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Jun 18th, 2011
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  1. _______ __ _ _____
  2. |_ __ \ [ | (_) / ___ `.
  3. | |__) |_ __ | | .--. _ .--. __ .--. |_/___) |
  4. | ___/[ \ [ ]| |/ .'`\ \[ `/'`\][ | ( (`\] .'____.'
  5. _| |_ \ '/ / | || \__. | | | | | `'.'. / /_____
  6. |_____| [\_: / [___]'.__.' [___] [___][\__) )|_______|
  7. \__.'
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------
  9. DDOSing With No Friends
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------
  12. So you want to DDOS but you don't have any friends? You can do this with pyloris and tor. Pyloris is a python program so you'll need python to run it obviously. Lets talk about what your going to be doing so you know how it works. If you don't care how it works you can skip this part. A normal DDOS works by overwhelming there server with complete connections. Slowposting (Pyloris) works differently, it opens a few low bandwidth connections that it never completes. This only works on Apache servers since they by design have a finite number of sockets. The easiest way to mitigate this attack is to kill connections that never complete, but with tor we can get around this. :>
  14. Step 1) Download Tor pyloris and python (if you dont already have it) pyloris here
  16. Step 2) Open up your Vidalia control panel in Tor. It looks like a little onion. Click settings, Advanced, then change Authenticate from randomly generate to password. Set a password.
  18. Step 3) Open in the pyloris folder. Put your Tor password in the password field and click start. You can change the interval but leave it at 30 for now, we'll talk more about this in a second. It should say New Identity Established. Leave it running.
  20. Step 4) Open In the box marked general there are two options. Host and Port. Host is your target DO NOT include http:// Usually the port is 80 with out ssl. If your attacking on port 443 or an ssl port then obviously check SSL. But like I said its usually 80. Now go down to Proxy. Proxy type is SOCKS5. Next You have your limits they start at 500 500 50. You can increase them based on your computers speed, my shitty laptop runs 100000 100000 10000 with out much trouble. It says 0 is infinite but that doesn't seam to work for any one. Send the developers an email telling them about this bug and maybe they will get around to fixing it :P If you look over to the header in the big black box to the right you'll see a field labeled Data1=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or some thing like that. You can change the AAA's to a message to the server admins if you want :> but it has to have the same number of characters with no spaces. So for "Anonymous" you'd want to delete 9 A's.
  22. Step 5) Hit launch! Watch as the attacks, and threads go up. You can more or less ignore this. What we are interested in is Sockets. We want to get as many sockets as we can. If you start getting errors early on its because they are killing your connections because they dont complete in time. So go back to tor_Switcher and lower your interval. After about 300 sockets you may start getting errors. Thats probably because the server is down. Check it and see.
  24. Step 6) This is the most important step. When shooting with pyloris you NEED to make the PEW PEW PEW noise. With out making a PEW PEW PEW noise it wont work.
  26. Notes
  27. It only works on Apache servers.
  28. Yes you have to use Tor.
  29. This is for educational purposes only. Umad Officer?
  31. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. Also see my SQLi Defacement Tutorial.
  34. XSS Tutorial Coming eventually.
  36. For other good tutorials visit #Tutorials on, #school4lulz on, and follow!/h4ckfox
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