Mahou Shoujo Naka-chan☆Fleet 2 -zwei- [Typeset]

May 31st, 2016
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  1. Mahou Shoujo Naka-chan☆Fleet 2 -zwei- Translation
  2. From
  4. >Jintsuu: How rare, for the Eldest sister who only stops hiding in the house and playing games to sortie | to come out and attend Naka-chan's concert. (note: see Sendai Home Security)
  5. >Sendai: That's going a little too far. | I just wanted to act like the Older sister for once and show my support for my younger sister.
  6. >Sendai: Speaking of which, there's quite a few people here, innit?
  7. >Jintsuu: Well after all, she's the Naval DIstrict's #1 idol!
  8. >Jintsuu: Ahh--! Naka-chan, you're so cute--!
  9. >Jintsuu: [Look over here--!]
  11. >Sendai: What's going on?! | a blackout?
  12. >Jintsuu: .....! | pardon,nee-san, but please wait here for a moment.
  13. >Sendai: Eh, what are you planning to do?
  14. >Jintsuu: I am going to help Naka-chan.
  16. >Sendai: Want me to come too?
  17. >Jintsuu: [hold this for me]
  18. >Jintsuu: It's best for Nee-san to wait here!
  19. >Jintsuu: After all, Naka-chan will be sad if there are fewer spectators.
  20. >Sendai: Guess it can't be helped-- right, right, I'll just watch here.
  21. >Sendai: Little sisters just don't understand the elder sister's burden.
  23. >Kongou: LADIES & MENTLEGEN! Thank you for the wait!
  24. >Naka: Stage effects?
  25. >Naka: Naka-chang didn't hear about this!
  26. >Kongou: At any rate, could I first ask the original fleet idol to leave the premises...?
  27. >Kongou: Today, this naval district's stage
  28. >Kongou: Will be occupied by us!
  29. >Kongou: The Kongou sisters!
  30. >Naka: Why's the anime getting in the way again (note: episode 4)?!
  32. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan!
  33. >Jintsuu-chan! So you were here!
  34. >Jintsuu: Because I've been watching you from the spectator's seats this whole time!
  35. >Naka: [To have that said to my's a little embarassing]
  36. >Naka: T...thanks...
  37. >Jintsuu: To dare and ruin Naka-chan's most important concert...!
  38. >Jintsuu: Why would you commit such an act!?
  40. >Kirishima: Even if you ask why,
  41. >Hiei: It's just because Kongou onee-sama
  42. >Haruna: wanted to try it out!
  43. >[note: Siscons]
  44. >If it's for onee-sama... (x3)
  45. >Kongou: and so!
  46. >If you think that Naka-chan is the only Idol of this naval district, you're dead wrong! (note: please erase that nose, thanks)
  47. >Kongou: Either way, | We four Kongou-sisters will now occupy this concert!
  49. >Kongou: Let's first do the song from Episode 4!
  50. >(Hiei, probably): Yes! Onee-sama! The Episode 4 one! Right!
  51. >Naka: Ahhhhh--! That's enough!
  52. >Everything's getting messed up!
  53. >(Torpedo fairy?): Naka-chan!
  54. >[Quad Oxygen Torpedo Mount]
  55. >Naka: Mm!
  56. >Naka: All gears active, all power to turbines!
  57. >Naka: Install! (can also mean "Equip!")
  59. >[high pitched choral singing]
  61. >[sparkle]
  63. >Naka: Lover of Justice! Light Cruiser Idol Magical Girl! Magical Naka-chang!
  64. >Jintsuu: W-what she said! Light cruiser magical girl!
  65. >Ma-magical Jintsuu....! ....-chan...!
  66. >Naka: In place of the Admiral, we shall expel you with torpedos! (note: 外份 means "to drive out")
  67. >Jintsuu: as expected, this is really embarassing after all.
  68. >Kongou: I cannot so easily let off one who would block the birth of a new idol!
  69. >Naka: That should be my line! | In that case, we'll have to resort to our trump card straight out of transformation!
  71. >Naka + Jintsuu: [Quadruple Gear (note: could also mean 4th Gear) Turbine Power!]
  72. >Naka + Jintsuu: [Super Storm!] (as with most hyperbolic terms, "Hyper Storm" or "Mega Storm" are usable and interchangeable)
  73. >Naka: Amazing! A great victory for Naka-chang today as well!
  75. >Kongou: The piddling shells of a light cruiser
  76. >Kongou: mean nothing to a Battleship!
  77. >Naka/Jintsuu: T-that's!
  78. >Naka/Jintsuu: The unusually high-mobility shield-like thingie that was installed with your Kai II! For some reason!
  79. >Kongou: This is the charm point of a Kai II!
  80. >Kongou: It's because this thingy is really mobile on my PVC figure too (note: it literally translates to "Garage Kit," but the AGP figure is clearly official and not a garage kit)! | It's really popular!
  81. >Naka: Naka-chang's AGP figure won't lose to yours either!
  82. >Naka: it even has a stage and is also super popular! They're taking reservations right now...!
  84. >Kongou: Well then, witness the difference between us as warships!
  85. >Kongou: all guns, fire!!
  86. >Naka/Jintsuu: Aaaaahhhhh!
  87. >Naka/Jintsuu: The mike's been...!
  88. >Kongou: In the world of idols, the strong consume the weak!
  89. >Kongou: From here on out, I shall be this naval district's number one idol! | Starting next week, it'll be the Kongou-class giving concerts on the stage...
  91. >Kongou: Nani?!
  92. >Definitely not Sendai: The ones who have seen through the hearts of maidens; they are the ones who bear the name of "idol". (note: the word here, "奸细", means something more like "they who have spied on the hearts of maidens bear the name of idols" but I'm sure it means to sneak a peek or to witness it. "Spying" has a worst connotation)
  93. >Definitely not Sendai: It should not be shells of steel that fly on the stage, but earnest song.
  94. >Definitely not Sendai: Just seeing those who defile the splendid stage (note: this is using the "華"/splendid from the Sendai sisters' vocal song from the anime) disgusts me.
  95. >Definitely not Sendai: You're just anime-only imitation idols.
  97. >Definitely not Sendai: I, the Masked Yasen Warrior (The Yasen Masked Man would be the literal translation, but The Masked Yasen Warrior, the Yasen Mask or the Masked Yasen Hero could all work), shall not forgive you!
  98. >Naka/Jintsuu: It's the Masked Man-sama!
  99. >Hiei: That's too far!
  100. >Kongou: You're a foul-mouthed one, aren't you!
  101. >Kongou: We're just following the script here!
  103. >Definitely not Sendai: Naka-chan.
  104. >Naka: This is....
  105. >Definitely not Sendai: we can talk about the little things later.
  106. >Definitely not Sendai: For now, please use your mike and sing a song true to your heart!
  107. >Naka: [True... ]
  108. >Naka: [to your heart...]
  110. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan,
  111. >Jintsuu: Sendai nee-san came today! |!
  112. >Naka: Sendai-chan also....
  113. >Naka:....I got it. I'll sing.
  114. >Naka: No matter what happens...
  115. >Naka: Idols don't bend, don't break....
  116. >they don't give up!!
  118. >Unidentified Kongou Sister: Hold on?! That light is...?!
  119. >Unidentified Kongou Sister: Uuu... | so dazzling!
  120. >Naka: For an Idol, the most important thing:
  121. >Naka: is to sing when you want to sing! And to always be cuter than everyone!
  123. >Naka: and also!
  124. >Naka: to never spectating elder sister's eager expectations!
  126. >Naka: Naka-chang's concert is
  127. >Naka: will defintiely not be ruined by the likes of you!
  128. >[Magical girl ☆ Final Impulse (note: literally "Final-level Movement Power")]
  129. >[Beam! (note: this is an odd translation because "光束" means beam, "箭" means arrow, but according to google translate "光束箭" means beam sword. Safest to just say Beam.)]
  130. >Kongou: In the end it's all the same, no matter what we do.
  131. >Kongou Sister: Onee-sama! Our shields can't repel magic of that magnitude!
  133. >Naka: Yay! A major Naka-chang victory!
  134. >Jintsuu: That's great, Naka-chan!
  135. >Naka: Ehhh....the masked yasen man, again...
  136. >Naka: I wanted to thank her for this mike...
  137. >Naka: Sorry, nee-san!
  138. >Naka: It took a bit of time to resolve things!
  140. >Sendai: So it was just a blackout. That's good.
  141. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan said that she'd resume singing in a bit.
  142. >Sendai: Ahh--but it's about time for me to head back....
  143. >Jintsuu: Eh? why?
  144. >Sendai: I'm kidding! It's rare for Naka-chan to hold a concert!
  145. >Sendai: As the older sister, I've got to meet my younger sister's expectations!
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