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  1. C3985
  2. "Damn it."
  3. However, as the majority of the people were shocked, All Heavens Sect and the rest were frowning.
  5. From their point of view, Lu Yinzhuo was their last hope.
  7. But now, even their last hope was unable to contend against Chu Feng.
  9. It made him uneasy.
  11. However, he didn't completely despair. On the contrary, he still had a trace of anticipation.
  13. Even though Lu YinZhuo was already this tragic, the leader still held onto a sliver of hope.
  14. "All Heavens Sect, look at all the good things you have done."
  15. Suddenly, the Nine Stars Heaven Mountain looked at him with a furious expression.
  16. "What has it got to do with me?" The All Heavens Sect asked.
  17. "If you did not provoke that Secret Cave Saints, would this scene have occurred?"
  18. "If you hadn't provoked the Secret Cave Saints, would they have stolen our treasures?"
  20. Nine Stars Heaven Mountain asked.
  23. "You, you are truly a fool, you are unreasonable."
  24. All Heavens Sect's tone really changed.
  25. After all, the appearance of the Secret Cave Saints in the Grave of Demon Slaughter Emperor back then was akin to stealing away the inheritance that originally belonged to him.
  26. He, the All Heavens Sect, was clearly a victim. How did he become the All Heavens Sect's fault now?
  27. "Alright, now is not the time for internal strife."
  29. "Since that Elder is no match for him, then we can only watch over his exit and not let him escape."
  30. The Miao Clan said.
  32. "The outcome has not been decided yet."
  34. The All Heavens Sect said.
  36. "Oh? Could it be that Elder has other cards up his sleeves?"
  38. Hearing the All Heavens Sect say this, the others also asked.
  40. "All of you, watch carefully." All of you, watch intently.
  41. The All Heavens Sect said.
  42. In fact, even he himself was not sure if Lu YinZhuo's following tactic would be able to defeat Chu Feng.
  43. Although he had never exchanged blows with the Secret Cave Saints, he had heard of the matters regarding the Secret Cave Saints.
  44. Especially that guy called Asura, he had even controlled the Formation back then, so even Tuoba Chengan and the others could only choose to escape.
  45. And from the perspective of the All Heavens Sect, the person currently in the world of barrier was most likely not a member of the Secret Cave Saints, but rather that fellow called Asura.
  46. Therefore, even though he knew that Lu YinZhuo still had some cards up his sleeves, he wasn't completely sure.
  47. After all, he was unsure if that guy by the name of Asura had any other trump cards.
  49. However, because he knew the power of the treasure on Lu YinZhuo's body, he still held a certain amount of hope.
  51. "Damn it."
  53. At this time, the Lu YinZhuo who was inside the barrier world was being beaten up by Chu Feng to the point of rolling and crawling.
  56. Even he himself knew that Chu Feng was completely ridiculing him, humiliating him.
  57. But unfortunately, he had no other choice, because he was truly not Chu Feng's match.
  59. This made him very uncomfortable. The most important part was that his self-esteem had suffered a huge blow.
  61. However, he didn't think that he would die for sure.
  62. But in his eyes, hesitation appeared.
  63. He didn't know if he should use that trump card.
  64. The main reason was because he could only use that trump card once, and that trump card was priceless. Unless it was the last resort, he could absolutely not use it.
  67. If he used that trump card, but it didn't work, he wouldn't be able to calm himself down.
  68. But in the end, the hesitation in his eyes disappeared and replacing it was determination.
  69. In the end, he made a decision.
  70. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  73. However, suddenly, a talisman paper appeared in his hand.
  75. It was a white talisman paper, and on top of the white talisman paper, there were actually carvings of black runes.
  76. The symbols were very strange, but they emanated a powerful aura.
  78. When the talisman paper appeared, it was directly thrown out by Song YingZhuo.
  79. Thus, the talisman paper turned into a ray of light and charged straight towards Chu Feng.
  80. The talisman paper was extremely fast, and when it was fast enough for Chu Feng to discover it, the talisman paper had already arrived in front of Chu Feng.
  81. Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately released the power of the barrier, transforming into a Formation, blocking in front of him.
  83. At the same time, he also retreated, wanting to create as much distance between him and the talisman paper as possible.
  84. The reason why he was so cautious, was because Chu Feng could feel that the talisman paper before his eyes contained a considerable amount of power.
  86. To be safe, Chu Feng had to be cautious.
  87. "Buzz ~ ~ ~"
  89. But soon, the piece of paper exploded.
  91. After the talisman paper shattered, a translucent body of energy quickly spread out from within the paper.
  93. The energy body's speed was actually even faster than the talisman paper, and it was extremely strange as well.
  94. That body of energy directly passed through Chu Feng's Guardian Formation as if it was nothing.
  95. Furthermore, because the speed of the expansion was too fast, he quickly caught up to Chu Feng.
  96. Next, the strangest thing happened.
  98. That body of energy also passed through Chu Feng's body.
  99. However, that energy body did not affect Chu Feng at all.
  100. couldn't even understand what kind of effect that energy body had.
  101. Chu Feng could see that the body of energy was a ball.
  102. At this time, Chu Feng was trapped within the sphere.
  103. "Clank ~ ~ ~"
  104. Right after the energy body penetrated Chu Feng, a series of ear-piercing booms came from all directions.
  107. In the next moment, the body of energy actually turned into a steel-like object.
  109. It sealed Chu Feng in the middle.
  110. "This is the cage Formation!"
  111. Finally, Chu Feng came to a realization.
  112. This was because the energy body had already changed.
  114. It was no longer an energy body that could penetrate through anything. Instead, it had turned into a solid, steel-like object.
  115. Furthermore, with just a glance, Chu Feng could tell that this metal was extremely tough. A first rank Zhi Zun was unable to break it.
  116. "No, it's not just the cage Formation."
  117. But very quickly, Chu Feng's eyes became deep again.
  119. He suddenly noticed that there were lines on the surface of the metallic substance, flickering with light.
  120. At the same time, a sense of pressure enveloped Chu Feng from all sides.
  121. This was not only a cage Formation, it was also a cage that could kill anyone who was trapped!
  122. "No wonder his gaze was so hesitant earlier. After all that time, he was thinking if he should use this trump card."
  124. However, he had clearly seen through the impressiveness of the cage's Formation.
  125. But not only did Chu Feng not panic, a smile that could see through everything formed on the corners of his mouth instead.
  128. "What's that?"
  129. Although Chu Feng had already seen through it, what exactly was the talisman paper's power.
  130. However, the people outside did not know about this.
  131. Furthermore, because the talisman paper was too fast, many people did not see Lu YinZhuo's attack.
  132. In their eyes, they only remembered that Chu Feng was suppressing Lu YingZhuo.
  135. However, suddenly, an enormous steel fort appeared.
  136. As for the steel fortress, it just happened to be at where Chu Feng was previously at, sealing Chu Feng up.
  137. That's right, in their eyes, it was not a cage Formation, but an iron fortress.
  138. Naturally, everyone was very clear on what the Steel Fortress did.
  140. It was used to protect him.
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