >"Mhmmm" Nymous nods, then looks over to Fluttershy with a slick smile "anything you'd like to add to that Aunt Fluttershy?"
  63. >"Mhmm, what Anon hadn't told you is that we cuddle. Infact, if you had wings, he especially loves to be snuggled while a wing blankets him and keeps him all warm and snug. In fact, Anon likes kissies on the nose too! So I always make sure to give him a kiss so he knows how important he is to me. Ohhhh! Oh!" Fluttershy got a bright idea "Maybe you could do that for him too Nymous! He always has this cute little smile after a nose kiss. It always warms my heart! He's such a little sweetie!"
  64. >Nymous slowly turns her head and gives you an evil glare "I never would have guessed"
  65. >........goddammit...
  67. >You hold back an annoyed groan as you look to Nymous with a question of your own
  68. "Can I ask a question Aunt Fluttershy?"
  69. >"Well yes...erm...but I'm not a teacher. And we're all family. You don't need to ask to ask a question" Fluttershy always felt it odd that you always felt that you needed to ask to ask a question instead of just asking it.
  70. "Oh...erm. Well, It's about Nymous really. She's my sister, and you're my aunt. That's for certain..but she's really had a hard life. Just like would it be bad to ask if you make sure to show her...some extra love? You know...kisses on the nose and stuff"
  71. >You give Nymous an evil glare of your own
  72. "I'm sure she's appreciate it..."
  73. >REVENGE! Even if Chrysalis could feed off the love, you knew she didn't actually like displaying huge amounts of affection without a reason for it. Especially the cuddly wuddly kind.
  74. >"Well of course I can. Nymous, I can already tell your brother loves you very much and only wants you to be happy. I know your older than him, but you're never too old for affections." Fluttershy giggled "Infact, Group hug everypony!"
  75. >Yeah! Group hug! Cuddles from the Flutters and you were sure Chrysalis wouldn't enjoy direct hug contact.
  76. >And just as you thought. as You all moved in for a group hug. Nymous was reluctant. explaining it away as her having not felt such family love in such a long time. But you could could definitely see the disgust in her eyes.
  78. >And this went on for the rest of the visit. Of course Fluttershy asked about the grappling hook, something you could easily explain that you just wanted to wear it. You tell her about the arcade championship thing and Nymous goes into some details on what brought her to Ponyville. Anytime Nymous brought up anything suspicious however, you managed to deter by either giving an answer of your own or by switching subjects on any follow up questions. This went on for a little while until Nymous had enough of it. With a fake yawn, she explained she had to go talk to Twilight about setting up her stay at the castle.
  79. >Fluttershy then took a look back at the statue. "To her, the statue was now incomplete. And given the pleasant time she had with Nymous. She felt that was wrong. She looked to Nymous... "Nymous...what do you think of the statues behind us?"
  80. >Nymous took a look at it. Internally, she thought it was a monument to a gigantic lie and nothing more. "It's..nice...but erm..I mean..beautiful actually. Everypony looks so happy"
  81. >"We are happy...but, don't you feel it's missing something?"
  82. >.....oh no..she wasn't suggesting....
  83. >"" Nymous wasn't following, she didn't exactly care.
  84. >Fluttershy giggled "Are you sure? Because I was thinking it was missing a certain big sister."
  85. >That's when Nymous understood, while at the same time filled you with dread. "Ohhh...but, it's such a nice statue already..."
  86. >You actually open up your mouth. You actually didn't want Chrysalis to be a part of the statue. Friend yes...but you didn't want her getting too close as family in any way. The whole family thing was Discord's stupid doing. And although you'd play along. You didn't want Fluttershy having any reason to get too close.
  87. "I agree, every statue looks perfect. What else could you add to it to make it look any better...nothing..that's what"
  89. >But Fluttershy disagreed "Actually Anon...Don't you think I should ask your father if he could do me the itty bitty favor of....well...adding one more statue to the set?" She gave Nymous a gentle smile.
  90. >....oh no...
  91. "....I know how Dad is about favors...whenever I ask him for one, he sorta expects a favor from me know Dads...You don't wanna deal with that right?"
  92. >Fluttershy was surprised at you...but she also thought that maybe you didn't understand what she meant. "Anon, your father isn't like least not with me. hrn..." Fluttershy thought maybe he was trying to teach you some sort of life lesson of some sort when it came to favors. "Ok, I'll definitely ask him personally to make a statue of your older sister. Doesn't that sound great Nymous? Everytime you see these statues, you'll always know that you have family...that you have.." Fluttershy gives Nymous a gentle press at her heart "Us..."
  93. >.....ogh..that was cringy. Dammit Fluttershy.....Dammit.
  94. >"Oh Aunt Fluttershy...." Nymous sniffed "That's so....wonderful."
  95. >"Then it's settled. When I see Discord, I will ask him for another statue to complete the set...ohhh..I'm so excited to see what he could do! You must feel so happy right now! Here, let me give you a hug" Fluttershy moved in to give Nymous a hug, but she backed off. Ny mous was could tell...But she didn't want to show anymore affection.
  96. >"A-actually Aunt Fluttershy...I really should get goin-Hnnng!" Fluttershy moves in for a hug anyway.
  97. >"Don't be silly! There's always time for a family hug! Don't you ever feel that it's a bother...Because in this family. We never leave anypony out."
  98. >Nymous looked like she couldn't handle much more of the visit. Her voice was quivering. "O-of course...I-I love you Aunt Fluttershy...."
  99. >Fluttershy took the quiver in her voice as pent up sadness. and just hugged tighter. You could swear..just swear..Nymous's face was turning green.
  101. >And at that point. It was time to go. You'd stay...But you had to keep an eye on Chrysalis.
  102. >You wouldn't even have to go if it wasn't for the fact that she was so insistent on going.
  103. >You of course get your hug from Fluttershy. But she also lets you know that you have a special responsibility now. To help your big sister feel welcomed here in Ponyville and as a family member. Something you accepted, you pretty much already would convert her.
  104. >And with that, you both leave. Nymous was groaning the entire way after stepping far enough into the distance with you.
  105. >"....I'm going to die...I swear I'm going to die" She falls over to her side "How can any single pony be so disgustingly kind and sweet.....I didn't think I'd survive that..."
  106. >Wut?
  107. >Actually, it was pretty funny
  108. "Are you serious? hehe, come on. You handled the wedding thing just fine. And that was chockfull of love."
  109. >"ergh...Don't remind me. At least with that I could walk away whenever I wished and manipulate most of the situation...that? That was just murder...I don't understand how Discord can stand it. He's pure chaos and yet he prefers to have the friendship of such a terrible being." Nymous put a hoof to her mouth, feeling like she wanted to puke
  110. >Oh yeah, this was definitly funny. you couldn't help but chuckle.
  111. "I personally thought it was sweet. And look, you kept your promise! Are you sure you're feeling THAT gross about it? Because it looks like to me that you understand how important it is to keep a promise..."
  112. >You move up to nuzzle on Nymous
  113. "And...I thank you for that."
  114. >Nymous looks down at you as you cuddle onto her belly, and pushes you away. Not hard, just enough to keep you off of her. "Don't...I don't think my stomach could take anymore. We feed on Love...we don't give it. It's...just not right"
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